Football: Marshall can’t keep up with San Rafael’s running game in road loss

Marshall running back Quintrell Anderson stiff-arms a San Rafael defender on Friday night at San Rafael High School. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Marshall running back Quintrell Anderson stiff-arms a San Rafael defender on Friday night at San Rafael High School. (Photo by Doug Ko)

By Jeremy Balan

SAN RAFAEL – We learned a lot about the Marshall High School football team on Friday night, from the stunningly good, to the head-shakingly bad.

Both were vividly displayed in a 70-42 road loss to San Rafael and the difference between the good and the bad was as clear as the line of scrimmage.

On offense, the Phoenix (0-1) struck like lightning, led by a standout performance from senior running back Quintrell Anderson, who ran for a staggering 256 yards and three touchdowns on just 11 carries.

Anderson scored on touchdown runs of 50, 43 and 65 yards, and displayed a powerful running style, with which he barreled through countless tackles to extend long runs.

Marshall wide receiver Albert Collins leaps to make a catch against San Rafael on Friday at San Rafael High School. (Photo by Doug Ko)

The Phoenix also exhibited big-play ability in the passing game, where quarterback Joey Sagaio connected with 6-foot-5 wide receiver Albert Collins twice for touchdown passes spanning 61 and 67 yards.

“I told [Anderson] my goal for him was 300 yards on 15 carries after I watched the film on San Rafael,” said first-year head coach Nicholas Wilson. “He and Albert Collins are spectacular. Both of those guys are Division-I caliber.”

As exciting as the Phoenix offense was, the defensive effort was excruciating.

Marshall allowed the Bulldogs (1-1) to run for 593 yards, led by sophomore Gerardo Dominiko, who ran for a team-high 245 yards in San Rafael’s triple-option offense that didn’t attempt a pass. Senior Hunter Murphy added 107 yards on 19 carries and three other San Rafael runners tallied 74-yards or more.

“It’s what we’re built to do,” San Rafael head coach Clay Jackson said of the run-heavy attack. “We’re very young on defense and our tackling is just not there. That’s way to many points to give up.”

Although neither defense forced a punt or a turnover on downs and the game was tied at 14-14 after the first quarter, the difference was turnovers. San Rafael lost just one fumble, while the Phoenix turned the ball over three times. The Bulldogs also recovered an onside kick.

As frustrating as the defensive effort was, the most discouraging hurdle for the Phoenix didn’t even take place on the field.

Wilson said that eight players were ruled ineligible this week for various reasons, including four just hours before the game on Friday.

Marshall had only 17 players in pads for the game on Friday night, and with a few injuries, several players were overextended.

“We found out four starters were ineligible today for different reasons,” Wilson said. “That hurt us, because all of the sudden our quarterback goes from a backup cornerback to our starting middle linebacker. Then, a couple of people get hurt, and I have two corners playing middle linebacker against a Wing-T team. That’s not going to work.”

Despite the result and Marshall’s history, Wilson did not back down from his comments over the summer, stating the Phoenix are the the best team in the Academic Athletic Association, but did acknowledge that he has plenty to learn in his first year as a high school head coach.

“I think we’re going to be a better team because of this,” Wilson said. “I’m of the opinion that you can only learn from these things.”

San Rafael broke a 12-game losing streak with the win over Marshall.

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
SR: 9:10 – Alex Pulido 4-yard run (Hunter Murphy run on conversion)
M: 8:00 – Quintrell Anderson 50-yard run (Joey Sagaio run on conversion)
SR: 5:19 – Jose Sanchez 11-yard run (conversion failed)
M: 0:44 – Albert Collins 61-yard pass from Sagaio (conversion failed)

Second Quarter
SR: 10:06 – Alan Garcia 22-yard run (Murphy run on conversion)
M: 8:56 – Albert Collins 67-yard pass from Sagaio (conversion failed)
SR: 5:49 – Gerardo Dominiko 28-yard run (Dominiko run on conversion)
SR: 0:22 – Murphy 1-yard run (Pulido run on conversion)

Third Quarter
M: 10:08 – Anderson 43-yard run (Collins pass from Sagaio on conversion)
SR: 7:00 – Pulido 4-yard run (Pulido run on conversion)
SR: 1:43 – Dominiko 5-yard run (Luke Johnston run on conversion)

Fourth Quarter
M: 10:18 – Sagaio 6-yard run (conversion failed)
SR: 8:33 – Pulido 6-yard run (Pulido run on conversion)
SR: 5:58 – Murphy 5-yard run (Pulido run on conversion)
M: 5:16 – Anderson 65-yard run (Kelvin Bibbs pass from Sagaio on conversion)

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25 Comments on "Football: Marshall can’t keep up with San Rafael’s running game in road loss"

  1. Nice, Definitely gonna catch a marshall game this season

  2. Jon Goldsmith | September 1, 2012 at 12:50 PM |

    Message to coach wilson:
    This is why you dont shoot your mouth off in the media.
    Did you really find out today that 4 players were ineligible? Welcome to the world of coaching in the AAA.
    Im sure things like that never happened with the previous coaches (whom you bad mouthed in your season preview). Time to eat some crow with your morning coffee.

    • Doooodee suddup u try to coach a team with only 17 people 17!! How many does the AAA team have? What like 25 30 ?? A lot more if they can score 42 freaking pts with 17 ppl let’s see what will happen if the whole team plays!! Phoenix pride all the way <333

  3. If Marshall could score up to 42 points with just 17 guys, I would love to see what they could do with a full team of eligible players. I’m pretty sure they even had to move up jv members to varsity just to keep their numbers high enough so more people would be less exhausted. Anyway keep up the good work, I’m rooting for you guys.

  4. That Marshall offense is loaded with weapons. Looking forward to their season!

  5. the battle of the bay next week aganist oakland tech.

  6. Because of the coach’s preseason cockiness, this was the game I was most interested in this week. Too bad he ran his mouth. 42 points would’ve been more impressive. I hope he’s not just a Mike Singletary and Marshall has a good season. It would be great for the league and city.

  7. Why didn’t he just put Quintrell Anderson at linebacker, that guy looks like he can hit.

  8. Out of curiosity, is Marshall considered a neighborhood high school where kids in the neighborhood can go or is it a Wallenberg / Lowell where there are applications involved? Just curious as Marshall seems to get a lot of athletically gifted kids and I am imagining it’s kids in the neighborhood versus kids applying for Marshall.

    Even though I’m not a Marshall grad, I hope the school goes well in football. Yet, I wonder if the challenge of keeping a football team together with a school that is so small will be too much for the new coach to handle. In many ways, I think the best coaches for the AAA are former players from the AAA. Outside coaches who expect great numbers, facilities, etc will be greatly surprised when they walk into their respective schools. Not saying outside coaches can’t do well as they have. But the AAA is a unique place to coach for football.

    • Don L.

      Marshall is a neighborhood school. You may remember that Phillip and Sala Burton used to occupy what is now Marshall. However, when Woodrow Wilson closed in 1994(and we all know the problems Wilson had), Burton moved to where Wilson used to be and Thurgood Marshall was established.

    • Don L.,

      I agree that the best coaches for the AAA are former players that actually played in the league. This might not hold true in every case, however, those who played in the AAA know, first hand, the challenges that the league faces. Unless outside coaches have done extensive research on the league, they are clueless to what they are getting themselves into (Marshall’s football coach is a prime example of this).

      On a side note, I would like to see Wallenberg field a football team. I don’t know how realistic that would be, but it would be nice.

      • @GCJ101- There was talk about Wallenberg having a team but that was short-lived lol. I do remember a time when if you attended Wallenberg you could play football for another school depending where you lived at. However by the late 90’s early 00 the AAA ruled that if you attended a school that had a sports program and that program didn’t field a particular sport you were out of luck. Schools like SOTA, downtown , Ida B,. Wells you could participate depending where you lived.

        • As a Wallenberg grad, I always thought we could a field a football team. We have 650 kids and a good number of them play sports. Alas, the cost of funding the team might be tough and we don’t have super large kids around.

          For a small school, we have two pretty big school yards that could be converted into a practice field for soccer, football and even baseball (how this gets funded is a another story!). These days, we’ve added another wing to the school which is good so probably no athletic field.
          But at least the school district is taking advantage of the space the school has.

          I’m HOPING that SFUSD or perhaps the athletic office can fund a new gym or an expansion of the current Wallenberg gym. Wallneberg’s gym is good for volleyball but not regulation for basketball.

      • If I’m not mistaken, the campus that Marshall resides used to be a middle school which is why the gym there is small, compared to other high schools.

        • Marshall used to be Burton high school. I don’t believe that small gym nonsense because Balboa is a very old SF high school with alot of history and their basketball gym is a pee wee court. The SFUSD is just cheap and they would rather raise teacher and superintendent salaries and pensions instead of updating sports facilities. In Texas, on the other hand, the high schools get 60 million dollar stadiums.

        • Crusader 88,

          Before Marshall and Burton occupied the school, it was a Middle School named Pelton Middle School.

  9. Keri Schneider | September 2, 2012 at 8:28 AM |

    Go, Go, Go! We love Coach Wilson!

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