Football: Porter leads Mission to season-opening win over Hercules

Mission senior quarterback Antoine Porter tries to shake a Hercules defender on Friday night at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Mission senior quarterback Antoine Porter tries to shake a Hercules defender on Friday night at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Devin Chen)

By Josh Levine

Mission High School opened its 2012 football season the same way they ended their 2011 season – with a win.

Unlike their Thanksgiving Day victory, the Bears had a little bit more breathing room in a 33-21 win over visiting Hercules on Friday night at Kezar Stadium.

Mission running back Roy Sauceda squeezes through a hole in the Hercules defense on Friday night at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Behind 257 yards passing, a team-high 80 rushing yards and four total touchdowns from senior quarterback Antoine Porter, the Bears (1-0) handed the Titans (0-2) their second non-league loss of the season.

Porter completed 16-of-20 passes, had one interception and hit six different receivers. Mission running back Roy Sauceda also added 79 yards rushing.

“Our offense did really well as a whole,” said Mission head coach Joe Albano. “We stalled a little at the end and let them back in, but especially our offensive line and quarterback did really well. We did some stupid stuff as well, and it was our first true game of the season, so the kids were definitely amped up.”

The Titans also had success running the ball, but were derailed in the passing game by two early interceptions that were both converted into points for the Bears. Hercules also missed two field goals that would have cut the Mission lead to single digits.

“We felt we should have won, but our playmakers didn’t make plays and theirs did,” said Hercules head coach Gerald Montgomery. “It was our second game, so we came in with some experience, but Mission wanted it more.”

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
H: 11:46 – Marquis Davenport 85-yard kick return (Loran Fonseca kick)
M: 6:12 – Antoine Porter 3-yard run (kick failed)

Second Quarter
M: 7:27 – Porter 1-yard run (Demitrius Thibeaux pass from Porter on conversion)
M: 4:26 – Alex Tico 39-yard pass from Porter (conversion failed)

Third Quarter
H: 6:16 – Jordan Bustos 14-yard run (Fonseca kick)

Fourth Quarter
M: 11:43 – Roy Sauceda 3-yard run (conversion failed)
H: 10:17 – Bustos 2-yard run (Fonseca kick)
M: 2:53 – Porter 1-yard run (Elijah Oliver Peter Lee kick)

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22 Comments on "Football: Porter leads Mission to season-opening win over Hercules"

  1. Mission football player | September 1, 2012 at 1:13 AM |

    wow peter gets no credit for making a PAT

  2. So the Riordan transfer running back didn’t play because of the 30-day transfer rule or injury?

    • Armani McFarland did not play in the game, but was on the sideline. He is not ineligible. That is the extent of the reporting we will be making on the subject. Further questions will be answered the same way.

    • JJ,

      It couldn’t have been because of a transfer rule. On Feb. 3rd, JB reported that McFarland was granted the “hardship” exception to the transfer rule. Plus he played for Missions basketball team last year upon his arrival.

      (A portion of this comment has been edited)

      • The reason why I edited your comment was because I’m not going to allow speculation as to why he didn’t play. I know why he didn’t play, and have made a decision not to report on it for various reasons.

  3. Brown and Yellow | September 1, 2012 at 6:36 AM |

    Elijah Oliver did not make the pat for mission. He is 57. And the kicker was 60 or 6

  4. From the sidelines The backs (#3#7#33) along with Porter all had a great game. Would of like to seen more information from that group. Still I was a great game, I hope Mission continues to strive to be the best team in the Triple A.

  5. Come on now, whats up with the reporting? Elijah Oliver (57) didnt it kick the PAT it was #6

  6. Every one makes mistakes give them a break we all kno who kicked the extra point come on now lets be adults about the situation.

  7. Lee Tastic Swagg | September 1, 2012 at 11:26 AM |

    lol…. yall need to calm down with the kicker mistake. its not like he made the game winning field goal.

    • even if it was a meaningless PAT, it still a mistake to give it to someone else. I am close friends with the actual kicker so i know how he feels.
      just put yourself in his shoes and imagine how he feels right now.

      • I’ve seen people try to represent themselves as two different people to amplify a point, but I’ve never seen someone argue with themselves. Stop arguing with yourself, I can see you have the same IP address. Stick to one name, otherwise I will have to revoke your commenting privileges.

      • Are you sure you are close friend’s with the guy who made the PAT, or are you Peter Lee, the guy who made the PAT? I’ll put 20 bucks down on the latter.

    • Okay it’s already an oddity that a AAA player kicked a PAT, but a FG and a game winner??? Get real. They couldn’t even do that if one of their legs were bionic.

      Kudos for all the PAT’s made and attempted by AAA teams yesterday! I’m proud of you guys.

  8. @Jbalan For whatever reason he didn’t play, is it possible that he won’t play against Riordan?

    • We will find out in two weeks.

      • Well whatever the reason he didn’t play the comments he made in the pre season article are a bit like “hindsight is 20/20”. Running away with your words is not as good as letting your feet do the talking.

        Whether or not he plays in two weeks it will be a good game especially I believe between the two quarterbacks, Masoli & Porter, both are athletic and can move out side of the pocket. Both defenses will have their hands full

  9. Are there more photos of the game?

  10. How come no one is talking about how great the o line was with issac Strasnickaz in the equation along with money londy and b rad

  11. Kezar for Keeps | September 2, 2012 at 7:27 PM |

    Wow. Kinda sad all the Mission players are coming on here whining about how they’re not mentioned in the article. Inferiority complex much?

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