Football: Sacred Heart Cathedral jumps ahead early to take down Terra Nova

There was talk over the summer about Sacred Heart Cathedral senior quarterback Jerry Peralta splitting time with sophomore Logan White, but he hasn't released the reins yet. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior quarterback Jerry Peralta eyes the Terra Nova defense on Friday night at Terra Nova High School in Pacifica. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

By Lamonte Dewindt

PACIFICA – Terra Nova High School’s football team found itself in a position all too familiar to its coaches and fans of the past few years.

The Tigers fell to Sacred Heart Cathedral 30-14 on Friday night, the third straight year Terra Nova has lost to the Irish in its season opener.

Sacred Heart senior quarterback Jerry Peralta led the Irish offensively with 244 yards and three touchdowns on 8-of-16 passing. Peralta also ran for 53 yards and a touchdown on 14 carries, and his elusiveness in the pocket led to numerous first downs for the Irish.

“We came out and threw the ball exceptionally well,” said Sacred Heart head coach John Lee. “Jerry Peralta did a fantastic job [and] we ran the ball when we needed to.”

The Irish (1-0) were clicking on all cylinders offensively early and scored on their first possession of the game with a 55-yard pass from Peralta to senior Mat Hewitson just three minutes into the game.

A pair of Sacred Heart Cathedral defenders corral Terra Nova senior running back Tanner Piccolotti on Friday night at Terra Nova High School in Pacifica. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

Sacred Heart struck again in the first quarter after the Tigers (0-1) fumbled the ball on their sixth play of the game, which led to another 34-yard touchdown strike from Peralta to Hewtison.

The Irish built a 27-0 lead in the second quarter before Terra Nova ever struck back.

The Terra Nova offense struggled to find its way for most of the game, as numerous miscues hampered the Tigers from finding any rhythm.

“This, as much as we work, is pretty typical start for us,” said Terra Nova head coach Bill Gray. “We play [West Catholic Athletic League] schools, good teams from out of the area, and I think it’s been seven or eight years and we’ve only won one opener.”

Running back Tanner Piccolotti lead the Terra Nova attack with 148 rushing yards on 17 carries and was a workhorse in the backfield, breaking numerous Irish tackles to gain extra yards.

But Terra Nova had three turnovers, two off of interceptions thrown by senior quarterback K’Ren Spain. Spain ended the game with 236 yards and two touchdowns on 22-of-42 passing, but the Tigers could not erase the early deficit.

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
SH: 9:36 – Matthew Hewtison 55-yard pass from Jerry Peralta (kick blocked)
SH: 2:24 – Hewtison 33-yard pass from Peralta (Maxwell Tenhoff kick)

Second Quarter
SH: 9:45 – Peralta 1-yard run (Tenhoff kick)
SH: 1:28 – William O’Driscoll 9-yard pass from Peralta (Tenhoff kick)
TN: 0:17 – Jaylend Jones 7-yard pass from K’Ren Spain (Carlos Grande kick)

Third Quarter
TN: 0:01 – Tanner Piccolotti 7-yard pass from Spain (Grande Kick)

Fourth Quarter
SH: 2:10 – Tenhoff 25-yard field goal

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18 Comments on "Football: Sacred Heart Cathedral jumps ahead early to take down Terra Nova"

  1. way to prove everybody wrong Irish! Keep it up.

  2. Way to go Irish! Not a bad start for team everyone has picked to finish in the cellar of WCAL! Defense were very fast and solid, offense great 1st half, poor 2nd, I thought Jerry looked very tired going into the 4th, would have liked to have seen young Logan White coming in! Mistake in my opinion by the coaching, don’t wait until WCAL to wet the kids feet! Well played game all round however Irish have a gapping hole at running back, nice grab by Billy O’Driscoll in the end zone, way to stay in bounds! 1st cousin of the great “Money” Rory O’Driscoll (all City) who played the same position for the Irish a few years back. SI travels to Terra Nova I believe in the coming weeks, will be interesting to see that match up, I expect a solid SI team anchored by K Sully to dominate!

    “Go Irish” & good luck to all three WCAl City teams this year, it would be nice to see them all play well in league


  3. great game SHC. However the presence of Tailback Tino Miles will be effective

  4. Local WCAL alum loved to see the WCAL show these TNT redhots a thing about the WCAL. Way to neutralize the TNT gimmick O.

    • Once a Tiger. Always a Tiger

      • john williams | September 4, 2012 at 11:50 AM |

        Lance. Stop hating and support your local PUBLIC school (TN). The fact that a PUBLIC (TN) even considers scheduling a PRIVATE (SHC)says alot of positive things about the PUBLIC. All Terra Nova has done the past three years is win consecutive (Three-Peat) titles (2009, 2010, 2011) in the PAL and win a CCS Championship.(2010). Keep saving your pennies so you can send your son to the PRIVATE. Hater!

  5. As a long time supporter of TN sports having had two sons play football there, it is indeed frustrating to watch this high risk, “arena” style football put undo pressure on the defense. This is supposed to be a team sport, not one where offensive stats are racked up and look “pretty” on paper… when you look up at the scoreboard there’s just another big fat “L”…as in LOSS!!!

  6. I think Terra Nova lost because they enjoyed their #25 ranking and I believe their #10 ranking in the San Jose Mercury News. They underestimated SHC who wasn’t ranked and probably read that SHC would finish in last place in the WCAL, according to the WCAL coaches. Unfortunately, the game is played on grass or artificial turf, not on paper.

    • I think TN got caught flat-footed when SHC ran-off 27 points before they scored right before the half. There was no coming back after that. (Now name another snack bar that serves clam chowder in a bread bowl).

  7. After watching both SH and Riordan this weekend I would still call it a coin flip. Injuries will be the biggest factor in who finishes last in the wcal this year. Doubt teams will just let SH huck bombs to # 24 all year.

    TN was better than Lincoln but not by much. How were they the 10th best team on the CCS! Come on SJMN! Your better than that.

    Tn, The pulled pork sando was nasty! And that’s THE TRUTH.

  8. Love how Coach Lee has just the green and white uniforms (old school SH) no blue what’s so ever!

  9. Way to play hard Irish, love the Green and White old school uniforms. The irish looked ready and played smart, coach Lee has the kids playing good football for week 1…Good job kids!!

  10. For TN, I noticed there were a number of very large players on the sideline wearing jersey’s but not suited up. Questioning a mutual friend to the injuries; not injured, just didn’t make grades. These dudes where big – once they get the academics together, may really change the tide of TN. SH, looked good/sharp 1st half. 2nd half, maybe they went prevent mode, but looked a bit tired to me (TN was on a roll just running the ball); and there are not a lot of extra players on the sidelines to support. A long football season may wear these guys out.

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