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Games of the day – Football Saturday: We will be at every football game on the schedule today, except for Stuart Hall’s trip to Boonville. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

Non-league football
Marin Catholic (Kentfield) 28, St. Ignatius 21
Kennedy (Fremont) 27, Balboa 6
Riordan 27, Lincoln 7

Non-league 8-man football
Stuart Hall 64, Anderson Valley (Boonville) 30

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17 Comments on "Saturday Scoreboard"

  1. So much for those 2 high-powered offenses of SI and Marin Catholic

  2. I got the impression that SI was favored in this game. Is that right?. Is this a bit of an upset?

    • No, Marin Catholic is ranked #7 in the Bay Area, while SI is ranked #9, so it is not an upset. Plus, MC had home-field advantage. regardless, SI should’ve won but MC played better in crunch time.

      • Also SI was ranked high largely based on winning a lower level CCS last year with a overall losing record. My guess is the #9 preseason ranking was way inflated. They should once again finish in the lower 3rd of the WCAL

        • SI neutralized Marin Catholic’s highly ranked QB in the 1st half and gave him fits. SI would’ve won if they stopped MC on 4th and goal and 3rd and 20. They didn’t, that’s why they lost. MC is actually ranked #6 and will probably end up top 5 after this weekend. I think the top 10 ranking of SI is legit. SHC wasn’t even ranked and beat 25th ranked Terra Nova. SHC should be ranked after this weekend, I believe. The #2 ranked team (Bellarmine) lost by 34 points, maybe their ranking was inflated.

          • I stand by my statement SI is usually overrated then once the WCAL starts they fall to their natural ranking— the lower third of the WCAl. Facts are facts.

          • As a Terra Nova supporter for many years, I believe the WCAL is the premier league in the area. We got beat by Sacred Heart, and have SI this week. These preseason games help our cause in league competition as we do well in our own league. When SHC and SI get into their own league it’s a different story. They have for a number of years been at or near the bottom looking up…was Bellarmine’s ranking inflated? Perhaps, but how will SI fare against them this season? At least Bellarmine has the guts to schedule tough opponents in preseason, as do Serra, Mitty, and St Francis….the non-city WCAL schools.

            • SI just scheduled Marin Catholic, the preseason #7 team in the Bay Area. They schedule this local power every year, and last I checked, they’re a pretty darn good opponent.

              SI has also scheduled Bishop O’Dowd, an East Bay power who is consistently ranked (albeit consistently WAY over-ranked) in the Bay Area’s Top 25. SI went 3-0 against O’Dowd and the games were NEVER close, the closest being a 28-14 decision in 2010, a season that turned into a debacle for SI. So your argument that the city WCAL schools don’t schedule tough opponents is ludicrous. Also, the Menlo-Atherton team they beat last year, their margin of victory was larger than that of Serra’s against MA in the CCS D1 Championship game.

  3. You’re in dreamland if you think SI “neutralized” Marin Catholic’s quarterback. MC is not an elite team, they’re a good team with an elite QB. If he had better receivers out there they would have scored a lot more than 28 points.

    • MC only lost 1 time last year with a junior Qb. He is now a senior with 10 starters back from last year. I doubt MC will end up with a mediocre record. If SI had Randy Moss on their team, they probably would’ve scored 50 points.

      • I don’t think they’ll end-up with a mediocre record either. They played better than I expected and I think they’ll get better as they get their pass plays down. But… this isn’t Marin so…

  4. To the Tim guy above who asked what SI did against Serra in the scheduling non-league football games conversation, I’m going to make my comment as ridiculously off-target as yours was.

    SI beat Serra in the Jungle Game this year.

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