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Games of the Day – Football Saturday: Menlo-Atherton vs. St. Ignatius, Mission vs. Riordan, Jefferson vs. Balboa and Lincoln vs. El Camino. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

Non-league football
Riordan 35, Mission 14
Lincoln 35, El Camino (South San Francisco) 28
St. Ignatius 31, Menlo-Atherton (Atherton) 7
Jefferson (Daly City) 16, Balboa 15
Montgomery (Santa Rosa) 40, Washington 0
Mission San Jose (Fremont) 53, Marshall 12

Non-league boys soccer
Willits 3, Urban 2

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  1. Feel The Pain | September 15, 2012 at 3:22 PM |

    Riordan up 35-14 with 4 minutes left in the game

  2. Watched all 3 SF WCAL schools and SI is definitely the cream of the crop. SHC 2nd, and Riordan 3rd. Just look at SI’s roster. Very Deep Roster. About 60 guys on SI’s roster while SHC and Riordan look like they have about 30 guys. SI has the best defense out of the Holy Trinity with SHC being a close 2nd. Offense-wise, SI has more weapons too. If Stinn doesn’t throw any INT’s, I think SI will beat the Crusaders & Irish by 17 and 10, respectively.

  3. On paper, yes. But the games are played on the field…SI is definitely strong this year.

    • Yea, SI is very strong. I really think the coaches got it right predicting SI will finish 3rd. Hopefully, they will finish higher than that, but Serra and Bellarmine are gonna be tough to beat as well as the other teams. Off subject, but I think I saw the 6’7″ freshman basketball player who’s at Riordan. I think he was at the football game this afternoon and he looked like an exchange student from an African country like Senegal or somewhere like that…..

      • Did he appear to have a blown out knee as some have posted?

        • No, he wasn’t on crutches or anything. He was wearing shorts and looked like he was hanging around freshmen, and looked 6-7 so I assumed he was the guy. He might not even play basketball; he just looked like he could play basketball because he was tall and I never seen him before at Riordan games.

  4. JJ, SI can afford to give up some players who want to play more…they should have went to I think SHC better bring up at least 3 more players from Jv’s to keep people fresh, especially when they have so many starters playing both ways. I wonder if Logan White will potentially start more now if Hewittson is out for the season, they need Peralta as a good receiver/runner.

  5. MA had some huge dudes on their line. 92, Opeta – listed at 6’3” 340 -& a Junior! SI didn’t get much on the ground. SI is way more disciplined and skilled though. SI is a fast team. WCAL is going to be tough. SHC opens with St Francis @ Kezar, Riordan @ Bellarmine & SI & VC in 2 weeks.

  6. the refs. were cheat they dint call anything but washington played a good game they dont have alot of players so they had kids paying everything and i imagine them so tired they are going to get better during the season i think they need to condition more

    • Don’t change your name again. Stick with your original name or your commenting privileges will be revoked.

      On a separate note, it’s a bit ridiculous to blame the referees in a 40-0 loss.

  7. Pretty much sums up why the WASH coach left the team on short notice. 2 games and already 2 blowouts. Players have to learn a new system too. New AAA Power rankings: 1 Lincoln 2 Galileo 3 Mission 4 Balboa 5 Lowell 6 Marshall 7 WASH

  8. I kinda bumped up Gal in the 2 spot because I predicted they would win on Thanksgiving Day, but really never scouted them yet. I just based my analysis on SanFranPreps articles.

  9. o well tbh Gal will be a good team this year and i know it

    • I’m not saying they won’t be competitive in the AAA, but the evidence available isn’t very encouraging. Mills is one of the worst teams in the CCS, and De Anza is one of the worst in the NCS.

  10. According to Maxpreps, De Anza can’t be that bad this year. last week they scored 64 pts on St Elizabeth and Gal held them to only 13. De Anza got pounded by private school Salesian, though, which seems to be the norm nowadays when a public plays a private.

    • St. Elizabeth is even worse and has a 23-game losing streak. I believe De Anza had a 30+ game losing streak a couple years ago.

      • Well, according to Sf Prep articles, GAL has the best QB, but I think the new best Qb is Mission’s QB (pretty strong arm and elusive running ability). Either GAL’s QB doesn’t have any Wr’s this year or his line isn’t that good because they can’t put pts on the board. GAL looks like they have the best D, but you said their opponents weren’t that strong. Hopefully, I can come out to a game in the near future so I can see for myself.

  11. I was very disappointed during the Mission verus Riordan game. I also know that suspension of one of Mission’s star players was not playing which was a big blow to their secondary and their wide reciever core, but other than that I was still disappointed but they are still my favorites in the triple A.

  12. Kezar for Keeps | September 15, 2012 at 10:44 PM |

    Marshall’s coach talked the talk. Now he’s limping the walk.

    • Like I said before, Marshall’s coach may not have known the history of the program (though perhaps the AD let him know during the interview). It’s great to be optimistic but the reality is that the AAA teams do struggle in non-league play.

      But I think Marshall will do reasonably well in the AAA assuming they have numbers. I think playing out of league teams with HUGE numbers take their toll on the AAA squads but with most AAA teams struggling to put together HUGE rosters, things should be more balanced.

      • Kezar for Keeps | September 15, 2012 at 11:07 PM |

        Exactly. He didn’t know what he was talking about, so he shouldn’t have been talking at all. You call it optimism, I call it cockiness.

        • I don’t disagree about “cockiness”. Perhaps the coach thought he could “succeed” where others hadn’t. Of course, he probably didn’t realize there are a ton of reasons outside his control (numbers, GPA, small school) that would impact the Marshall team.

          Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Marshall (and Burton) stay competitive. I talked to someone (not sure if it was Don Collins or someone else) that said they preferred the AAA keep EIGHT football teams. The closing of McAteer hurt a bit but Marshall attempted to pick up the slack.

          So I guess the question is, do folks prefer EIGHT AAA football teams versus SIX (if Burton / Marshall can’t keep their programs going).

          On a side note for the old timers reading the site, how come Westmoor of Daly City doesn’t field a football team? Was it struggles with competitiveness like Burton / Marshall?

          • Oceana of Pacifica doesn’t anymore either.

          • The closing of Mac hurt the AAA a lot. Not just in football, but in basketball as well. Yet, another dumb move by the SFUSD. In any event, the AAA just needs to get stronger. Our league has been weakend and I do believe Mr. Collins is doing a great job. However, we do not have the benefits of the WCAL so we have to make do with what we have.

            As for folks prefering eight AAA football teams, that’s probably a good idea. However, we should also continue to focus on strenthening the programs so the league, as a whole, can get stronger.

      • Isn’t the coach’s dad the AD at Marshall

    • SHC has problems with fatigue due to a limited roster. Divide SHC’s roster by 2 and you’ve got Marshall. Marshall and Burton should just combine forces to field 1 team since the Marshall kids will have a nice field to play and practice on too. Both schools will benefit. I bet Marshall’s long snapper plays center, nose tackle, defensive end, and linebacker.

      • You can’t combine schools. That’s not how it works.

        You can’t have schools combine forces for competitive reasons. It’s not allowed and will never happen.

        • In that case, Marshall should just join Stuart Hall’s 8 man league. You won’t learn anything when the final score is always 68 to 17. Maybe Marshall could be the 1st team to win a basketball championship w/ 4 players, great straight to DVD Disney movie starring Bow Wow.

  13. The big kid at Riordan 6ft7 sophomore is Not hurt and will play this year. Mission started slow but got there butts beat by a 7th or 8th place WCAL team. Does that tell you how strong and good the WCAL is week after week. Good job by Riordan today…

  14. Congratulations to Lincoln who hasn’t beat El Camino in 3 years.

  15. When Washington played SI in a scrimmage earlier this yr, I can’t believe someone actually thought WASH could beat SI.

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