Prep Wrapup: Balboa boys soccer gives Lowell a scare

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Boys Soccer: Lowell 4, Balboa 3

The Cardinals’ (3-0-2, 3-0-0) 41st straight Academic Athletic Association victory was one of the most tenuous of the streak.

Lowell trailed the Bucs (0-3-0, 0-3-0) 3-1 at the half, but rallied back behind second-half goals from Zach Weisenberger, Tony Torres and Will Slotterback. Slotterback put in the game-winner with just under 10 minutes remaining.

Boys Soccer: Lincoln 1, SFI 0

The Mustangs (4-0-0, 3-0-0) kept pace with Lowell with a close win over the Huskies (2-2-1, 1-2-0).

Lincoln’s Felipe Herrera scored the lone goal of the game on a penalty kick in the 48th minute.

Boys Soccer: Mission 6, Washington 0

The Bears (6-1-1, 2-0-0) are one of three remaining undefeated AAA squads and have won their first two league games with plenty of style.

Both Mission wins have been lopsided and Mario Mejia tallied the second Mission hat trick of the season on Tuesday. Marco Caballero, Byron Rivera and Brian Rodriguez also scored goals for the Bears.

Boys Soccer: ISA 3, Marshall 2

The Cobras (2-1-0, 2-1-0) are right behind the AAA leaders after edging the Phoenix (0-3-0, 0-3-0).

ISA got two goals from Emad Haider and another from Israel Alemu to move into fourth place. Kevin Soto scored both goals for Marshall.

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17 Comments on "Prep Wrapup: Balboa boys soccer gives Lowell a scare"

  1. Bal had Lowell up against the ropes. Good try though Bal. Step up that defense next time and you’ll pull out the “W”

  2. AAA SFUSD soccer league is the worst ever. Not competitive whatsoever. Compared from playing at the elite level. NorCal premier league, state cup, surf cup, Dallas cup now that’s competitive so no one playing at the AAA level is good because in reality it’s like being recreational

    • I’ve watched a lot of Bay Area high school soccer. The AAA is not the worst league ever.

    • The league is not called the “AAA SFUSD.” As a matter of fact, they’re two separate entities. The AAA is the actual athletic league in which SFUSD schools play in. If you’re going to talk trash, at least make sure you get your facts straight first!

  3. You clearly don’t watch soccer at the elite level. AAA is full of players who can barely pass the ball well. It’s all kickball in that league

    • Don’t change your name and try to pretend to be a different person. It violates our Commenting Code of Conduct.

      I didn’t say the AAA was “at the elite level.” I said it is not the worst high school league ever. You “clearly” haven’t seen all levels of high school soccer in the Bay Area.

    • By the way… AAA soccer teams are 6-2-4 in non-league games this season.

    • The worst teams in the AAA are pretty bad. But the best teams in the AAA are equally competitive to the best teams in the BCL and some years the average WCAL teams. A kid who played for Lowell last year (Jesus Sanchez) is now getting actively recruited to leave his DII college team and join the Monterrey development team. That Monterrey, the Mexican professional club.

      A kid from Lincoln last year now plays DI soccer at Sacramento State. Since you’re talking like you know your stuff, you should know that Sac State is really really good.

      A couple kids from Lowell and Lincoln in year’s past now play for the City College team. Even though that’s a community college, the level of play is pretty high, and most kids who play in the BCL/WCAL wouldn’t be able to make the team.

      Last year at the AAA final between Lowell and Lincoln there were State and Surf Cup winners from Santa Clara Sporting on both sides. Not to mention three more kids who played for the Juventus U-19 team in the Norcal Premier league along with SC Sporting. Since you talk like you know your stuff, you should know that Juve is the club out of Redwood City that won Dallas cup this year. Their U-16 team has a player from the national team.

      And this goes without saying but numerous players from the various AAA teams play for local clubs like Marin FC, SF Seal, and SF GIMS along with tons of kids from SH and SI and the better BCL teams. Those club teams contend at state cup every year.

      So I guess I can conclude with even though you talk like you know your stuff … you don’t. It’s a shame to see you’re a Lowell alum.

      P.s. Ever heard of Anton Peterlin?

  4. LowellHouse

    What you are trying to tell me is that the AAA developed these players? Because if thats the case you are so wrong. Never ever will the AAA develop any good players, I am one of those players that you mentioned, and i can honestly say that playing high school soccer AAA, was like playing a pick up game. The players you mentioned above were not created/made good because of the AAA they were already good coming in playing for their high school, they are good because either it was in them or their club teams. Just because a COUPLE of players went onto schools to play doesnt mean that the AAA league is good.

    So I guess I can conclude with even though you talk like you know your stuff… YOU don’t.

    • *sigh, Lowellalumni,

      Your argument is flawed! I agree, the AAA didn’t develop those players at all. I never said that. But those kids still play in the AAA, which means that the games they play in, provided both teams have players of such caliber, are competitive.

      Also, I never said the league was good either! I agree again, it has no depth, and the teams at the bottom are hardly playing soccer. I just said that the top teams are quality. Lowell, Lincoln, Mission, SFI, etc

      Look at the facts! Lowell and Mission tied University, SFI tied Stuart hall, Mission crushed Internationall, SFI walloped Leadership 4-0. Lincoln beat Stuart Hall, and those are just the In-city opponents

      I stand by my original statement, that the top tier AAA teams are very competitive, as evidenced by the quality of the players and teams listed above.

      But you can’t stand by your original statement because the facts (provided by jbalan and myself) don’t support it. You’re changing your argument to avoid them.

      Also I play in the AAA league now, so you don’t have any leg up there either.

      Maybe you should have tried forensics during your time at Lowell, it would have come in handy today.

    • My question to Lowell Alumni is why are you commenting now and why do you care since you have obviously graduated?

      You said you played in the AAA right? What kind of player were you? All City? Average Joe? Bench? Using your logic, if the AAA is bad, then you are reflected as well. If you were an All-City player, then it didn’t mean much because the league sucks right? If you were average or a bench player, then you “must have been really a bad player”.

      it’s same BS argument that goes around for other sports. It goes something like “AAA champion in baseball, basketball, football, etc” couldn’t play against other schools (usually the argument is with WCAL schools).

      Why do people care? I’m sure the various AAA champions don’t care whether they would have won in other leagues.

      I’m an AAA alumni (cross country / fencing). I never won any team or individual championships in my sports. I did win a few fencing matches and participated in the All-City tournament. I won a few awards from my school (including being the Athlete Of The Year).

      Never in my time during or after graduation did I think the AAA was “horrible”. All I cared about was representing my school as best as i could then. After graduation, I go to my school’s basketball games and follow the AAA frequently (thanks to Jeremy here).

      If you cannot do the same and just wish to bash the AAA, then I suggest you not participate here and leave the discussion for those who care about the league.

      • Don L.,

        I agree with you and I’m glad you said what you said. It’s bad enough that we have other leagues bashing the AAA. But, when you have someone who actually played in the AAA bashing it, that’s pathetic.

        I played in, and proudly, represented the AAA all four years I was in high school. We may not have the luxury of other leagues, but what I am proud of is that our league makes due with what we have and we do it well. We compete and we don’t give up.

        I must admit, I’m not much of a Lowell fan and never did like Lowell. But, I feel bad for the school because it produced someone like Lowellalumni who obviously doesn’t know what it means to be proud of where you come from.

        If you’re going to keep bashing the league, help out or keep your mouth shut. It’s that simple!

        • GCJ01 – I agree man. Shoot, I’ve said it before. I went to Wallenberg. Small school with minimal facilities for sports. We have one small gym, two yards and the cafeteria.

          For cross country, if we had a track, maybe we could have just practiced running there. Instead we ran on the streets. This is not a complaint as I think a lot of schools dod that too.

          For fencing, we needed a place to practice. However, we would run into conflicts with the badminton team. So we would occasionally practice in the cafeteria. Not the most ideal place but it was a space we could use.

          Think about Wallenberg basketball. One gym (non regulation) for 4 teams though I hear they practice in other gyms too.

          My point is that even WITHIN the AAA, some schools have disadvantages. But no one from Wallenberg complains. We just went about our business. That is something that people from the outside don’t realize.

          As for your feelings on Lowell, I think that there are others that feel the same way. Not to insult the many Lowell alumni out there, but there is a bit of an elitist attitude from Lowell sometime and that rubs people the wrong way. They have most of the smartest kids in the district, the strongest alumni support and currently, the best athletic programs in the AAA. Maybe it can be called jealousy too! hahahah

          That being said, not saying Lowell folks aren’t nice people. One of my best friends is from Lowell and I know plenty of others who have graduated from Lowell.

  5. Subjective poll, but who currently is the best San Francisco high school male soccer player?

    • Hmm, I would say last year it would’ve been Chava (Jesus’s nickname), Andres or Kai Leshne from international. Leshne was incredible.

      This year it’s hard to say. Avery fisher is my AAA pick. Lincoln’s Felipe Herrera, SFIs Scharly Alvarez and Missions Marco Caballero are in the running. None of them are really the all around talent that fisher is though.

      Wyatt Kim from University is probably the best non catholic private player, but Drew’s Richard Leon and Gateway’s Giovanni Rojas are really talented as well. Again, neither are as versatile as Kim. Gabriel Kaufman and Seth Rosner from Urban are also very solid.

      Riordan has nobody of note really, but both SI and SH are stacked, William Velasco from SH is awesome. I don’t know enough about SI and SH to pick, I’ll leave that to someone else.


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