Football: Riordan’s missed opportunities costly in road loss to Bellarmine

Riordan junior quarterback Zach Masoli stiff-arms a Bellarmine defender while scrambling on Friday at San Jose City College. (Photo by Henry Strickland)

Riordan junior quarterback Zach Masoli stiff-arms a Bellarmine defender while scrambling on Friday at San Jose City College. (Photo by Henry Strickland)

By Jeremy Balan

SAN JOSE – Casual observers that just glance at the score of the Archbishop Riordan High School football team’s 28-10 loss to Bellarmine on Friday at San Jose City College may think the Crusaders are improving.

They would be correct in that assessment. In last season’s meeting between the two teams, the Bells trounced Riordan 56-0 on the Crusaders’ home field.

But what those casual fans won’t know is that the Crusaders (3-1, 0-1) were a few key plays away from being in a position to beat the defending West Catholic Athletic League champs in their league-opening game.

The Bells (3-1, 1-0) held a 21-3 lead at halftime, but were far from dominant in the opening half.

The game’s biggest momentum swing came in the final minute of the first quarter, with the Bells facing a third-and-26 on their own 41-yard line. Bellarmine quarterback K.J. Carta-Samuels hit receiver Jared Vallner for a 23-yard gain to position the Bells with a manageable fourth-and-3 situation, when senior running back Joey Sanfilippo broke off a 36-yard touchdown run.

On the next drive, Riordan worked the ball down to the Bellarmine 5-yard line on two huge, scrambling runs by junior quarterback Zach Masoli, but had to settle for a field goal after three consecutive sacks.

Again, late in the third quarter after forcing Bellarmine to turn the ball over on downs, the Crusaders drove down to the Bells’ 8-yard line, but failed to turn that possession into any points.

Masoli scored on the Crusaders’ next drive to cut the Bellarmine lead to 21-10 with 8:14 remaining, but the Bells put the game away on Carta-Samuels’ second rushing touchdown run with 2:40 left.

“We’re just fortunate they didn’t score down there a few more times or we would have been in a world of hurt,” said Bellarmine head coach Mike Janda. “It could have gone either way and if they score a couple of times while they’re down there, we’re fighting for our life.”

Riordan’s progress was clearly visible, but some of the same issues that have hampered the Crusaders in recent years struck again.

The most glaring issue was the Riordan offensive line’s struggle to protect Masoli, and the junior had few, if any opportunities to stand in the pocket to find an open receiver. He was constantly flushed out of the pocket on passing plays and was sacked six times.

“They were bringing it and some of that is not just the offensive line,” said Riordan head coach Richard Sweeney. “He’s maybe gotta release the ball a little bit quicker. It’s football and we’re gonna get better.”

Even with 38 yards in the negative from the sacks, Masoli ran for a team-high 66 yards on 15 carries and threw for 151 yards on 9-of-16 passing.

“Their quarterback is as good as there is around here,” Janda said.

What will likely need to change if the Crusaders expect to compete week-to-week in the WCAL is the performance of the pieces surrounding the standout quarterback. Masoli totaled 217 yards on the ground and through the air, but the rest of the Crusaders (not counting receiving yards on passes from Masoli) gained just 43.

“We just have to keep working,” Sweeney said. “We dropped a couple of long passes we shouldn’t have, we need to tackle a little bit better and there’s all kinds of stuff we need to work on.”

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
B: 0:20 – Joey Sanfilippo 25-yard run (Grant Bush kick)

Second Quarter
R: 8:44 – Angel Hernandez 35-yard field goal
B: 7:23 – Sanfilippo 11-yard run (Bush kick)
B: 0:55 – K.J. Carta-Samuels 2-yard run (Bush kick)

Fourth Quarter
R: 8:14 – Zach Masoli 3-yard run (Hernandez kick)
B: 2:40 – Carta-Samuels 2-yard run (Bush kick)

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124 Comments on "Football: Riordan’s missed opportunities costly in road loss to Bellarmine"

  1. Good showing Crusaders! Definite improvement from last season. Time to get back to work!

  2. haha riodan will always be bad, they will never emerge from being a 3rd choice school

    • Ha ha? Are you 5 yrs old ?

    • Riordan had several students turn down acceptance letters from SI and SHC this year. Hummmm

      • From reading other posts, it appears Mr. The OG is an SH grad. he seemed a bit rough around the edges to be an SI guy! That also explains the hostility towards Riordan.

    • Riordan has more boys this year than the other 2 schools…….that says alot about the new administration.

      • What does it say about the Riordan administration? That they are accepting anyone who applies? I know for SI, they have stringent admission policies. i was only accepted there because my principal (a nun) wrote me a good recommendation, otherwise, I probably would’ve ended up at Riordan or SHC.

        • Double J, Riordan does not take anyone who applies…and let’s not kid ourselves about SI “stringent admission policies” – it’s who you know and/or how much you donate.

      • M Air J, I would sure hope Riordan has more boys than SH or SI, because these two schools take both sexes! Even if Riordan had a couple of young men turn down SI and SH, the truth of the matter is every Riordan student did not make it to SH OR SI either, where is almost all the boys at SH or SI would have made it to Riordan.

        • Don’t forget that Riordan also started a Boarding program last year. It went from 30 students in 2011 to 70 students this year, with students from China, Eastern Europe and other parts of the US. The on-campus dorm is at capacity now, and I hear they’re looking to expand to accomodate the expected demand for next year.

        • COncerned Citizen | October 2, 2012 at 7:25 PM |

          Typical SH blather from Chris. They have an inferiority complex so bash on Riordan because they feel they can’t bash on SI. There are several students at SH and SI who DID NOT gain admittance into Riordan. You are kidding yourself if you think otherwise. To say that that every Riordan student did not make it into SH or SI is very ignorant and also very wrong. My son was admitted into SI but chose Riordan. You are correct, he did not “make it” into SH because after his shadow experience he decided against it. He didn’t care for the meditation class. And JJ, I would not use the word stringent for SI’s admission policy. As someone mentioned in another post, SI is about connections more than anything else. After all, how selective could those schools really be if they accepted JJ and Chris. Just read their posts and you will see what I mean.

          • Does your son excel at basketball?…. because I used to think Riordan usually accepts students who excel at that sport, especially when they kept winning WCAL basketball titles.

            • All right, I’ve had enough of this nonsense. Enough of this talk about who gets in to what school and what perceived admissions policies are. It’s getting tiresome and annoying.

            • JJ, you must have forgotten about Steve Sewell (Univ of OK/Denver Broncos) and Derek Loville (Univ of Oregon/Seahawks, 49ers, Broncos) who played Riordan football during their great basketball era of the ’80s-early 90s.

              • Remember Steve Sewell well. Without a doubt best player I played against during my time at Serra.

          • Im sorry COncerned citizen…Sure I can bash on SI but why, SI is like our cousins and Riordan is like step children in the city. Im sure you feel that your son made the right choice. Good for him, but this is what the rivalries are all about, it starts with the school you go to. The truth is the three schools (trinity) do a decent job of educating all their students.

        • This is probably old data, but Riordan’s enrollment is 630, while SI’s is 1,400+. I assume the SI student body is around 50% boys, so isn’t 700 greater than 630?

          • Lets not forget you get a slight advantage if you are Catholic too.
            @ CC … I liked meditation class thank you very much. Back then (not sure if the same room now) but it was on the 1st floor (2 levels below the ground) and it was hot as hell! Meditation turned into nap time or passed out time. Very much enjoyed it.

            • I’m outraged. A private Catholic school gives a slight advantage if you happen to be Catholic.

  3. Riordan played the Bells tough. Remember how far down Riordan has been the last few seasons. As for Riordan being a 3rd choice school- all I can say as a Serra Alum is that when it came to playing the city WCAL in football, to a man we felt Riordan was the toughest of the city WCAL schools by far. Played in the 70’s- sons played in 2000’s. Confident my Padre brothers would agree.

    • Lance, you couldn’t be more right. Riordan was always a tough physical game, whereas SI tried to use speed and ‘ trickeration.’ They were never a physical squad.

  4. LittleHollywood | September 29, 2012 at 3:49 PM |

    No easy games in the WCAL. Good luck to Coach Sweeney in rebuilding the fine Crusader football tradition.

  5. Takes time to rebuild and it was a good showing by Riordan. Then again a lost is what it is and they have to find a way to get a W. For all those who were saying Riordan’s frosh team would go undefeated, well your wrong cause they got beat 41 to 28 by the Bells. Again I say the WCAL is the toughest league in Cali period. Good luck city schools.

    • I am eating crow as I’ve been touting the Crusader Frosh. Missed the game but heard that Bell s O Line controlled the game thru out and Crusader D could not hold on key 3rd and 4th down plays. Big plays for TDs by the crusaders , but a key turnover when the game s momentum was swinging the Crusaders way sealed the game along with an efficient ball controlled O by the Bells. Congrats. Time for the Crusaders to get back to work.

      • You guys hyped up the SF Warriors too much. Winning frosh doesn’t mean anything, though, because when I was a freshman, our Freshman A’s and B’s both won in league WCAL basketball, but when when we were seniors, we had a .500 record.

        • Over-hyped, maybe? I think most were anxious to see what these kids from the SF Warriors program, in action in WCAL play. I beg anyone to argue that those kids were the difference makers for the Crusader Frosh team. Now they need to learn how to play, and get others playing as a team. Remember, Serra, SHC, SI all have some young impact players from this program as well.

          I think the hidden picture is that the Crusaders were able to put up points, and keep it competitive while making sure ALL Crusader freshman played.

          My question is, does any other WCAL school play all kids at the freshman level even if it means sacrificing a win?

          What are your thoughts on this philosophy?

          • Do your research before you judge those Warrior kids!

            • Enough about the SF Warriors. You guys make it seem like it’s a WCAL farm system. How much is the Jabarian Caston rookie card going for, even though he’s still in double A?

        • JJ, I agree that the warriors are over hyped. I agree these kids are good. But talent alone will not win games in the WCAL. It still takes a team in the end. Let the kids grow and play to get better. I do not want to judge them until they are on varsity.

          • I agree, do your homework before criticizing kids.

            These kids are playing and starting on various WCAL Schools, SI, SHC, RIORDAN, SERRA, AND not to mention De La Salle…

            Most have moved up to JV as Frosh, and Vars as Sophs.

            These kids do know that it is a team sport, and have played sophomores as 7th, and 8th graders with success. We have to remember that they are only Freshman, and are making Freshman mistakes. The Bells game was a Welcome to the WCAL. These kids will get it right.

            Being that this is a high school board, let’s let these kids put their youth days behind them and focus on playing with their new teammates as a team.

          • Chris they have the pieces! Its up to the Coaches to place them in the right positions and instruct to win! Keep watching the freshman games!

  6. SI grad from the Crocker Amazon/Excelsior here, most of my classmates and friends attended Riordan. That being said, in my day the Bruce/Mahoney was meaningless, but the Doc Erskine meant bragging rights for the year in the ‘hood, on the bus, at the Boat House or at the Circle, always a war. Living down in Padre Land on the Peninsula, I consistently root for all three City schools to be successful and represent. Sometimes ya gotta grow up and look at the big picture “OG” More young City men can nothing but benefit with a thriving all boys school like Riordan, Keep up the good work, go Crusaders.

  7. FBC101, are you saying all 80 players participated in this game?

    • I attended the game and can tell you for certain that they did not all play. Two kids I came to see sat. They put the second string offense in for one snap in the second half.

      That frosh team does have one absolute monster. His name (excuse the probable misspelling) is Jabarian Casten. Right now he is about 6′ and 200 lbs but is projected to 6’3-6’5 range. Plays FB (ok at it) and OLB where he dominates. Just blows guys up. Size and speed. In the second half, the Bells just kept running to the other side every time they needed yards. This kid can be great.

      The Bell offense just mowed them down. Riordan stayed in it because the Bells’ pass d is awful. They are slow and can’t tackle, which led to some big TDs for Riordan.

      (A portion of this comment has been edited)

    • Not sure, i wasn’t at the game. I hear that the Frosh team is playing every kid on the team?

      Wondering if this is common among other WCAL Frosh Teams?

      • @FBC101, I dont think any program in the WCAL have 87 kids on their teams and give playtime to them all like Riordan does! I’m tired of Southbay schools using Frisco like we are a punching bag! WCAL SF or AAA. Jump on board JJ and support Frisco kids period!

  8. manifest Destiny | October 1, 2012 at 12:39 AM |

    I also predicted a big win for Riordan Frosh. I was surprised at the outcome. Not all Freshman teams play all the kids. Cannot and should not be done.

    Enough about the warriors. I watched the Seahawks practice the other day. I believe in SFPAL. Go out to Kimbell and support!

    • I support Frisco Football no matter where they play! Please dont hate on the kids you dont know! Unlimited football is here to stay! Just because Cali is the last State to follow! Unlimited will help High School Football in Frisco. Support the 415! Warriors play all year around, been to San Diego, Florida,.and Las Vegas. They also been invited to play in Washington State .and Hawaii. Real football with no restrictions help ALL kids develop not just kids on diets to make weight!

      What other Program are helping kids get into Riordan, SI, Sacred Heart, Stuart Hall and Serra? LoL no one! Thats all I have to say about that!

    • Been to Bomber games, Hawk games, westbay,, niner, tigersharks, & DC titans! I support The City period! John Nauer, & Fred Pelesauma @ bombers, and all the other youth coaches for their time n effort! Go 415 period!

  9. Prep Insider | October 2, 2012 at 10:37 AM |

    Riordans frosh needs to RUN FAST football. Like the OU ducks fast pace offense. with all the speed on the team, including some of the many Jabrian castin, Ramone Sanders, Aidan Verbe, Cedric Macifee, Stanton Thomas Montell. Konarus and Jason green . No team can contend with them on a foot race. They have by far the most talent and speed in the WHOLE WCAL. As a person who watched WCAL for over 40 years, they just need to run fast, execute to perfection and they should be well off. hope coach can teach them this can wait until this young bucks get to varsity! Good luck crusaders!

    • Jamarion Caston, Raemone Sanders, Aidan Verba, Payton Ilalio, Mavega Maga, MJ Vaoga, Tony Orlando, Sam Tofi, Omar Flores, Charles M, Joseph Mac, and Angelo Valle. All former Warrior players! Please don’t say over hyped unless you watch the entire season . How can you WIN if you have 87 players. Its impossible to win in the WCAL if you trying to develop all 87 kids in every game!!! As soon as the starters are pulled, thats when other WCAL coaches smell blood and will attack Riordan every game. Talent can only take you so far! Put your chess pieces in the right positons
      and use your pawns wisely to win the game! Fans get use to these kind of games.

    • The problem with that is they HAVE to run the same Off & DEF as the JV & Varsity. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

    • @ 415BnR Just to note… There’s another former SF Warriors player named Mauricio Sanchez on that Frosh squad, he’s someone to keep an eye on as well……
      On another side note, these boys are well seasoned and experienced in the game of football and have played tough games before.

      • Id be willing to bet, half these guys from the SF Warriors being hyped up will still be 5-10, 165 pounds by the time they are seniors. All of you guys hype them up so much like there will be 10 D1 recruits from the Class of 2016.

        • @JJ, maybe you’re right and maybe you’re wrong about that and they’ll be who they are now as a Senior, but who are you to say so and judge these kids? These are just kids and at that just Freshman, so give them a chance. People can choose on their own whether to believe all the “hype” that was supposedly said about all these kids from the Warriors. Could it be that people don’ just want to believe that Jamarion Caston, Raemone Sanders, Aidan Verba, Payton Ilalio, Mavega Maga, Mauricio Sanchez, MJ Vaoga, Tony Orlando, Sam Tofi, Omar Flores, Charles M, Angelo and Joseph Mac will come through and prevail after all? They all have a chemistry together that no other boys on the team have had. Let it be and just watch the games…..

          • I find it hard to believe that you just want to let them be kids, yet you list the whole SF Warriors roster every day. If they are really good, their play will be speak for themselves, but so far they are 0-1 in the WCAL.

            • Is the Riordan frosh team overrated ? Don’t know..I did make it out to frosh game vs the bells just to see what all the hype was all about. These sf warrior kids do have potential. The frosh coaches were out coached by the bells coaching staff.

            • There really isn’t anything hard to believe, because the fact is that they are kids. Listing their names today in a post isn’t everyday. It’s only the first game, instead of doubting these kids wish them well. From other posts it does show that successful players do come from where these boys came from and do go to other school as well that are part of the WCAL.

            • Hater! I mean Jj lets talk about other kids from Warriors. Logan White SH qb on Varsity, Scharteg on jv SH,, Kava Cassidy RB serra high, Justin tatola lb serra, 3 others there as well, Boss Tagaloa starting DT at De la salle jv., etc etc! This is for you JJ.. Research …. Sam Wadsworth at SI not to mention the kids playing public school tearing it up… Research

              • Good luck to the players who are actually on varsity tonight in the Bruce Mahoney game. In the grand scheme of things, no one really cares about freshmen football except the parents and the freshmen. That’s why the Bruce Mahoney VARSITY game draws around 5 to 8,000 people, while freshman games are lucky to draw 30 people. good luck to the former SF Warriors, that was great when you dominated other 12 yr old boys on the football field, but in a couple years we will see you on VARSITY which is what alumni only talk about.

          • Thats right! The middle linebacker!

            • There was 300+ supporting BOTH Riordan and Bells Frosh last Sat and the place was buzzing!
              Riordan definitely has the most consistent support (win or lose) amongst the the 3 City schools. Only the BM brings them out.

              • This cannot be a more truer statement. There might be a slight increase in attendance at SHC / SI games if they did that pick a square cow poop thing.

        • They hung with Bellarmine, I’d be curious to see how they do against SI and SH.

          • A challenge for all of the CIty WCAL Frosh teams are the most of the young men are playing organized football for the first time – ever! Give credit to the Warrior program in providing an opportunity for SF and surrounding area kids to play organized football that is taught the correct way as well as preaching that school, teamwork and sportsmanship come first. Lance mentions the South Bay schools are light years ahead of the City schools. The junior programs that feed Bellarmine, VC, SF, Mitty and Serra are a significant reason why. Serra has a stud soph (Cassidy) playing varsity that played for the Warriors as well as SHC’s soph QB – White. Riordan has soph Tommy Plantz that is playing Varsity. I’d say they have a pretty good track record so far. Good luck to all these young men and hope you pass your knowledge to your fellow teamates.

          • Yes. Let’s see the results on the field.

        • LoL! I already see where your going with this! Like I said do your research. Do you even know who the kids are? They are not hyped to be saviors but hyped cause they played before! They still need to be Coached up to WIN! Difference makers on the field and communities!

        • LoL! Like I said do your research, j.caston 5’11 200lbs already, T. Orlando 6’0 188, P.Ilalio 5’10 215 lbs, A.Verba 5’9 165, m. Sanchez 5’8 168, mj vaoga 5’8 170, etc.,,,,,, Warriors play unlimited football jj not pop Warner! LoL…. Stop hatin…. You too funny!

  10. Colormepurple | October 3, 2012 at 4:56 PM |

    ‘Masoli a rising star for Crusaders’ article from Prep2Preps.

    Can’t wait till some of these star Frosh/JV players come up and help on Vars. They need more depth for sure.

    • “Bellarmine coach Mike Janda was impressed with Masoli and the Crusaders in general. Last season the Bells crushed Riordan 56-0. This time Riordan made Bellarmine work quite a bit harder.”
      “Riordan is first of all very well coached,” Janda said. “Next their quarterback is, you know, he’s as good as anybody around here, and they play hard. They played hard from beginning to end, and I give them a lot of credit,”

      The best crticism or praise is that of your peers. If WCAL Coaches who watch film day in and day out are stating that the Riordan team is well coached, then the Crusaders are headed in the right direction. It will be fun to see if this team can put it all together and get some wins in league.

  11. Littledeanthony | October 4, 2012 at 8:12 AM |

    I believe the whole riordan program should add a spread package , especially the freshman and varsity levels. Freshman has too much speed to not have the spread and their pass game has been opened up a bit. Varsity is also pretty fast with Zach at qb , it will buy him more time or flat out make things quicker

  12. FBC101. Janda. like most wcal coaches, complimented the opposing coach and star player after a win. Standard operating procedure and you can’t read too much into that. Riordan lost by three scores. If they lose by less than 20 to Serra that will be another moral victory but they will still be 0-2. You also said earlier the frosh team lost their first game because they played 80 players. That turned out to not be the case.

    • I agree with you wcal. No such thing as moral victories in my opinion. I was told that playing all kids was the case on the frosh level. It was like that for preseason. Guess that’s not the case for league.

      Either way, the Crusaders do need to get some league wins under their belt. I will say they have the potential to be a middle of the pack team this year. We shall see.

  13. The kids playing pop warner and warriors football is a good thing to help SF get better and stronger in football. Schools like Serra-St.francis-Bells-Valley Christain load up on kids playing football since they were 10 yrs old. I pull for all kids playing at city schools. The WCAL is the toughest league in Cali period and whether you come from Pop Warner or Warrioirs football you better learn the fundamentals and work harder than the oppenent to be successful. All programs from football to basketball have a so called pipe-line to sf schools and work hard at placing kids at SHC-SI-Riordan and thats a good thing. Sf kids keep working hard and good things will come your way in life!!

  14. For all of you who keep crying for Riordan to run a spread offense, I invite you to join me at the game. Don’t be shy, they’ll let just about anybody with 5 bucks come sit in the bleachers. They routinely run 4 wide/single back and even 5 wide sets.

    Coach Sweeney has gone above and beyond the call of duty to showcase Masoli. That and not having a reliable running game necessitates such formations.

  15. You guys are making my head hurt. Can we wait to talk about these guys until they are on varsity? Projecting freshmen, many of which are two steps away from making an impact on varsity, seems to put unnecessary pressure on them.

    • is 415BnR the Drew Rosenhaus of SF pop warner or something?

      Let me guess JB, will you be reporting from an unbiased endzone or will you be inched closer to the SI sideline tonight because you will need quotes from Stinn and his 300 yard passing game, Dale and his 150 yard rushing game, and perhaps Bull with his 10 tackles for losses?

      Better yet, maybe you can get great quotes from John Lee when SHC throws up another donut tonight.

      • Last year I spent the whole game on the SH sideline, because that was the home side, where I stand for pretty much every game. Might split time between both tonight, or stick to the home side. Haven’t decided yet.

        • For entertainment sake, I hope its a close one although I fear a huge blowout. Im sure youve seen handfuls of those already at AAA games.

          Im getting the updates for Lowell/Marshall, JB Im not there to see these Marshall games, but from what youve seen, it has to be a lack of effort on defense?

          A team that gives up that many points on a week to week basis isnt a defense that lacks athletes or numbers. Its probably lack of desire to play or interest in making tackles.

  16. @jj and whoever! Riordan freshman just beat Serra! Over hyped my a** I told you stop hatin watching! Sucka! Stop Hating on unlimited weight football! Keep watching, suckas!!!!!!! You prob from San Mateo, 415 for life

    • JB you allowed WWE’s Booker T to get off that??? Whats next? A spinerooney???

    • 415BNR way to act like you have been their before. Will see how it shakes out 3 years

      • Keep in mind kids need to be coached right! But talent can help a lil!! Don’t know why SI, SH,, hate on Riordan we have or own rivalry, bit I always wish Frisco over San Jose school s and serra! Do the same….

    • Wait wheres JJ and his negative comments towards the SF Warrior Freshman at Riordan? looks like all former warrior kids did well this weekend! Kava Cassidy @ Serra 2TDs, Jamar Sheppard-Williams 2TDs @SH, Jamarion Caston 2TDs @Riordan, and Ramone Sanders @RHS….

  17. So i can start calling my haters “suckas”?

  18. Was at the RIORDAN frosh game today vs Serra. Glad to see that RIORDAN frosh got the win..

    • Glad you supported! Gonna take time! But San Fran, DC, south city, Brisbane, San Bruno, and pacifica get your young kids in a good program to help launch the City WCAL schools versus San Jose & Serra! They have been signing pop Warner kids for yearssssssss now is our time!

      • That is what its going to take to try to compete in the WCAL right now though Serra cherry picks the top talent.

  19. Let’s talk about RIORDAN frosh after talking to people on saturday they say this is RIORDAN team not the JV or the varsity. After reading all these comments about the kids from the SF WARRIORS I think I’m going to try to make it to some of their games or practices.. Go RIORDAN FROSH !!!

    • If I hear any more about the Riordan freshmen, my head is going to explode.

    • I think you need to get out more, especially if you plan to attend freshmen football practices. As the great Allen Iverson once said, “y’all talking about practice, practice? practice…….?”

      • Hey jj, guess what Frosh Crusaders beat Mitty 27 to 7!!! Former Warrior kids all scored for them and 4tds were called back! Can you show some love now! Not overrated!!! 2 WCAL wins so far 4-1 record so far!

        • 415bnr was at the Serra game today and the Frosh kids and parents said they were impressed with the talent level on the Riordan Frosh team.

          • Not hyped at all! Right? Those kids played for the right program! I recommend all parents to send their kids there! Thank you Riordan for giving those kids a chance!

          • Bellarmine coaches and parents said the same of the Crusader Frosh. No one has scored 4 TDs or more except Riordan and DLS. Is it true Mittty opened up with an onside kick fearing Sanders or Verba would take it to the house?!? Looking forward to seeing the Crusader Frosh speed on SI’s turf field.

            • Wasn’t there but I heard 4tds were called back! Guys let me say this in Texas, Hawaii, Florida, and Ohio dont only support the Varsity they do HYPE Football period no matter if its youth or Freshman or Varsity. Hyping Football gets more kids wanting to play So Cali please stop being last in everything! UNLIMITED Football is here to stay!

        • Congratulations on 2nd place

          • Heyyyyyy everyone JJ actually gave a compliment!!! But still no mention of the Warrior kids who are making a big difference! Oh yeah tge one former kid playing for De La Salle just got moved up to Varsity as a Freshman! Support the SF Warriors…. They are not hype!

          • Johnny Drama | October 14, 2012 at 5:08 PM |

            I do not ususally comment on frosh scores but I would rather come in 2nd than last or second to last in anything.

            • I’d rather brag that my son got straight A’s in middle school than playing pop warner football.

              • Ari, obviously you don’t know these kids from the Warriors. School comes first and all of them are doing well their Freshman year.

  20. Are you still trying too hard to hype up your boys 415BnR? Serra went undefeated last 3 yrs at the frosh level and got their kids from Pop Warner football and yet no one really cares cause its frosh football where the only people who care are the teams and parents. Don’t get me wrong its nice to know Riordan is doing well with their youth but only Varsity counts in the WCAL period!! Its always nice to hear feeder programs in Basketball and football help kids get an oppurtunity to a great education and we all hope for the city schools do to well in academics and sports. Sf Jr 49ers and the Brown Bombers place kids into SHC and Riordan, Kim Mitchell does a solid job keeping kids on the field and off the streets to have a shot at a career in the WCAL. Good luck to all kids from any program on succeeding.

    • Wow! LoL sound like you got something personal against the SFW FYI 9 former Warriors are playing Serra right now and was part of those undefeated teams! Read my other post I support FRISCO period……. Kim @SFN does a great thing there so does the Bombers and Seahawks. And your wrong its not just about VARSITY. It starts with Youth to give them a future and to help them stay in school and playing Sports. You probably care only about W’s on the field, SFW cares about the more than that. Thats why I hype them up! A true Frisco boy supports all the city youth and High Schools….. Better ask somebody!

  21. Nothing personal 415BnR, I want all Sf kids to do well in school and sports but frosh ball is fun for the kids and there followers. Keep up your support for the kids cause they need it. Just remember Education first!!

    • Yes, Big guy 24, and AriGold. The first thing is to ensure these kids are getting a good education, the parents and in some cases, alumni, donators, are paying big money to help some of these kids. You do not send your kids to private school solely for sports, but to hopefully lay a foundation for the youth to be successful in later life. As a alumni, I know that SHC attempts to do this. However, I also know that the current administration and in some cases the coaches can do a lot more to market and sell football to a lot of the available boys currently in the school and for that matter, the new students coming in. I think the athletic directors should think about Coach John Lee’s success and failures after ten years of coaching SHC football. I do think John Lee has given a lot to the football program though, and if he is not the head coach for varsity, they should still find a place for him as an assistant coach or at another level. With two athletic directors at the school, I question what they are doing to help him or the current coaching staff regarding football for future years. Are they trying to secure closer practice facilities at the parks? Are they asking Coach Lee to open the playbook?

      • You want to know Coach Lee’s playbook? Here it is:
        1. QB option read (keep)
        2. QB option read (hand off)
        3. HB screen
        4. QB roll out left or right and throw to the WR that ran a 3 yard cross

        Thats it. Even last year when he had his stable of horses, thats what he ran. Who wants to come to SHC and run THOSE 4 plays over and over? BORRRRRRRRING.

    • Big guy! I fully agree!

  22. RIORDAN FROSH..Fun to watch, everyone hating on the FROSH team go to their next game against SI at SI. These are young men just having fun playing the game of football..

    • Hi JJ! Sorry I’ve been away for a lil bit but I have to catch up to you! Lets see Riordan from beat Mitty, SI, and now St. Francis 40 to 19! Guess the boys are not all Hyped after all! Dude415 glad you got to make the game.

      • St. Francis coaches and parents were very impressed with the Crusaders speed. #5, #9, #13 and #20 were absolute blurs. SF thought they could match the Crusaders speed as well as they had a couple of players that were breakaway threats. The only time SF scored was against the Crusader subs. Anytime the 1st string was in, it was total lockdown. Question: If the Varsity qualifies for the CCS playoffs, could they bring up some of the freshman? I know VC did this when Byron Marshall was a freshman…

        • Does anyone know where JJ is? I wanna hear his over hyped speech again about the Warrior kids! Show some love!

        • There is an age requirement to be allowed to play Varsity Football.
          The player needs to be 15 years old.

          Any Freshman younger than 15 needs to go thru the waiver process. Which requires a letter from a doctor, signed consent statement from parents, statement from the Head Coach, and a statement of compliance from the principal.

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