Football: Washington runs all over Marshall to secure first win

Washington senior running back Jerron Williams works his way through the Marshall defense on Friday at Washington High School. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Washington senior running back Jerron Williams works his way through the Marshall defense on Friday at Washington High School. (Photo by Devin Chen)

By Lamonte Dewindt

From the opening possession on Friday, it was clear that the formula for the Washington High School football team was going to be to run, run and run some more.

The Eagles struggled to score in non-league play but showed they were not fazed by their early-season struggles in a 41-16 win over visiting Marshall in each team’s Academic Athletic Association opener on Friday.

Washington senior running back Jerron Williams followed a dominant effort by the Eagles’ offensive line and ran for 175 yards and three touchdowns, and also caught a screen pass for a touchdown.

Marshall junior running back Quintrell Anderson breaks away from the Washington defense on Friday at Washington High School. (Photo by Devin Chen)

“We got the best offensive line,” Williams said. “For the past three years we’ve had the best offensive line. That’s the best part of this team right now.”

Ricky Lee Johnson also ran eight times for 131 yards and a touchdown for the Eagles (1-3, 1-0), and if not for continuous cramps, likely would have finished with much more.

“We worked really hard for it,” said Washington head coach Taylan Plasch. “We just needed to play four quarters and we did that today,”

Washington scored on its first offensive possession on a 7-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Simon Ma to Thomas Flores, but Marshall (1-4, 0-1) answered back quickly on of a 69-yard touchdown run by Quintrell Anderson on their second play from scrimmage. After a successful two-point conversion, the Phoenix were up 8-7.

It was the last time they saw the lead.

Washington rattled off 20 unanswered points, capped by a 15-yard touchdown reception by Williams to give the Eagles a 27-8 lead.

Marshall scored on the following possession when quarterback Joey Sagiao found 6-foot-5 wide receiver Albert Collins on a 1-yard fade route that cut the lead to 27-16, but any chance of a second-half comeback was eliminated by frequent Marshall turnovers and an opportunistic Washington defense.

Ma, who also played on defense, intercepted his Marshall quarterback counterpart Sagiao three times.

While the Marshall defense allowed 354 rushing yards, the Phoenix countered with 217 yards on the ground, led by Anderson team-high 168 yards. Many times, the junior looked like a man amongst boys, bouncing off Washington tacklers to gain extra yards.

While the Phoenix looked far from the championship contender head coach Nicholas Wilson predicted before the season, the first-year coach is still optimistic.

“Nothing [has] changed – same guys. We’ll be fine,” Wilson said. “We have to regroup. [On] Aug. 1, I knew eight of these guys. I’m not backing down from that. I still think we got the best team in the league.”

Until they regroup, it will be Williams and his teammates who get to enjoy the victory.

“It’s a great win,” Williams said. “People think we don’t have what it takes to go back [to Turkey Day]. We’re back, we never left, and we’re still the best.”

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
W: 8:25 – Thomas Flores 7-yard pass from Simon Ma (Mondo Bayasqalon kick)
M: 6:55 – Quintrell Anderson 69-yard run (successful conversion)
W: 4:35 – Jerron Williams 15-yard run (Bayasqalon kick)

Second Quarter
W: 3:48 – Ricky Lee Johnson 35-yard run (kick failed)
W: 2:14 – Williams 15-yard pass from Ma (Bayasqalon kick)
M: 0:05 – Albert Collins 1-yard pass from Joey Sagiao (Draker Donaldson run on conversion)

Third Quarter
W: 1:50 – Williams 10-yard run (Bayasqalon kick)

Fourth Quarter
W: 11:13 – Williams 6-yard run (Bayasqalon kick)

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12 Comments on "Football: Washington runs all over Marshall to secure first win"

  1. Marshall gets blasted and the coach still thinks he’s got the best team in the AAA? Coach, nothing personal, but let’s just focus on keeping your team competitive. Don’t be like the Golden State Warriors last year! Their coach guaranteed the playoffs and fell quite short there.

  2. Wash played a sound game and they have to clean a lot of things up. As for Marshall they have some good talent and if they get some more numbers they’ll be alright.

  3. Jon Goldsmith | September 29, 2012 at 9:34 AM |

    Would you like some crow with your coffee this morning, Coach WIlson?
    SanFranPreps IS NOT the place to sell your team. Sell it on campus first, get them to believe, then let your play and results speak for themselves.
    I sure wish someone from the Marshall administration would talk to this little boy about humility.

    • “Why don’t you do us all a favor and go coach somewhere so we can see how good you are? Or do you just like to criticize coaches from behind your computer screen? You are pathetic. You are clearly a coward, otherwise you would approach Coach . . . in person to share with him your theories.”

      “Jeremy. . . . Maybe you could also advise bloggers to refrain from attacking coaches too.”

      These are your words from your own previous posts. Perhaps you should reflect on them before your next rant.

      Personally, I probably would have been more restrained in my predictions than Coach Wilson, but as the head coach, he’s in the best position to know what will motivate his players. The 34 point win last week was I believe only the second non-league win in the 13 year history of the program, and the largest margin of victory in at least the last decade. They certainly haven’t demonstrated yet that they’re the best team in the league, but Coach Wilson appears to have the program headed in the right direction, and as T&F Coach pointed out, if they get some more numbers, they could do some real damage as the season progresses.

  4. wash raw ! what i saw yesterday was lit!

  5. With the results Marshall has had in recent seasons, Coach Wilson may have needed some proof for his player’s that he believed in them.

    Most Football seasons, in recent years, Marshall has not been talked about much at all. This season Marshall is being talked about.

    Coach Wilson with his bold prediction for his team’s results has got people talking about Marshall football. It also showed his team that he thinks they are a good team, that will make the AAA playoffs.

  6. Like it said i the article wash nevr left we coming back and marshall can talk all they want but at the end of the day wash won 41-16 you know i understand that marshall was upset hat they didnt win 60-0 but its ok lesson well learned

  7. Jon Goldsmith | September 29, 2012 at 2:00 PM |

    Have coached in the AAA, 10 years, but out of respect for the program, current and past, I am remaining anonymous. Know very well, way better than you and “Coach” Wilson, about the struggles of coaching in the AAA.
    I realize my post is hypocritical, but I just dont care. If know one holds these “young, one and done, hotshot” coaches accountable, the integrity of football will be tarnished.
    The quote you reference is from the people bashing John Lee. Coach Lee stays humble, and his results speak for themselves. He is committed. He will have to be wheeled off of the SHC campus or be forced to leave, he wont quit on his kids.
    What rubbed me the wrong way with “Coach” Wilson was his throwing under the bus of the former Marshall coaches. And I have NEVER heard of a coach talking the way he was….beating people by 70, come on.
    No one else was giving “Coach” Wilson the advice he needed, which was to preserve the very principles that have distinguished winning programs from losing programs….humility, “talking” between the lines (with your pads, not your mouth), and earning respect.
    “Coach” Wilson is making promises he cant deliver on….I bet it goes deeper than an interview with SFPreps. If he cannot deliver on his promises, he will lose any respect from the Marshall kids, and they will stop coming out..And “Coach” Wilson will be gone coaching somewhere else. My prediction…he wont last more than next season. I hope he proves me wrong, because commitment is what the Marshall kids deserve…as well as life lessons.
    “Coach” Wilson is to be applauded for his time and effort. But stay humble kid…..confidence is cool, cockiness and unrealistic dreams are not.

    • I agree with you that being humble (especially when you’re a new coach taking over a struggling program) is the best way to go. Get results before making predictions.

      However, I doubt that Coach Wilson (“Coach” Wilson as you call him) will be gone anytime soon. Remember, his father is the AD at Marshall.

  8. I still say Marshall will make the playoffs. It might be as the #4 seed. They have the talent and if they can just hold it together, they can turn some heads and make it into the playoffs. They just need a big win (against Mission, Lincoln, or Lowell) to gain some traction and momentum.

  9. Jon Goldsmith | September 30, 2012 at 10:33 AM |

    To be clear, I dont think Coach Wilson will be fired, I think he will leave out of frustration or for a better position.

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