Football: St. Ignatius grinds down Sacred Heart Cathedral in first leg of Bruce-Mahoney

St. Ignatius senior running back Albert Waters follows a blocker into the Sacred Heart Cathedral secondary on Friday at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Doug Ko)

St. Ignatius senior running back Albert Waters follows a blocker into the Sacred Heart Cathedral secondary on Friday at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Doug Ko)

By Jeremy Balan

The biggest moment of the football game between eternal City rivals Sacred Heart Cathedral and St. Ignatius didn’t make sense, but it had the most important aspect of of any play call – it worked.

With the game tied at 21-21 with 16 seconds left in the second quarter, St. Ignatius called its final timeout of half, setting up a third-and-goal situation from the Sacred Heart 9-yard line.

Instead of calling a passing play, which would stop the clock on an incomplete pass and allow for a last-second field goal, the Wildcats dialed up a running play – a toss to junior running back Elijah Dale.

Knowing that getting stopped before the goal line would end the half and halt the scoring opportunity, Dale was hit at the 2-yard line by a group of Irish defenders, but powered forward for what ended up being the game-winning score in St. Ignatius’ 35-21 West Catholic Athletic League win on Friday at Kezar Stadium, giving the Wildcats the first leg of the Bruce-Mahoney series.

“We had confidence in the play call and our guys running it,” said St. Ignatius head coach John Regalia. “It was a great way to finish the half and we always talk about how important it is to do that. It was a big one.”

St. Ignatius junior running back Elijah Dale eyes the Sacred Heart Cathedral defense on Friday at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Doug Ko)

With the lead after a seesaw first half, which saw the Irish (1-4, 0-2) pull ahead 21-14 on junior running back Brett Rasso’s second touchdown midway through the second quarter, the Wildcats (4-1, 2-0) employed an eerily-familiar game plan after the break.

Just like the Central Coast Section Division III championship against the Irish last season, St. Ignatius began to pound the ball in the running game, and senior quarterback Jack Stinn attempted two passes in the second half.

But unlike last week against Valley Christian, in which junior running back Elijah Dale had 38 carries, the Wildcats had a two-headed rushing attack against the Irish.

Dale still led the way with a game-high 192 yards on 27 carries and had the crucial score in the final seconds of the second quarter, but senior Albert Waters, who didn’t have a single carry against Valley Christian, added 129 yards and two touchdowns on 13 carries.

“It felt great,” Waters said. “The offensive line had an amazing game for the second week in a row, and whether I get carries or not, it all depends on them. It was our last Bruce, so we wanted to give everyone what they wanted.”

The Wildcats ran for 305 yards and had most of their success out of a backfield formation that featured junior Stephan Ostrowski and senior Blaise Ducharme, normally an offensive lineman, both lined up as fullbacks in front of either Dale or Waters.

“We call that the jumbo [formation], because we have our big man in there,” Waters said. “They just push forward and we ride their ass . . . We talked about it the whole week. We watched film from last year and and it worked, so why go away from it?”

The Wildcats extended their lead on Waters’ second touchdown run with 2:08 remaining in the third quarter, but it was the St. Ignatius defense that put the game away.

St. Ignatius outgained the Irish 457-203 and held down every Sacred Heart player except for Rasso, who ran for a team-high 132 yards and two touchdowns on 15 carries.

In the first half, Rasso accounted for 99 of Sacred Heart’s 101 yards of total offense.

“He’s that much of an integral part of our system,” Sacred Heart head coach John Lee said of Rasso. “We can throw the ball to him, we can run the ball with him, we can put him in the backfield, he returns punts and he’s just a great kid. He’s just a ballplayer.”

Even with the disparity in yardage, the Irish were never more than two scores behind in the second half and had two drives stall in St. Ignatius territory in the fourth quarter.

Sacred Heart Cathedral junior running back Brett Rasso speeds past a St. Ignatius defender on Friday at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Doug Ko)

The second drive concluded at the 3:29 mark on another big play by Waters.

On fourth-and-3 from the Wildcats’ 26-yard line, Sacred Heart senior quarterback Jerry Peralta dropped back and appeared to be in the grasp of two St. Ignatius defenders, but escaped from the pocket and rolled to the right. Waters, the cornerback on the right side, left his receiver and broke toward Peralta. Seeing the open receiver, Peralta released the ball, but Waters leapt up and deflected it away.

“It looked like he was sacked, but he came right,” Waters said. “I left my guy and he was open, but when he threw the ball, I knew I had to make a play, otherwise that’s a touchdown.”

The Wildcats significantly outgained the Irish in the first half and got two touchdowns through the air from Stinn, who threw for 152 yards on 10-of-16 passing, but the Irish kept making plays to stay in the game.

Rasso broke a 51-yard run to set up his own touchdown run on the same drive to knot the game at 7-7 late in the first quarter, then Kelvin Sanders followed Waters’ first score with a 96-yard return for a touchdown on the ensuing kickoff early in the second to tie the game again at 14-14, and the Irish capitalized on a Stinn interception (picked off by Peralta) with another rushing touchdown from Rasso, this time from 20-yards out, to take a 21-14 lead.

“It’s a tough loss. I don’t care what anyone says, because it is a big game and a big rivalry,” Lee said. “But they have no reason to have their heads down. They were right in the thick of this. The effort was there. There is no quit in these guys.”

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
SI: 4:37 – Matt Emery 40-yard pass from Jack Stinn (Michael Capitolo kick)
SH: 2:05 – Brett Rasso 5-yard run (Maxwell Tenhoff kick)

Second Quarter
SI: 10:00 – Albert Waters 1-yard run (Capitolo kick)
SH: 9:46 – Kelvin Sanders 96-yard kickoff return (Tenhoff kick)
SH: 7:27 – Rasso 20-yard run (Tenhoff kick)
SI: 3:34 – Andrew Vollert 19-yard pass from Stinn (Capitolo kick)
SI: 0:09 – Elijah Dale 9-yard run (Capitolo kick)

Third Quarter
SI: 2:08 – Waters 2-yard run (Capitolo kick)

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93 Comments on "Football: St. Ignatius grinds down Sacred Heart Cathedral in first leg of Bruce-Mahoney"

  1. A few mental lapses by SI are keeping these games from being blowouts. Can’t do this against Serra or the Nells and survive!

  2. As the season progresses, SI’s opponents will only get tougher. Hopefully, SI will continue with this 2-running back duo because it seemed like a good 1-2 punch of speed and power. While Dale seems like a power back, Waters uses his speed to out-run defenders. In the long run, Dale will less likely to be injured having 30 carries a game as opposed to 40. He will be needed if we will compete with Bellarmine, Serra, St Francis, and the 0-2 Mitty. Heard there was over 7,000 fans, nice turnout. SHC played hard, but SI was too deep. The weakness of SI is stopping the run, which does not bode well when we play Serra.

    • Weakness is in containment of runs to the outside. Both on down plays and kick-offs/punts. SI seems to have adequate speed to get to the point, but at times lapses in tackling technique.

    • No way there were 7,000 there last night. That would mean the stadium was 7/10 full. Not even close.

  3. It seems I may have put Stinn too high on the pedestal. He’s turned into the gunslinger himself Brett Favre!!! I love it when Regalia turns him loose and lets him sling it all over the field but to win games he needs Dale and Waters to run the ball 40+ times.

    This game was never in doubt hence the last play of the first half. Who runs the ball from the 9 with no timeouts and run the risk of no points? A team that broke off i dont know how many 10+ yard runs the whole game. I think maybe 15?? Good effort by SHC. Played extremely hard and heart.

    I think the lack of scoring in the 2nd half of games is a product of just not having any other plays. Teams make defensive adjustments at halftime and SH still just runs the same ol’ play. Sorry coach Lee, you dont have 6’5 240 lbs guys on your line that can allow you to do the same play all game long. But you dont need those guys right???

  4. LittleHollywood | October 6, 2012 at 1:01 PM |

    Coach Regalia must have mad some good halftime adjustments.

    SI’s defense shut Sacred Heart out in the second half.

    • SHC played hard and the kids from SH left it all on the field, they gave it there all, it was a respectable game, it was not a blow out. For SH to only lose by two scores says that these kids won’t give up and represents the best of SH football for now. SI is a deep team this year, they are very good, sometimes you have to tip your hand to the other team.

  5. It was a good effort by SH but just to much running by SI for SH to try and contain. I thought that score at the half was the dagger into sh’s heart. SH tried to milk the last 2:30 of the 2nd quarter by doing three straight running plays that just got than three and out and left a bunch of time for SI to score. Great call by SI run it with 9 seconds left. They got a great push from the front line and then Dale just did the rest. Rasso is a do it all player but he is going to get run down with all the touches he gets on offense and playing defense all four quarters. Once again SH had some predictable play calling which hurt them

  6. Good game by both teams but the better team won. SHC played their butts off and kept it close all game long but the 2 nd half SI defense took over and shut them out. Great atmosphere at kezar and both schools represented well. Coach Lee did his best to put the kids in a competitive game but SI has more talent this year. I thought coach lee showed no quit and his players followed. Good job both teams and good luck the rest of league.

  7. There was a game last night?

    • JV and Frosh scores?

      • JV score was SI 24-SH 6

        • The frosh game was 23-20 SI on a last minute field goal, SHC was probably the better team. The frosh team looks like they have some pretty solid atheletes…especially Sheppard and number 4 and some pretty big lineman. If SHC’s JV team had their 4 sophomores on the team, they probably could’ve beaten SI. Im excited to see what SH will turn into on the varsity level once a few changes are hopefully made in the coaching staff and numbers get up a bit.

          • Please continue to use the original name you posted under. I changed your name this time, but next time your comment won’t be approved. Please read our Commenting Code of Conduct.

          • Commenter X | October 7, 2012 at 2:36 PM |

            I’m not sure which JV game you were watching. SI backed off the Irish when they went up 21-0. It could have easily been 42-0 if the Cats had stayed with their starters. Props to the SI Coaches for letting the backups into the game to play against their cross-town pals.

            As for the 4 Sophomores on the varsity – the same group of SI players beat the same group of SHCP players (including the 4 Varsity Sophmores) last year by an even larger margin.

            SHCP looks to have peaked last year with Harrington. SI is clearly the SF program on the rise for the next few years.

            • You used the name of an established commenter on this site. I changed your name this time, but if you use the name again next time your comment won’t be approved. Please read our Commenting Code of Conduct.

              • The three best freshmen out of those four on varsity we’re on jv last year and the other one is a kicker. Those three kids would’ve been team captains and their freshmen and jv seasons would almost surely have had different outcomes. I guess were just going to have to wait and see.

            • Take my word, nobody’s worried about the JV’s this season. What they need is a new coaching staff. I saw last week’s game and the play calling was a joke.

  8. Solid effort from the Irish players. The lads played hard thru out but still not a very good outing for either side of the ball. The 21 points came off one good drive, a kick off return and a short field score off a pick. Besides Rasso there was no offense. SI was ripping off 10 yards a run play most of the night, not just in the second half like in previous games so it wasn’t fatigue. It didn’t look like a blow out on the score board but it was thorough on paper. Now the whole year rides on the stanfel cup. Who else can we beat?

    Is SI a better team? Yes. But not number 4 in the Bay Area. Not convinced.

    • Turtle saw the replay of the game on Comcast. SH hung tough. I agree with you, not conviced SI #4 in Bay Area. Not by a long shot.They must have been playing out of their minds and over their heads vs. Valley.

      • I thought SI was ranked #6 behind DLS, Logan, Marin Catholic, Serra, and Bellarmine?

        • Are we talking about the Chronicle rankings? I’m pretty sure SI was ahead of Bellarmine.

        • that was before logan loss.

          • Yea, u guys are right. I believe Chron’s new rankings come out tomorrow? Ranked #4 does seem pretty high. We’ll see if SI beats St Francis at their house to see if this ranking is legit.

            • Keep in mind SI barely lost to highly-ranked Marin Catholic (ranked #3?). If it weren’t for those bonehead interceptions, SI would’ve won, so I don’t see anything wrong with a 4 ranking, although I do believe the Bells should be ranked higher than SI, until proven otherwise. There’s a reason why it’s called the “SF” Chron. The San Jose newspaper has the Bells and Mitty ranked higher than SI, it’s called home team favoritism. the San Mateo newspaper probably has Serra ranked #2

              • The Merc. News ranks teams from Santa Clara, San Mateo Counties and the WCAL. They don’t put in East Bay or North Bay. keep in mind no DLS orMC or teams from EBAL. In This poll Serra is #1 Oak Grove 2, Bells 3, Mitty was 4, SI-5.Based on Mitty’s last minute loss to Bells, SI will move up to #4.

                A lot of possible shaking out after next week

              • new ranking 1- DLS 2- Bells 3-Serra …… 7 SI

              • I could be wrong, but I don’t think Bellarmine should be ranked higher than Serra. Serra has looked more impressive.

              • The new Chron rankings still have SI ranked #4, while Bellarmine is ranked #6 and Serra still at 2. Bellarmine vs Serra should be a good game, but I think Serra will win by 14 points. Si vs St Francis should also be a good, but hopefully, the Cats will come out on top by the score of 36 to 30. VC was running all over St Francis in a loss, and I expect the same from SI. St Francis has a good passing game, but I think that’s SI strength, defending the pass. SI’s weakness is stopping the run, and the stats show that St Francis is a passing team this year, so that works to SI’s benefit.

              • Serra has the upmost respect forthe Bells. They will be going in with the idea they are the team to beat.They have too much respect for the Bells history to pay any mind to their higher ranking in the polls.

              • Didn’t Bellarmine beat Serra 25 years in a row in football or something ridiculous like that?

    • Too much familiarity between SI & SHC for the game to be “normal”. Kids have close friends between the schools. In fact, many players on each team make up the SFGG HS rugby team. I would not say this is an indication of SI’s potency. It did appear to me that SI could have run all-day on SH. SI does need to work on it’s defense containment though.

      • CrusaderNation | October 8, 2012 at 3:20 PM |

        You hit the nail on the head – there just aren’t that many players in SF these days. What if you told SH you will be a girls school and SI and Riordan would divide the boys. It would seriously improve the play of both schools by giving them better athletes to choose from. Split SH’s varsity over SI and Riordan and you would have 2 very different and i would argue successful teams to compete with the WCAL south teams. It may seem like a tough pill to swallow but these are cool hard economic facts – SH is landlocked in the middle of the city with no facilities. Riordan needs to upgrade its field and the 3 schools are competeing over the same limited pool of boys. Riordan may have done well this year attracting students but it won’t take the other 2 schools long to start going to the same sources. The SH kids have always been tough and could hang in there, imagine them mixed with Riordan. SI would look like a poor step child. Hold your breath one of these possibilities will happen.

        • I think it’s a little ridiculous to say that SHC should become an all-girls school just so the other City schools can be better at football. Why would SHC want to help the other schools compete athletically? That’s not their job.

          How quickly we forget the success of the SHC boys basketball team that was a few points away from winning a state championship. Willing to sacrifice that for another school to have better football teams? You’re also asking them to end a 100-year history of boys sports and one of the oldest rivalries in the country with SI? Doesn’t make any sense.

          • CrusaderNation | October 9, 2012 at 10:15 AM |

            Its economics. With the arms races that are going on for fund raising, at some point the archdiocese will step in. SI is not in the control of the archdiocese and thus we have to look at reality. Riordan is 10.5 acres and SHC is about 2+. There were 10 girls schools in the 70’s and now there are 2+ with the addiontional girls at SI and SHC. This was something that was done in NY after wholesale closing of parish schools. The numbers are the numbers: 800 girls apply at SI for 150 spots. 300 boys apply for 150. Riordan had 400 apply for 200 slots. Dont know SHC’s numbers. The economics of San Francisco are going to cause something to happen and i just looked at the simplest move. Its not just about sports, its about economics.

          • Crusader Nation, I could see Riordan closing. SH is not closing, I can say that with a fact, it is the oldest catholic school around. SH and SI get almost 1200-1400 applications for 300-320 boys and girls. It is very competitive to get into these schools.

            • Based on your arguments, it is just as easy to sell Riordan property for housing and the Archdiocese can make millions without all this fanfare. Some corporation would love to develop on that side of San Francisco. For that matter, some CCSF property can go on the block too, if they dont get their act together.

              • Riordan closing s not going to happen with the increasing Frosh enrollment over the past few years since President Daly came aboard. Add the boarding school that is full and seeking expansion and Riordan touting it is NOW the oldest all-male school in SF – it gives them several key advantages. Offering an RSP program and Honors program for challenged and gifted students , award winning programs in the performing arts and the only marching band in SF it only adds to the advantages Riordan brings to SF.

              • Chris, based on your argument the archdiocese could get $10M+ for selling SHCs practice field site so some developer could build high-rise work-live site.

              • @wcal, lets sell the practice field, use the money to build on the top floor of the La Salle campus or the Student Life Center an Arena Football Gym. Drop football and be the charter member of the new High School Arena Football League.

            • I would argue the SHC applicants are nowhere near as much as you mention. SI yes, SHC, I highly doubt it.

              • M air J, no it is pretty close to those numbers, when you take the test, you check the first two schools you want to go too, 9/10 that second school is SHC. Yes, Riordan is the oldest ALL MALE school, that does not make it the oldest school in SF though.

              • Isn’t phase 3 of the redevelopment at SHC going to be a new olympic size pool and more classrooms at Gough/Turk? Maybe they should build the 50M pool at Gough and Eddy instead where the artificial turf is now. They could get two fields at Gough and Turk, one or two artificial turfs or one real one that can field soccer, football, lacrosse practices, and the left over area they can build three or maybe four tennis courts if they want. With the new warehouse being built for baseball/softball by the weight room at Franklin they can also get it to accommodate golf too, I think.

        • I used to think Burton and Marshall in the AAA should just combine into 1 school since the 2 schools are only about 10 blocks from each other, but SHC and Riordan joining forces isn’t gonna happen. I think it’s 2 different types of Catholic schools, one is Christian Brother and I think Riordan is Marianist? Wouldn’t it be like if Georgetown (Jesuit) combined with BYU (mormon)? Not gonna happen. So if Riordan and SH combined, what if 1 class was at SHC and your next class was at Riordan; you’d miss your class just driving from the Phelan campus to SH’s downtown campus. What would be the new name of the school? Sacred Heart Cathedral of Riordan?

          • 2J come on now. ” …like if Geogetown combined with BYU.” i guess you were absent at SI during the comparative theology class.

          • I don’t think Riordan will be closing any time soon, either, as their boarding program is thriving and they’re looking to acquire nearby additional property to expand their facilities.

            • Last week, you guys were saying SHC should move in order to build a football field, now this week, it’s Riordan might close up shop or combine with SHC to form 1 school. Next week, you might say SI will go out of business, but we all know that won’t happen because SI has the most money, with about 80 million in the bank.

              • Aw 2-j that’s what endears SI and their alums to so many. Go Lancers!

              • Where do you get $80 million? Is that published in the Genesis magazine?

              • If they have $80 mil, why not give $60,000 to Balan for his excellent unbiased SI reporting for the last 2 years?

              • I read somewhere that there is around 75 million in SI’s endowment fund. I think they use the money for scholarships/improvements to the school. Genesis magazine just lists people who donated money like who donated more than a million dollars or who donated more than $500,000, $10K, etc.

              • SI almost did go out of business after the 1906 earthquake. They even put a full-page ad in the Chronicle saying they needed $1million or they would close-up.

          • They should say “only all-male school”. Sacred Heart was all boys for 113 years. SI even longer.

            • Stuart Hall prevents them from saying only….oldest is accurate

            • Hey $ay $ay- i think Ari is on to something. Lets put some of that $75 Milsky to work by becoming a Hall of Fame member of Sanfranpreps.

              You can call Gov Moonbean, Fouts and Igor to kick in.

              • Doesn’t most NFL players become broke 5 years after they retire from the NFL (i.e. Terrell Owens, Bernie Kosar, etc)?? I looked in Genesis magazine and Igor and Fouts didn’t donate any money to SI. The guy who donates a ton of $$ to SI and other causes is Gordon Getty (San Franciscan billionaire and SI alum). Maybe he’s the guy you need to ask.

              • Hey JJ as far as going to your illustrious alums, I understand steven burns is really making a “killing” selling his hand crafted dreamcatchers up in his 10′ x 8′ cell up in Vacaville. SI alum class of ’79…go cats!

              • Many former alumni-pro athletes donate their time as well jj, talking to the students about dedication and tenacity in keeping up with their studies and fostering teamwork and good citizenship. Also they help drive fund raisers. Many former Crusaders have done this – Steve Sewell, Donald Strickland…Most recently, Tom Brady helped Serra in its fundraiser and donating $100k to the program.

              • I’m waiting jblan

              • jabalan lest we not forget the oj refernce last week. Geez I just don’t want to pull the race card.

              • Sometimes I do something other than approve comments. Looking up your 30-year-old reference is not my top priority when I have other things to do today.

              • jbalan point well taken. For my act of contrition I will be making my donation to sanfranpreps shortly.

        • Riordan is taking a unique approach in raising additional revenue through its boarding program. So far they are full – bringing in students from Asia, Europe and around the U.S. They will be opening up the second floor soon and there is talk of acquiring additional property nearby to accomodate additional students. @ $50k/student – that’s a significant infusion of cash for improvements. Riordan will be upgrading its football field to the matrix field turf next season and I understand the Crusader Forum will also undergo its renovation with a student athletic centre to follow.

          • They are also bringing in a few overseas athletes – I believe there are two overseas student – athletes transfers who just happen to play basketball at a fairly high level. Riordan is definitely looking at creative ways to improve their athletic programs.

        • Leave it to JJ to come up with these half baked ideas. Never fails. You wont see this bizzaro world of yours unless you have schools have difficulty meeting their year over year desired class size. I seriously dont think SHC, SI, or Riordan are having any trouble getting the number of enrolling students every year. Thats why they have wait lists. I think the only school that has this problem is Mercy SF. Not sure, I could be wrong. They were always talks about Riordan and Mercy combining schools.

          Lets just face reality here in regards to sports. SHC is going to be competitive (consistently winning, > 50% chance of winning section titles) in these sports only every year: Womens volleyball, womens basketball, and mens basketball.

          The bubble teams would be both soccer teams, an occasional football team (1 every 4 years), and an occasional baseball team (1 every 4 years).

          Thats not going to change. Its been like this the last 25 years.

    • That would be Saint Francis and it was more like 33 years in a row or somenthing.

      • Why would you root for St Francis when they beat you guys in football for 30-some straight years? I don’t understand why Serra students hate SI so much. We’re not even in the same area code.

        • Funny how that works. Probably same reason SHP,Riordan,SF,Mitty,Bel and VC feel about you SI lads. And by the way yes we were beat like a drum for over 30 years in a row by the Lancers and we had a tough time with the Bells. But we do have some ownage over SI over that same period.Not 33 years staright.But still onwnage.

        • Same reason everybody hates Serra.

          • Le’s face it we all hate each other in the WCAL. Have a good day.

            • Lance, thanks for saying that, this is why I still lol when people type some things here and people from other SF schools get all upset. This proves that some commenters don’t understand the rivalries or even went to the unholy trinity When these three schools were all boys it was more intense and there was so much more hilarious banter that went back and forth. Riordan,SHC, SI are all rivalries against each other to be top dog in SF. However, we are or should be as one when it comes to playing the other San Jose/Peninsula schools.

              • Chris, gald I can help.

              • Chris I agree with you. Although I have been known to talk smack on this site about the other City WCAL schools. I do get a kick going back and forth with my fellow WCAL colleagues no matter what school they attended.

    • MaxPreps has SI ranked #19 in Northern California, if that makes you happy. Bellarmine is ranked 5th in NorCal, while Serra is 4th.

      • Can’t we just all get along? I’m a uniter not a divider.

      • Maybe Scott Rasmussen should do the rankings. MP also has Riordan ranked above SHC. I guess they count those wins over those powerhouse AAA teams.

        • Now now IC. I thought we were all making great progress not to talk badly of a fellow WCAL teams .Right when I get out of talking smack I get pulled back in.

  9. Ari, SH had a nice run in baseball a long time ago…was neck and neck with Serra. I agree with the comments about basketball, etc. Maybe it can 2 out of every 4 years for baseball and 2 out of 4 for football too…I think most alumni would find this helpful and an improvement definitely for the school. Also, definitely achievable in the long run.

    • I think is quite amazing whenever our football, soccer, and baseball teams have exceptional years given to the fact we dont have the facilities like the rest of our WCAL counterparts.

      I’d take 2 out of every 4 years all day any day!

      • Without a football field, I think SHC will never obtain a WCAL football title.

      • SHC does use nearby Kimbell field with their artificial turf for soccer but for some reason they can’t get permission to use it for football practice. Oh those Board of Idiots can pass a law charging 10 cents for using a bag at a store but they can’t let a school with a 119 year-old football program use a field for practice.

        • What about Margaret Hayward Playground, Im sure SHC can pay to maintain it saving the city some money while getting some exclusive time there.

  10. Ari, I agree, dont forget Track…it is also amazing when the school sends two athletes to the Olympics when there is no track at

    • We have a track. Its called running around the block.

      • LOL! Your best post yet, Ari!

        • Thank you WCALSF!!! Some days I can be less abrasive and actually funny.

          When we didnt practice at CCSF for track, we would be at school and just run around the blocks of Eddy, Franklin, Gough. Running is running. I have to admit, running at school was nice because we could lolly-gag around blocks where we knew the coach wasnt watching. Couldnt really pull that off on a flat track where the coach can see everybody.

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