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Games of the Day – Football Saturday: Riordan vs. Mitty, Stuart Hall vs. Alma Heights, Washington vs. Balboa, Galileo vs. Lincoln and Marshall vs. Mission. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA football
Balboa 21, Washington 9
Lincoln 35, Galileo 20
Mission 37, Marshall 0 (game called with 1:10 remaining in second quarter, final result to be determined)

WCAL football
Mitty (San Jose) 38, Riordan 17

Mission Trail 8-man football
Stuart Hall 52, Alma Heights (Pacifica) 6

Non-league boys soccer
Fort Bragg 3, International 0

Non-league boys water polo
St. Ignatius @ Drake (San Anselmo), 2 p.m.

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  1. jimmythekid | October 13, 2012 at 9:26 AM |

    Looks like Riordan’s future is bright. last week freshmen beat Serra and they spanked Mitty 21 to 6. Let’s see if the varsity can put forth a good effort.

    • Yes they did, actually the score for Riordan Frish vs. Mitty was 26-7.

      • A Frosh parent told me that Riordan had 4 TDs called back at least 2 were very questionable…Riordan’s overall size, solid D and team speed were the difference. SU game should be a good one.

        • Yes, that’s right and they were questionable. Overall, they played very well and overcame the call backs. Looking forward to the next game against SI…

  2. Archbishop Riordan is broadcasting their home football games.

    Link to the games

  3. I wonder where JB, Bonta, Zack, & Matthew R going to be today?

  4. Why did the mission/marshall game get called?

    • Maybe cause there was a fight and the refs had to eject alot of players…Marshall would then have to play with 13 or 14 suited players? And the score was already 37-0?

    • Maybe Marshall had shortage of players because of the fights or maybe the Marshall players don’t want to play @ all. In my opinion, I think they should start forfeiting their season right now.

    • We’ll explain it all in the article tonight. Might take a while to get up… Lots of stuff to sort through.

  5. @AAA-It was reported on the twitter page that there was a fight in the the mission-marshall game and 5 players were ejected . So it may have been more chippy play going on.

  6. manifest Destiny | October 13, 2012 at 5:07 PM |

    I supported Marshall. They are not one of the old school AAA teams but I really want to see them do well. Welcome to San Francisco coach. You should have kept your mouth shut and concentrated on teaching the game and the life lessons that come with it. Talk is cheap. I learned that in the WCAL. Smart football , discipline and talent will always prevail. I hope you can build a program for the future. Your athletes deserve it. You said you were going to win the AAA?

    • I supported Marshall too. In the world of AAA athletics, many of the smaller schools look in envy of the Lincoln / Washington and Lowell. All three schools have large populations, strong support and good facilities. In many ways, Lowell / Washington / Lowell are like the WCAL schools of the AAA.

      For being a small school, Wallenberg is actually quite solid in terms of athletic participation and support. They haven’t done well in basketball recently, but the support is still there.

      But the measure of a league is it’s overall strength and the AAA is just way too unbalanced. Washington / Lowell / Lincoln (though they have fallen a bit) usually grab most of the athletic championships. The other schools will sneak in here and there but not too often.

      I would dearly love all the AAA schools to field competitive teams in every sport. I go to the AAA website to check on scores and it sucks to see teams getting blasted day in and day out.

  7. manifest Destiny | October 13, 2012 at 5:22 PM |

    I went to the Lincoln/Galileo game and the Riordan/Mitty game today. Lots of hype in pre season about Riordan playing Lincoln and Mission and being undefeated. Results in league so far? I am a AAA and city WCAL supporter but cross town public vs. private school football battles during pre season are not preparing the players for league play. I would like to think that we could could return to the glory days at Kezar but Riordan needs to get a new pre season schedule. In 1983 Bellarmine was rated #1 in the bay area and they played Westmoor. That did not last long!

    • How did U go to two football games in one day today?

      • manifest Destiny | October 14, 2012 at 9:27 AM |

        I actually attended three games. SI vs. St. Francis Freshman 1000 on 37th Avenue. Five minute ride up to Lincoln for Lincoln vs. Galileo (first half}. Eight minute drive up to Phelan Avenue for fourth quarter of Riordan game. Great day for high school football in the City. I would have stopped in to see Marshall at McAteer if I could have!

        • Did you watch the games thu the fence or on top of your truck, so you wouldn’t have to pay 5 bones?

          • manifest Destiny | October 14, 2012 at 9:50 AM |

            Paid at Lincoln. Would have paid at Riordan but by the time I got there gate was free.

    • SHC had a tough preseason schedule and they aren’t doing that much better.

      • manifest Destiny | October 14, 2012 at 9:39 AM |

        Excellent point JJ. Program strength changes year by year in many cases. The games have to be scheduled far in advance. Last year pre season and league season were not a competiive issue for the Irish. We also have to remember the CCS point system for entry to the playoff bracket.

    • I must be getting old. I remember that game in 1983.

    • It may not have helped Riordan, but Lincoln apparently learned something from it — they’re 5-0 since.

    • Once upon a time, when I was coaching CYO basketball, I always thought it would be good for my teams to play teams at a higher level than me. Alas, what I learned was that playing teams WAY ABOVE me didn’t do me much good. Based on the CYO system back in the old days, my teams were around the “B” Upper Division level, yet I was sticking my teams against “A” Level teams. I didn’t win any of the games versus the “A” teams (though almost pulled off an upset of St. Cecilia’s A team!, that would have been cool). My teams did play against “B” level teams just fine in winning a preseason tournament.

      Getting back to the point of the comment, high school’s need to schedule teams to their level of talent. De La Salle (bless their souls) schedule nationally ranked opponents because they are simply that good. De La Salle could schedule an AAA opponent if they wanted “an easy game” but they don’t do that.

      Most of the AAA schools in football don’t usually schedule powerhouses. Yes, they still lose a lot but they have won their share recently too.

      For Riordan, maybe they wanted some lower tier teams to see how they actually were. It’s a bit of a risk to schedule tougher opponents when you don’t have a read on how your team is going to perform.

  8. God bless the south | October 13, 2012 at 11:03 PM |

    Where’s the Lincoln game??

    • Patience. I’ve been dealing with the Marshall-Mission story for the past three hours. The other stories will be up as soon as possible.

  9. I really like how this site has come a long way in terms of its comments. I used to visit a lot, but was disappointed in some of the comments which wanted to provoke/ignite an internet fight. Now the comments are interesting and very informing. Kudos to the evolution of the commenting section, keep up the good work jb and crew.

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