Monday Scoreboard

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AAA girls golf
Galileo 232, Burton 237

Non-league boys soccer
Drew 3, Point Arena 0

BCL West girls tennis
Marin Academy (San Rafael) 5, Bay 0
International 5, Convent 0
San Domenico (San Anselmo) 3, Drew 2

PSAL North girls volleyball
Jewish Community 3, East Palo Alto (Menlo Park) 0 (25-7, 27-25, 25-20)

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  1. So according to another news source and Im sure Jeremy is on this story, the Marshall varsity players voiced frustration with their coaches and want to quit the rest of the season.

    Sad but I guess you can say these guys have never seen “Gridiron Gang”. Maybe Marshall should hire The Rock to be the head coach and Xzibit as assistant coach.

    • Marshall had 21 players show up for practice today, or two more than they had for the game. At least three other players missed practice for excused reasons. So I think the stories of the program’s demise are greatly exaggerated. One of several inaccuracies in the other “news” source

      I believe that some of the players were frustrated after the game because they didn’t know why the game had ended and mistakenly believed their coaches had thrown in the towel. But these kids have a ton of heart, and I suspect they will want to finish out the season.

  2. I read the comments in the “other article” and someone mentioned the game was called because someone flipped the bird at the refs.

  3. This was Marshall’s homecoming game and I saw 8 fans sitting in Marshall’s cheering section in the other article’s picture section. Where’s the school support at Marshall?

    • There were probably 40-50 fans on the Marshall side. It would have been nice to see more Marshall fans, but keep in mind that Marshall’s “home” field, School of the Arts, is nearly five miles away from the school, and closer to almost every other AAA football high school than it is to Marshall (only Galileo and perhaps Washington are further away). This is just one of many obstacles for Marshall as it tries to compete against AAA schools that have far more money and are 4-5 times Marshall’s size.

  4. According to the AAA website, they gave Marshall a forfeit. Thus, Mission won the game with the score of 37-0 (the same score at which the game was stopped). This is another blow for Marshall. Marshall was just gaining some traction in regards to solving the problems that has plagued their athletic program. I hope the football season isn’t an indication of things to come. The kids do not need anymore obstacles placed in their path.

    Note to Coach Wilson: Empower your players! Stop digging them a deeper hole for them to crawl out of!

  5. From Mon. 10/15:

    BVAL West Valley field hockey
    Willow Glen (San Jose) 3, University 0

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