Football: SF Section suspends players, coach in aftermath of Mission-Marshall game

By Jeremy Balan

The consequences of the football game between Marshall High School and Mission, which was terminated before halftime on Saturday, were imposed by the San Francisco Section on Tuesday.

According to a report from Don Collins to the two schools’ athletic directors obtained by, the players that were directly involved in the fight that preceded game’s ending (one from Marshall, one from Mission) were given two-game suspensions, while the other three players (two from Marshall, one from Mission) that were ejected for “unsportsmanlike conduct during the fight” were given one-game suspensions.

The report also provided some clarity on what led to the game being terminated with 1:10 remaining in the second quarter and Mission leading 37-0.

The report says that “the referee has stated that the contest was terminated following an unsportsmanlike act by the Marshall coach.”

According to our reporting from Saturday, Marshall head coach Nicholas Wilson said to a Mission player, “Don’t talk to me, little f–––––.” Wilson later contended that the quote was inaccurate, but also stated he did not remember what he said.

Collins said in a phone interview on Wednesday that it is unlikely the game was ended entirely due to Wilson’s actions.

“The game was stopped because of the totality of the circumstances, but obviously [Nicholas] was the one who had the unsportsmanlike act immediately preceding the termination of the contest,” Collins said.

Wilson received an automatic one-game suspension for being ejected from the game, but according to the document, the San Francisco Section “is working on additional measures regarding penalties against [Nicholas]. Those additional measures will be sent to Marshall in a separate document.”

Collins admitted the section is still reviewing aspects of the incident and could impose further suspensions on Wilson, but said any further penalties wouldn’t be released until early next week.

According to Marshall athletic director Ken Wilson, the Phoenix are planning on playing their game against Lincoln on Friday, but will continue to evaluate the health of the team as the week progresses. As of Wednesday, Marshall has 18 healthy players, but will hope to suit up 20 against Lincoln.

Ken also stated that a member of the coaching staff will take over head coaching duties in Nicholas’ absence, but has not decided which.

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11 Comments on "Football: SF Section suspends players, coach in aftermath of Mission-Marshall game"

  1. Was the profane word he used ending in an “R” or a “T”? If it was the latter and true, he should be removed as coach immediately. As an adult who supposedly commands respect from minors, if he used that word, he deserves no respect period.

    • Lowell House | October 17, 2012 at 6:50 PM |

      Forreal. One word is profane. The other is despicable.

    • I think the profanity ended in a K. Just a guess, don’t really know. Did the adult spectators get $2.50 back since they only played less than half a game? Or, did the AAA think the ruckus was worth the price of admission?

    • The profane word ended with a R. Also I believe the game was free.

      • I have some familiarity with the accusations, and there’s been no suggestion that he used a profane word ending in a “T”. And there was no admission charged for the game.

  2. I would be surprised if Wilson last for the rest of the season In fact coach in AAA ever again. To my knowledge this is the first time a coach been suspended for any reason in AAA since Collins been commissioner.

  3. The sad part about this is the Marshall community (especially the players) has to suffer. Coach Wilson spoke negatively about the previous coaches at Marshall, but I don’t believe that any of them embarrassed Marshall the way he has done all season long. He needs to resign….and quick!

  4. Unless Coach Wilson told his players to pick fights or play dirty, I don’t think he should resign. Marshall isn’t like SI where moneyed alums can “make” coaches resign like what happened to SI’s football and basketball coach. Even though he has a rah-rah personality, he’s doing the best with what he has. I wish him well in the remainder of the season.

    • He’s doing the best he can with what he has? Seriously? If Marshall had an actual coach that does more coaching than talking trash, they’d be in a better situation. I will slightly agree with the fact that he shouldn’t resign just quite yet. He does, however, need to grow up and mature a bit.

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