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Games of the Day – Football Friday: Washington vs. Galileo and Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. Serra. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA football
Washington 18, Galileo 14
Lincoln 1, Marshall 0 (forfeit)

WCAL football
Serra (San Mateo) 34, Sacred Heart Cathedral 7

BVAL Santa Teresa field hockey
St. Ignatius @ Live Oak (Morgan Hill), 3:30 p.m.

BCL West boys soccer
Marin Academy (San Rafael) 5, International 0

BCL West girls tennis
Bay vs. Urban @ Golden Gate Park, 3:30 p.m.
Convent vs. Drew @ Golden Gate Park, 3:30 p.m. (rained out)

AAA girls volleyball
Lowell 3, O’Connell 0 (25-5, 25-13, 25-4)
Lincoln 3, Mission 1 (21-25, 25-17, 25-14, 25-19)
Galileo @ Washington, 5:15 p.m.
Burton @ Wallenberg, 5:15 p.m.
Balboa @ Marshall, 5:15 p.m.

BCL West girls volleyball
International 3, Convent 2
Marin Academy (San Rafael) @ Urban, 5:30 p.m.

Non-league girls volleyball
Bay 3, Bentley (Lafayette) 1 (25-21, 25-22, 22-25, 25-20)
Waldorf @ Fremont Christian, 4:30 p.m.
St. Ignatius @ Soquel, 6:30 p.m.

Non-league boys water polo tournaments
St. Ignatius 16, Soquel 14 @ Padre Tournament (Carmel)

Non-league girls water polo tournaments
St. Ignatius 11, St. Mary’s (Stockton) 8 @ Davis Classic (UC Davis)
Drake (San Anselmo) 11, St. Ignatius 8 @ Davis Classic (UC Davis)
Rio Americano (Sacramento) 9, St. Ignatius 5 @ Davis Classic (UC Davis)

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  1. Did anyone else see this kid make a 67 yard FG?

    Im totally skeptical of this. Not even professionals have done that and this CHILD did???

    • I lived in Washington when I was a kid before I moved to SF and my sister’s high school used to play them in football, so it has to be real. Maybe they could use different footballs for field goals?

    • Honestly though, why are you so in live with kicking , Ari? You always bring up PATs and field goals when they don’t even relate to anything in an article.

      • I meant In love not in live

      • I always thought it was cool though I never tried out for the position. Plus I didnt have superior leg strength and cant torque my leg with that amount of force. I still gave it a try for fun on the Wash practice field. My range at most was a 25 yarder but I had to really put everything I got into it. So it amazed me when a high school kid can make 40 yarders.

        And lastly I felt it was one position that any person can really really work on and actually get playing time at when usually most coaches go with their favorites at skilled positions. Theres so many AAA games where the teams opt to leave a free 1 point on the board after a TD because they just dont practice kicks or have time to. 1 point can be the difference from a win and a loss.

  2. wash destryed gal

  3. Riordan Frosh defeat SI 13-10.

    • You’d think the Riordan frosh would’ve won by 3 TD’s, they way some people talk about them on here. Only 3 pts?

      • It really was not that close…SI scored TD under 2 min to go. Riordan O line along wirh runnung game controlled . 5 starters incl their best player out w/ injuries and did not suit up. Also their WR / DBwho absolutely wowed the crowd with a 67yd punt return for a TD was injured early in the 3rd qtr.

      • I am an SI grad who has also seen Riordan freshmen play before and saw today’s game as well.

        I think today’s game was close only because Riordan’s best player, the man-child Jamarian Casten did not play. He is by far the Crusader’s best defensive player and as a fullback is also probably one of their top offensive players. He went out for the coin flip as captain but he was in street clothes and spent the game on the sidelines. I was told he was not injured but the coach had his reasons for not playing him.

        In addition to that missing element, Riordan lost their very fast return specialist/wide receiver (#9) when he suffered a bad knee injury while absolutely blowing up a guy when he was covering a kick-off in the third quarter. He had scored Riordan’s 1st TD on a long punt return.

        SI scored 3 points on their first possession and then didn’t score again until there were 2 minutes left to go in the game.

        All in all, the score was not a true indication of the one-sided nature of the game and without Casten and their key speed guy for the second half , Riordan was playing short-handed.

        SI’s offense was just the QB running the ball on keepers. Fast tough kid, but the rest of the team looked limited.

        • If Riordan’s player was not injured and held out because of the coach, he would have not been allowed on the sidelines at all. Does anyone know how Riordan’s injured WR is doing?

          • WCALSF: I was about 20 feet from him in the stands when he was carried off the field to the trainer’s bench. He could not put any weight on his left leg. The trainer told his mom it was his knee. They left him there with ice on it and they told his mom they were leaving for x-rays/MRI as soon as the game ended.

            Casten looked fine on the sidelines. Running around and helping the refs with placing the balls and working with his teammates firing them up. However, it sounds like you are saying he was injured because of the fact that he was on the sidelines at all. Is it possible you may be mistaken? If not, what injury does he have?

            • The official word from Riordan was Caston had a foot injury. I noticed too he was helping out with giving the game ball to the ref,etc. but he did have a limp…Not sure it is wise to throw out anything else unless it was stated by Riordan. Let’s hope #9’s injury is not serious and he has a speedy recovery.

            • UncleFrank, I stand corrected. Caston was held out because of disciplinary reasons. Good to see he was helping out on the sidelines and cheering, rather than sulking or worse yet , not show up. Hopefully he learns this lesson. I heard he’s a good kid…Great news on #9 Aidan Verba-Hamilton! He has a deep new bruise , no structural damage. He’ll be fine.

      • Yes, but they won and that’s what counts. It was a good game and they came out on top. Stop hating JJ.. do you come to the games, do you see this team play live.. or let me see is it just you can’t stand that they’ve been winning thus far.

        • I really don’t care if they are winning or not, it’s freshmen football. What happen if Riordan’s players still remain 5-9 165 pounds, and SI’s players grow 6 inches over the summer and gain 20 pounds? SI will come out on top by the time these 13 or 14 yr old kids are seniors. Riordan’s best freshman player is already in street clothes and it’s not due to injury, do u think he will stay there all 4 years?

          • You may not care, but others do and take pride in it. No one knows what most of these players will weigh or how tall they will be by the time they are Seniors and for you who doesn’t care about freshman football should stop harping on it. There is no predicition of whether or not that the player who didn’t play today will be there in 4 years…

  4. I guess I have to believe you since I wasn’t there, but 3 pts is still only 3 pts. Did SI even try an onside kick after they got their only TD? So Riordan only scored a TD off their special teams or did they miss a PAT, or kicked 2 FG’s? i can’t believe Im talking bout freshman football, lol.

    • Riordan scored 2 TDs-one on the punt return and a 20 yd run by their rb. PAT was no good. SI tried onside kick but ball went out of bounds…SI appeared to tired in 2nd half as Riordan was using 2 nd string offense often in 2nd half. Great turnout on both sides 300+ as SI folks were interested in seeing the Frosh …need to enjoy this as JVs and Varsity have it tough tomorrow! Lol!

    • Believe it! You’ve been talking about it a lot. Just admit that you’re just as interested as everyone else, lol…

  5. preslincoln | October 19, 2012 at 8:54 PM |

    I knew marshall was going to flake,cant wait to play the so call bears

    • How are they the “so call” bears?

      • I think he meant “so-called.”

        • But how are they the “so called” bears? Isn’t Mission mascots actually the bears? That’s like calling the SF football team the so called 49ers. It would make sense if he said mission was the “so called” team to beat or something….

          • Bears are supposed to be intimidating, and he’s telling them that they aren’t scared of the Bears.

            • Oh…. How did I miss that. Thanks JJ.
              Anyways, the Lincoln vs Mission game will be interesting as they are the only two dominant teams in the AAA and the winner will have the momentum and most likely the undefeated season. However I don’t think that this game will determine the champion as it is always harder to beat a team twice in football. Just look at SH vs SI last year, Mission vs Balboa two years ago, Mission vs Wash last year and the NY Giants vs Patriots back in 2007.

              • Last year in the NFL, the Ny Giants beat the Patriots in the regular season, then beat them again in the Super Bowl, so beating a team twice in the same season is possible.

              • JJ, I know that it is possible, as Mission beat Lowell twice and Wash beat Lincoln twice last year. But I’m just saying that whoever wins the Lincoln -Mission game is not guaranteed a turkey bowl. It is harder to beat a team twice in AAA as players get overconfident, miss games due to grades/ suspensions, or simply the team that lost before could just want it more the second time.

            • Thank you JJ for the clarification. Our primitive minds could not comprehend such concepts. Again, thanks.

    • I believe one of Mission’s best players has a 2-game suspension, so if Lincoln beats Mission in 2 weeks, the win should have an asterisk.

  6. I want all the AAA teams to do well and it’s too bad that Marshall had to forfeit. But beyond that it sucks for Marshall, it sucks for Lincoln. Lincoln can’t make up the game and even if they were to blow out Marshall, at least guys get reps against live competition.

    I don’t know how other public school leagues are, but the AAA seems to have their share of forfeits and teams dropping out on the league at the last minute.

    • Don L.,

      Marshall has a team, but unfortunately, thier coach seems to not be able to keep his mouth shut. It’s a shame when the coach is the cause of why the team fails. The coach shoots his mouth off at the before the season starts and puts a bullseye on Marshall’s back. Sadly, he’s unable to produce on his “promise”. Then, his mouth gets him into trouble again, but this time, it costs the team their season (possibly). Coaches are supposed to be rolemodels, not the catalyst for destruction.

  7. At Jj, for there to be an asterisk is wrong. Both teams will match up not once but twice. If anything this first game means nothing it is all about the second one. I can’t believe you would say an asterisk. You win in spite of, not beceause certain players did not play. That is a lot of disrespect you have just displayed.

  8. From Fri. 10/19:

    BVAL Santa Teresa field hockey
    Live Oak (Morgan Hill) 2, St. Ignatius 0

    Non-league girls tennis
    Notre Dame (Belmont) 7, Mercy 0

    AAA girls volleyball
    Washington 3, Galileo 0 (25-23, 25-14, 31-29)
    Wallenberg 3, Burton 0 (25-21, 25-23, 25-17)
    Balboa 3, Marshall 0 (25-10, 25-14, 25-22)

    BCL West girls volleyball
    Marin Academy (San Rafael) 3, Urban 0 (25-11, 25-22, 25-23)

    Non-league girls volleyball
    Soquel 3, St. Ignatius 2

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