Football: St. Ignatius cruises to WCAL win over Riordan

St. Ignatius junior running back Elijah Dale works through the Riordan defense on Saturday at Archbishop Riordan High School. (Photo by Doug Ko)

St. Ignatius junior running back Elijah Dale works through the Riordan defense on Saturday at Archbishop Riordan High School. (Photo by Doug Ko)

By Jeremy Balan

One word best describes the St. Ignatius football team’s trip to Phelan Avenue on Saturday afternoon.

It was downright businesslike.

The Wildcats didn’t provide much flair or take any chances, but played clean, made no mistakes and had their second straight standout defensive effort in a 31-0 West Catholic Athletic League road win over Riordan.

St. Ignatius (6-1, 4-0) ran 47 rushing plays that totaled 242 yards, led by a game-high 118 and a touchdown on 19 carries from junior running back Elijah Dale.

“We always want to establish the run,” said St. Ignatius head coach John Regalia. “We wanted to continue to do that and get better in that area this week.”

The St. Ignatius defense swarms to bring down Riordan senior Mark Mulligan on Saturday at Archbishop Riordan High School. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Regalia said he didn’t feel the St. Ignatius play calling was conservative, but the Wildcats had just 10 pass attempts and came in averaging 27.5 throws per game. St. Ignatius quarterback Jack Stinn still threw for an efficient 107 yards on 6-of-9 passing, including two play-action touchdowns to Andrew Vollert and Stephan Ostrowski in the second quarter.

“They lined up with double tight [ends] and in power-I [formation] and hammered for a while,” said Riordan head coach Richard Sweeney. “It’s not hard to figure out we have a bunch of guys playing both ways and it takes its toll.”

The reasons for St. Ignatius’ offensive game plan likely stemmed from its confidence in the Wildcats’ defense, which limited Riordan (3-4, 0-4) to just 110 yards of total offense. Forty-three of those yards came on a single Riordan drive in the fourth quarter with SI’s second-team defense in the game. Riordan had just six downs in the game and didn’t advance the ball past the St. Ignatius 33-yard line.

The St. Ignatius defensive lockdown comes after the Wildcats held St. Francis to just 124 yards last week.

“Riordan has moved the ball on teams they’ve played all season,” Regalia said. “We’ve made improvements defensively, not just last week. We’ve been steady in that area and we wanted to make sure we kept doing it.”

The Wildcats started slow and punted on their first two drives, then got the two touchdown passes from Stinn to take a 14-0 lead into the halftime break and quickly put the game away in the third quarter.

St. Ignatius kicker Michael Capitolo extended the lead to 17-0 after Riordan came up short on a fake punt on its own 24-yard line, on the first drive of the second half. Then, after the Crusaders fumbled the ensuing kickoff, Dale scored from 9 yards out to push the lead to 24-0. Backup fullback Blaise Ducharme capped the scoring with a 2-yard run with 21 seconds left in the third quarter and the St. Ignatius backups took over for the rest of the game.

Riordan senior running back Kyle Craig drags a St. Ignatius defender into the secondary on Saturday at Archbishop Riordan High School. (Photo by Doug Ko)

The lone bright spot for the Crusaders was the play of senior Kyle Craig, who began the season as a tight end, but has taken over the role of Riordan’s feature running back. Far from a prototypical tailback, Craig had a team-high 59 yards on 10 carries, including a bruising 27-yarder in the second quarter that was Riordan’s biggest gain of the afternoon.

The win now sets St. Ignatius up for a first-place showdown with fellow WCAL unbeaten Bellarmine next week and the Bells’ coaching staff, including head coach Mike Janda, was in the stands to scout the Wildcats on Saturday.

For Riordan, the slide in league play continues, but the Crusaders have the relatively weak portion of their league schedule upcoming. Remaining opponents St. Francis, Sacred Heart Cathedral and Valley Christian have a combined 3-9 record in WCAL play.

“I firmly believe that in the next three weeks, we’ll get a win. We just have to stay the course, stay together and keep battling,” Sweeney said. “We’re making progress and I think the kids know that, but the reason they turn on the scoreboard is to keep score. There’s winners and losers. We want to get on that ‘W’ side.”

Scoring Summary

Second Quarter
SI: 9:23 – Andrew Vollert 32-yard pass from Jack Stinn (Michael Capitolo kick)
SI: 1:54 – Stephan Ostrowski 14-yard pass from Stinn (Capitolo kick)

Third Quarter
SI: 8:04 – Capitolo 30-yard field goal
SI: 5:41 – Elijah Dale 9-yard run (Capitolo kick)
SI: 0:21 – Blaise Ducharme 2-yard run (Capitolo kick)

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134 Comments on "Football: St. Ignatius cruises to WCAL win over Riordan"

  1. Well it was definitely a good-looking game. Both teams wear sharp uniforms, and the photography was excellent.

  2. Hmmm. .. I wonder why JB didn’t mention Zach Masoli in this article.

    • Masoli has no help. The O line, though pretty big, are a better run-blocking unit right now. I believe there is only one senior starter. Losing McFarland to Mission removed any game breaking threat in their running game. As of now, the most productive one is a converted TE. The WRs do not pose any threat – because their routes are not creative nor do they cause any separation AND the lack of pass protection only has Masoli scrambling for his life. His athleticism and smarts cause pretty nice broken plays, but they are never by design. Credit has to be given to the SI defense, but it also falls on the Riordan coaching as it does not take a genius to figure out the Crusader offensive scheme. Lack of numbers don’t help either. It was disappointing to see for the many fans and alumni in attendance. Credit the team for not giving up and holding their heads high. The future talent looks promising, but sadly Masoli may miss the boat.

    • Paul B. would you care to expand?

  3. Although ARHS plays SF, SH and VC in the next three weeks, if their current play is any indication then they are looking at a loss at SF, a toss up either way with SH and a loss at VC. In two common opponents SI and Serra, ARHS did not score a point but SH did. Since SH and ARHS have players going both ways, it is going to be the team with the best execution on offense and defensive, limit the mistakes, and with the most heart to dig out the victory.

    I gather with no mention of Masoli, he must have been under pressure from the defense all game long. The article said that they never passed SI’s 33 yard line the whole game so with the defense probably keying on him and obviously doing a great job, he got kept under wraps or did he not play in the game?

  4. Masoli wasn’t mentioned because it looked like Riordan’s game plan was to run up the middle almost every play. That is why they had 60 yards through 3 quarters. I am sure the alumni enjoyed watching the 31-0 trouncing that was as exciting as watching paint dry. I would bet that most of them thought they were going to see a young Masoli scrambling, throwing and trying to make plays to their speedy receiver.

    • Where is the so called improvemnt?

    • CrusaderNation | October 23, 2012 at 8:40 AM |

      Masoli can’t showcase any talent until Riordan can control the line and run the ball. Yes as an alumni I was there, and yes we were hoping for a better game, but we saw what was going on. Riordan did not control the line on either side and thus could not run to set up the pass or stop the run. This isn’t about playing calling, coaching or gameplans – it is about simple blocking. Yes we sat around in the tent and talked about it, but we take it for what it is. The boys go out and work hard, but get little result, kicked around on these boards and losses in games. They need an offensive and defensive line, some time in the weight room and winning in the trench. Until that happens wins will be hard to come by. I think the new coaches will be a huge help, but it will take time and patience – two things fans are short of.

      • Agree wtih crusader nation.. though the question is how well is the coach and program developing there freshman and JV squads to have a shot in the next couple of years. I have watched Masoli now for two years and I still dont believe they have taught him a solid three step or five step progression read throw. the pass plays consist of one two three …ok scramble and make something happen. is the staff there the right staff for the job.. cant keep blaming kids or what you dont have in your second year. if the kids arent buying in then…….

  5. Glad you enjoyed the photos E.K.


  6. Rich Sweeney has made progress at ARHS….let’s see how well the 2013 edition does, before we start ripping the play-calling

    • The same old excuse “he just needs more time.” “it’s not his fault the team is embarrassing”. Etc.
      Why should we have to until season 3 to criticize play calling when’s it’s been horrible week after week?! Please explain that logic. Did you watch the game?The offensive gameplan was so bad it was comical.
      Alumni were leaving once the second half started. SI took it REALLY easy on their alum Dick Sweeney. Maybe thats why Riordan made it their homecoming game? Couldve been a 50 point blowout easily. On top of all that, this was the most boring Riordan games I’ve ever attended.

      • What would you have done differently Mr. Direct?

        • Colormepurple | October 21, 2012 at 5:54 PM |

          Mr. Direct, I hope you don’t mind…BeeFeez the first thing I’d do is take Sweeney off the sidelines and put him in the stands so he can’t call the plays!

          • Colormepurple, remember he calls every play. Defense, offense, special teams. Never heard of a coach doing this before. He doesn’t have coordinators.

            • Tom Landry did this for YEARS at the NFL level.

              • Oh that’s right I forgot. That was 5 decades ago please forgive me. Dick Sweeney=Tom Landry. Got it.

              • Yes, and HS football circa 2012 is SOOO much more advanced than 1980’s NFL football. Gotcha

              • And hows that working out for Sweeney? Just swell huh? 1960s offense was more innovative and exciting than what we saw from Dick Sweeney’s offense on Saturday that’s for sure. Zzzzzzzz.

                Read my CCSF comment down below. That’s one idea.

                But I like your “2 yards and a cloud of dust” strategy. Keep it up. Good job. That way when they struggle to get a first down for the last 3 league games there will be no doubt that he must be let go. People at Riordan will have to face the reality that it was a bad hire and it did not and will not work out. But he predicted a win in league. Let’s see.

        • I can tell you what I wouldn’t have done. I wouldn’t have reduced the role of my most athletic, best playmaker to handing off on dives with a silly “jumbo” package then running a crappy pass play on 3rd and long.

          The real question you should be asking; This is what Sweeney thought was the best strategy to move the ball and score points?! There is nothing for you to defend. It’s all bad.

          • In the article coach Sweeney says he believes ARHS will get a win in one of the last three games. VC SHC SF. I just don’t see it. If he does that makes it 1-13 in two years WCAL. That will be the issue. Can real “progress” be measured with the hope that the Frosh continue to develope and stay at ARHS and pinning your hope that ARHS will continue to bring in a good frosh class.Always remember a good frosh class does not always translate into good JV let alone Varsity teams.

          • That “silly Jumbo package” was the only way Riordan could move the ball against Mitty. It scored them 17 points in that game. The offense was featuring the “most athletic, best playmaker” against Bellarmine and Serra. That didn’t work out so good.

            When you’re overmatched physically, it’s in your best interest to line up and pound it up the gut. Two yards and a cloud of dust. Control the clock and keep their offense off the field. Not only that, but they’ve got to find a way to get their defense some rest. Those guys can’t keep getting sent out after another 3 and out.

            So now that you’ve told me what you wouldn’t do…Again I ask, what would you do? You clearly know what they’re working with. Seriously, what would you do differently?

            • Beefeez, The entire offensive philosophy has been a joke under Sweeney. But you agree with him obviously that “2 yards and a cloud of Dust” was the right gameplan. 2 yards a pop gets you a 3 and out BTW. It gets you 0 points 100 yards of offense (half against 2nd and 3rd string defense) and a silent crowd with nothing to cheer for. But when you’re over matching physically you want to make it a physical game and run between the tackles. That’s your logic. Maybe Sweeney is taking advice From you. Sounds like it.

              • Again….what would you do? You’re long on complaints, but short on ideas. Why am I not surprised?

      • boy, Riordan fans sure are fair-weather; they have been down for years; as of 2 years ago Riordan frosh hadnt won a game in 4 YEARS! (any game) gone is the ridiculous hype heaped on this medicore team after it’s weak sister preseason ( St Marys, Lincoln, Mission) that being said, this is a program that is in very good hands with definite momentum; It simply isn’t possible to turn around an entire program at the snap of your fingers; alums and “fans” should try to actually be supportive; your negativity is a true disservice to these young men; this is High School!

        • The real disservice for these young men is the incompetent coaching and losing records year after year. The lack of competitiveness is what is alarming. There is nothing to suggest the football program is in good hands. The evidence and play makes this apparent.

          • At this point Mr. Direct you may be preaching to the choir. Who would be a viable candidate for the job if sweeney quits. leaves go on vacation : )

  7. Okay guys you just need a new coach at Riordan. Who is willing to take this job that would be better? Need names & solutions. It still takes 4-5 years but next coach would need three probably. If Riordan has another couple of good Frosh classes in a row, they’d turn this around.

  8. I actually don’t believe Riordan needs a new coach. But you two say they do…..viable names that would make a difference?

  9. Bring back Dan Hayes! His first year as coach @ Riordan he had a good qb in Mike Seagram and played two very talented Sophomores in Steve Sewell and Marty Storti. That team beat a Bob Ladoucer DLS team his first year and competed for a WCAL title. Next year he would have a solid sr qb in Masoli, a sr-dominated O/D line and at least 4 talented and fast sophomores that could make an immediate impact.

    • Question. Steve Sewell was a Sophmore in 1978. I hate to ask this but is Dan Hayes still alive?

    • Dan Hayes was Riordan’s head coach for two years, I believe.

      His final season as head coach was the 1980 Football Season.

      Steve Sewell and Marty Storti were Seniors and Mike Seagram was a Junior on the 1980 Football team that won 8 games and lost 2 games.

    • Do you really think he’ll give-up his position on the college level?

    • that will never happen-if anything he’d go to SH

    • Hayes is probably just fine where he is especially at his age. How about the new coach come in and install the CCSF offense. Its been the top offense in JUCO for decades and the architect is a former Riordan coach and alum! And is across the street! Plus the offense seemed to work fantastic for a QB named Masoli if I remember correctly…

      • That offense also was used during the 2006/2007 seasons with Darius Bell @ QB and Daniel Cannon, Rob Jones and Aaron Criswell as receivers.

        • Offense was Similar for the 07 season and Criswell was a Frosh that year and not on that team. When they abandoned that horrid offense in 08 and went to the shotgun spread they had success. Funny cause Masoli has similar talents to Bell. Both Dual threat QBs.

          • I’m sorry he was not on the 2006 team with that offense.

            • They abandoned that offense during the 2007 season when the won CCS.

              • Riordan won the C.C.S. in 2007 running a spread offense.

                Riordan was moving towards a spread offense in 2006, just to allow Rob Jones to get off the line of scrimmage as a Wide Receiver, instead of as a Tight End.

                Coach Langridge was always trying to find the best offense for the players that were on his team.

        • wcalsf, you are correct.

          The 2006 team had Robert Jones at TE, Daniel Cannon and Jordan Wood as the receivers.

          The 2007 team had Daniel Cannon, Anthony Ghanayem, Jordan Wood, and Aaron Criswell (Soph.) as the leading receivers for Darius Bell. Other receivers with more than 5 catches were: Chris Seals, Osa Aigbuza, and James Carter (Soph.).

          Aaron Criswell caught 15 passes in 5 different games and played in the first game of the season. He got stats in 8 of the 13 varsity games.

          James Carter played 6 games on JV’s catching 31 passes for 607 yards and 6 TDs

      • Oh wait wasn’t the last coach before Sweeney a CCSF guy that lasted four years?

        I support Sweeney but if the vocal minority got their way I don’t see a way Coach Hayes would do it.

        What about Parodi CCSF & his son Wait Mr. Direct you’re supposed to come up with names. :)

        Here’s the deal Riordan is a revolving door. Support a coach for awhile guys. Riordan’s football facilities suck & aren’t attractive to many successful coaches. Plus small enrollment sharing kids with two coed Catholic schools in a city where families are leaving. Tough sell. Get a rich alumni put together a housing package & attract a coach from somewhere successful.

  10. Sweeney’s ego is bigger than the city of Sf and thats the problem at Riordan. Talk to the Riordan staff and ex staff who work at Riordan along with the talented kids who didn’t play this year as well as the kids playing and they’ll tell you in coach Sweeney’s mind its all about him only. He doesn’t get along with anyone who won’t agree with him period. Mr.Direct is correct when he says where’s the improvement? He must develop a solid relationship with the kids cause their was no real weight lifting program last summer cause kids will tell you certain players never went to weight lifting and got away with it. Thats not a way to get these players to bite into the R program. I hope R wins a game soon cause these poor kids need a win. Good luck to the 3 city schools.

    • Sounds a lot like our coach at SHC. Toilet bowl is in two weeks. Lets see then who is really the worst coach.

      • Turtle….Toilet Bowl..hilarious! Is this Bowl sanctioned by the BCS? What do they play for? The Golden toilet bowl seat?

        • Heard this same thing two years ago when Lowell and Lincoln were both winless going into the last game of the season. At least SHC and Riordan have wins this season.

        • Hey the trophy will be either a plunger or a Jonny Mop.

        • in the know | October 29, 2012 at 4:53 PM |

          sorry turtle.sounds NOTHING like our coach at SHC! He does not call every play O, D, Special teams. He has coordinators that he trusts and they discuss a game plan, agree or not, he listens and makes decisions. Not showing up for summer weight lifting and getting away with it? That doesn’t happen on Ellis. Maybe that is why kids dont want to continue to play for Lee. He holds them acountable, equally. No matter how good or bad you are as an athlete, everyone , must show up, or let him know why they cant and will make that day up. No none is special or held up on a pedestal. Some kids dont like that, but most do. They respect Lee for that and want to play for him.

    • CrusaderNation | October 23, 2012 at 10:32 AM |

      John Lee and Rich Sweeney go…Lee had success just a few years ago byt I guess the impatient don’t remember. Sweeney doesn’t have much of a track record at this level in this century. Mr. Direct, Big Guy 24 are missing the major point of why things are bad line play. If you can’t block who is in front of you and execute, you can’t win. Couple that with a numbers issue and you have a massive problem.

      SH always had kids willing to work hard and play hard as they were nomads with no facilities. There is a much bigger issue here – city sports prior to high school suck. There i said it. if you aren’t playing club, traveling teams or something on that level, you just aren’t prepared. Many kids are not willing to make the commitment to train and improve.

      While its easy to sit here and pick it apart, the city school Ads will tell you it is a growing problem. Riordan and SH need to have better more productive offensive and defensive lines. SH played their hearts out at Kezar against SI and could have won with a few breaks. Riordan was ok in Q1, but after that went downhill. Would creativity help?

      What would i do? i would watch the films more closely, to understand what could be done to exploit weakness from the Defense. I would build on Masoli’s athletic ability with more confusion and movement to find a window for him to throw. i would be more West Coast and force the defense to play straight up. i would create quick passing lanes based on 3 step, double TEs to change patterns, anything that will give the qb time to throw, even if only 4 yards. Ball movement, clock management, moving the chains and ball control would make up the offense.

      Defense – i would want 11 guys thst want to knock the snot out of people. I want D lines who occupy and control i want linebackers you fear. overall i want team speed, tackle by wrapping and no receiver who wants to go over the middle. In a word a defense that punishes.

      Ok I have a plan – so what if you don’t have players to execute. The culture needs to change. Serra thinks they will win if they step on the field. They have a winning attitude. Their coach may have lost to Bell but I like that he went for 2. Ballsy, gusty and show confidence. That’s what needed – confidence and execution.

  11. Hayes was Riordan class of 1970. That makes him 60yrs old.

  12. The Quarterback for Dan Hayes in 1979 was John Calvello ’80.
    His top receiver was Phil Ferrigno ’80, Head Coach of Lincoln HS.
    Together they set passing and receiving records at ARHS that were eventually broken by Seagram/Storti (arhsstats can verify or correct).

    As noted in a previous post a couple months back, the ’79 team beat Bellarmine –in a game played at CCSF– on a last second 53 yd field goal by Jordan (Steve?) who eventually went on to play at USC.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

    • Sorry, but they did not get records

      John Calvello ’80 passed for 1158 yards on 77 completions on 176 attempts and 7 TDs. At the time this was the second most yards passed for in a single season that is listed. It is currently the 11th most yards passed for. Dan Hayes ’70 passed for 1931 yards on 125 completions on 217 attempts and 17 TDs and only 8 Interceptions.

      Phil Ferrigno ’80 caught 35 passes for 708 yards and 3 TDs. At the time this was the 3rd Best Season for most yards or most catches by a receiver. Phil’s brother Dan Ferrigno ’70 caught 38 passes for 721 yards and 10 TDs, and Joe O’Sullivan ’70 caught 37 passes for 724 yards and 3 TDs from Dan Hayes in 1970

      Marty Storti broke most of the Receiving records in the 1980 season. Mike Seagram passed for 1288 yards to give him the second best season by a QB at that time, it is now the 8th best season.

      The only Record that Phil Ferrigno may have had was Yards Receiving in a game, since Marty broke that one with 199 yards the next year and I don’t know who held it before him.

    • In 1976 a Riordan kicker kicked a 50- plus yard filed goal to beat Serra 3-0. I believe that kicker also went to USC.

      • That was probably Eric Hipp’s 56 yard Field Goal, which is the Riordan Record.

        The Record was made in 1976, I just don’t know who it was against.

        • ARHS your right. It was against Serra down at Serra ARHS won 3-0. How many ARHS kickers went on to USC?

          • I believe 3 Riordan kickers went to USC. Eric Hipp, Frank (by way of UC Riverside) and Steve Jordan.

          • Three in a row

            Riordan has had 6 players gain a USC Letter for playing Football

            Frank Jordan USC 1977, 1978 also San Francisco CC and San Jose St
            Eric Hipp USC 1979, 1980 also San Francisco CC
            Steve Jordan USC 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984

            Other players who went to USC

            Mike Carey S USC 1976, 1977
            Jabari Jackson TB USC 1998, 1999 also San Francisco CC
            Eric Wright CB USC 2004

            Frank Jordan was USC’s leading scorer in 1977
            Steve Jordan was USC’s leading scorer in 1982, 1983, & 1984

  13. TheRealCrusader | October 22, 2012 at 1:08 PM |

    To add more injury to Riordan, it looks like QB Zach Masoli is out with a broken hand.

    • Just like the comment below, I waited to approve this comment because I wanted to confirm the information, and I have been able to confirm that he injured his hand and will miss at least this week.

      • TheRealCrusader | October 24, 2012 at 1:41 PM |

        Idk, word is he’s out for much longer than that. Quite possibly the rest of the season.

        • I hope that is not true. But if so, this is the second year in a row he could not finish out the season because of the constant barrage of hits he’s taken.

  14. BeeFeez Tom Landry was the OC and DC from the 60’s on? Are you sure? There was no such thing as OC and DC in the sixties. Then he had Jim Myers as his OC for a long time.

    • He made all the calls. And yes there were coordinators back then. In fact, Landry was DC and Lombardi was OC for the NY GIants under Ally Sherman.

  15. I just heard Zack Masoli done for this season by hurting his hand. Thats not good for the team but curious who the back up QB is? Poor kids at Riordan are really going through it and they have to play for the ego maniac sweeney. Good luck kids!

  16. At least Riordan’s freshman seem to have a bright future.

    • CrusaderNation | October 23, 2012 at 10:55 AM |

      The freshman should have a bright future but what they do as a class next year will tell the tale. Freshman and JVs are the development leagues for Varsity. How the Freshman move around and participate next year will be critical to the programs development. and ultimate short term success.

    • Colormepurple | October 23, 2012 at 10:57 AM |

      Yes, but Class of 2014 had a monster Frosh season as well, but when they got up to Varsity level….. who’s coaching makes a big difference.

      • CrusaderNation | October 23, 2012 at 12:01 PM |

        They had a good season because of Masoli. Jadea, a couple of line guys and Hall. Jadea wants to focus on basketball, and the others are on Varsity. No blocking no execution, no time no plays.

        Bigger question: how do you properly migrate the current freshmen up the program? Do you keep them together and wait another year to let them win as a class? How do you migrate to the Varsity from the JV team and Freshman this year? How many freshmen move up? How many play next year as JVs?

        Many people are trying to guess that answer. Many.

        • Valley Christian has 4 sophs playing varsity football right now, but their JV team is suffering a little. SI has 0 sophs on varsity but SI varsity has played sophs in the past. My guess would be a couple Riordan sophs next yr could play varsity, with most on JV.

          • There are at least 5-10 Frosh that could move up to varsity next year and make a solid contribution. They already have the size, speed and talent to move up . Riordan’s best freshman is already 6ft tall and 205lbs and is a FB/LB. Add the JVs to the returning Varsity squad for next season and the roster size is around 45+. Assuming a 20% attrition rate + and varsity promotions from the Frosh roster of 75 and you still have a good size roster for JVs at 50. The JVs will still have a lot of talent as well as developing talent to compete. The HUGE assumption is the attrition rate and how many remain moving forward.

            • 5 to 10 sophs on varsity is way too much. If any sophs do make Riordan varsity, the most should be 4 like what VC is doing. Even with 4 sophs on varsity, VC is still near the bottom of the WCAL. SI never had more than 1 or 2 sophs on varsity from what I remember.

              • JJ, SH has four sophs on varsity now, and they all get playing time, good or bad. I surmise they will have at least 4-5 sophs next year too.

            • CrusaderNation | October 23, 2012 at 5:01 PM |

              The attrition is usually 50% but last year was 75%. Also many of the kids feel they should be “promoted” to Varsity. This is going to be a tough balancing act to make work. I understand the frosh scrimmaged the JVs and did well. That is a problem in and of itself. Freshman want to move up, how many think it is their roadmap, and are the JVs really ready for the next level?

              Time will tell as well as how the staff prepares the frosh for staying together and not playing on the V.

  17. maybe riordan should pick up ryan hickey hes a 6’1” 275 monster but he focuses on basketball instead. Lets Go Crusaderssss!!!!!

  18. I was told that Zack is done for 5 weeks cause of hurt hand. The game between SHC vs Riordan will still be a big city rivalery game for the kids. Good luck city schools…

  19. CrusaderNation | October 23, 2012 at 5:11 PM |

    i am curious – the Riordan game boards consistently get more comments (good and bad) than the SI and SH reviews.

    Ok i’ll admit i didn’t come on until that weekend where Pete left, but I am wondering how many who visit and write (good or bad) are part of Riordan and this is just an extension of not liking people who are running things.

    Sweeney is a city kid, Daly is a city kid, Buc is a city kid, Gallegos is a city kid, Saragusa is a city kid. Are we missing something?

    i think we all want the program better so what can be done other than to start fresh, bring in better athletes and build the program? SH went through a very tough spell 0-10, never again, so what is the solution?

    Better athletes, better off season work, more creativity in play design and calling. Winning – winning cures many evils.

    • The situation at Riordan was dire five years ago with declining enrollment year on year, lack of vision and ultimately declining revenue to keep the school running. The turn around is all about Pat Daly. In three years he basically has increased enrollment with kids who were considering the other schools, implemented an innovative boarding program, and a strong focus on academics in both the honors and RSP programs, arts and music, and lastly the athletic program. Sure there has been hiccups with his first AD and to some – Coach Sweeney. Bringing in Gallegos and keeping Coach Buc have been all positives. A 200+ Frosh class this year and expanding boarding program only adds to attracting more students. Let’s hope the coaches continue to develop their athletes on and off season through a comprehensive weight, workout and nutrition program. It is interesting to see Riordan get the most posts – but that is a testament to the Riordan faithful. No other SF school can match what Riordan has in participation and spirit at all its athletic functions win or lose! What
      s not to like seeing a marching band, supportive parents, friends and alumni. Have any of you seen the Frosh game attendance lately? Unbelievable!

  20. Crusader nation…I think all the excitement is due to Riordan actually having a lot of guys with talent on the Freshman level this year Most of them played football before. So that is promising. I agree the trick is to move up the 3-4 sophs to varsity and let the rest develop in junior varsity. One for the line, one for rb, one for wr or kick returning, maybe someone to build on defense…that is a good start.

  21. SI Wildcats look good this year. Hopefully another CCS Championship on its way!!!

    • Yes. The Wildcats are well on their way to a CCS title repeat.

      • Don’t forget they will almost surely be in the Open Division.

        • jbalan what is the criteria for the open division? Will schools be able to opt out like last year?

          • No opting out. Top eight teams by points.

            • No,

              It is the 5 A+ or A league champions and the other three teams by the most CCS Bonus Points and a team from the A or A+ leagues.

          • Who opted out last year? Sarah?

            • Hey no arguement hear. i did not like the opt out last year. Not fair to have Terra Nova play the Bells in the open. And regarding the “Sarah” put down JJ i refer you to the wonderfully choreagraphed youtube video of the lads from 37th Ave which has been mentioned in earlier posts. 2-9 since Walsh took over.Owneage. See you in 2 weeks little J.

              • Ok, Mr. Armstrong. I admit that Sarah owns us on the gridiron, but things are starting to change in the Sunset. We will see who the better team is in a couple weeks. Too bad u guys couldn’t beat the Bells because your team could’ve had a chance at De La Salle in the NorCal finals. Now, some team from SAC will end up playing them….As far as the video, it doesn’t bother me, but I think you enjoy it a little too much. Do u sun-bathe in Dolores Park?

              • Enough of the insinuation. I should have stopped it a while ago. Stop it, both of you.

            • Your right JJ. (you can pick yourself off the floor now. I mean, Lance agreeing with you and all) Opting out last year was gutless. They should have taken their lumps and faced the Bells again. Hopefully the rules that allowed the opting out are over. And hopefully the rules that allowed a 1-5-1 team in league even be remotley considered to make the playoffs are also over.

              We can only hope. Right JJ. Peace. Out.

              • jbalan it’s like your sending us to our room with no dessert or TV. I’ve been a bad boy.

              • jblan JJ & Lance reminds me of the Seinfeld episode of Kramer and the cable TV guy going at it for the whole show until they actually meet at the end. Who knows.

              • JJ you will like this.For what it is worth Calpreps picks SI over the Bells.You know what? T’hat wasn’t so bad being positive for a change.

              • I’m sure CalPreps also predicted that Serra would beat Bellarmine. CalPreps formula is flawed because margin of victory is used in their formula. SI beat St Francis and Riordan (2 common opponents) by more points than Bellarmine, so the computer has to say SI will win. Personally, I think it’s 2 evenly-matched teams, but SI has homefield so slight advantage for the Cats as well as a long bus ride for Bellarmine. De La Salle wasn’t really blowing out teams by a wide margin, that’s why they were ranked #7 in the State, but the beat their last opponent by a wide margin so now they are ranked 4th.

              • JJ point well taken.

        • Saint Ignatius has enough CCS Bonus Points to be in the OPEN Division, right now.

          To get knocked out of the OPEN Division, SI would have to lose all 3 games, Terra Nova, and Menlo-Atherton would have to each lose to at least one other Bay Division team, so that a third team was the Bay Division Champion, Marin Catholic would have to lose to Tamalpais and Novato would have to beat Terra Linda and Drake
          and Bellarmine, Serra, & Mitty would have to win 1 game and St. Francis would have to win 3 games.
          I don’t think all these will happen.

          If St. Ignatius beats Bellarmine and wins one of it’s last two regular season games.

          Saint Ignatius will probably be the #2 seed in the OPEN Division and maybe the #1 seed, if SI wins it’s last 3 WCAL Games.

          RIght Now, I have Saint Ignatius in the OPEN Division

  22. that’s right jb, i forgot about that. that’s definitely a tougher road to repeat…

  23. It is still way to early , but would the top 8 be Bells,SI,Serra,OakGrove,Palma,Paly,Mitty,Milpitas or Las Gatos?

    • not in that order.

      At this time the Top 8 would be
      SI, Oak Grove, Bellarmine, Serra, Mitty, Palma, St. Francis, and Seaside.

      Seaside is in a B League so they can not be put in the Open Division.

      The winner of the De Anza would probably be Milpitas or Palo Alto, depending on who wins the Milpitas vs. Los Gatos Game.

      The winner of the Bay would probably be the winner of the Terra Nova vs. Menlo-Atherton Game.

  24. You guys should give way more credit to the whole O-line & D-line, led by Nick Reese and Elliot Baker, both have outstanding offers from San Jose State, as well as huge interest from Cal….but another player who’s had a breakout season is #58 Matt Solorio, who has really stepped up and has a been a key contributor. Give these kids more credit!!!!

    • If Riordan has 2 D1’s on their line, how come Masoli is always running for his life?

      • i was just going to ask that question double j!

      • If you couldn’t tell, this person is obviously mocking the Riordan players.

        • No he’s not. The line isn’t as bad as you might think. A closer look will show quite a few clean pockets. I understand this doesn’t fall in lockstep with the current narrative, but it’s true. Pass Pro has been better than the run blocking.

          • The offensive line is horrible. But it’s not the players fault. The blocking scheme and coaching and lack of strength has been their downfall. They have the size and athleticism to be good but unfortunately they didn’t develop. I truly doubt they have offers from D1 but if they do they should take them now. We’ll see if this is true.
            If pass protection has been better than run blocking that’s not saying much. But that fits in with Sweeney and BeeFeezs mentality of “2 yards and a cloud of dust” right? Running between the tackles with that great o line I thought was the way to go BeeFeez? Well Sweeney will really get that opportunity now that Masoli is out with an injury. Now they won’t have to throw at all. The receivers for Riordan don’t know how to get open and seem to always run into the same area anyway. I except a season high in yards and points. right BeeFeez? Or will the Lancers put the subs in during the second quarter?

            • Mr. Direct,

              Stop laying this 2 yards and a cloud of dust philosophy at my feet. I was only trying to say that this sort of ball control offense is smart football when playing against superior teams. It’s simple, you control the clock as best you can, keeping the ball away from the other teams offense. This is Football 101.

              There’s no denying, however, that this dry, boring offensive set has been the most productive offensive alignment that Riordan has employed all season. They’ve gone 4 and 5 wide with ZERO success. They’ve gone to I Formation with ZERO success. They gone double 12 and 21 personnel…nada. But when they line up in that veer, it’s slowly moved the ball down the field. They scored all 17 points against Mitty in that formation. Whenever they lined up 4 and 5 wide, they’ve struggled to move the ball…mightily.

  25. Ok you say the other offensive formations didn’t work but this Veer is the best option. But you also say the run blocking is worse than the pass blocking. So if you get similar offensive results to the SI game will you concede that this offense doesn’t work either?

    Please remember Mitty had 5 TOs in that game and Riordan ran 30 more plays than Mitty. You scored 17 points! 17 whole points! 7 against 3rd stringers in garbage time. That’s not good. FYI.

    Let’s see what happened tomorrow night. I’m sure you’ll be at the game BeeFeez.

  26. There comes a time, a Coach has to reflect on his career and ask himself is he really making a difference or is he just collecting a check!!! In my opinion it takes more than Xs & OS to be a successful Coach! Its time for someone to move on! Bring some new blood in before you set the program back beyond recovery!

    • 415BnR

      You and others on this Board sound like qualified coaches with the philosophy to right the ship….

      Any suggestions on how to get these kids playing better ball???

      Who would you employ or what type of coach would you employ?

      • FBC101. The league won-loss record for two years, the play calling, the game planning, the stats, player development, the downgrade of the non league schedule this year, the participation numbers at the varsity level, the game attendance figures and Alumni support, all speak for themselves. It is not the responsibility of discussion board participants to provide the methods and ways for the football program to succeed. If the powers that be feel that the past two seasons are at or above their expected performance standards then they should retain the coach and set the benchmark for coaching expectations for all sports.
        What should the standard be for a coach who is charged with creating a successful competitive team at a school that costs working class families around 17,000 a year plus thousands more if their son is in the RSP or the boarding program?

  27. well said wcal. the success of an athletic program in a private all-boys school is critical in bringing on and retaining students. if you look at the all-boys schools in NorCal – Serra, Bellarmine, Palma, DeLaSalle, Jesuit – they ALL exceed in athletics. this is the final focus area/foundation that President Daly laid out before his departure – improving the athletic program.

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