Football: Riordan outmatched in blowout road loss to St. Francis

By John Baker

MOUNTAIN VIEW – Without standout quarterback Zach Masoli and facing one of the largest football teams (in terms of both physical size and numbers) in the West Catholic Athletic League, Archbishop Riordan High School was at a decided disadvantage Friday night in a 48-14 road loss to St. Francis.

Riordan (3-5, 0-5) fans didn’t have much to cheer for, except for an excellent first quarter.

Riordan sophomore Jake Cochrane recovered a fumble at the St. Francis 26-yard line on the Lancers’ second play from scrimmage. Two plays later, Riordan went up 7-0 when quarterback Chris Hall burst straight through the line on a 26-yard keeper for a touchdown.

Cochrane recovered another fumble on the next St. Francis (4-4, 3-2) drive and things looked good for Riordan. But the Crusaders fumbled on the ensuing drive and the Lancers took advantage with a 30-yard pass from quarterback Mike Lauck to Austin Woodward.

After the first quarter, the rout was on. Lauck completed 25-of-39 passes, including four touchdowns, and Woodard pulled down 14 passes for 185 yards, as the Lancers scored two touchdowns in the second quarter, three in the third and one more in the fourth.

“It’s sort of our M.O. right now, to have a good first quarter, then tail off,” said Riordan head coach Richard Sweeney.” We’ve got good kids [and] they’re working hard. We’ve just got to keep building [and] keep coaching. We’ll get there.”

Hall, playing his first game at quarterback due to a hand injury to Masoli, completed 8-of-11 passes for 116 yards, but was also sacked five times.

“Hall did well,” Sweeney said. “We dropped a couple snaps, but he’s been our quarterback for three days. I’m very impressed with him. He threw some sharp balls.”

Riordan finally scored again with 4:22 left in the fourth quarter, when Hall connected on a 30-yard touchdown pass to Joshua Christian.

St. Francis was largely bottled up in the fourth quarter, as their deep bench (62 players dressed) got into the game. Riordan dressed 25 players.

“Hey, you play with 11,” Sweeney said. “We’ve just got to keep working to make sure the 11 on the field are doing what they’re supposed to do. Football’s a simple game made complex by coaches.”

Cochrane was Hall’s favorite target, catching four passes for 40 yards. Tré Gunter was Riordan’s leading rusher, with 14 carries for 22 yards.

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
R: 8:53 – Christian Hall 26-yard run (Angel Hernandez kick)
SF: 1:25 – Austin Woodard 9-yard pass from Mike Lauck (Patrick Fordham kick)

Second Quarter
SF: 10:18 – Devin Hurtado 1-yard run (Fordham kick)
SF: 4:56 – Woodard 36-yard pass from Lauck (Fordham kick)

Third Quarter
SF: 9:09 – Bryce Carbonel 8-yard pass from Lauck (Fordham kick)
SF: 5:35 – Charlie Clark 12-yard pass from Lauck (Fordham kick)
SF: 0:32 – Austin Martin 12-yard fumble recovery (kick failed)

Fourth Quarter
SF: 10:17 – Martin Sanchez 10-yard run (Fordham kick)
R: 4:22 – Joshua Christian 30-yard pass from Hall (Hernandez kick)

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31 Comments on "Football: Riordan outmatched in blowout road loss to St. Francis"

  1. Kezar for Keeps | October 26, 2012 at 11:41 PM |

    Commence the Riordan Alum whine machine!

    • Commence the Riordan football reality check…

      48 unanswered points by the Lancers.

      Another sorry showing highlighting the coaching incompetency.

      And whenever you are 0-5 and facing your rival ( and one chance for a your first league win in 2 years) you have to take the day off just as the Crusaders did today.

  2. I like the Crusaders’ future better than SHC.

  3. We will see wcalsf. Starting next weekend. Being a positive person, I will say SHC freshman class has some talent, maybe not as much as Riordan frosh, but they can play with the SHC and Riordan Jv’s right now I bet and be competitive. In the end, only the wins in varsity counts.

    • Chris, SHC’s and Riordan’s futures are only promising if the kids return and the coaches keep developing them. Riordan Frosh trounce St. Francis 40-19. Lancer TDs were against reserves as Crusaders subbed thru out . Crusaders had too much speed size and depth. Should be a good one next week.

      • There will be no player development if Sweeney stays. More athletes will stop playing Football just as we have seen and more will transfer out because of him.

        • CrusaderNation | October 28, 2012 at 10:05 PM |

          While I have been hard on you previously, one item we agree on better play calling and player development. I went to the game Friday night and Saturday with the Freshmen. The freshmen just have better team speed all around which makes the dangerous, but at the Varsity level we will have to see.

          The freshmen are winning the battle of special teams – ok they are killing on special teams. Unless they run to the outside and use that speed there the offense is vanilla.

          As for the Varsity, the defense recover two quick fumbles, converts one and then the machine starts to sputter. Part of it is play calling, part of it is not winning in the trenches and some of it is just bad execution.

          i don’t really think it is a Sweeney issue (Landgridge and Blake had the same or worse problems, so maybe it is a cultural problem – they need to believe they can win. I agree its tough to see them lose, but this freshman thing is interesting. We will have to see in 2 years where they are to know how the experiment went.

          • Do you think that too much pressure is being put on the Frosh class at ARHS to turn the program around? It looks like Varsity & JV teams may not get win in WCAL between them. How many of the star Freshmen will be brought up too quickly to varsity in 2013 which can weaken the JV team and further demoralize players in the program making them leave the program.

      • No argument there. SHC frosh players have about 7 starttng players hurt. Plus they could use a new coach on one of the levels for sure for better creativity. It will be interesting. I will say if John Lee can’t win this Riordan game questions should be asked if he should be heading the football program at SHC for the next 5 years.

        • Not sure if it’s pressure being put on the Frosh team, but def the frosh team should stay together to remain strong. This is a great class overall in all sports and would be a good stepping stone onto making the sports program go into the right direction of being better than previous years.They have the skills and right chemistry amongst them all. I think this should really be thought about really well being jumping the gun and moving them up too quickly.

  4. Crusader thug | October 27, 2012 at 2:43 PM |

    All the crusaders need is a new coach cuz the coach they have really hasn’t done anything he keeps saying we need to keep working. Well he has had two years and has not even gotten a win in the WCAL like coach Blake did. If Riordan doesn’t beat SHC under coach Sweeney this year he needs to be let go.

    • Rumors are Sweeney will be back for another year, that means many kids won’t play again next year!! Riordan and Daly should say bye to him asap after this season and Riordan could be solid next year cause I hear around 10 more kids would play including good athletes which they don’t have at this time.

      • I suggest that posters who want Sweeney gone, take it up with Pres. Daly directly and be ready to provide options.

      • If Sweeney stays, and if the stories are true that Sweeney has total command of every facet of the football program, things need to change immediately. I.e. delegate the offense to coach Poti, Defense remains w Sweeney, conditioning to Coach Oross and Martinez and so on. There’s just too much talent on the Frosh to lose them me because of the coach. Sweeney’s had 2 season’s w/ little to show. Something needs to be done!

        • CrusaderNation | October 28, 2012 at 10:20 PM |

          Those things are in motion(from what we were told Friday at the golf tournament). It also takes desire – the athletes have to want to get better, they have to want to win.

          Mr Direct and others think it would be a new coach to make this work. Let’s say OK that is it, who or what kind of coach would you get?

          What does it take to win in the WCAL? I guess from SI we know if you can’t run you can’t win. The run sets the pass, causes defense to play honest. Its the block on offense and stopping the run consistently on defense.

          Personally I look at the Ravens model – a defense that you can’t move on, a solid, consistent offense (hell they won a SB with Trent Dilfer) you need to decide what you are and execute it. Defense wins championships. Look at Bellermine, Serra, DLS… rock solid defense.

          • What is in motion?…Sweeney to delegate more to his coaches? An outright coaching change? Focus on off season weight lifting and conditioning? I think the kids want to get better and ultimately get wins, but if the head coach is inflexible and doesn’t use his assistant coaches, or adapt to his personnel and understand this isn’t the 70’s and today’s kids won’t stand for “its my way or the high way” something needs to be changed.

            • CrusaderNation | October 29, 2012 at 3:18 PM |

              More delagation, more off season in the weight room (and track). As it is voluntary, the athletes have to want to do it. I think from talking to some coaches an issue is kids just don’t have the time and want to do other things. 13 sports now in WCAL (boys) put a huge strain on the system and athletes.

              As for the coaching are the freshmrn coaches geniuses this year and dunces last? No it is talent driven. Ths year Riordan has a talented class. The coaches work with what they have. How did Sweeney and John Lee become so bad – they committed the sin of losing.

              The 64,000 question is, and correctly stated here by several, what will they do with this years freshmen? How many move up? How many play at the JV level? How many JVs need another year of seasoning? How many will focus on one sport, not football?

              What will they do to showcase Masoli as a senior? Any ideas?????

              • Good to hear about delegating…Masoli’s freshman class had several players that chose to play football BECAUSE of Sweeney. Someone please explain this to me .

              • I meant say NOT play for Sweeney

            • I agree with! Well said! You know alotx

  5. Riordan played well against the Lancers on Friday night.

    After a couple people posted on here early last week, telling the world that Zach Masoli was injured and not going to be playing against St. Francis. There was no reason for these people to say anything. If you want to blame the loss on anyone, it should be the people who posted about the injury.

    Archbishop Riordan lost their one advantage going into the game on Friday night.

    Chris Hall led the Crusader offense, after about 3 days practice at QB, to 2 TDs and an early 7-0 lead after a St. Francis turnover.

    He might have been able to do more, if St. Francis had not known that Masoli was not playing before Friday Night,

    • LOL. So the injury to Masoli was Riordan’s lone advantage?! The injury to Masoli has nothing to do with the coaching incompetency. Was there a secret plan on defense to account for the 48 unanswered points? If getting beat down like that is playing well then all the blowouts and losses over the years have taken a toll on some Crusader supporters and they’ve forgotten what good football looks like.

      • People posting have nothing to do with your team losing. They dont wear the uniforms and lace up cleats. Masoli is not better than Lauck this year. Your best player leads his team in the most important stat, WINS. Pretty lame to blame the peanut gallery for a loss.

    • What is the logic behind this comment? Once Mr. Balan had confirmation on Masoli’s injury why not talk about it? I mean it’s not like you have a closed off practice field, anyone watching could see Masoli not practicing with the team. I mean he got hurt in the last game and I am sure St. Francis had some scouts there watching so they would have known he was injured, maybe not that he wasn’t going to play in the next game but definitely an idea that he wasn’t going to be a 100%. This is what people blog, comment and write stories about.

      • I agree with almost everything you said except that St. Francis would have known that he got hurt against SI. I had no idea he was hurt after the SI game. Maybe I really missed something, but he never came out of the game and never really showed signs of being hurt.

        • I did not see last week’s game so that comment was pure speculation on thinking he got injured during the game. Scouts look at the possibility his mechinics were off throwing the ball or that they did a lot of running plays to the backs. From your article it seemed like he took some hard hits and maybe was worn down a bit from it, just a guess on my part

  6. Krusader Kid | October 29, 2012 at 9:53 AM |

    Sweeney should consider bringing JV players up for depth. They had a really promising defensive end/tight end/wide reciever, but he got injured in the Serra game. They could also use more quarterback depth for the next time masking is injured. But there isn’t a promising JV qb

  7. Mr.Direct is right on point, did saying masoli got hurt allow 48 points by St.Francis? NO!! ARHS stats you’re wrong on this one period…

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