Football: Sacred Heart Cathedral squanders opportunities in road loss to Mitty

By: Lamonte Dewindt

LOS ALTOS HILLS – Much like last week’s game against Serra, the Sacred Heart Cathedral defense put out another solid effort against a stout Western Catholic Athletic League opponent on Friday.

And just like last week, the Irish offense failed to capitalize on turnovers in a 38-13 road loss to Archbishop Mitty at Foothill College.

The Irish (1-7, 0-5) had three sacks and four interceptions, and were able to hold the Mitty (6-2, 3-2) offense to 316 yards.

“[It was] a good fight. We battled, [but] we’re two or three shakes short of a good milkshake,” said Sacred Heart Cathedral head coach John Lee. “There’s a fire and a spirit in them, but we need to start capitalizing on their turnovers and eliminating our turnovers.”

After allowing a Mitty touchdown on the first possession of the game, the Irish defense tightened up and then forced a fumble and two interceptions on the next three drives.

Yet even the return of playmaking running back Brett Rasso could do little to help the struggling Irish offense.

After scoring on a 10-yard run by Rasso in the first quarter, the Sacred Heart offense was held scoreless until another Rasso score (this time a 25-yard pass from Sacred Heart quarterback Logan White) with the game already decided in the fourth quarter. The Irish only produced 156 yards of total offense and Rasso accounted for 140.

White performed better in place of injured starting quarterback Jerry Peralta, who is out for the season due to a broken collarbone, but struggled throwing downfield all night.

Multiple miscues often killed Irish drives and when it appeared a scoring drive was in the works, a penalty or turnover was committed.

“That’s just a lack of mental focus on our part and I’ll take the blame for that,” Lee said.

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
M: 10:23 – Jordan Gojenola 6-yard pass from Wyatt Hansen. (Phil Langlois kick)
SH: 3:58 – Brett Rasso 10-yard run (kick blocked)

Second Quarter
M: 9:58 – Hansen 2-yard run (Langlois kick)
M: 5:59 – Robert O’Leary 5-yard run (Langlois kick)
M: 3:40 – Langlois 20-yard field goal

Third Quarter
M: 5:08 – Brandon Aguilera 1-yard run (Daniel Rice kick)
M: 0:01 – Erik Sargis 50-yard fumble recovery (Rice kick)

Fourth Quarter
SH: 3:48 – Rasso 25-yard pass from Logan White (Tenhoff kick)

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15 Comments on "Football: Sacred Heart Cathedral squanders opportunities in road loss to Mitty"

  1. Two or three good shakes? Where in the world did he pull that out of? Wait what?!?!?! “I take the blame for that.” ?!?!?!? He actually took responsibility? Two more games! Two more games of this torture or garbage or probably both.

    • I’d like to know why they ran-off the clock at the half instead of trying to score.

      • I wasnt there or listened to George’s broadcast, but if that what happened pin that on Lee for not having confidence in his team. They are 1-7, what do they got to lose?

  2. Albert Einstein | October 27, 2012 at 10:19 AM |

    Mitty celebrated Senior night, honoring 24 Senior Varsity players playing in last nights game. SHCP had only 28 players TOTAL. They’ve had a dozen season-ending injuries. The remaining boys play their hearts out but FOCUS ain’t their problem. Lack of depth is. You cannot expect a win when you don’t field a large enough team and the SHCP coaches are the big failure, not the boys. The losses go to the coaches.

  3. All I want for Christmas is 60 players on varsity football for the next 10 years! Lack of depth is the down the number one down fall. Some may say coaching but it is really sad to see such an effort put out by the team only to see it slip away because of fatigue and not enough bodies to provide some relief. I am glad Rasso was able to come back from his injury and provide some offense but other people need to step up and grab their opportunities also. Nice to see White stepping up, but what a bummer for both Hewittson and Peralta to have that injury put them on the side line. I hope they move up some kids for the Riordan game so they can get the W.

    • Football Fan | October 28, 2012 at 12:30 AM |

      Has anyone thought that maybe the time has come for SHC & Riordan to combine football squads to create one quality team that would be able to compete in the WCAL. The league would have two less teams to beat up on, SHC & Riordan could share a field and both programs would not be squandering talented players in mediocre programs. I realize that would only make six WCAL games but the league could at least try to find a solution to the loss of a game in order to strengthen the league.

      • Can’t happen. Won’t happen. You can’t just combine schools because you feel like it. Otherwise, what would stop any school from combining with another to create an even better team?

        • CrusaderNation | October 28, 2012 at 10:35 PM |

          its not that far fetched an idea. It has been talked about due to the geographically constraints on SH and population. Don’t think of it just for sports think of it in an economic sense. SH has no facilities other than a gym. They are landlocked in the middle of the city. This is the same problem of the 70’s and 80’s coming back to bite them. If they did not go co-ed (economics) would the alumni have put together the money to build teams? Probably not. Now the money spigot is off, recruiting is getting very hard and their male population is sinking.

          Think of it – one strong school instead of two struggling schools.

          Although with Riordan on the rise, (strong freshmen enrollment and class + boarding program) they may be able to be solid in WCAL all around in a year. Stranger things have happened.

      • If the WCAL wants to strengthen the league, they should add 2 more schools, either Palma, Bishop O’Dowd, or Marin Catholic.

        • That is an intriguing idea. If you were to add MC & Palma you could set up a Northern and Southern WCAL the winner of each bracket play for a championship. You would play each team in your bracket each year and rotate playing the teams in the other bracket year to year. Both Palma & MC would add to the WCAL. Initially the south would be stronger of course. But SI,Serra and MC would be competitive and SHC & ARHS will have to continue to get better which they can.
          I remember that ARHS was always a tough physical team and SHC was also tough when I played against them.

          Just an idea. 49ers don’t play today and waiting for the Giants.

    • 60, wow, i would be happy if they had 46 every

  4. I think maybe coach lee is a few bananas short of a banana split. Lol!

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