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Games of the Day – Football Friday: Lowell vs. Galileo and Riordan vs. Sacred Heart Cathedral. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA girls tennis championship
(2) Lowell 5, (1) Washington 2

AAA football
Galileo 29, Lowell 22

WCAL football
Sacred Heart Cathedral 35, Riordan 14

BVAL Santa Teresa field hockey
Lynbrook (San Jose) 2, St. Ignatius 0

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  1. Will SHC being doing an audio broadcast tonight?

  2. Here’s the link to the audio stream:

  3. Does not look good for ARHS at the half. The reality of 0-14 WCAL is starting to set in. This is going to make for a very intresting board this week.It will be hard to defend Sweens record in 2 years in WCAL. ” We are what our record says we are.”

  4. City Lights | November 2, 2012 at 9:14 PM |

    Maybe Riordan should put their frosh team out there. lol

    • Now you’re talking…

    • Just to add- Having Riordan Frosh out there would be an exciting game. They may not win but there will be a fight…

      • That is not fair to say about the varsity players… It’s squarely on the coaching. Has the coach lost the team? You can say all you want about the injury to Masoli, but SHC had their QB, wr and other players out, too.
        Last I heard, Masoli doesn’t play defense?!? There were numerous long yardage situations for the Irish and they simply shredded the defense for long gains. Yes. The Frosh are very talented (college scouts were at last week’s game!). But what gives them the comfort level that they will develop at the next level? Poor Masoli hasn’t had a chance! Very concerned!

  5. SHC just flat out beat Riordan in all aspects, both teams don’t have their starting QB’s and yet coach Lee continue’s to get his team to show up and play and then beat the crap out of Riordan and Sweeney’s ego. Brett Rasso had a fantastic game and I know his pops is looking down with a smile and saying thats my boy. I’ve been around him since he playedd AAU hoops for St.marys since he was a 5th grader and he’s a great kid in all aspects=sports and grades…Riordan should say bye to Sweeney now and bring in the Jv coaches to finish cause its obvious the kids don’t want to play for Sweeney. Coach Lee just beat Sweeney for the second time in 2 yrs and no progress for Riordan!! Great job SHC…

    • Rasso could be SHC’s only selection for 1st team WCAL, Kelvin Sanders could be on 1st team or 2nd team, not sure

    • I think this is the 5th time straight that SH beat Riordan in football for the Stanfel Cup. Someone correct me if I am wrong….but it is more than twice.

      • It is five straight. The last team SHC beat five straight was Lowell from 1994 to 2003 (six straight games). Other teams they beat five straight were Commerce from 1923-1928, Mission from 1964-1968, St. Mary’s from 1970-2011 and SI from 1922-1926 from the leather helmet and blue & white striped no-numbered uniform days.

  6. Wow! That was tough to see. Irish were the better team tonight. Many of the Frosh will be there next season – does not bode well for the Varsity coach, though. It is what it is.

  7. Bells just won their 5th title in 6 years.” The Bells were who we said they were….. go ahead crown their ….”

  8. manifest Destiny | November 2, 2012 at 11:13 PM |

    I think everyone would agree that this was not an exciting game. There was a terrible fan turnout on both sides for the Stanfel Cup. I am disappointed in the Sacred Heart fan base. Is Bruce Mahoney the only game of the season for you guys or do you only support the team when they are winning? I went to Gilroy last year in the CCS playoffs and saw the same result but one week later everyone was a big fan at At&t against the wildcats. My full support goes out to those Irish fans who have been loyal to the football program through the years. The leprechaun kid and the team need your presence!

    • I’d say going to Gilroy is a bit different than a game at Kezar.

      From what I’ve heard, as I wasn’t at Kezar tonight, attendance was disappointing.

      • It was a relatively small crowd, SHC had more people in attendance but it’s very small for a rivalry game.

      • manifest Destiny | November 3, 2012 at 7:11 AM |

        You are correct. Gilroy was a long ride to see a great game. It is not Kezar. How about the Serra game last week. What was the head count? Take away the parents and the band. Where are the fans? You cannot deny the attendance is low for a Friday night rivalry game at Kezar.

  9. JB did a great job on High School Football Insiders, but he hinted at the end that Serra will take it vs SI tomorrow, grrrrrrrr :(

    • manifest Destiny | November 2, 2012 at 11:29 PM |

      Could be. It is tough to play down at the jungle. Serra and SI have had many close football battles over the years. This one will not be a disappointment for the fans. Go Wildcats!

      • “There is no one I hate losing to more than Serra,” Stinn said. “Sacred Heart is not that bad, because we grew up with those guys and know them, but there’s just something about Serra.”

        Can’t wait for the game today and my To To s pizza bet with my SI friends.

        • I love Toto’s pizza. I only hope you had Serra.Game was not really close. !4 points off turnovers and stupid penalties. 47-21 and not even that close. Try the Mushroom it’s fantastic

          • Toto’s was a great victory dinner.

            • Aw. I could go for a Toto’s right now. I’m jealous.I had a real good lunch at the Polynesian Day Celebration down at Serra.The lunch and the game were most satisfying.

        • manifest Destiny | November 3, 2012 at 6:42 PM |

          Sounds like the kid put his money with his mouth. Surprising final score.

  10. To the person who just commented, I cannot approve what you said until you e-mail me. I tried to use the e-mail address you had listed, but it got kicked back to me. Please e-mail me ASAP.

  11. Lick mens Cross Country just broke UHS’s 18 year winning streak in BCL West Cross Country

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