Football: Balboa ends Marshall’s season with 77-point offensive outburst

By Lamonte Dewindt

With a chance to make next week’s game against Galileo essentially a play-in game for the Academic Athletic Association’s final playoff spot, Balboa head coach Alvaro Carvajal knew his team needed a win against Marshall on Saturday.

What Carvajal didn’t expect was for his team to deliver in such a commanding fashion, as the Bucs routed visiting Marshall 77-30 in their final home game of the season.

Balboa (2-6, 2-3) racked up 482 yards of total offense, with 373 coming on the ground, led by senior running back Antoine Crecy, who had 106 yards and four touchdowns on just 13 carries.

Crecy’s partner in the backfield, senior running back Daniel Pipkins, added 120 yards and two scores on just six carries.

Balboa (2-6, 2-3) struck early and often against a depleted Marshall (1-9, 0-6) defense, grabbed a 21-0 lead early in the second quarter and never relinquished it.

Outside of the big offensive games from wide receiver Drakari Donaldson and quarterback Joey Sagiao, the Phoenix struggled as a whole. Donaldson finished with eight receptions for 367 yards and Sagiao had 420 yards on 16-of-36 passing.

But Marshall was continuously hampered by miscues and breakdowns on both sides of the ball, and finished with 13 penalties.

During one instance the Phoenix even received a penalty during a timeout, when head coach Nicholas Wilson was flagged for talking into his headset while in the huddle with his players. It was the second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of the game for Wilson and he was ejected from the game in the second quarter.

“I’ve never taken it off in the huddle before,” Wilson said. “I didn’t know it was against the rules. No [referee] had ever said anything.”

Wilson was first flagged for being outside the coaches’ box and the ejection is Wilson’s second of the year.

While the season is over for Marshall, which has a bye in the final week, Balboa will prepare for its most important game of the year.

“We have to have our best week of practice,” Carvajal said of the buildup to the Galileo game. “We have to come to play on [defense]. Our skill position players on defense have to play better.”

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
B: 1:25 – Antoine Crecy 3-yard run (Kendrick Martin kick)

Second Quarter
B: 8:47 – Prince Taouma 43-yard run (Martin kick)
B: 4:41 – Crecy 19-yard run (Martin kick)
B: 0:57 – Crecy 9-yard run (Martin kick)
M: 0:43 – Drakari Donaldson 65-yard pass from Joey Sagiao (Selassie Johnson run on conversion)
B: 0:15 – Crecy 18-yard run (kick failed)

Third Quarter
B: 11:21 – Daniel Pipkins 24-yard run (Eli Smoot run on conversion)
M: 8:31 – Johnson 1-yard run (Johnson run on conversion)
B: 7:36 – Pipkins 43-yard run (Eli Smoot pass on conversion)
B: 4:30 – Jeremiah Iuli 65-yard fumble return (conversion failed)
M: 4:11 – Donaldson 75-yard pass from Sagiao. (conversion failed)
B: 2:31 – Taouma 10-yard pass from Smoot (Crecy run on conversion)
B: 0:37 – Will Barnett 16-yard run (conversion failed)
M: 0:00 – Donaldson 62-yard pass from Sagiao (Sagiao run on conversion)

Fourth Quarter
B: 10:51 – Barnett 70-yard run (Kiet Nguyen run on conversion)

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14 Comments on "Football: Balboa ends Marshall’s season with 77-point offensive outburst"

  1. my god 77 points did bal score the most on Marshall out of all the teams

  2. Marshall coach Nicholas Wilson should be fired right now in my opinion because of this disasterous season for his team.

  3. Makes sense now why Balboa pushed the scoring so high. It was a must win for them.

    As far as Coach WIlson of Marshall, it was a tough season. My hope is that he takes a step back and learns from the season.

    • Don L.,

      I hope the same thing. Marshall has great kids who are willing to play. They just need the right person to coach them. Will Coach Wilson learn from his mistakes? He’s been ejected twice this year. If he hasn’t learned how not to get himself ejected, what makes any of us think he will learn from his mistakes this season? One can hope though.

  4. What is the AAA thinking giving Marshall a bye week in the last week of the season? Since their roster is usually small, a bye week in the middle of the season would be more beneficial, as they could recoup from injuries and get some rest. a bye week in the last week of the season makes no sense, unless they made the playoffs. I guess the half game against Mission and the forfeit vs Lincoln was their bye. I vote YES for Nicholas Wilson to be back for the 2013-14 football season.

    • The bye was based on Burton dropping out over the summer. The league schedule was already set, so every team had a bye where their game against Burton game would have been. Marshall just happened to play Burton in the final week of the season.

  5. Is Washington knocked out of the playlets because of this win??

    • Washington is not out, but they would have to beat Mission next week, then hope for Lowell to beat Lincoln and Galileo to beat Balboa. That would put them in outright, because of their win over Galileo. There are a few other possibilities where they might get in (I don’t know the three-way tiebreaking rules), but they have to beat Mission in all of them.

  6. Jon Goldsmith | November 4, 2012 at 3:23 PM |

    What has happened to Coach Wilson is a cautionary tale for other schools to use as an example.
    I hope he is used as an example of how NOT to communicate with the media. Confidence, not cockiness, is the best way to approach anything. Most 23 year old’s know this, they learn it from strong fathers, its too bad this one didnt.
    Unfortunately, Coach Wilson has probably hurt the chances of other young coaches being given the chance to be a head varsity football coach.
    It would probably go a long way for Coach Wilson to model accountability for his players – by stepping down and telling them that they deserve better than him.

  7. I went to Marshall vs. Galileo Football game this season.

    I was even able to speak to Coach Wilson’s father for a little bit at the game.

    I thought Marshall played well. They did not win the game, but they did make Galileo have to score a TD in the fourth quarter to win the game.

    I saw no major Game Plan mistakes by the Marshall Football Coaches.

    • The problem with Marshall is not the game plan or the players….it’s the coach in general. They deserve a coach that doesn’t hurt the program. I can’t say emphasize this enough, but the school has overcome a lot of challenges and they do not need any setbacks….especially from their own coaching staff.

      Coach Wilson has spoken negatively about past Marshall coaches, yet, he’s the worse of them all.

  8. Just curious whether anyone is aware of a WR in California who had more than 367 receiving yards in a game. It’s possible that Drakari Donaldson set a state record; I couldn’t find a California high school receiver with more yards in a single game.

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