Football: Rasso’s record-tying performance gives SHC rivalry win over Riordan

Sacred Heart Cathedral junior running back Brett Rasso cuts through a pair of Riordan defenders on Friday at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Eric Sun)

Sacred Heart Cathedral junior running back Brett Rasso cuts through a pair of Riordan defenders on Friday at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Eric Sun)

By Jeremy Balan

Sacred Heart Cathedral junior running back Brett Rasso said earlier in the season that he didn’t need to play like last year’s standout tailback Valentino Miles.

Rasso felt that he needed to carve out an identity of his own, but the standout junior looked a whole lot like Miles in Sacred Heart’s 35-14 win over Riordan on Friday night at Kezar Stadium, giving the Irish the Stanfel Cup for the fifth straight season.

Rasso ran for a season-high 197 yards on 33 carries and tied Miles’ school record with five rushing touchdowns. Former Irish running backs Jamar Sheppard and Dasarte Yarnway are also tied for the same record.

Riordan senior running back Tre’ Gunter was one of the few bright spots for the Crusaders on Friday night at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Eric Sun)

“I’ve been wanting the game to be in my hands like this the whole season and all the credit goes to my line,” Rasso said. “They did a tremendous job and we played on a cloud today.”

Rasso scored on runs of 17, 23, 9, 5 and 1 yards, and has apparently settled into a rhythm since Sacred Heart head coach John Lee decided to play him exclusively on offense two weeks ago. Rasso had three runs of 22 yards or more and exhibited an ability to evade and break through tacklers.

“He’s not that big of a guy, but he’s crafty and makes guys miss,” Lee said. “If you miss a tackle, he’s going to make you pay.”

Rasso was not alone in his breakout performance, as sophomore quarterback Logan White also had his best game of the season. White – who started the season as Sacred Heart’s backup quarterback, but was pushed into the starting role with the injury to senior Jerry Peralta – threw for 180 yards on 10-of-15 passing and also ran for 39 yards on seven carries.

“Personally, this is the most comfortable I’ve felt,” White said. “I’m getting more comfortable with making reads and getting the protection right. Everything is getting slower on each play and in each game.”

Earlier in the season, White frequently threw deep downfield, but rarely connected. Against the Crusaders, he was accurate in the mid- and close-range passing game, but also had three completions over 20 yards.

“His improvement is really amazing,” Lee said of White. “A couple of weeks ago, all he was worrying about was the big play. He got away with that in [junior varsity] last year and probably got away with that in Pop Warner, but these are different guys. They’re bigger, stronger, faster. If we nickel and dime them, things will open up, and they did tonight.”

Riordan (3-6, 0-6) responded to Rasso’s first score on Sacred Heart’s opening drive with a 13-yard touchdown run from backup quarterback Chris Hall, but struggled again without starter Zach Masoli, who was not playing for the second week in a row due to a hand injury.

Sacred Heart Cathedral sophomore quarterback Logan White winds up for a throw against Riordan on Friday at Kezar Stadium. (Photo by Eric Sun)

Sacred Heart (2-7, 1-5) scored 21 unanswered points in the second quarter to take a 28-7 lead into the halftime break and Riordan was never within single digits again.

Running back Tre’ Gunter was the only viable offensive threat for the Crusaders, and the senior accounted for 162 of Riordan’s 234 total yards. Gunter rushed for a team-high 152 yards on 13 carries and his big runs of 50 and 49 yards set up both of Riordan’s scores. He also caught one of only two Riordan completions.

“They played well tonight and we did not play well, and that’s really the bottom line,” Riordan head coach Richard Sweeney said curtly.

The win also gives the Irish extended life in the Central Coast Section playoff race. Sacred Heart will likely still need help (non-league opponents winning league titles or reaching certain win totals could yield extra bonus points toward a CCS berth), but would have had no hope for a postseason appearance with a loss to Riordan.

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
SH: 6:16 – Brett Rasso 17-yard run (Maxwell Tenhoff kick)
R: 4:44 – Chris Hall 13-yard run (Angel Hernandez kick)

Second Quarter
SH: 9:58 – Rasso 23-yard run (Tenhoff kick)
SH: 7:43 – Rasso 9-yard run (Tenhoff kick)
SH: 2:41 – Rasso 5-yard run (Tenhoff kick)

Third Quarter
R: 4:21 – Arcelio Reybol 17-yard run (Hernandez kick)
SH: 0:54 – Rasso 1-yard run (Tenhoff kick)

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83 Comments on "Football: Rasso’s record-tying performance gives SHC rivalry win over Riordan"

  1. Lowell House | November 3, 2012 at 8:47 AM |

    Of course these SH guys had the “best games” of the season, Riordan is hardly competition.

    • Feel The Pain | November 3, 2012 at 9:21 AM |

      Without Masoli, Riordan struggled, and in the tough WCAL they may hardly be competition for those teams. However, when they beat Mission, who dismantled Lowell, what does that say about a Lowell vs. Riordan game. Lowell would hardly be called competition.

    • That’s not really nice to say. Riordan beat the top football teams in your league both by 3 TD’s. i’m sure if they played Lowell, they would win by 30. We’ll see how Riordan does in the CCS playoffs. Hopefully, they don’t draw Valley Christian in the 1st round.

      • Lowell House | November 3, 2012 at 5:44 PM |

        I agree with both of you. I’m not endorsing Lowell football, I’m just being honest. Do YOU think Rasso would’ve broken the record against any other team? Do YOU think White wouldve gone off if he didn’t have all day to throw?

        I’m just saying lets be realistic. If they had played Lowell they would’ve had even better games…

    • lowellhouse you should not talk rasso would have took over yo school if he decided to stay there aaa cant match up wit wcal

  2. FootballSupporter | November 3, 2012 at 10:13 AM |

    Congration to SHC – they pulled together for the win. Hope Riordan can put something together. Seems a waste of good kids – like cannon fodder.

  3. Iforgotmyname | November 3, 2012 at 11:41 AM |

    Two things:

    1.This honestly just gives you an idea of the talent difference between the AAA and WCAL. Riordan beat both Mission and Lincoln yet they get crushed by a struggling team like SHCP.

    2. Is Valentino Miles playing in college?

  4. SHC JVs edge Riordan 18-14 last night and Frosh claim another win 35-12. Crusader’s speed, size and numbers were again the difference with Riordan doing wholesale subs at start of 2nd qtr. I understand there are significant changes in store on Phelan Ave…

    • Unless the changes include Sweeney being gone then the changes will be all for naught. Another loss, another opponent dominating the Crusaders in all three phases. Another sad crowd and sad performance. After next week it will be an 0-7 league season once again with little hope for the future if he stays.

      To his supporters; Please just stop trying to defend him. He’s just not a good coach. It’s as simple as that and there is nothing to suggest otherwise. And something he might learn from this experience. If you’re going to be a terrible coach, which he is, at least be likable. Which he is not.

  5. Frank Lucas | November 3, 2012 at 5:16 PM |

    I wanted to see what the hype was all about so I went to see the Riordan frosh play against my Irish. Man, they beat us up figuratively and literally. Those boys could hit and our poor punter got knocked out of the game. That kid Caston is the truth. He ran through us like we weren’t there. They had this one kid with long hair coming from underneath his helmet that was also a monster. And their QB blocked a punt and almost knocked our punters head off. If these kids stay together they will compete for a WCAL title in 2 years. The score was 35-12 and they played their 2nd and 3rd string for most of second half. Even if we had all our players, they would still beat us by same margin, they are that much better.

    On another note, I was disappointed to see our parents go after the coach. A couple of dad’s went after the frosh coach because their kids were getting beat up. It was very classless. If you don’t want your kids getting hit don’t play football. The hits were hard but clean. That’s football. We’ve been kicking their behinds for 5 years and they take the whoopings like men and with class. We should do the same.

    • Irishi Italian | November 3, 2012 at 9:09 PM |

      Hey frank,

      Is it clean laying out the punter after the punt is away, then stomping on his stomach, and then run over and spear another player in the back? Is it clean hitting when your team gets multiple personal foul penalties with the refs missing multiple others?

      Is it the truth to lay out a defenseless punter? Thats a clean hit? Give me a break.

      • Mr Italian, I was standing on the SHC sideline by the end zone and had a clear view. First, from my vantage point, the kid was going for the block and didn’t get there in time. I did not see him stomp the kid, I don’t believe that happened. The spear hit as you say was not made by the same kid. I believe 13 laid that kid out. That took place on the opposite sideline but looked like a good hit also. The fact that you think it was the same player means you didn’t see it too clearly.

        You appear to be emotional so I ask you if you were one of the parents who attacked your coach? Isn’t that worse behavior? Are you appalled by that?

        • I’d just like to say that the universal rule for punt blocks in football is that you are only allowed to block the ball. Any touch on the punter is considered roughing the kicker. The only time the punter is “free game” to hit is if the snap hits the ground or the punter does a fake and runs the ball. The fact that the riordan kid FULL ON TACKLED the punter AFTER THE BALL WAS KICKED is just straight up upsetting. The kid totally disregarded the rules. Please dont defend what that kid did.

          • The punt was blocked, right?

          • As an impartial observer with no ties to any school except as a fan, I would have to say that all the comments have some truth in them mixed in with subjective statements.

            I was at the game and witnessed the hits in question. First, the punter was hit hard twice on two seperate plays. The first one was a clean and legal hit as the defender blocked the punt and hit the punter at the same time. It is not roughing the passer if the punt is blocked in the process. This was quite a viscious hit and IMO, the harder of the two hits.

            The second hit, IMO, warranted a penalty as it appeared the defender did not make a play on the ball and went after the punter directly. There was another hit on the same play committed by another Riordan player and if I recall correctly, when the officila threw the flag for hitting the punter, it appeared to hit #20 on the head. I do not believe #20 committed both infractions. I am not certain if the other hit drew a flag or not because there was alot of activity taking place.

            Lastly, some SHC fathers’ had to be restrained from going after their coach. Emotions were high and things got out of hand but luckily it did not escalate to blows.

            If I were an SHC parent I would be upset also at the beating their kids have been taking all year long. I saw lots of kids in casts, crutches etc not playing. On the punts, the center did not help the punter either with very high snaps that left him vulnerable to being hit. As I mentioned above, the most brutal hit was a legal hit. Overall it was a hard hitting game but I would not call the Riordan team dirty or classless. I have seen much more damage inflicted in a WCAL game.

            • irishiitalian | November 9, 2012 at 3:48 PM |


              I suggest you go to the sportswurlz website and look at the pictures of the game. (free registration)Great shots of both punts. On the first punt, the kid who drills my son did not block the punt. He simply drilled my son – three pictures that show the progression. It was the two kids coming up the middle that blocked it. So after viewing, tell me if you still think it is a legal hit. (I can understand how you might have thought it since it was a bang, bang play). If that is a legal play, they need to change the rules. You simply cannot be allowed to hit a punter like that if you don’t get the ball.

        • Sorry there was an imjured player, but no one stepped on the player’s stomach.

      • Of course those aren’t clean hits or right, but that is part of the game. There is always a chance to play a team that takes cheap shots and refs that dont see it or listen to the coaches. Is the head coach suppossed to stand in front of the kids as they are getting hit?!

        • Irishi Italian | November 4, 2012 at 6:32 AM |

          1. I was at the top of my stands and followed 20 all the way through the play. He ran across the field And laid out no 16 from behind.

          2. I wasn’ there at the end of the game because my son had to be taken to taken to the hospital.

          3. I don’t condone “confronting” the coach after the game. However ‘ I can appreciate the parents frustration over the inordinate amount of concussions that have occurred this year.

          4. As far as what the Riordan coaches can do.. By leavingthe kid in the game, you are condoning this behavior. You bench the kids who are playing dirty.

          5. My wife heard from one of the Riordan parents that her son told her that the Riordan AD chastisd the entire team after the game for their inappropriate play.

          I am sorry Frank to try to defend how the Riordan guys play and to literally call out the SH guys for not being tough enough is a lot more disgusting then some parents yelling at the coach.

          • Riordan is not playing dirty these boys are playing football. bad calls, big hits happen all the time, and it happens to every team in the WCAL. Riordan beat SH and that’s it, stop the BS. This team is fun to watch. It was great to see all the kids from both sides that had played together in the past.

            • This is pitiful…it’s disguisting that people can’t accept a loss with some pride. Had it been the other way around and Riordan lost, you all wouldn;t be saying any of this. Let them enjoy their win, like it was said in an earlier post…SHCP has been beating Riordan for years, well this is one year they didn’t…

            • Dude514 you got it right…it’s clear that there’s a disappointment in the loss. Riordan kicked butt end of subject… This team is fun to watch and we all look forward to seeing them remain together and keep it going!

          • As soon as the SHC coaches start doing that, then other teams will do it also.

            I have seen a lot of this type of play from Sacred Heart players over the 60 or more games I have seen between the two schools in the last 35 years.

            Talking about Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman Games, I have seen.

        • There were cheap shots by SHC too ,but the riordan players were called because the refs only saw the retaliatory shot. SHCs long snapper had a lot tondo with putting his punter in danger…he had several snaps go over the punters head.

      • These boys do not play dirty, it’s football…. There may have been 1 late hit and that’s pretty much it and there was one that was clean. To give some clarification, #20 was not invloved in blocking the punt I recall seeing #42 blocking the punt. There’s flag football for those that are interest instead.

    • I believe the one that block the punt was their middle linebacker.

  6. Frank Lucas | November 3, 2012 at 5:17 PM |

    To clarify, SHC parents went after the SHC coach. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  7. manifest Destiny | November 3, 2012 at 6:29 PM |

    There was a little of the same at the SI vs Riordan Frosh game. The final score was 13 to 10. The SI QB stood up to the hits.

    We will see about the Riordan Frosh. Very talented and aggressive but a lot happens in the transformation to the Junior Varsity. Intelligent , disciplined football rules the WCAL. Serra and Riordan play tough football. The Bells have a different formula that has been extremeley successfull over the years.

    • Didn’t see the frosh game but the Irish had at least 7 starters out due to injuries. Next season’s JV game with healthy players should be a better game.

  8. manifest Destiny | November 4, 2012 at 2:26 PM |

    This entire incident was very unfortunate for both football programs. Do not let it happen again.

  9. that frosh team looked good.they back,but they were talking trash win wit class

    • They did win with trash talking…

      • once again im not talking mess jus what i saw,daparents where worse than the kids this isnt popwarner.lm a city cat and know fams on both sides.when you play in programs like these bring more class,as your kid gets older you never know if thats a scout next to.great to see city boys doin good,we should stand together.

  10. Interesting “comments” from the SHC side and all season long there has been nothing except positive comments and praise from the other schools-particularly from the the SB schools like Serra, SF and Bellarmine, even SI had admiration of the team’s performance. Riordan also had 5-7 players out w injury and #9 came back from a nasty looking knee injury from the SI game. Not sure if you noticed, but it was the Riordan players who went down on a knee first in respect to the injured SH player.

    • Riordan kicked butt and if the SH parents went after the coach something did not go right at the game. It is a rivalry game so emotions are high but let us see what really transpired after a few weeks

  11. Purple hammer | November 4, 2012 at 4:19 PM |

    Riordan frosh nasty phyical play is nessary, especially for a program that has been the nail not the hammer, this could set a culture for years to come after its all said and done

    • It could. But the class will have to stay together to see. How many leave the program? How many go up to varsity next year? The frosh will be moving on to the next level which was a combined 0-14 2012. How many continue to grow and get better.Look at the WCAL record book. It is littered with schools which have won frosh & jv titles since 1967. I can tell you the Varsity titles are not as diverse as these titles.

      The point being a good or great Frosh team does not translate to being a good varsity team by the time they are seniors.It could, but there is no gurantee

      • Lance , there is some correlation that success at the Frosh and JV levels equate to success at the Varsity level. Serra and Bellarmine are the examples over the past few years with SF and VC doing very well in years past …No guarantee, but still a very good indicator of the health of the entire football program .

        • You are probably correct if the group can stay together. But that leads to the question of the 800lb gorilla in the room. The futility of the last two years of every team with the exception of thjis years frosh. No guarantees.

        • The correlation only exists if there is a program in place for player development. At Riordan, there is none. Half ass lifting program, no discipline, no energy behind the program whatsoever. No leadership.

          Athletes discouraged from participating in camps outside of the school. You even get the sense from the coaching staff that all they have to do is hold on until the freshmen come up and everything will be alright.

          If you can’t beat SHC when you have better talent, what makes you think more talent is the answer? Better still, what makes you think those freshman will stay? Those are proud kids. You think they want to stick around and play for a coaching staff, that to a man, is disliked?

          Hand the reins over to Coach Poti. Watch the kids stay. Watch the kids who wouldn’t play, come back. He’s a players coach is respected across the board by players, parents and coaches alike.

          As much as I’d like to defend this guy, he makes it more difficult with each passing week. It’s not the losing that makes it tough, it’s that he’s makes no effort whatsoever to inspire or motivate these kids to play hard. No passion.

      • Purple hammer | November 7, 2012 at 1:50 PM |

        well lets see if the kids have character and take it upon them selves to strive to be the nastiest fiercest and build a name for them selfs

    • Purple hammer..aggressive play is great and welcomed but nasty play is not something u want ur players doing. Even with ur excuse that the crusaders have been the doormat. Always room for class and discipline in wcal

      • Beez Feez,

        You say play for a coaching staff that is disliked?? Coach Poti’s son is a part of the Varsity Coaching staff, and from what i hear the kids like Coach AJ as well as the other assistant coaches.

        Are you referring that kids are not playing because of the head coach?

        • A Chris, you’re right agressive play is welcome but nasty play is not what the boys did. I believe some are upset becasue they came expecting a win and to run over Riordan but it didn’t play out like that…

          • LuLu, with all the board constantly talking about how good Riordan Frosh is these past weeks, I don’t think SHC thought they were going to run over Riordan at all. I just want to know why the fathers went after Coach Frank Lee, did they not think he was not sticking up for his players or what did they think he did or should of did? I have never heard of the fathers going after the coach at SHC so Im sure it was embarrassing for all.

            • Chris,

              According to several parents who witnessed the incident, Mr. Lucas’s account of the incident is not totally accurate. It was the coach who came up to the parent (who was standing by the end zone) and confronted the parent and stuck his finger into the parent’s chest. The parent then reacted to that. Mr. Lucas probably only saw the incident at that point. This is verified by several parents who were not involved.

              • However it started, it ‘s very sad to see…

              • in the know | November 6, 2012 at 8:10 PM |

                That is not what happened! What people see and the words they did not hear make the situation seem different than what really transpired.

                Coach Lee told the father that he was sorry his son got hurt, in turn the father began to verbally attack him, use profanity, told Coach Lee that he doesnt care about the kids safety, well being, etc. and got into a fighting stance. Coach Lee responded by pointing his finger in the fathers chest and challenging these false allegations.

                The saddest part was the kid holding his gear, looking extremly upset while talking to his dad. The father completley embarrassed him in front of his friends, school community. He should be banned from school athletic events.

                The parents sign a code of conduct agreement at the beginning of the school year. He obviously violated this agreement. There should be consequences.

            • Did they forget Frank Lee is a cop?

        • The Asst. Coaches seem to be well liked. I should’ve been more specific…the Head Coach isn’t well liked at all.

          • Just remove all the Lee’s from their athletic coaching duties. If they want to stay as teachers thats fine but the Lee’s overall track record has been dismal with a sprinkle of successful years.

      • Some people forget what the C stands for.

  12. Well said wcalsf.

  13. havent seen da crusaders have more talent then da irish in a long time,whats wit name biten dude c mon son

  14. The WCAL is the toughest league in California and being rough and tough is necessary. You don’t need to be dirty but its football, keep your head on a swivel in this game. It is necessary for kids to train hard and right to be put in the right position helps. Riordan’s varsity team is a joke and 100% of the blame is coach sweeney!! Kids don’t want to play for him period, sweeney is not liked or respected by kids and fellow coaches at Riordan. With Mr. Daly gone it would be the perfect time to get rid of sweeney now. There are some good hoop players that would play football if sweeney is gone and that could help Riordan get back on the map.Good frosh team has many obstacles to endure from now till varsity, example from kids being kicked out to grades to transfers to injuries etc,,,Things have to work out perfect for them to stay together and yes it could happen. The frosh coach at SHC needs to go cause he is behind on the times of football and now many parents are pissed at him, not good! Go city schools…

    • Who is in line to take the job?

      What wold be more of a disservice to these kids, an ongoing coaching carousel or the kids that want to play continuing to work hard despite these “Super” Athletes that aren’t playing football because of one coach?

      The way i see it, if a kid is not playing football because of one person, then they really aren’t football players, they lack the true love for the game.

      What is the master plan to move forward? No AD , No President. Doesn’t sound like the support system is there any longer.

      • Hard to argue with anything you’ve said FBC101. I will say however that there are a LOT of good coaches already in place. They just lack that leader at the top to set the right tone for a rebuilding project like this.

        2 years and those kids still haven’t bought in to his program.

        • I agree with that. I also believe there are very good coaches on that staff that the kids relate to.

          It is just frustrating to see these kids having to go through so many leadership changes. Hopefully the administration will get it right.

  15. First and foremost, good thoughts and prayers should go out to the Daly family. A solid foundation/master plan is in place at Archbishop Riordan because of Pres. Daly’s efforts. There are a few capable coaches currently on staff that could take the program to the next level. It will be interesting to find out Daly’s successor as well as the new AD. The new field turf will be in place this summer.

    • Where is Mr. Daly going? He seemed like the right person for Riordan and he also seemed to care about the school.

      • What I hear is that Mr Daly was on leave of absence for health related issues. Apparently, early in the year he missed an event because he was having heart issues. This past Friday, the student body received the news that he will not be returning. One can only speculate it is health related.

    • Wcalsf what transpired at ARHS?

    • It will be interesting to see if the next President selected will have the same view of the Athletic Dept and it’s role in drawing boys to Riordan. I’ve got a feeling they’re going to bring in the “Anti-Daly.”

  16. An Alumni newsletter was sent out today saying the Archdiocese announced that Mr. Daly would not return as President of the school following a medical leave of absence. Under the direction of the Archdiocese, Mr. Daly’s departure was considered a confidential personnel matter. Will be interesting how this plays out. There have been recent excellent hires in the administration including Derek Tate (formerly of USF), Francisco Pepin, (’78 Riordan Alum who headed up a high school and successful athletic program in the midwest). I understand the recent Open House was jam packed with soon to be Crusaders and the boarding school is full and looking to expand with housing nearby.

    • wcalsf is it correct that ARHS with the departure of President Daly they do not have a Pres. or AD. Who is in place to drop the hammer on the Coach now? Would ARHS hire from the existing coaching staff or have a coaching search. There are good arguements on both approaches.

      • Riordan does have an interim AD, Derek Tate. He was a pitcher for USF and later worked in USF’s Athletic Dept. before going to Riordan and heading up the Admissions Office.

  17. this isnt an article about frosh teams anyways,read da to lulu and da rest of yall crusaders let him have his shine just what yall talkin bout.this about a varsity player that had a great game,

  18. i meant read the top,not a frosh article varsity

    • True that is beefeezy, but everyone posts on here regardless which squad it is on whichever article. I beleive it may be whatever others post on the thread that lead the other comments… I’m not the only person that posted about the frosh team from this article. Last I checked comments were free to post as long as they weren’t advocating violence, racism, or libel, as well as comments featuring profanity.

  19. Congrats to Rasso on his performance!

  20. way to go young brett

  21. Just think. In less than 24 hours 2 years 0-14 in league. Just wondering if anyone noticed.

    • It is being noticed…Why else are there so many comments with anything to do about Riordan football?!?

    • Don’t worry. “Someone” noticed.

    • Just, Lance showing off his Serra Education.

      Since Riordan plays on Saturday, November 10th, his statement is untrue.

      He posted at 11 PM on Thursday night.

      Only Sacred Heart Cathedral and Bellarmine play on Friday Night, this week, so those are the only 2 teams he could be referring to, but both won games in the last 2 years.

  22. Your right ARHS Stats. My primitive mind can not comprehend such concepts. Sorry, I was off on the timing. Let’s just say in 24 hours 0-14. Happy now.

  23. Chief wounded toe.EMH | December 7, 2012 at 9:14 PM |

    Whats up lil B, good to hear your serving them still….always knew it,your dddy is proud&smiling right now ….Love you lil man,see you soon…

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