Football: St. Ignatius falls behind early and never recovers against Serra

St. Ignatius senior quarterback Jack Stinn is flushed from the pocket against Serra on Saturday at Serra High School in San Mateo. (Photo by Paul Ghiglieri)

St. Ignatius senior quarterback Jack Stinn is flushed from the pocket against Serra on Saturday at Serra High School in San Mateo. (Photo by Paul Ghiglieri)

By John Baker

SAN MATEO – While the “Jungle Game” moniker is generally applied to basketball games between the two schools, something has to account for the vines that tied down the St. Ignatius offense in its 47-21 West Catholic Athletic League loss at Serra on Saturday.

The Padres (8-1, 5-1) thoroughly dominated in the first half, with rushing touchdowns from Angelo Arco (33 yards), Kava Cassidy (3 yards) and Zack Kazakoff (4 yards), plus two field goals from Anthony Toms.

On the other side of the ball, the Wildcats (6-3, 4-2) were ineffective offensively, with quarterback Jack Stinn completing just 1-of-10 passes in the first half, partially due to to several drops by St. Ignatius receivers.

Serra took a 27-0 lead into halftime.

“We did enough in the secondary to make Stinn feel a little uncomfortable and that was our goal,” said Serra head coach Patrick Walsh. “I didn’t want to have a seven-on-seven scrimmage out here.”

St. Ignatius head coach John Regalia said the backfield pressure didn’t affect his quarterback, but may have caused problems for his receivers.

“We want to be able to move the ball and if we want to throw the ball, we want to be able to catch it,” Regalia said. “Jack’s a good player. He’s able to manage the game without really worrying about what else is going on around.”

Despite the early hole, the Wildcats made a game of it coming out of the halftime break.

Just over a minute into the third quarter, St. Ignatius defensive back Charlie Ford intercepted a Kazakoff pass on the Serra 33-yard line and ran it back for a touchdown. On the ensuing possession, St. Ignatius forced Serra to punt for the first time, then, with 3:28 left in the third, the Wildcats tallied their first offensive score on a 2-yard run by senior Albert Waters to cut the lead to 27-14.

“I’m never comfortable in this league. It’s pretty much seven weeks of misery,” Walsh said. “It’s a very difficult grind. We knew SI was a great team and they showed their heart in the third quarter.”

Regalia said he wasn’t sure what caused the turnaround, which ended up being brief, as Serra scored three rushing touchdowns in the fourth quarter to put the game out of reach.

St. Ignatius tallied its final score with 7:47 left in the game. The Wildcats recovered a fumble on the Serra 30-yard line, then scored on a 3-yard touchdown pass from Stinn to senior wide receiver Andrew Vollert.

“With Jack Stinn back there, and Vollert and all the weapons they have, I was never confident,” Walsh said. “I tip my cap to coach Regalia and the heart they showed this afternoon, but when we needed some first downs at the end of the game, we got that done.”

Stinn ended up completing 13-of-34 passes for 141 yards, with his favorite targets being Vollert (five catches for 41 yards) and Waters (four for 53 yards). Stinn was also St. Ignatius’ leading rusher, with 51 yards on 10 carries.

Serra, which is one point away from a 9-0 season (the Padres lost 35-34 to Bellarmine on Oct. 5), outgained the Wildcats 474-216. In total, Serra ran for 413 yards, including 225 from senior running back Eric Redwood. The Padres have ran for 970 yards in their last two games against the Wildcats, including a school-record 557 last season.

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
S: 6:19 – Angelo Arco 33-yard run (Anthony Toms kick)
S: 1:18 – Kava Cassidy 3-yard run (Toms kick)

Second Quarter
S: 9:12 – Toms 34-yard field goal
S: 2:04 – Zack Kazakoff 4-yard run (Toms kick)
S: 0:00 – Toms 27-yard field goal

Third Quarter
SI: 10:55 – Charlie Ford 33-yard interception return (Michael Capitolo kick)
SI: 3:28 – Albert Waters 2-yard run (Capitolo kick)

Fourth Quarter
S: 11:55 – Fia Malepeai 1-yard run (Toms kick)
SI: 7:47 – Andrew Vollert 3-yard pass from Jack Stinn (Capitolo kick)
S: 4:33 – Eric Redwood 12-yard run (kick failed)
S: 1:34 – Kevin McGee 31-yard run (Toms kick)

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54 Comments on "Football: St. Ignatius falls behind early and never recovers against Serra"

  1. Elijah Dale hasn’t really produced the past couple weeks. I think some offensive lineman are still injured?

  2. FootballSupporter | November 4, 2012 at 9:58 AM |

    I like Coach Walshs’ comment – from week toweek it is never a given on how these games will unfold!
    Serra looked good.
    With respect, I have been to one too many Serra games with that announcer who seems to have wondered off an Intl. Soccer game :-)

    • Mr. Taylor the announcer is the best!

      A few caught passes by SI might of changed the game.

      Anyone know the rap song that played after Serra scored a touchdown. It got caught in my head after the 4th or 5th time. I saw some SI fans dancing to the song too. =)

    • I agree with the comment with the Serra announcer. He should try decaf. early on Serra DB’s put big hit’s on SI receiver’s which caused the drops and aligator arms. SI scored 2 td’s off of Serra turnovers inside their territory. Plus Serra had numerous dumb penalties.The game was not really that close. The score could have easily been 47-7.

      • We got the number 4. Not much can make Totos better but VICTORY did help. Can’t wait to basketball season.

        • Nicholas I’m sure your SI chums are still licking their wounds. Maybe get them the Toto’s number 2 in honor of the game yesterday

          • Yes Nicholas, next year try the numer 2. It is an outstanding pizza. I’m sure you will enjoy.

  3. Again, way too many passes dropped by the receivers! Getting old. Perhaps SI could utilize some other receivers to show the starters how its done? Serra really looks great though, they will be the team to beat in the CCS Open Div. They are big AND physical. Hats of to SI though – SI has an enrollment of 1400, approx 1/2 boys as opposed to Bellarmine approx 1600 boys and Serra with approx 900 boys; SI is more than competitive with these teams.

  4. BigMike very similar to what Sabean said during the victory celebration. The Cats like the Tigers had no idea what they were walking into.

  5. SI needs to beat Mitty this Saturday or else they will end up in 4th place and most likely an early exit in the O division playoffs. SI needs to change things up because the good teams make SI’s offense predictable. Matt Emery and Joe Lang at WR both need to make some plays because Vollert can’t catch 2 TD’s every game.

    • Mitty has a good QB and RB. I think it will be more of the same as the last two weeks. They will try to run the ball down the Cats throats. SI has not shown they can man up and stop the run the last 2 weeks.

      • In all of SI’s losses, the drop balls have been a factor. MC, Bellarmine, and the Serra game. I think there was 6 drops in the Marin Catholic game, at least 3 in the Bellarmine game, didn’t go to Serra game ,but the article suggested there was alot of dropped balls in the 1st half which dug SI a big hole. The Mitty game will be a tough one, but SI needs to minimize their drops and they can win it.

        • Your right. a lot of drops caused by a lot of hard hitting. SI receivers had the alligator arms going after the first hit in early quarter one. It looks like they may have checked out.

  6. Billy, simply lack of execution on SI’s part. A couple catches early, may have been a bit more interesting. If prep2prep,com is right, Serra & Bellarmine are in the same bracket, where SI would not see either of them until the championship. SI will beat Mitty… Then anything can happen in the playoffs, just look at last year.

  7. BigMikeDC you may be right. SI better not look past Mitty. Mitty gave Bells,VC,Serra, & SF fits. I know SI dominated SF & VC but look what they did against the Bells & Serra .The 2 loses can not all be attributed to drop balls or a couple of O lineman out.

    • I’m not even sure if the game is a must-win for Mitty and SI because the loser of this game (according to p2p) will play a team from San Jose (Oak Grove) while the winner will travel to Salinas to play Palma. I don’t know what’s better, a 3rd place finish in the WCAL or a shorter bus trip to San Jose in the CCS playoffs??? I’m sure both teams will want to win this Saturday, though. Oak Grove and Palma are usually both tough CCS teams.

  8. Is it at all possible for SI to still make a state game?

    • Simple answer. No!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It would be easier to see if they were in the Division III CCS tournament instead of the Open. If Marin Catholic wins NCS D-III I would love to see a rematch, but I don’t know what the Sac-SJ Section has in D-III.

      • Now jbalan are advocting the Cats loose to Mitty to drop to Div III? Why you sly dog. Back to back Div III championships.

        • SI is in the Open regardless. Division III is out of the question.

        • If SI happens to win the CCS Open Division title, they could be placed in the D3 NorCal finals, depending if their resume is better than the other teams, right? Win NorCals, then State bowl game? Maybe??

          • Who ever wins the C.C.S. Open Division will play in Division 1 or the Open Division for the State Playoffs.

            This is why Palma played in their enrollment division last year.

            The C.C.S. Open Division winner can only play in the State Open Division or the State Division 1.
            This was agreed to before last season’s football season.

          • You can always dream JJ. America always has a soft spot for dreamers. Was it not already mentioned SI already has 3 loses? Remember Mitty will be no push over.

          • ” And and if MC stubs it’s toe. And and If those push over Sac & Central teams have an off next 3 games, then then then do you think my Cat’s can go to the No Cals and maybe if we’re really luck we get to the States. Uh uh. What do you think Mr. Balan? Do you think I should go to the SI Chapel And light a candle tonight. Should I? Should?

            • So, this is all decided by the section commissioners.

              Let’s say SI does win the CCS Open Division, which, based on the last two weeks, would be quite a task.

              SI would be winning in the toughest section tournament in NorCal (my opinion), but those three losses (or four, if they lose to Mitty) would be hard to overcome.

              I don’t know enough about the other sections to make any determination of whether SI would be picked, and we also won’t know (other than De La Salle) who will win the other D-I section titles.

              Just way too much to speculate right now. I’d say SI should probably worry about the CCS Open Division first, because you can’t get into a regional bowl game without a section championship.

              • All kidding aside. Stranger things have happened. SI could get hot and win the open. But then you would have a 3 loss CCS Open winner. Would that automatically qualify you for a No Cal playoff game?

                ARHS Stats this is right up your alley.

              • There is no automatic qualifier. The regional bowl games are selected by the section commissioners. They look at all of the section winners and pick the teams with the best resumes.

              • So could the Bells conceivably have a rematch with DLS to determine the No Cal rep in the States in the Open Division?

              • I doubt they would pick them to play them in the Open NorCal game. If Bellarmine get’s a bid, my bet would be in Division I.

              • I think you are right. That’s why I would think it would be an extreme long shot for a 3 loss SI team to make the No Cals. There is to many strong teams in the Sac-Joaquin region. The Clovis area is extremely tough not to mention Sac area teams.

              • There are 4 spots in the Nor Cal Regional Games for 4 teams in Division 1 and the Open Division.

                These are the Champions that will play in the Open Division or Division 1, unless a lower division has a superior team for the Open Division. No One has been talking about the Lower Division teams being that good.

                Northern Championship Teams eligible for Division I are: (Also eligible for the Open Division)
                CCS – Open
                NCS – DI
                SJS – DI
                SJS – DII

              • It would not be automatic.

                An undefeated Lower Level team could still be put into the Open Division.

                But if St. Ignatius won the Open Division, the commissioners might make SI the opponent for De La Salle in the Open Division.

                It would give the North a better chance in Division I.

              • The teams from Sac-Juaquin The Folsom’s and the Clovis’ where do the fit in DIV 1 or open?

              • The commissioners won’t let SI play DLS in the Open unless they want to see a 47-7 game. Most likely, an undefeated team from SAC will play DLS in the Open. I believe there are 2 teams from SAC who are undefeated and ranked in the MaxPreps top 5.

              • Clovis is in the Central Section, play in the Southern Playoffs.

                I am pretty sure both highly ranked Sac-Joaquin Section teams are in the SJS Division 1 and SJS Division 2 Playoff Divisions.

                So the Section Commissioners could have one play De La Salle in the Open Division and the other team play SI in the Division 1 Regional Game or the Section Commissioners could have them play each other in the Division 1 Regional game.

                MaxPreps Ranking in the Sac-Joaquin Section
                #1 Folsom is in the SJS Division 2 Playoffs.
                #2 Franklin (Elk Grove) is in the SJS Division 1 Playoffs.
                #7 Placer is the next highly ranked team, that is in a different division. Placer is in the SJS Division 4 Playoffs.
                Franklin and Folsom will both have more highly ranked teams in their playoff bracket, than Placer will.

  9. I seriously doubt any of the teams who made State last year had 2 losses in their league.

  10. It’s all confusing for sure – nothing in stone until this weekends results. My question, is SI only eligible for the Open Div? Or could they go D1or lower? Also, I see that ARHS could make a CCS playoff – how’s that possible? But not SHCP?

    • Saint Ignatius: has 28.0 C.C.S. Bonus Points
      There is a possibility, that they can play in their enrollment division.
      SI loses to Mitty, Terra Nova loses to Half Moon Bay, Monterey beats Seaside, and Pacific Grove beats Carmel. All of these have to happen.

      Riordan: has 20.5 C.C.S. Bonus Points

      Sacred Heart Cathedral: has 19.5 C.C.S. Bonus Points

      Riordan won more games than SHC and SHC’s non-league opponent’s were only 1.0 point better than Riordan’s non-league opponents.

      Both Riordan and SHC need to win this week’s games to get into the CCS Playoffs, although Riordan does have a chance to get into the CCS Playoffs, if they lose.

      • Terra Nova (a pretty good team fighting for 1st place) isn’t going to lose to Half Moon Bay (the last place team who 1 game all year).

      • ARHS Stats I knew I could count on you to break down this mess. But the CCS seeding is still a work in progress. It looks like for two years in a row Terra Nova will will be in the Open Division hooking up with the Bells. I don’t know. That just does not seem right.

  11. I just want to inform Bay Area high school sports fans about some great teams in the Sacramento area. First, is Franklin High School out of Elk Grove, CA. The second is Elk Grove High School. The final team is Luther Burbank. Franlkin is 10-0 and has outscored opponents 369-113 while playing a fairly difficult schedule. Elk Grove is 9-1 with the only loss coming to Franklin by a score of 17-7. Luther Burbank is 10-0 in a fairly week Sac metro league but they have still outscored opponents 482-93. JJ mentioned a few teams and I just wanted to clarify what they were.

  12. This is more confusing than figuring out the BCS formula. But with all these variables, De La Salle always comes out on top so everyone else is just playing for 2nd place.

  13. BAYAREASPORTSFAN | November 5, 2012 at 1:14 PM |

    Just remember SI fans, Mitty lost to Bellarmine on a 50 yard pass on 3rd and long with 3:00 left to go. Against Serra they fumbled 4 snaps and got picked off twice (credit to Serra defense). They had Around Five turnovers and played their worst game of the season and only lose by 9. These are their only 2 losses.I like SI when they focus on the run first and then the pass. Mitty can be vurnerable at times against the run. Serra and Valley Christian had some big runs against them. I like Mitty in this one 38-28

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