Football: Playoff pairings for City schools

St. Ignatius senior wide receiver Andrew Vollert and the Wildcats are headed to the CCS Open Division. (Photo by Devin Chen)

St. Ignatius senior wide receiver Andrew Vollert and the Wildcats are headed to the CCS Open Division. (Photo by Devin Chen)

I saw that people were commenting on multiple posts about the playoff matchups, so I wanted to get everyone on the same page here.

There are some interesting notes on the Central Coast Section playoffs.

Riordan got into the Division III playoffs by winning a coin flip with Santa Teresa, which finished the season with the same amount of playoff qualifying points. The Crusaders also had to get an exception from the West Catholic Athletic League for a league bylaw that says no team can get into the CCS playoffs if a team ahead of it in the league standings does not get in.

St. Ignatius may have the best draw possible in the Open Division, with Bellarmine and Serra on the opposite side of the bracket. The Wildcats wouldn’t have to meet either of the two teams that beat them in the WCAL regular season until the potential championship game.

– Jeremy Balan

AAA semifinals – Thursday
(4) Lowell @ (1) Lincoln, 2 p.m.
(2) Mission vs. (3) Galileo @ Kezar Stadium, 4 p.m.

CCS Open Division playoffs – Friday
(6) St. Ignatius vs. (3) Palma (Salinas) @ Salinas Sports Complex, 7 p.m.

CCS Division III playoffs – Saturday
(7) Riordan vs. (2) Sobrato (Morgan Hill) @ Live Oak (Morgan Hill), 7 p.m.

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  1. footballsupporter | November 11, 2012 at 12:30 PM |

    Last time Riordan won the CCS coin toss they did well (probably wishful thinking this time). Many teams, WCAL and others get to CCS at some level on similar schedule and results. As for LuLu, WCAL, Purple and other haters – come on with the vitriol. I don’t even know why I waste my time on this web site.

    • I don’t get why SHC handled Riordan, yet the Irish don’t make the playoffs. Is it because Riordan had more wins in the preseason? I guess if SHC didn’t choke that game vs BOD in the preseason, they would’ve made the playoffs.

    • manifest Destiny | November 11, 2012 at 2:33 PM |

      The CCS is losing credibility with this “playoff” system. Like all of us I completely respect and support the City schools. Does anyone really think that Riordan belongs in the CCS “playoffs?” Did anyone from the CCS see the SH game? SH is not going? At least they played Campolindo and beat Riordan without question. I guess the 3-0 pre season hype worked out well. What a slap in the face for SHC. Riordan should have declined and called it a season. Who in the WCAL granted this exception?

      • Maybe it was Sweens way of rewarding the….. opps. Never mind.

      • I honestly think the coin flip was rigged. I bet Santa Teresa won the 1st coin flip, then the commisioner said make it best 2 out of 3 coin flips. Either that, or they pulled envelopes out of a hat and the envelope with the bent corner was Riordan.

        • Maybe ARHS won the 1st coin flip, then the commisioner asked them do you really want to go to the playoffs with that record.O’K let’s make 2 out 3 . Wouldn’t you know the Crusaders won the 2nd flip.They had to have the “Luck of the Irish”.The C

          • Sorry I was cut off. Then the Commisioner said” you won 2 out of 3. Do you still want to go? I read Sanfranpreps I know your going to catch all kinds of grief for even entertaining the thought of going to the CCS. Please reconsider. Please!”

            • But then coach Sweens had a vision. “Maybe if I luck out and win one maybe two games. Do you think the 0-14 in league will be forgiven?”

              Stay tuned for more in the coming days.

              • Reality sets in for coach Sweens.” … oh yea. That means in all likelihood we face VC, get blasted by 40 and oops 0-15 against WCAL schools.” Right back where we started!

              • Pretty funny Lance. Maybe you should be concerned for Serra. They got smashed at home , a first rd game @ Paly and a possible date with Bellarmine in the semis.

              • wcalsf well aware of the thrashing on Saturday.It was total domination. Agreed. I already mentioned on the board and also my prediction that Paly will beat Serra. But, I had to chime in on the joke that ARHS is going to CCS. I feel bad for SHC who soundly beat ARHS. Had to lighten up that travesty with a little levity. I think a ARHS alum what like to know what is going through Sweens mind these past 2 seasons. Let’s just say I took a little creative license.

              • Yes. As a Crusader alum( ’88 )the last 5 seasons since their CCS title has been rough…SHC is more deserving this season than Riordan to move on to CCS.

        • manifest Destiny | November 11, 2012 at 3:30 PM |

          Where is Jim Mora Sr. on this one? Playoffs! Who is talking playpffs!!!!!!!

      • CrusaderNation | November 13, 2012 at 8:57 AM |

        CCS – BCS are both flawed systems and in the BCS there are millions of dollars at stake. Riordan didn’t make the rules, just works with them. I don’t remember anyone getting on SI for going 1-5-1 and getting into the playoffs.

        Maybe its time to realign the WCAL and make it a true powerhouse like the SEC. Marin Catholic, Cardinal Newman, Bishop O Dowd, Moreau, add them to the mis and create a north – south WCAL. Why not throw in DeLa SAlle? Televised games? We need to get real, these are high school kids trying to figure out life.

        • SI was 1-5-1 last year in the WCAL, but they should’ve been 3-4. They choked in the St Francis game leading most of the game, and in the Mitty game they missed 2 chip-shot PAT’s and the game ended in a tie. All of their games were competitive, except the Bellarmine game. Riordan, on the other hand, lose 49-0 or 42-0 every other week. The CCS should implement some kind of rule that you have to win at least 1 game in your league in order to qualify for the playoffs.

          • Riordan only got shut out twice this season, so that is not every other week. (Valley Christian and Serra)

            3 of the 7 WCAL games were played to the end of the game with starters in for both teams.

            3 of the WCAL games were 18 or 21 point losses.

            Only 3 WCAL teams scored 40 or more points on Riordan.

            • Not that it matters, but “my team” beat the Rabbits by a score of 31-0 also. I just never heard a team making any kind of playoffs when they go winless in league play. I’ll be rooting for R when they play Sobrato, regardless.

            • Riordan was outscored in league play 281-55. To put it into terms that Pat can understand, Riordan’s offense was terrible and their defense was very Marshall-esk. File these wonderful stats into the deep crevasses of your stat book Pat. Im sure you bring up your glory years of the 80s to make yourself look like youre still a dominant school.

              Dont short yourself. Riordan was shutout 3 times, not 2 times.

            • They were shut out 3 times. They were horrible. STOP defending horrific numbers ARHS STATS. It makes you look silly.

          • You are what your record says you are. 2011 1-5-1 in league. Period!

            • 1-5-1 looks bad, but SI’s overall record was 6-6-1 and 5 wins were against teams who made the playoffs. SI did not have a cupcake preseason schedule. Against WCAL opponents, SI was 3-5-1 if u include the wins vs VC and SHC, not as bad as 0-7 Riordan playoff team.

    • manifest Destiny | November 11, 2012 at 3:00 PM |

      Well I guess the line about graduation and life lessons was all about last week. Unfortunately Riordan failed the WCAL test in a miserable way. They had plenty of time to study for the exam.

      I believe in Riordan football. I do not believe that they earned the invitation to any playoff game this year!

    • @footballsupporter who said i was hating i was just wondering how Riordan got in after not wiining a game and why SHC didn’t get in, even when SHC beat Riordan. i didn’t understand it. after reading some comments i get it.

  2. Good luck Cats, and to the Crusaders! It would be pretty cool to see them go far after a tough season!

  3. Jbalan could the WCAL picked SHC over ARHS? Did SHC have to agree to let ARHS bypass them?

    • From what I understand, it’s entirely procedural. SHC just had to “drop out” of the application process, because they knew they didn’t have enough points. SHC, in theory, could have still applied for the CCS playoffs, even though they knew they didn’t have enough points, which would have knocked out Riordan due to they bylaws. I’m not sure why the WCAL has that bylaw if they can just sidestep it whenever they want.

      • yes, it is part of the same bylaw, which states the school can withdraw your school’s team from the C.C.S. Playoffs.

        By the the school, I mean the Head Coach or Athletic Director.

        To apply to the C.C.S. playoffs the SHC coach would have to prove to the other WCAL coaches that he would get a playoff spot, even if it was the last one and all he could get was a coin flip.

        As long as the school has a chance to get into a coin flip for a playoff spot, they are allowed to apply, before a team that finished lower in the standings than them can apply.

      • The Riordan community and the seniors especially, have gone through alot of adversity lately, why not congratulate the team instead of finding excuses to ridicule them. They put in the time just like any other player in the WCAL, they are geting what thaey desrve, and when the Crusaders come all the way back, we will not forget who put our school down.

        • What part of what I said was a ridicule?

        • rabbit5 says”….. they are getting what thaey desrve.” There are all kinds of teams and players who work hard, put in time before,during and after practice.That does not mean they; like ARHS, desreve to make the playoffs.If there is any ridicule ,it ‘s a ridicule more for the system and not the players. Your right the players should never be ridiculed. The CCS “point system” should be ridiculed. 2011 saw all kinds of problems with teams opting out of the Open.( Yes, I’m talking about Serra) This was not fair.It led Terra Nova opening up against the Bells. Opps! Terra Nova opens up with the Bells 2012. Something is wrong here.Just like something is wrong for a team to go 0-7 in league and make the playoffs on a coin toss. Who knows maybe lightening strikes & they run the table. ( see 2011 SI 1-5-1 league wins the CCS in Div III. )

          The system is flawed and everyone knows it.

          • Lance that was well said and no one can disagree. Life isn’t fair and this is a lesson for all the kids. But the game of football is like the game of life, keep playing, keep pushing, life will find a way

          • The problem is, the CCS public school coaches made the WCAL a A+ League.

            This gave every WCAL team 11.5 points for just playing league games.

            Winning 3 games, give a WCAL team 6 points and 17.5 points.

            If your non-league opponents can earn 3 to 4 C.C.S. Bonus Points, by the end of the season.

            Then most WCAL teams will get into the C.C.S. Playoffs.

            This season the non-league opponent’s of the WCAL teams averaged 3.81 points for the WCAL teams.

            Riordan and Bellarmine got the lowest Number of Bonus Points from their non-league opponents.

  4. manifest Destiny | November 12, 2012 at 10:55 AM |

    Any playoff predictions. I think that Riordan might beat Sobrato. Bells over Terra Nova. Even money on SI /Palma. Serra /Palo Alto will be one to see.

  5. Maybe next year shc should just schedule a cupcake preseason because look what Riordan did…..

  6. I’m sure next year preseason will have terra nova and maybe one easy game. Campolindo was to hard. Beef up the numbers before scheduling those teams. Give the guys a chance. They should work on a 40plus squad first.

    • I think SHC’s non-league schedule was fine. They were in the Campolindo game the whole time and probably should have won the Bishop O’Dowd game.

      • SH were in all the games until they got wore down by the third quarter. All those teams had larger squads so if we had more players people would have stayed fresh longer, and maybe competed 4 quarters. All the teams played won there leagues. Maybe schedule just one easier one for next year, to get the guys to gel. Next year should be interesting with Logan white, jamar Shepard and Rasso leading the offense.

        • Chris I wouldnt want SH to go the Riordan way and schedule 3 AAA cupcakes that they know they can beat handily. TN, Campo, and O’Dowd all very good, very tough opponents to add to murderers row of the WCAL.

          I just think most avid Irish followers should not expect 10-1, 9-2 seasons from the football team. We are not a football school. We may have a season here or there when we have a talented class of athletes that put together a fantastic season and maybe even beat SI and upset one of the south bay schools. But realistically winning all non-league and tops 3 WCAL wins is what I would call a really good season and sending a couple players to D1.

          Now its time for the real season to begin, basketball.

          • Ari, I would have preferred the Crusaders to have scheduled a more competitive pre-season schedule myself. One AAA team should have been enough. SHC was more deserving to go on to CCS this season.
            Yes. Looking forward to hoops season. Riordan appears to be relevant again.

          • Ari, I am not suggesting that we play a cupcake schedule like the rabbits did. I’m saying this year they could have played terra nova, (annually)and maybe a team like Menlo, California, monte vista, or something supposedly weaker than Campolindo. Campolindo is a football school with tons of size and players. Maybe, St. Mary’s instead of o’dowd. It just happened to be a pretty tough pre-season considering we lost more than half of the team to graduation. I know scheduling is never easy but just my opinion since the whole team is practically new.

            • I think Monte Vista is down this year, but usually they have a really good football team. If u want to guarantee a spot in the CCS playoffs, all you need is 2 cupcakes or 1 cupcake and another winnable game like Piedmont Hills and Piedmont and even if u go 0-7 in WCAL, you are in the playoffs. I’m pretty sure Riordan is playing Lincoln again next year & maybe Mission??….so that means another playoff appearance, unless the CCS changes things.

  7. Go Lowell! lol. It’d be really tremendous if they upset Lincoln, which probably won’t happen. Fingers crossed. Good luck guys

  8. The good:
    Josh Fox first two games 17 pts 5 reb, and 10 pts 10 reb. Riverside got blown out both games. Just think where they’d be without Fox!!!

    No bad or ugly, just disappointing:
    Stephen Domingo: first game cancelled due to floor moisture and 2nd game 5 min, 0 pts, 1 assist. Yes just like his high school career, his college career is off to a disappointing start.

  9. Josh Fox already looks like the MVP on UCR, only a freshman. I think he’s getting the most minutes too. Once Johns comes back from his injury, UCR could be better. Stephen Domingo, on the other hand, is only getting about 5 mins a game, so it’s really hard to assess his impact yet, but I expect he will get spot minutes throughout the season. Not sure which is better, 5 mins a game in a tough conference or 30 mins a game in the WCAL?

    • Interesting JJ, when a good team like Georgetown plays a lower echelon team like Duquesne and your “highly touted” freshman blue-chipper only plays 5 minutes, you wonder when Big East conference play starts if he will even play. Im sure he will during situational plays when the Hoyas need all perimeter shooters on the floor.

      • Well, he’s only a freshman, so perhaps G’town’s coach is slowly putting him on the floor. If he improves mightily during their practices, he may get more playing time. If not, he still has 4-5 years to hone his game. I read some article that Aaron Gordon of Mitty wants to go to the NBA after 1 year of college. Obviously, Domingo won’t be in the NBA after this year, but u kinda wonder what all these “agents” whisper in these 17 yr old kids’ ears. The #1 recruit at UCLA already got suspended for improper benefits from an “agent”. I really don’t know how good SI’s basketball team will be this year with the loss of Domingo, but they should play an exciting brand of basketball, especially with their exciting point guard.

        • Gordon being 1 and done surprises you? The kid’s athletic talent alone and “upside / blake griffin-esk game” makes him a lottery pick. Im sure since his older brother Drew failed to make an NBA team that he is in his ear telling him to be 1 and done so he can mooch off his brother.

          • Well, in high school, at 6-8 or 6-9, he’s usually the tallest guy on the floor. In the NBA, I doubt he will be dunking on everyone since there will be 7-footers and guys taller than him on an everyday basis. If he’s lucky to be selected in the 1st round, more power to him, but I’d hate to see him put his name in the draft and what if he isn’t selected?

            • AG is a definite lottery pick.

            • You mistaken nba players actually playing defense. When someone is driving down the lane, you’ll see a lot of players just move away or not even try to jump to alter the shot attempt. High school kids at least try. Getting paid millions and not wanting to wreck their faces can do that to a player.

  10. Will SI or Riordan bring up any players from the lower ranks? Riordan definitely needs to add depth. What is Masoli’s status?

    • As for SI football, I recall them bringing up a couple players for CCS last year (i.e. Wollitz), so I expect them to call up around 3 players or so again. SI has alot of guys on injured reserve, so they will need help. As for Riordan, they should definitely bring up a few players to varsity, even some hyped up freshmen? It will be interesting how they do against a non-WCAL and non-AAA team.

  11. Sweeney…I won’t even glorify him by calling him ‘Coach’, is a hollow, bully type who has no clue how to bond with his players or mentor / develop them. Instead his behavior alienates them. He’d rather win, than have the team win.This is why the record is what it is and many players are just going through the motions out there. They feel no connection. There’s no motivation, no unity, no “nuthin”. It’s really sad to see and his ‘pretend to care’ comments show that he’s making a stab at an ‘I care’ stance, but he’s sadly out of touch. It’s like a slow death.

    • Seeka you are 100% correct on all your points. I stated this a while back and many people didn’t understand what I was saying and now the truth is coming out about Sweeney. He is not a coach of the kids because his tatics of scaring kids away got him 0-14 in league after 2 yrs. Riordan would be foolish to keep him on as coach. Parents and kids don’t like him period. His ego is why he coaches not for the kids and the development of young men! Now that Daly is gone the next president should be warned about this want to be coach…

      • You know alot! You must be on campus alot! All of what you said id TRUE!!! Of he is there for year 3 it will ruin Riordans program for years to come! Even worse than it is now!

    • I agree 100%!!!!

  12. Seeka just hit it out of the park.

  13. Check out Calpreps. They have ARHS beating Sobrato 28-27. What is the track record for this outfit? They project all WCAL schools winning their 1st round games. Like I mentioned before, I see Paly beating Serra. The one score that sort of surprised me was SI routing Palma. It could happen. But Palma does have a tremendous histrory in the CCS. That’s why they play the games.

    • By this time in the season about 80% of their predictions are correct for CalPreps. Last week CalPreps was wrong on 7 of the 38 C.C.S. games, so they were correct on 31 games.

      Two of games wrong were St. Francis vs. Serra and St. Ignatius vs. Mitty (Projection: Mitty by 1 and Serra by 19)
      Other Games wrong last week:
      Menlo vs. Sacred Heart Prep: SHP 31 M 28 (Projection: Menlo by 1 [28-27]) Silver Creek vs. Gunderson: SC 41 G 32 (Projection: Gunderson by 15 [28-13] Willow Glen vs. Pioneer: WG 28 P 20 (Projection: Pioneer by 9 [28-19]) Christopher vs. Gilroy: C 44 G 17 (Projection: Gilroy by 1 [35-34]) Leigh vs. Live Oak: L 33 LO 23 (Projection: Live Oak by 13 [34-21])

      Three other games CalPreps predicted winning by 3 points or less, where the winning team was the team predicted. So CalPreps was 3-3 on close games last week in the C.C.S.

      But a 1 point win for a game, really means either team could win.

      CalPreps C.C.S. Rankings has Riordan ranked 26th and Sobrato ranked 27th in the section.

      • Wow! Thanks ARHS Stats. My only question now is are you a living, breathing human being with blood running through your veins. Or are you the Terminaor robot pulling out a computer spread sheet in you dome?

  14. Jeremy, do you know the status of Masoli for Saturday night?

    • I don’t. Last time I checked, they were getting him reevaluated this week. Calling coach Sweeney tomorrow for the CCS preview. Spent most of today working on the girls Top 10 basketball teams and the AAA football playoff preview.

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