Boys Basketball Top 10: University takes top spot in preseason rankings

University senior guard Chris Mah (right) is one of "six" starters back for the Red Devils this season. (Photo by Doug Ko)

University senior guard Chris Mah (right) is one of “six” starters back for the Red Devils this season. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Every week during the basketball season, we will be publishing our take on the top ten boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. This is our preseason list and we will update the rankings again in December. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section.

1. University (20-13 last season)

The standout group of sophomores that were on the University squad that made it to the Northern California Division V championship game in 2010-2011 are now seniors and are the driving force behind our reasoning why the Red Devils are the top preseason team. University head coach Randal Bessolo jokes that he is returning six starters – all five from last season and senior forward Will Carroll, who started every game as a sophomore but missed the 2011-2012 season with a knee injury. Dynamic 6-foot-4 senior Harold Getz, who can play every position on to court, will be the centerpiece in Bessolo’s run-and-gun system, along with sharpshooting senior point guard Chris Mah. Throw in fellow shooters James Burton and Jack Gale, as well as Carroll in the middle, and another trip to the NorCal championship game game (almost surely against division rival St. Joseph Notre Dame) appears to be in the works.

2. Riordan (10-15 last season)

A group of transfers, highlighted by former Burlingame shooting guard Frankie Ferrari, will likely make the Crusaders the City’s best team when they become eligible in early January, but for now, they look to be a step below. Leading scorer and point guard Geru Mabrey will be the focal point for opposing defenses early in the season, but Graham Gilleran, a 6-foot-6 forward, could lighten the load if he can improve on his 5.5 points and 4.9 rebounds per game last season. Junior guards Jiday Ugbaja and Bobby Arenas will also be scoring threats, but the other frontcourt position is up for grabs, with likely candidates Christian Hernandez and Zach Masoli.

3. Sacred Heart Cathedral (28-6 last season)

The Irish lost their two best players, forwards Joshua Fox and Taylor Johns (both now at UC Riverside), but still have the talent in the backcourt to be one of the City’s top teams. No one is expecting another run to the state championship this year, but the Irish still have do-everything guard Herman Pratt, as well as point guards Khalil James and Deondre Otis, who should all be starters. The Irish will also get senior forward Yanoj Jackson back from a foot injury that sidelined him for all of 2011-2012, but head coach Darrell Barbour hinted that the key to their season may be the development of junior forward Liam O’Reilly, who is now around 6-foot-4.

4. Marshall (15-15 last season)

The Phoenix have all four of their starting guards from last season returning, but lose center and 20-20 threat Mark Alexander to graduation. In Alexander’s place will be 6-foot-5 senior Albert Collins, who may not be the dominant force Alexander was, but is not short on athleticism. Junior starters Jason Smith, Mizell Parker and Preston Deming are the most talented group of underclassmen guards in the City, and along with steady senior scorer Aumen Holliday, will challenge for an Academic Athletic Association title again. The biggest issue for Marshall in recent years has been depth and they essentially had a five-man rotation last season, but head coach Dezebee Miles said he will have 13 players when they tip off the season in the Straw Hat Pizza Classic in Antioch on Nov. 29.

5. Mission (23-11 last season)

The Bears still have standout senior point guard Antoine Porter and senior shooting guard Kevin Murray back, but lost all of their inside presence from last season’s AAA championship squad. Six-foot-5 forwards Gione Edwards and Shaquille Fisher, along with rebounding machine Miles Prescott, are all gone to graduation and the remaining group of forwards is not imposing. Relatively undersized forwards Armani McFarland (6-foot) and Issac Straznickas (6-foot-2) will be in the mix in the frontcourt. We’re not big on summer leagues or scrimmage results, but the Bears did beat No. 6 St. Ignatius by double digits over the summer.

6. St. Ignatius (11-16 last season)

With would-be senior Stephen Domingo, who left St. Ignatius after his junior year to enroll early at Georgetown, the Wildcats would probably be our preseason top team. Without Domingo, it appears the West Catholic Athletic League season could be a long one for the Wildcats. Conversely, SI could be liberated by Domingo’s departure. Flashy junior point guard Trevor Dunbar should have full control of the St. Ignatius offense, but another scoring threat needs to emerge. Other than Dunbar (who averaged 10.6 points per game), the projected starting lineup averaged 13.1 points per game combined last season.

7. Stuart Hall (19-10 last season)

There may not be a more imposing lineup in the City than the group the Knights will put on the floor this year. Stuart Hall will have five players at 6-foot-4 or taller, highlighted by sophomore small forward Armani Collins, who is the leading scorer returning (9.6 points per game). The lineup should also include 6-foot-5 senior center Andreas Peritos (7.4 points and 5.3 rebounds per game last season) and 6-foot-7, 235-pound junior transfer Jose Vargas. Vargas is a transfer from Mexico, where he was a member of the under-19 national team.

8. Lincoln (20-13 last season)

The Mustangs lose their top three scorers from last season, but will still be in the conversation for a AAA title. Lincoln will likely have the biggest frontcourt in the league with brothers Seth and Douglas Snoddy. Seth, a junior, stands at 6-foot-7 and Douglas, a senior, is 6-foot-4. Lincoln head coach Matt Jackson said Seth has improved his offense with a new mid-range game, but both brothers should also be invaluable on defense in a league that lacks many big bodies. Overall, defense should be a strong point for the Mustangs, with the return of lockdown perimeter defender Mitchell Lee and six physical players coming from the football team once its season is over.

9. Urban (15-11 last season)

Standout guard Nate Cohen won’t have to shoulder all of the load for the Blues this season, but he will carry a significant amount if Urban is to be successful. The 6-foot senior could very well lead the Blues in scoring, rebounding and assists this season, but will get help from sharpshooting guards Matthew Monges and Harrison Golding. Point guard Harry Krinsky, who was the team captain last season as a junior, has settled into the role of distributor and incoming 6-foot-3 freshman Andre Campbell Jr. should get regular playing time in the frontcourt.

10. Lick-Wilmerding (18-11 last season)

The defending Bay Counties League West champs are looking up at three league opponents at the moment, mostly due to the fact that their two main ball-handlers and leading scorers, Phillip Stone and Isaiah Boone, graduated last school year. What the Tigers will have is a tall and talented frontcourt. Seniors Matthew Bergland (6-foot-6), Benjamin Schneider and Andrew Rauch (both 6-foot-4) all should be starters.

The best of the rest, with last season’s records: Gateway (17-3), Washington (16-16), Lowell (19-11).

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149 Comments on "Boys Basketball Top 10: University takes top spot in preseason rankings"

  1. Basketball Pundit | November 13, 2012 at 2:04 AM |

    I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I actually agree with this. University has the most desirable asset in HS ball…. Seniors and good ones.

  2. I can’t believe how horrible SI’s record was last year, especially with perhaps 2 D1’s in their lineup. Don’t know who the starting lineup is for SI, but I do know a couple players transferred out, such as Domingo. Something tells me that SI will have a “small” lineup.

    • The SI lineup that I projected is: 1. Trevor Dunbar 2. Albert Waters 3. Daniel MacLean-Vernic 4. Noah Bull (if he decides to play) 5. Andrew Vollert.

      • Who else left SI besides Domingo? Terrence Roberts? I noticed Jeremy’s projected lineup and he is not listed. He was a solid 6th player last season.

        • they both transfered

          • Domingo did not transfer. He upped and done moved onto college after 3 years at SI. Getting decent minutes at G-Town. Roberts is no real loss. Cats beat traditional power Clovis West in first game by 10 without three of Jeremy’s projected starters who are all still starring at football. Let’s hold the tears for SI boys. They will be fine. Not as good as the SI girls, but still just fine.

  3. I am proud of O’ Reilly, he has been working hard and he did get bigger. This guy was on the freshman b team and made varsity as a Sophmore. What an inspirational story.

  4. thecityplanner | November 13, 2012 at 3:43 AM |

    wake up SI…there are players right under your noses who you don’t seem to even be aware of…or don’t care.

    UNI is #1 and SI #6…..really? REALLY???


    • I agree….you really have to take into count the leagues these teams play in.. WCAL is a tough league .

  5. Congratulations University! Now the hard part — staying in first place. Good luck on your season!

  6. SI probably will finish last in the WCAL standings. They only have Trevor as their go to guy! SD is gone
    Noah Bull is not sure if he’s gonna play and one other good player transferred out. Tough task for SI boys
    basketball this year, the BM trophy will be decided by baseball this year!!

    • SI had a very strong JV last year, they will be super competitive. The Senior that left was not a starter. If the Bruce is decided by baseball… SI clearly the favorite by a long shot.

    • Last place is more likely to be Valley Christian, no?

      • Unless VC got a stud transfer, I think they could be in last place. The only significant player coming back for their basketball team is the quarterback (MacIntyre), I believe.

  7. Uni is a great team, with a handful of really solid players. this being said, enough credit is not given to their coach, Randy. University executes their game plan, which is more than can be said for 90% of high school teams in the city. Coach Randy is really why Uni has been, and will be, so successful. I predict some big upsets at the hands of the runnin’ red devils.

  8. Jackson Barnett | November 13, 2012 at 9:56 AM |

    Having Lick-Wilmerding, the reigning bcl west champions, rated as 10th is as callous as it is ignorant. Sanfranpreps constantly and blatantly favors university as an athletic powerhouse, consistently disregarding Lick’s potential and annually ranking them last (in basketball alone).

    • If we’re callous and ignorant for having Lick at No. 10, then so is Eliot Smith, your coach and athletic director. He is the one that told me that his team is probably fourth-best in the BCL West at this point.

  9. JB did a fine job with the rankings although I agree that Riordan will eventually move into the number 1 position once all their players are eligible. They would be a clear #1 if their 6’9 player wasn’t injured. Don’t count SHC out either, although they lost almost all of their scoring from last year, don’t forget about Petroni. I believed their guards were made much better because of their twin towers, we will see if they step up and shoulder much more of a scoring load. IMO, SI has the best player in the city in Dunbar, although Mabrey is not too far off. While on paper, UNI has the most talent returning, I also saw this group go scoreless for a quarter and a half versus Riordan. If their shots (threes) aren’t falling, they can be in for a long evening.

    I will be curious to see how Riordan does in WCAL play. Their 3 guards (4 if you count Arenas as a guard) are as good as Serra’s and I hear they also have 2 transfers who are in the 6’3 range that are solid players. Will they be a cohesive unit by the time league play starts? If so can they supplant Serra for the #2 spot as Mitty is a clear cut favorite. I also hear Serra has a very talented frosh who may play varsity.

    I also hear that SHC has a pretty talented transfer as well. Can anyone confirm this?

    Looking forward to the season commencing.

    • Darrell Barbour said that he envisions one transfer being a pretty solid contributor.

      • Also watch for Bellarmine in the WCAL.

        • Mitty is still the favorite in WCAL with AG in his last year!!

        • Here is my WCAL rankings: 1 Mitty 2 Serra 3 SI 4 SHC 5 Riordan 6 St Francis 7 Bellarmine 8 VC. I believe St Francis has a 6-9 Australian freshman, so I’m not sure if he will be on varsity.

          • SI at 3? Wow ! and Bellarmine at 7 and SI is better than Bellarmine and.Riordan with no SD in the line up. Well anyway let’s just wait and see till they play I respect your prediction!

            • Here’s my take on WCAL rankings (assuming transfers are eligible):
              1 Mitty 2 Serra 3 Riordan 4 SHC 5 Bells 6 SI 7 SF 8 VC. Players leaving SI raises a red flag on the confidence in the coaching/direction. Dunbar’s situation is very similar to the situation that Masoli is putting up with on the football side…

          • 1. Mitty
            2-3. Serra/Riordan
            4.St. Francis
            5. SHC
            6. Bellarmine
            7. SI
            8. VC

          • No one has seen more games than JB in the city. He said as a TEAM he has SHC as the no. 1 team in the city. They are battle tested and the guys got a lot of experience going into the upcoming season. Now individually, some players may be more gifted slightly, but in the end, teamwork wins games and having good chemistry can not be discounted.

            • Johnny Drama | November 13, 2012 at 7:09 PM |

              No, he said he had them ranked #1 until he did his research and realized other schools have more talent. When you lose 60% of your starting lineup and 90% of your scoring, it is hard to say teamwork will prevail. SHC will be searching for their identity since they lost their leaders from the last 3 years. On a positive note, you will probably sweep SI this year despite having a down year. Who can answer the questions about the SHC transfer? In the interest of full disclosure we should know how tall he is and what position he plays. Was he also part of the Mexican National team? Regardless, we will see how good a coach Barbour really is.

              If what I hear about the new players on Phelan is true, they will be the best team in SF by seasons end. They should also battle Serra for the 2 spot in WCAL. Besides Ferrari, I hear they have a forward from Terre Nova who is an animal on the boards. He is supposed to be related to a current player. Arenas will be back and will add scoring and toughness and I hear they also have a boarding kid from Europe who is very strong and about 6’3. With Gilleran, Mabrey and Masoli, they have a nice squad. Don’t forget about the 6’9 kid who is injured and will return next year.

              As far as SI, we will finish 6-7 in league unless someone steps up to give Dunbar some help. Dunbar will be doubled to take the ball out of his hands. Although I do believe he is the best player in SF, he will not be enough to make SI a contender. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t believe I am.

              JB, University is all smoke and mirrors. I wasn’t there but I recall the game they didn’t score for 1.5 quarters. They are a good D5 squad.

              Hoops season is around the corner, finally!

              What does my brother @Ari Gold think?

              • Johnny Drama with the on point analysis. I don’t disagree with anything. I am a big Darrell Barbour believer. Some coaches just win with whatever they have. He won’t have a super athletic wing like Brown or Fox or a imposing big man like Greene or Johns. But I don’t doubt that Jackson and Oreilly will har solid seasons to go with deep guard play with both James brothers, Otis, Pratt and Parsons.

                I can’t wait until SI /Mitty. I want to how many players Gordon will foul out.
                Dunbar hopefully won’t get frustrated and will feed off senior leadership by Waters.

                Riordan is going to be tough with their abundance of guards and Buckner is a solid coach. Now he has some real good players.

        • Yep, especially Bo Vermeer. He’s very good.

  10. I can’t wait to see the preseason girls basketball top ten to see where the top 3 teams from last year SI, Lowell , & Mercy will place in the beginning.

    • I would assume, the Saint Ignatius Girl’s would be the #1 team, since they have some good player’s returning with some height.

      Mercy may be having a rebuilding season, I think a lot of their players were seniors. But they are still probably in the top 6 teams in San Francisco.

      I don’t know about Lowell.

      • Hmmm…interesting comment. Thanks.

      • SI girls have Upgraded at point guard a Junior from Piedmont high school.
        SHC at same time have proves their roster too having girls that should. Have been playing Varsity last year ! SI by the way has 8 or 9 Sophs in their roster, with only 2 seniors!!

        • SR’s – Crystal, Chantal, Tatiana (Don’t Know)
          JR’s – Paige, Katie Craft (DK)
          SO’s – Josie, Sydney, Brianna

          The rest we shall wait & see ’til the alumni game next Wed. @ SI.

          • Only Tatiana and Crystal are back as seniors.
            Paige Junior , Bri , Cydney and Josie are Sophs.
            The new ones are: Addie Walters, Janessa Manzano,
            Tyler Brown, Joleen Yang, Paige Waters (if playing) are Sophs .
            Kim Tom a junior and two transfers Quinci Mann from
            Peidmont high school a junior and. Erin Hanley from Convent a
            sophomore. Quinci is the much needed point guard!!

  11. Good luck to all the city teams!! And I do think Coach Randy does a great job!! And his team will do good!!! But if they played in the WCLA no way would they beat the top 4or 5 teams!! And Riordan should be nice…always play hard!!(but don’t no if it’s enough balls in the gym) 3pg as starters all 5″8 to 5″10 !!! As For SHC they have two starter and to guys that played a lot coming back on a state team!!! I think they will be the best city team!IL take pratt ,James and Otis And the Big O’Really who i hear jumping real welll now!!I think they will be at top at the end of the day!!!Mission and 3rdGood in ship For AAA!!(with mission some how winning angin)p.s don’t count SI out they do have kids now who will play hard for the coach and thats what makes a Team!! And he is a very good coach!! So they could be much better than ppl think!! They did have a nice Jv team!!

    • Do U mean WCAL Coach O?

    • Great comments Coach O, it will be a toss up but I do not see SHC having enough firepower coming back. Jackson will help and I hear the transfer is good, also from Mexico I believe but they lost almost 80% of their scoring from last year. Does anyone know the height of their transfer? They went from being the tallest team in SF to possibly the smallest. The three city WCAL schools are all strong in the guard position, with Riordan, IMO, having the best group. SI has the best player but I believe he will not be enough when SHC and Riordan can throw 2 or guys at him every game. If Gilleran has a strong senior year, Riordan can make some noise in the WCAL.

    • Saw Uni play SI in summer scrimmage. Score was not close (25 points) with SI dominating in every aspect of the game, primarily with their JV players plus Dunbar/vernic/waters. Cannot compare the two leagues and difference in the quality of the competition each face

  12. it seemed as though sacred heart was going to have the inside track on the number one spot. with pratt, james, otis and o’reilly playing in a much tougher league and being proven winners, it seems like they would have the edge at least at the beginning of the season over a team like uni. while i agree that university has excellent players and a successful coach, the core of their players last year never really meshed that well and lost to lick twice. i know its a new year, but it seems to me SH deserves a higher ranking.

    • I’ll be honest, I had Sacred Heart at No. 1, Uni at No. 2 and Riordan at No. 3 originally. Then I went position by position and Uni just has the better pieces now. You’re right about chemistry, which could be a huge factor, but at this point, we can’t project that.

  13. I don’t know how good S.I. will be this year but I do know I CAN’T WAIT for the next Trevor Dunbar mix tape. That fool nice with the handles. I just feel bad for whoever has to guard him… lol

  14. Also while I agree that University is better than any team in the AAA or BCL West at this point, I highly doubt they could beat any teams in the WCAL considering they lost to Lick-Wilmerding twice last year.

  15. Lol your right what was I doing!!!:)(WCAL)Thanks and lets get this right!!! Pratt is the best player in city!! Dunbar is very good!! But when you talk do it all (Pratt)is by him self at the top!!

  16. Pratt is a very good defender but the jury is still out on his all around game. I don’t recall him ever having a big scoring game as he deferred to the seniors and lots of his points were due to the attention the seniors received. In fact, he struggled mightily in the State game if I recall correctly. If he is the focal point, such as Dunbar was, will he be able to score effectively? Dunbar was a first team WCAL selection, so until Pratt proves he is deserving of the title, I say Dunbar is the best player with Mabrey a close second.

    • M air J, none of the guys can play D like Pratt. Pratt guarded some of the biggest guys on any team and hung with them. He didn’t have to shoot all that much with the twin towers around, but he can score, u will see.

  17. It will be a fun year in the WCAL this year and the 3 city teams have talent. SHC deserves to be #1 until proven otherwise with good talented kids like Pratt and Jackson and 2 good guards. #2 Riordan with an energetic Mabry and Arenas this team will do well. And #3 SI with Dunbar and other complimentary solid players and always solid coaching. The good thing is the games have to played and will be very exciting this year as always. Good luck to all 3 teams!

  18. BBALL FANATIC | November 13, 2012 at 8:38 PM |

    I gotta go with the BIG GUY on Dunbar being NUMERO UNO in SF’s pool of talent….He’s the only guard that demands a double team or help defense…and even when keyed in on, can still find a way to make a play…i will give Mabrey the slight edge in regards to speed and strength due to the fact i seen Geru “dunk” this past summer, and the age difference 16yrs-18yrs…Im also real interested to see if Jackson(SHC/injury) and Arenas (Riordan) kept working in the gym after their setbacks…

    Can’t wait to get this football out of the way and commence the “tipoff”…sure wish we had a CITY preseason tournament(to go with these rankings), to give all of us good posters a sneak peak of whats to come…

    A portion of this comment has been edited

    • The opening round of the Crusader Classic will be Mission vs. Riordan, so that would be a good place for you to start. Mission will also be in the Sand Dune.

  19. Take this from Coach O when you see Pratt play this year you will see he can score!! He playing above the rim now!! And his jumper is nice it has come a long way!! I love Dunbar game!! But when you looking at basketball from a who do what!! Pratt is by him self!! And if you look at last year Pratt came to play each game even if he didn’t play his best!! SHC don’t make it to state with out him!!! His my number one player!! At this point he has to be at the Top!! But I hope Dunbar have a good year also!!

  20. Just some facts | November 14, 2012 at 9:08 AM |

    “No one has seen more games than JB in the city. He said as a TEAM he has SHC as the no. 1 team in the city.” JB did not say that SHC is no 1 team. He said “one of the City’s top teams”. He chose his words carefully, I am sure.

    JB: “The Irish lost their two best players, forwards Joshua Fox and Taylor Johns (both now at UC Riverside), but still have the talent in the backcourt to be one of the City’s top teams”.

    Yes, ARHS has some more transfers up their sleeve. Some pretty impressive ones. Also do not rule out the 6’9″ transfer for the whole season. Could be he will heal faster than that.

  21. Man, JB must be a busy guy today because he might go to SHC tonight to watch a girls ccs vb game. He has no time to do the preseason hoops top ten for girls.

  22. I find it strange, that most of the so called best players in San Francisco, are from WCAL schools,
    let keep it real, there are players in the private schools and public schools, that deserve to be mention in these conversations and post as well, there is not one players from the AAA mentioned as a top players in the city all these post…. believe me; there are many! it’s a shame that some of you really misunderstand what a top player is, some of the names being mentioned, are really being mentioned only because of what their teams have done in the past, and not, proven facts on what they have done as players. You guys posting, Can’t come up with one players from the other leagues in San Francisco, to be consider? the players from the other leagues in the city would like to get some love to.

    • We have University as our top team. I’d say that’s speaking pretty highly of its players. There’s no doubt Harold Getz, Chris Mah, Antoine Porter, Kevin Murray, Nate Cohen and others are among the City’s best.

    • My reasoning for saying Dunbar is the best player is based more on what he has done outside of the WCAL, such as competing with grown men and holding his own in the SF Pro-Am league. Not to mention his first team WCAL selection, and also his summer with the best AAU team around. This is based soley on what he has done as a player because his team last year wasn’t very good. This is just a message board where we offer our opinions and we can debate what we think.

      I find it interesting you didn’t name anyone. Feel free to spread the love to whomever you’d like.

      • i think it won’t be long before your saying 6-6 wing matt bergland’s name from lick-wilmerding in that discussion for best player in the city as well.

      • Doc holliday | November 27, 2012 at 9:39 AM |

        It was another high school player in the summer Pro league and it’s his third season Aumen Holliday. He also played AAU with the Drew Gooden Soldiers. Can see, google Aumen Holliday footage of the summer league game he played in can be seen.

        • Mr. Holliday, if you continue to use a name that is not yours, I will stop approving your comments.

          • Doc Holliday | November 27, 2012 at 2:57 PM |

            All these people pumping everone else. My son is the real deal and you don’t pump him why?. You told me yourself the reason you covered the B league was because what you heard.Now I’m doing to much go figure. Do you have any kids J you wound’t work for your kid especially when he deserves it. Please explain to me what i am doing so worng.

          • Doc Holliday | November 27, 2012 at 3:12 PM |

            Well thats a start, if you want to give a history lesson on your site i will. J you and this site is given you a false since of security i send kids to D 1 colleges every year. For 15 years Sir, i know what i am talking about? Who have you helped go D1 please let me know.

          • Doc Holliday | November 27, 2012 at 3:30 PM |

            All these people using code names why are you so worried about me ? The info i write on here is verifyable isn’t it i gave the web sites so you can see it. That’s fact and i am a proud father of my sons accomplishments.he’s worked damm hard for it and if i feel he is not getting his just deserve what type of father would i be if i did nothing. I tell you i wolud be a punk son of a gun can’t say what i would like.

            • I’m not worried about you. It’s a simple rule of commenting on this site to have one name when commenting. You should read the Commenting Code of Conduct.

              From the Code of Conduct:

              – Pick a name and stick to it

              We’re not going to make people register, but we will no longer be approving “anonymous” comments. Pick a name or moniker, and stick to it. Do not switch names. We’re not asking you to identify yourself personally, but at least maintain one identity on this site. A valid, consistent e-mail for each poster is also required, so we can make sure that you, and only you, are posting under your name, and so that no other people can imitate you.”

            • Kezar for Keeps | November 27, 2012 at 3:44 PM |

              Its a shame that such a respectable and composed young man has to have such a disrespectful and blowhard of a father. Stop embarrassing your son. He probably cringes every time you spout your self-aggrandizing crap on this web site.

              • Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 6:43 AM |

                Crap, the things on this site i read are crap. I see Jblan dont mind hideing you Kesar for Keeps, who is that why dont you expose him as well. As long as i see bull crap being spwed i will continue. I work with a lot of coaches throuhout the Bay Area and some of the top players in the nation every year and is trusted by many in the fiield. So blow hard that just confirms it you dont know nothing just disrespecting true talent but whats new.

              • I didn’t expose him, because he didn’t violate our Code of Conduct. You decided when you first commented on this site to use your real name. That wasn’t my decision. You exposed yourself.

                You’ve exposed yourself quite a bit over the last year or so. You’ve called me a racist, questioned my integrity and spewed all other kinds of hate onto me and the site in the name of seeking “respect” for your son.

                I have a tremendous respect for your son and had a tremendous respect for you when I first met you two years ago at the Crocker Amazon baseball field. I still have the respect for your son, who has been collected, intelligent and respectful every time I’ve talked to him in an interview or just in conversation.

                Unfortunately, I have lost all respect for you.

            • Oh, youre one of THOSE dads. If you want to buff up your son, use a real tout service (max preps or berecruited). I think your looking in the wrong place Papa Holliday.

              • Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 6:53 AM |

                No my son has played at the highest level in Jr high undefeated at Lincoln Middle school in Alameda and MVP that year, ;Freshman year For Alameda High, MVP, Top freshman in Golf Undefeated started 6 matches. Those are facts not hype. And to top it off he has led the AAA IN BATTING AVE, SLUGGING%, OB%, ERA, STOLEN BASES, THE LAST TWO YEARS , AND DEFEATED AN A LEAGUE TEAM WHICH HAD NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE IN BASEBALL. AND HE DID NOT EVEN MAKE ALL CITY. WHY? 2011 all the scouts i spoke with wonder as well.

              • All accomplishments that ANY father would be proud of. No doubt a standout athlete in his own right and in your eyes. Really that’s all that matters. If he gets no play or recognition in a newspaper or website, you’re going to let that make you bitter? Sounds like you’re starving for attention when all you probably should do is what you’ve been doing all along which is be a good supporting father, go to games, cheer for him, tell him you’re proud of him. Everything else is not in your control so don’t worry yourself with that and get all bitter.

    • Nate Cohen (Urban High School) got First team all city honors last year, as a junior. Harold Getz (University) also got quite a lot of recognition. just saying, i think props are given where props are due.

  23. M and J states it correctly and bases it on true facts. I really like H.Pratt as a ball player cause he can do it all. Dunbar plays a tough position and really has no big talent around him. Also in the mix of ballers is Antoine Porter, again a good kid and really nice ball player. Geru Mabry plays the game with passion and at 5ft6 has the heart of a 6ft6 player. All we do is write down our own opinions and support the city kids we know of but I can say that the AAA has some good ball players along with the WCAL and other Sf leagues. Once the games start it will be fun to praise whom ever you want cause its only an opinion. Good luck city kids!

  24. To all the Stephen Domingo fans out there, #31 is getting some quality minutes tonight due to a concussion of one of Georgetown’s players. Domingo also scores his 1st points of his college career in the 1st half. i’m watching a lil of the game on the internet, which is still going on. ESPN3

    • Doc holliday | November 27, 2012 at 9:31 AM |

      Smart kid he got out of the city. You people are sleeping on another player at Marshall, oh that’s right you have to be in Catholic School to get your just due in this town.

      • So far, it really hasn’t panned out for him. G’town played some cupcake the other day, and Domingo sat on the bench the whole game. I watched some of the Indiana game and he only played a couple minutes when a few players fouled out, shooting an airball as time expired. One more year of high school would’ve been beneficial, instead he will just get garbage time minutes here and there. SI will have a better record this year, I believe, without him.

      • Yeah, you gotta be at a Catholic school to get your due. That’s why we have University at No. 1 and Marshall and Mission ahead of SI.

        • Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 6:59 AM |

          That kid can now go anywhere in the world to play basketball now just by being at Gtown. I bet he will make more of him self than any of your POY you picked in any league. Put your money where your big don’t know what you are talking about and i will prove it to you Kesar for keeps. Must be J’s ulter ego.

        • Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 7:28 AM |

          You must have been funded by the schools. Marshall should be there they played an entire year with 7″guys really 5. And only one player from that team only made first team all city. And they only lost by two points at Cardinal New man in the CIF STATE GAME. YOU MUST DID NOT WATCH THAT GAME. YOU SHOULD.

      • Hey Doc take that chip off your shoulder. It is begining to be embarrassing. jbalan plays it down the middle supporting all the city schools.

        • Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 7:05 AM |

          I always had a chip on my shoulder i am a kid from John O’Connell who did not win a game in my senior year. I made it to D1 because i spoke up for my self against idiots like this that don’t know talent, just guys they like it is stopping kid for even trying i coach every year the kids are tired of these false people pretending they know what they are doing and they don’t.and to top it off i played D1 and played overseas professionally . And have several kids i have sent over seas to be payed to play.

        • Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 7:16 AM |

          And i fell it is embarrassing that a kid who led the country in Base stealing 62, #10 in the country in Batting Ave 686, # 15 in OB% 726 and don’t get no acknowledgement i have to speak out.

      • Please schedule SHC… just once.

  25. Purple hammer | November 14, 2012 at 5:28 PM |

    Riordan is going to have one of the most athletic players in the wcal, they can probrably stick him on hank fron serra, he gave the crusaders problems, now if they can nutralize thier shooting they should gi serra a run for their money

    • Looks like Riordan has a few more new players with size that have not been mentioned based on the roster on MaxPreps. Will be interesting to see how this team develops once everyone is cleared to play.

  26. Harold Getz is the best player in the city. Point blank.

  27. Matthew Snyder | November 17, 2012 at 6:27 PM |

    You have to take scrimmages with a grain of salt, but Bergland looked really good in Lick-Wilmerding’s exhibition against Lowell on Saturday. Can beat you in any number of ways on offense, and he’s a deceptive leaper (threw down a forceful one-handed dunk off a right-handed drive). Could be primed for a very big season.

  28. That’s right, BIG Will Carroll is back, and he means business.

  29. University and Marshall match, im there.

  30. Anxious for another b-ball season to get under way. Will be interesting to see how SI handles the loss of SD. I understand that Cats will be undersized but overall team speed should be improved. Good set of coaches and some fairly decen talent from last year’s JV team.

    • I know it’s been a while since you’ve commented, but please continue to use your original screen name going forward. I changed it this time. Thanks.

      • Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 7:21 AM |

        It is a lot of people doing that and have been. Trying to embarrass me as long as i speak the truth it wont work.

    • It’s very unfortunate that I will probably be unable to attend SI basketball’s home opener vs Clovis West due to the football team being in the Open Division football championship at the same time. Clovis West also has a Youtube sensation point guard and it would be exciting to see 2 Youtube sensations going at it. I’m sure one of those cameramen who work for that mixtape company will be there.

  31. JB I’m surprised that with all of the BBall you’ve seen over the last few years here in SF that you would put Uni #1 and then put 2 AAA teams ahead of SI. That’s just flat out ridiculous. Arrange any of the 3 WCAL schools in any order for a more accurate #’s 1-2-3. Whatever. Thanks for giving us hoop lovers something to talk about I suppose…

    • Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 7:19 AM |

      What is your response on that remark oh that’s right they are speaking up for the Catholic School it is acceptable.

      • Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 7:42 AM |

        And for your information my son has 18 D1 Offers for Baseball, 8 for Basketball, 4 For Golf i am not counting D 2 or D 3 schools and that’s just from playing AAU BASKETBALL in the summer and Travel TEAM Baseball. What do they know they you all don’t.

  32. Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 7:45 AM |

    I noticed that i am not being challenged on the facts, just on being a concerned Dad.

  33. Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 7:58 AM |

    Let me toot my own horn a little , I COACHED AAU, MIDDLE SCHOOL HORSEMAN MIDDLE SCHOOL PLAYOFFS, HIGH SCHOOL JOHN O’CONNELL PLAYOFFS FINALS, JR COLLEGE SKYLINE , SUMMER PRO LEAGUE 15 years 4 championships 9 playoff appearances , COACHED AND GENERAL MANAGED THE MAGIC JOHNSON ALL STARS COMPRISED OF 5 NBA Players and 6 Major College players and i coached MAGIC JOHNSON HIMSELF. THAT’s on you tube as well under “worldbambistics” . My credentials speak for them selfs thats why no real basketball people are speaking just wannabes . THANKYOU

  34. Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 8:11 AM |

    Come on more comments everyone must still be sleep i am waiting

  35. Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 8:13 AM |

    And i am a Graduate of Gonzaga University 1984.

  36. Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 8:17 AM |

    I played Pro Ball Overseas in, China, Japan, Philippines, and Canada in the now defunct Continental league. Which is now called The D League. That’s what i experienced so far

    • Kezar for Keeps | November 28, 2012 at 10:20 AM |

      All of these “credentials” and you feel the need to brag about them on a HS sports web site. I think that speaks to the kind of person you are. Also I’m sure Gonzaga is happy one of their alums is showing off his Jesuit education with all these well written comments.

      • No just need to let big mouth people know who they are speaking to. A person with knowledge of the game that fed me and my family till present. Sir. And the people I have helped and continue to do so.

        • Kezar for Keeps | November 28, 2012 at 12:05 PM |

          You calling others “big mouth people” is the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever heard. Take a look in the mirror.

  37. Doc, would like to get your take on the SF Top 10 teams and players. You seem to have a good handle on City hoops.

  38. Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 8:43 AM |

    Well it would not be fair i have not seen all the other schools.

  39. Doc, your credentials speak for themselves and nobody is questioning your basketball IQ or knowledge of the game. personally, I think it is great your son has lots of college offers. Congratulations and best of luck to your son this year.

    • Thank you Sir . I am now 55 years young and have never felt the need to pat myself on the back till now as i was told a closed mouth don’t get fed. And with all the comments i feel the public needs to know. What type of person i am and Thanks once agin.

      • Bryan Jennings | November 29, 2012 at 1:43 AM |

        Dear jbalan,

        I know i have been banned previously from this IP address, I just really wanted to respond to this raging idiot once or twice. If its not approved, so be it, i just wanted to put my two cents in on possibly the least respectful guy on sanfranpreps of all time

        Ok, soooooo many fundamental problems with what you are doing right now.

        #1 – You admit that you “have not seen all the other schools.”
        How on earth can you possibly criticize the work of others when you don’t know fundamentally what they are talking about? Your statements about Jeremy and this websites just seem to come from assumptions you are conjuring from some (or apparently many) perceived slights against you.

        #2 – I’m sure that you are extremely proud of your son and his 20+ DI scholarships. What you seem to be forgetting, is that external recognition shouldnt matter to your son. He is in high school, a young adult. If he feels that he should be receiving more attention from websites, I’m sure he is capable of contacting authors/jbalan and communicating for himself. By going on these indignant rants, you are making this more about yourself and your ignorance than about his accomplishments.

        #3 – the proverb “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed” means that you should advocate for yourself, so, quite frankly, the second sentence of your post above doesnt make much sense.

        #4 – Why are you so opposed to catholic schools getting recognition for their excellence in athletics? you went to Gonzaga (class of ’84 I hear!). Make an argument based in facts about why they deserve to be lower, dont just claim conspiracies and biases. Give us some evidence

        #5 – THIS IS NOT IN ANY WAY A DISREGARD OF YOUR CREDENTIALS BY THE WAY. Just because you coached magic johnson doesn’t mean that you can get away with disregarding points 1-4 above.

        #6 – And “go play on the freeway”…? Really? Can you have some respect for other human beings please? (and if you’re going to say that they disrespected you first, just know that when you put yourself on the internet, you can be criticized fairly for shamelessly overpromoting your son)

        Thanks jbalan
        hope it doesnt come off too disrespectfully,

  40. In all honesty your credentials do little to justify your awareness of City sports and legacy. I can appreciate you sticking up for your son and deenfranchised high schools, but in all honesty, using stats from playing in lower tier AAA will do little to further your cause. Enjoy the time with your son and allow him to play to the best of his abilities and enjoy his high school years.

    • He plays travel ball aginst the top talent in the country and a Babe Ruth 19 U All Star team Summer 2012 .Pitched 9-1 victory vs Antioch. And have been a All Star participant the last 6 years in a row. Look it up it is public information. Sir

      • So you don’t think the game he pitched vs Gal was good enough 3-2 victory first time in school history, is what i read in the paper. I guess he needs to walk on water for you to give a little credit. Who ever in hell you are. And if it was so easy why isn’t anyone else putting up those numbers. As a Sophomore. He played Washington, Balboa, Sacred Heart, Lowell, and everyone else what are you really saying.

    • I bet my knowledge is pretty good lets have a knowledge challenge

      • Doctor,

        I dont need to get into a who-swings-longer contest with you. I will let my history of post speak for themselves. I am probably longer in the tooth than you and you’d be surprise to see my credential arent much different than you (though I wouldnt write them on this or any other board to justify my perspective). I would just add that my mother loves me, my wife tolerates me and my kids say they love me (but we know XMas is around the corner).

        Look, I dont know your son personally though I have seen him play both baseball and basketball. Again, have him enjoy his last year of high school ball. If he is half as ambitious as you, I am sure he might get a few years in at the next level (any division) enough to get him to the point of getting his degree – isnt that what it is all about? Let him paint on his own canvass.

        As for your future posts, I will only pipe in with an objective assessment when you are near the edge.

        • Doc Holliday | November 29, 2012 at 8:23 AM |

          I appreciate your response i came on this site to see what they were saying about the up coming year and when i read all the hype on all the players especially the Dunbar kid playing the the Summer Pro League this year it disturbed me . And he (Dunbar) Has talent but my son Played in the Summer Pro League for the last 3 years, and when he was 14 was the youngest player to ever score in the league and no mention at all and win a game for us against East bay scoring 7 points. So thats why i am so animated and aggressive about my feelings i was a public school kid that made it to D1. But the writers were fair then and when they got out of line they were checked and checked hard. I write as well and i know how important it is to rebut issues if you feel it is needed and. I belive it is.

          • Doc Holliday | November 29, 2012 at 8:25 AM |

            And as far as saying go play on the freeway the told me he had a bridge to sell me. What do you feel would have been a proper responce.

          • Interesting that you say this, because we covered that Pro-am game because I thought Trevor and Aumen would both play. Trevor was the only one who played that night.

            That was the draw of covering that game, to see Trevor and Aumen head-to-head, but Aumen didn’t play, which changed the direction of that story

            Weren’t you the coach of Aumen’s team? Don’t get mad at us for not covering your son in that game if you weren’t going to put him in.

  41. Doc, name the one top baseball, basketball and golf school that have offered your son.

    • You will find out when he commits only my friends will know before.

    • Kezar for Keeps | November 28, 2012 at 12:21 PM |

      WCAL, he’s got a bridge to sell you if your interested.

      • Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 1:15 PM |

        Man i know what a offer is I went to Gonzaga on a scholarship. This is exactly what i am speaking about. People playing on this site for know reason man go play on the freeway as we used to say do us all a favor

        • I like Aumen’s Major League Wild Thing glasses when hes on the mound. Its a good look. Maybe this year he can go for the gold rim dark tint glasses like Reggie Jackson?

    • Doc Holliday | November 28, 2012 at 1:26 PM |

      Arkansas is one I’m not going to mention the sport .

  42. Not hating Doc I was impressed. Not many kids get bonafide scholarship offers from D1 schools in one sport let alone three. Why would it be a secret?

    • Kezar for Keeps | November 28, 2012 at 2:19 PM |

      Funny how even with all this interest he doesn’t show up on ANY legit recruiting web sites for ANY sports. His father isn’t helping him by making this crap up just to boast his own ego. He’s a good HS basketball player, not the second coming.

      • Not funny but somewhat sad that this man went to college (graduated?) and still has poor grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

        • Careful Ari. You may be accused of being an elitist WCAL grad. It appears the good doctor has a chip about the WCAL.

          • Wasn’t this an article about boys basketball TEAMS? Mr. Holliday I’m a casual reader and seldom poster on this blog, but I know who your child is now. If he is half as talented as you, and the scouts say, then he should have no problem earning that D1 scholarship. I really hope he does because I haven’t heard of too many AAA basketball players earning D1 scholarships straight out of high school. I know a few have gone the JC route first, which is cool too.
            So, good luck to your son this year in whatever he does.
            How do you think the Marshall TEAM will do this season? Is it their time for a title? The girls did it back in ’05

        • Doc Holliday | November 29, 2012 at 8:56 AM |

          I am not worried about grammar you are on the wrong site for spelling bee. Son, but that is my point people using this site for jokes, i am not i am serious. And i graduated with BA in Communications go figure.

          • Huh? What? I cant understand a word you are saying sir. You’re saying you are not serious? For someone that has a degree in communications, you aren’t communicating very well.

            Jeremy I’d be a little concerned the next time you cover a Marshall game with this guy in the stands eying you. He may have a pre-written game summary saying how his son dominated the other team and showed why he’s the leader to be the city’s player of the year.

      • There you go agin running your mouth , put your money where your mouth is man and i will show you and introduce you to the scouts i’ve spoken to and letters received.

    • Doc Holliday | November 29, 2012 at 9:18 AM |

      Originally, i did not want my son head to get to big he is a very talented individual the most talented of my three sons not to say the others are not talented as but Aumen has unique qualities and playing for the Drew Gooden Soldiers @ 14 with the 16 U and playing All Star Baseball 16U was a bit overwhelming and squeaking in a tournament for golf so needless to say he has been split in a lot pieces most of his accomplishments are noted in the East bay though and they pump up there players very well that’s why the East bay kid are getting Drafted in Baseball 4 Last year, three of whom were Aumen’s team mates. They get D1 Scholarships in Basketball regularly. And they play for my Summer Pro league every year so what else do i have to say i am doing my job . All I ask please stop HATING .

  43. Doc Holliday | November 29, 2012 at 8:52 AM |

    Because i am only responding to remarks being made that are not ttue. And need to addressed with facts. That’s why i put the web sites so you and everyone else can witness the truth you tube go to worldbambistics you can see for yourself and quite making blind statements. And i have 3 sons and they all are playing one is already in college.

  44. All I am saying is be careful how much information you put out there. As a communication major, you should understand how people may misinterpret what you put out and put it back in your face. I know you are a big adult and can take it; dont unnecessarily put the target indirectly on your son.

    All you have to do is look at the target the Marshall football coach put on himself this year and the egg laid at his feet (to be kind). Dont unnecessarily put that on your son. People on this site can be unkind.

    Good luck to your son at Marshall. As for basketball, they did quite a bit last year despite their lack of depth. As for baseball, I have the utmost respect for Coach Rankin is attempting to put together a team from Marshall.

    There is so much untapped talent in the south-east section of the City. I personally wish more effort was put into tapping this resource in baseball than basketball, but that is my personal opinion.

  45. Still have a difficult time understanding the logic of the SD move to Georgetown. So he and his family believe that it is better for him to sit on the bench all year, get limited playing time ( mostly at end of games) rather than starting for a WCAL school and gaining all that additional experience. He is not and won’t be an NBA caliber player – maybe can play in Europe and make a nice living.

    • I feel like I’ve told you this before, but I’m not sure, so I’ll give you another warning. Please use the original name you selected to comment on this website. The original name you selected was “Whatever” not “Prep Fan.”

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