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Games of the Day – St. Ignatius vs. Sacred Heart Prep girls water polo: The Wildcats lost to the Gators to open the season, but will get another shot at them in the final game of the season. Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. Valley Christian girls volleyball: The two favorites in the CCS Division III bracket will meet in the championship game, but the Warriors have held the upper hand on the Irish this season. Valley Christian won their WCAL meeting in four games and also swept the Irish in a two-game tournament match this season. Riordan vs. Sobrato football: The Crusaders will look to complete a sweep for the WCAL in the first round of the CCS playoffs, but will be without starting quarterback Zach Masoli for the fourth straight week. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

CCS Division III girls volleyball championship
(1) Valley Christian (San Jose) 3, (2) Sacred Heart Cathedral 0 (25-22, 25-16, 25-17)

CCS Division II girls water polo championship
(1) Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton) 7, (2) St. Ignatius 5

CCS Division III football playoffs
(2) Sobrato (Morgan Hill) 40, (7) Riordan 17

Non-league girls basketball
Castlemont (Oakland) 52, Balboa 48

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17 Comments on "Saturday Scoreboard"

  1. Bad ref at the Balboa high.

  2. That was a great game, Balboa 48 Castlemont 52, not 100% sure.

  3. Looks like it’s going to be 6-1 for WCAL. Too bad SHC was not the rep tonight. I’m sure they would have given a better account.

    • VC rb has 5 TD’s in 1st half, maybe better ARHS does not have to face that buzz saw again. End the playoff charade tonight. Only hope they can keep the point spread under 40.

  4. Do you get pleasure out of denigrating HS kids? You seem to get a kick out of putting Riordan down. Keep in mind they are kids playing their hearts out. You remind me of Al Bundy reliving his Polk High glory days.

    • Just adding my 2 cents like everyone else. Point well taken about not denigrating HS kids. It was my awkward way of blasting the CCS system of seeding teams in the playoffs.Your correct that the kids are playing their hearts out. It does not mean that ARHS had any business being in the playoffs.If any team should have been in the playoffs it should have been SHC.Regarding the comparison to Al Bundy,I’m sorry I’m not familiar with him. Was he the bass player in the E Street Band?

      • I respect your answer. I would argue that they had every right to be there because they were selected. If the system is flawed then bash the system but not the kids. In almost every league, post season spots are earned on overall records despite schedules and theirs was better than SHC even though they lost the head to head matchup.

        Al Bundy is the father in the TV series “Married with Children”. Played by Ed O’neill.

        • Golden Boy. I know who Al Bundy is I was making a feeble attempt to connect the “Glory Days” comment with the Springsteen song. I do appreciate your comments there are merits to what you said.

  5. Your boy Josh Fox scores 18 tonight as UCR squeaks by a Division 3 team. Domingo plays on Monday vs UCLA on ESPN2 at 5pm, so if you hate the 49ers, u can watch that game instead or flip back and forth between commercials.

    • …or enter the 21st century and DVR the game(s). My alma mater UCLA will be fired up with Shabazz Muhammad reinstated.

      • Domingo played 19 mins in G’town’s last game due to an injury to Otto Porter, Georgetown’s best player. However, there is a chance Porter will be back, so Domingo may not play too much if he’s back. Shabazz and Domingo were AAU teammates, so it’s kinda interesting how 2 guys from the same AAU program both kinda “circumvented” the rules, one being suspended a couple games for improper benefits and the other skipping his senior year of HS.

  6. What happend to Mrlik at Vassar. I see he is not on the roster (though Nick Johnson is).

    • Maybe Vassar is making him sit out a year, so they can have him for 5 years (redshirt)? Mrlik was on the All-rookie team, so I’m sure he’s still on the team, just not this year?

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