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Game of the Day – Turkey Day Tussle: Lincoln rolled to a 42-14 victory over Mission in their regular-season meeting, but the Bears are still defending Turkey Day champions. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA football championship
(1) Lincoln 22, (2) Mission 21

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12 Comments on "Thursday Scoreboard"

  1. Sorry jbalan will not be able to make the Turkey Bowl today. Birdzilla is about ready to go in the oven. To all Happy Thanksgiving and remember to contribute to sanfranpreps.There is a lot of good chatter and rag sessions on this site.Let’s keep it going.The WCAL chatter is incredible.

  2. Yeah. Kick down some cheddar for your chatter!

  3. I hang my hat off two those Missions senior recievers (Demitrius Thibeaux, Alex Tico). Those two have soo much great potential they will have a chance to take their talents to a good college an play.

  4. Great game today. Lincoln looked to be in control at halftime but could never put Mission away. I don’t want to steal Jeremy’s thunder but some interesting decisions in the 4th almost cost Lincoln the game.

    I was talking to a few folks and they felt there wasn’t 1800 fans there. I thought it was a little light but then again, I’m not the one counting the tickets sold. :D

    • Looked like ~1500 to me. Definitely 2500, maybe 3000.
      Hopefully for SFP, they’re closer to correct than my estimate.

      Great game, no matter the attendance.
      Lincoln couldn’t put ’em away because Mission played great D, especially in the 2nd half. Stopped ’em twice with the 10; fumble recovery in the endzone, then took over on downs on the Lincoln’s next possession.

      No long runs for D.Williams, but looked like he ground out 100+.
      #18, junior Tyree Marzetta, filled in nicely on a couple of possessions; scored the first (iirc) Lincoln TD.

      Some sloppy ballhandling on both sides. I had it @ 5 fumbles per side, with each team losing 2 and keeping possession on the other 3.
      No INTs afair.

      Brief highligh video up on youTube:

      • Part of my comment above went missing.

        On another page here, someone else put the attendance @ >2500, maybe 3000.
        Hopefully for SFP, they’re closer to correct than my estimate.

        • Oops; T. Marzetta scored the 2pt conversion on the second TD and the last TD.
          D. Williams scored the lst Lincoln TD.

      • My friend told me that porter purposely fumbled forward when he was stopped short and mission was lucky enough to fall on it in the endzone

  5. God bless the south | November 22, 2012 at 4:39 PM |

    Great job to lincoln for not giving up when they were down

  6. Congrats to both Lincoln and Mission. Great job Lincoln for an undefeated season. I hope everyone is having a Blessed Thanksgiving.

  7. God bless the south | November 22, 2012 at 10:54 PM |

    Isn’t Marzetta the same guy that closed the game against Galileo a few weeks back

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