Thursday Scoreboard

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Game of the Day – Lincoln vs. University girls basketball: The unranked Mustangs have already knocked off a preseason Top 10 team this season (a 57-56 win over Urban yesterday) and will look to take down another Top 10 squad against University in the first round of the Lady Mustangs Holiday Classic. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

Non-league boys basketball tournaments
Galileo 54, Washington 43 at Blue and Gold Tournament @ Jefferson (Daly City)
Stuart Hall 54, California School for the Deaf (Fremont) 50 @ Redwood Classic (Anderson Valley)
University 76, College Prep (Oakland) 45 at Redwood Christian Invitational
Lowell 49, Jefferson (Daly City) 46 at Blue and Gold Tournament @ Jefferson (Daly City)
Lick-Wilmerding 61, Redwood Christian (San Leandro) 33 at Redwood Christian Invitational
Bay 62, Orinda Academy 22 @ Hoop Dreams Invitational (Pescadero)
San Francisco Christian vs. Kirby Prep (Santa Cruz) @ Hoop Dreams Invitational (Pescadero), 1:30 p.m.

Non-league boys basketball
Gateway 70, Athenian (Danville) 60
Jewish Community 50, Drew 22
San Marin (Novato) 63, Lincoln 47
Waldorf @ Emery (Emeryville), 5:30 p.m.

Non-league girls basketball tournaments
Westmoor (Daly City) 55, Lick-Wilmerding 38 @ Lady Mustangs Holiday Classic (Lincoln)
Davis (Modesto) 65, Mission 32 @ Lady Mustangs Holiday Classic (Lincoln)
Convent 37, Athenian (Danville) 26 @ Marin Academy Invitational (San Rafael)
St. Ignatius 70, Rodriguez (Fairfield) 28 at LadyCat Classic @ Marin Catholic (Kentfield)
Rocky Mountain (Fort Collins, Colo.) 58, Wallenberg 33 @ Lady Mustangs Holiday Classic (Lincoln)
Sacred Heart Cathedral 57, Foothill (Pleasanton) 39 @ Dougherty Valley Winter Classic (San Ramon)
Lowell 59, Notre Dame (Belmont) 32 @ Mills Tournament (Millbrae)
Lincoln 53, University 48 @ Lady Mustangs Holiday Classic (Lincoln)
Chinese Christian (Alameda) 41, Gateway 24 @ Hoop Dreams Invitational (Pescadero)
Mills (Millbrae) 51, Mercy 39 @ Mills Tournament (Millbrae)
Marin Academy (San Rafael) 51, Bay 47 @ Marin Academy Invitational (San Rafael)
Balboa 65, Kennedy (Fremont) 41 @ Firebird Tournament (Fremont)

Non-league girls basketball
Oceana (Pacifica) @ Burton, 6 p.m.

Non-league boys soccer
Riordan @ Aragon (San Mateo), 2:45 p.m.

Non-league girls soccer
Sacred Heart Cathedral 2, South San Francisco 1
Homestead (Cupertino) 1, St. Ignatius 0

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32 Comments on "Thursday Scoreboard"

  1. Who will Galileo and Washington face tomorrow?

  2. What happened? Did Doc Holliday hold JBalan hostage?

    • No Ari. I have to confess I hacked the site and took it down because I have an ominous feeling that the Cats are going to win Friday and I could not stand the thought of reading all of the gloating that will follow on Sanfranpreps. Please tell me this is not the case and the Bells will 3-peat.

      • They arent going to win. Heres whats going to happen. SI’s achilles heel on defense is their D-line. Bells will read option until their blue in the face with Carta-Samuels and that Joey guy. They’ll chew clock and keep SI’s quick strike aerial attack on the sidelines but somehow Stinn will lead a frantic 2nd half comeback only to fall short again. The end.

        • I think your right. The game is all about match-ups. SI did very well against all the WCAL but the Bells& Serra. What did they both do? Run the ball down their throats. If you remember SI did much better against the common opponents than either the Bells or Serra. Serra was blasted by the Lancers. Why? Because they could match Serra in the trenches. This is where SI should run into problems again. The SI front 7 has not shown they can handle a relentless smash mouth ground game.This should be their downfall.

  3. Did last night’s Oceana-Balboa score ever come in?

  4. Seems like Lowell has really righted the ship.

    Who is Lowell facing tomorrow, Aragon or Westmoor?

      • Wow, then Westmoor must be solid. Aragon is supposed to be tough this year.

        Should make for a good game tomorrow.

        • I think the Galileo vs Westmoor was a really good game to watch last night. The game was back in forth the whole time. I want to see how Galileo plays it out this season.
          As I saw today game with Wash and Gal, Wash looks like they have a completely new team.

  5. uni is straight done tomorrow. get ready for a rankings shakeup homies!

  6. Aumen Holliday | November 30, 2012 at 12:34 PM |

    Hey jbalan i apologize on what my dad was saying to you guys about comparing me with other players in what not…. This is really putting alot of pressure on me right now. Sometimes he needs to learn when to back off you know i just wanted to let you know tht

  7. Aumen holliday | December 1, 2012 at 12:08 AM |

    Yea he is tht type of dad and your right i dont blame him he is really helping me out and most dads dont do this with there kids so yea i understand. You guys are awsome. Oh an we had our firs game today as well in Antioch

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