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Games of the Day – St. Ignatius vs. Bellarmine football: A CCS Open Division title would be unprecedented for the Wildcats, but a win would probably also mean extending their season for at least another week. Lick-Wilmerding vs. University boys basketball: Probably the best small-school rivalry in the City, the BCL West foes will face off before the league season in the Redwood Christian Invitational championship game. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

CCS Open Division football championship game
(6) St. Ignatius 13, (1) Bellarmine (San Jose) 10 (OT)

Non-league boys basketball tournaments
St. Mary’s (Berkeley) 70, Mission 69 (OT) @ Crusader Classic (Riordan)
Washington 63, Tennyson (Hayward) 55 at Blue and Gold Tournament @ Jefferson (Daly City)
Sonoma Academy (Santa Rosa) 54, Drew 29 @ Sonoma Academy Tournament (Santa Rosa)
Bay 66, Archbishop Hanna (Sonoma) 56 @ Hoop Dreams Invitational (Pescadero)
Stuart Hall 58, Marin Academy (San Rafael) 44 @ Redwood Classic (Anderson Valley)
Galileo 52, Menlo-Atherton (Atherton) 47 at Blue and Gold Tournament @ Jefferson (Daly City)
Westmoor (Daly City) 61, Lowell 44 at Blue and Gold Tournament @ Jefferson (Daly City)
Riordan 55, Burlingame 27 @ Crusader Classic (Riordan)
University 80, Lick-Wilmerding 50 at Redwood Christian Invitational
Marshall 39, Antioch 27 @ Straw Hat Pizza Classic (Antioch)
Stevenson (Pebble Beach) 78, San Francisco Christian 28 @ Hoop Dreams Invitational (Pescadero)

Non-league boys basketball
St. Ignatius 70, Clovis West (Fresno) 60
Gateway 62, Oceana (Pacifica) 34
International 55, Quarry Lane (Dublin) 27
Urban 72, Leadership 41

Non-league girls basketball tournaments
Lick-Wilmerding 49, Mission 35 @ Lady Mustangs Holiday Classic (Lincoln)
University 60, Wallenberg 14 @ Lady Mustangs Holiday Classic (Lincoln)
Bay 38, Rincon Valley Christian (Santa Rosa) 4 @ Marin Academy Invitational (San Rafael)
Mercy 44, Notre Dame (Belmont) 31 @ Mills Tournament (Millbrae)
St. Ignatius 52, Eastside Prep (East Palo Alto) 44 at LadyCat Classic @ Marin Catholic (Kentfield)
International 54, San Luis Obispo 26 at Jay Cowitz Invitational @ Mission Prep (San Luis Obispo)
Sacred Heart Cathedral 69, Dougherty Valley (San Ramon) 36 @ Dougherty Valley Classic (San Ramon)
Convent 36, Branson (Ross) 26 @ Marin Academy Invitational (San Rafael)
Lowell 46, Mills (Millbrae) 28 @ Mills Tournament (Millbrae)
Rocky Mountain (Fort Collins, Colo.) 71, Lincoln 37 @ Lady Mustangs Holiday Classic (Lincoln)
Alma Heights Christian (Pacifica) 32, Gateway 21 @ Hoop Dreams Invitational (Pescadero)

Non-league girls basketball
Drew 58, Contra Costa Christian (Walnut Creek) 22
ICA 43, KIPP Collegiate (San Jose) 18
Burton 56, Emery (Emeryville) 51
Leadership vs. Urban @ Kezar Pavilion, 4 p.m.
El Cerrito @ Balboa, 6:30 p.m.

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  1. The scoreboard will probably be significantly delayed tonight. I’ll do the best on my phone, but it’s a little sketchy sometimes updating html on the small screen. Thank you for your patience.

  2. 4 Bellarmine players suspended which includes the starting WR. Big deal. They run the ball. Not throw it. And if those players suspended anyone but Carta-Samuels or Sanfilipo, it shouldnt matter. Go Bells!

  3. Galileo – 52
    Menlo – 47

  4. Well they ran the same 4 plays all the way down the field for 14 plays. Looks a like what SI did to SH last year. 4 yards everytime. SI’s defense is going to be worn down as the Bells are leaning on SI’s not so solid crutch.

  5. Janda you are a complete idiot. You are a WCAL head coach with a WCAL kicker that would’ve kicked a 20 yd FG to win the game but you had a brainfart! Congrats to the back to back CCS champs.

    • On TV, Bellarmine’s kicker looked like he wanted to throw up when Bellarmine went for it on 4th and goal. I think this championship win solidifies Stinn as WCAL Player of the Year. There’s gonna be like 10 SI guys on 1st team and another 5 on 2nd team. 1st team locks: Stinn, Bull, Vollert, Lang, Emery, Sullivan, Waters, Dale, Ford, Peters. 2nd team: O’Malley, Tiggs, #78 with the hyphenated last name, Shanagher, #55 with a French last name, and 3 more on honorable mention like Blohm who hasn’t played for like 6 weeks, the tight end, and McGovern

      • There will be 6 on first team, 3 on second team, and 3 on the HM team. Call me a prophet when this is the case JJ

        • Player of the year: Stinn, Most Valuable DB: Waters, Most Valuable Utility Player: Lang, Most Valuable WR: Vollert, Most valuable linebacker: tie with Bull and Olugbode……what a talented team

          • SI will get one or two of those coveted awards. Last year, Andrew Barna of Mitty won QB of the year. All things considered, Stinn was far and away the winner to anyone who saw him play. The WCAL spreads the love and rightfully so, this league is far more talented than any other in the area.

    • Ari Gold. You said it first but I couldn’t agree more – I was 30 or 40 feet from his kicker who was calmly waiting for the call. That dunderhead outcoached himself again. If it weren’t for Amanam(sp) and the Olugbodies Janda’s lack of ability which was becoming more and more evident could have gotten us a decent coach long ago. oh well
      Old Bell “56

      • Hey Jamesrex when I was watching Janda pass on the game winning 3, I was wondering if Janda was channeling coach Walsh from Serra.

      • Seriously though Jamestex, you have to give Janda and the Bells alot of credit for running the table again in the WCAL. I think you would have to admit this was not one of their most talented teams.I can think of Bell teams I’ve seen and actually played against that were vastly superior to the 2023Bell team. And just think. It took a boneheaded decision by a coach that prevented them to maybe go back to state. Maybe the coach had a senior moment.

      • Jamesrex I’ve been meaning to ask an alum of Bell or SF since they have won so many WCAL titles and CCS what they value more. The WCAL football title or the CCS title? I used to work with a SF alum who was a very good football player that said he always felt more proud of the WCAL title and valued it more. What do the Bells feel?

      • If Olugbode was an inch taller, it would’ve been a TD, then most of y’all would’ve said Janda is a great coach who has alot of balls. If he kicks a FG, Stinn would’ve drove down the field for a TD in 1 minute. I think he was afraid of that happening, so he went for it. The QB keeper was working all day, he called the wrong play.

  6. Wow. What a game (watched on t.v.). Congratulations to Wildcats on representing San Francisco. Hope they get a shot next week.

  7. Give SI all the credit in the world. Out played the Bells in the 2nd half. Shocked Jana went for Td over field goal at the end of regulation. This is huge for the SI program but also very big for the rest of the WCAL. I just hope Ari is no where near the GG Bridge.

  8. The SF Christian boys basketball team def. Kirby Prep (Santa Cruz) yesterday 51-43 in the Hoops Dreams Invitational @ Pescadero High.

  9. You of course need the players, but it can not be emphasized enough; coaching,coaching,coaching. This SI coaching staff is outstanding. A well prepared team with an imaginative game plan and offense system. Let’s not forget some of those lean recent years. This should give real encouragement to the other City WCAL schools that it is possible to turn a program around with competent coaching. I only hope my old school reevaluates their offense philosophy and joins the 21 century. After all they came painfully close twice this year but there is no surprises for the Bells because they face that offense in practice everyday. I am just surprised they were able to do dominate SI in their game down in San Mateo.

  10. Not only did SI football make the Bellarmine Bells into the Liberty Bell with a crack in it, the SI girls basketball team won 52-44 beating Eastside Prep and the SI boys basketball team beat Clovis West 70-60. You just can’t stop that CAT machine!!

  11. Oh. Let me get this straight. You can actually throw a pass to a wide receiver to help open up an already good running game. But that would make too much sense.

    • Head coaches that run the same boring 4 running plays (Lee, Janda) dont deserve to win anything. DLS appears to run the same plays all the time but its actually more like 10 plays which 1/2 are passing. Regalia is a damn good coach. Maybe Cal should hire him!!!

  12. After tonight anything is possible, but what happens if Logan was to upset DLS? How could this effect the NorCal play on games? What would be the match-ups?

    • It looks like SI could play Granite Bay next week, if the selection committee doesn’t screw SI over…. and if Logan beats DLS, DLS’s season would be over just like Bellarmines and Logan would be in the Open Finals

  13. In the Lady Mustang Classic at Lincoln (SF), it was blowout city. All four games (consolation and winner brackets) were blowouts. Lick knocked off Mission (SF), University beat up a short handed Wallenberg, and Rocky Mountain (Colorado) beat up host Lincoln. The only game not on the scoreboard was the Westmoor game against a team from Modesto.

    I watched the Rocky Mountain / Lincoln game for a half and the ladies from Colorado were quite good. They were hitting shots, athletic and just gave the smaller Lincoln team fits on offense and defense. They ran a trapping defense in the first half which Lincoln had trouble solving.

    Guess SFPreps won’t be covering the championship game as two non-SF teams will be playing! :)

  14. Riordan won by 28. Are they for real or is it fools gold? Everyone said BH would be a better test and they weren’t. I will say this, I will be surprised if they beat SJ. If they do then I will be a believer but they just beat BH with several probable starters in street clothes. We will see.

    • Burlingame barely squeaked by St Mary’s Berkeley and St Mary’s only beat Mission by 1. Do the Math. Riordan beat Mission by 30.

      • Yeah Riordan won w/o Masoli who is still out with an injury and 5 players in street clothes who don’t become eligible until Jan 1. Tonight’s game will be a good test.

    • Feel The Pain | December 1, 2012 at 9:59 AM |

      If I’m not mistaken, Riordan trailed after the first period, as some easy scoring opportunities did’nt fall (missed free throws as well). In addition, Mabrey picked up two fouls and sat a little. Burlingame hung for a half, only down six, but too much speed on Riordan’s side was the difference. Mabrey, is the catalyst both offensively and defensively, but it will be the front line who needs to step up if they are gonna beat St. Joe’s. Gilleran showed flashes of what he can do and held his own against the big boy from Burlingame. Solid contributions from all of the Crusader starters as they had balanced scoring. Hope Riordan wins it tonight, but it’ll be a battle.

  15. Woah woah woah, what happened with the Lowell vs Westmoor game? It’s so lopsided. But good wins to all the AAA teams who won yesterday, which includes Washington, Galileo, and Marshall.

  16. Yesterday in non-league girls hoops, Urban def. Leadership 77-6.

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