Prep Wrapup: Riordan advances to Crusader Classic final with win over Burlingame

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Boys Basketball: Riordan 55, Burlingame 27

The Crusaders (2-0) trailed 8-6 after the first quarter, but outscored the Panthers (1-1) 49-21 the rest of the way to advance to their first Crusader Classic title game since 2008.

Senior point guard Geru Mabrey led the Crusaders in scoring with 12 points on 4-of-7 shooting (3-of-4 from three-point range) and also had eight steals. Junior forward Bobby Arenas had a near double-double with 11 points and eight rebounds, as did senior forward Graham Gilleran, who had nine points and seven rebounds.

The Panthers committed 27 turnovers (14 on Riordan steals) and only scored nine points in the second half.

Boys Basketball: St. Mary’s (Berkeley) 70, Mission 69 (OT)

Senior point guard Antoine Porter has apparently shaken off the rust from the football season, but his team-high 22 points still wasn’t enough for the Bears (0-2) to beat the Panthers (1-1) in overtime in the Crusader Classic consolation bracket.

Mission sophomore guard Joji Kurotani had his second double-digit scoring performance of the tournament with 14 points, and senior guard Anthony Bonds (11 points) and junior forward Ronald Murrilo (10 points) also had solid contributions in the loss.

Girls Basketball: Drew 58, Contra Costa Christian (Walnut Creek) 22

The Dragons (1-2) sealed their first win of the season behind a standout performance from senior forward Nefertiti Rogers, who scored a game-high 20 points to go along with six rebounds and three steals.

Drew only led the Cougars (2-1) 17-13 at the half, but limited Contra Costa to just nine points after the break and forced 26 overall turnovers.

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17 Comments on "Prep Wrapup: Riordan advances to Crusader Classic final with win over Burlingame"

  1. Well after the first quarter Burlingame did not give the Crusaders the test a lot of people thought they would. Mabrey runs the team on both sides of the ball. That was evident with him sitting a big chunk of the first quarter and burlingame leading 8-6. Give him credit he adjusted his game and played smarter through out the rest of the game minus that trying to slap the backboard and blowing the layup which rivaled the blown two footer that Gilleran blew after getting a great pass from Arenas. Gilleran showed some good moves down low but still feel he needs to bulk up more to survive in league

    • Just some facts | December 6, 2012 at 1:17 PM |

      Gilleran is the same height and weight as Domingo – although if you check the Georgetown roster list – it shows Domingo now at 206 lbs. That would be quite a feat if he could have put on about 26 lbs in a matter of weeks to maybe 2 months. SD looked like his usual 180-185 lbs on TV game recently.

      • Domingo has been at G’town since the summer, so that would equate to 5-6 months, not a few weeks.

        • Just some facts | December 9, 2012 at 1:37 PM |

          When do you suppose that G’Town puts out its roster with height and weights? Or are you saying that they adjust the height and weights as the months go on? He arrived there on about July 11th or so – so 5 months at G-Town. I accept your correction sota – but I said he had been there for 2 months because I was thinking that they likely posted the roster within a couple months of his arrival. But are you saying he arrived at G-town at 206 lbs? Or is it that as he gained weight that they continue to adjust his online profile?
          At SI last year,SD was listed as 6’7″ and about 185 lbs (or close to those) – last year’s basketball season. So then in June or July he is listed online at 205 lbs by the USA17 team. I saw him at Olympic Club last summer before the USA 17 games – he must have put that weight on sometime after I saw him in late June – he was no larger in June at the OC than his reported 180-185. weight at SI last season. I wonder what type of supplements or whatever helped him make that physique change so quickly. After all he was only at G’town from July11 th until– when(?) – what date did he have his weight posted on the G’Town website as 206. I am just saying that that is a very impressive weight gain and kudos for SD for doing whatever it was he did to get there as he was really quite obviously too thin to have handle some of those D1 players he will encounter now – he did try to avoid any defensive players here while playing at SI – and he tried to even doing little defense for SI except to block balls. If the weight published by G-town (and I guess you are saying that since he has been a G-town for 5 months only – July 10 to Dec. 10th – (clearly not possibly 6 months since he was playing with the USA17 team in late June and up until July 10th) – So I guess that you are saying that they might have revised his weight periodically online upwards for G-town. That’s good now – then he might be able to stand up to being at the post position for them – didn’t seen much of that here – didn’t seem to be in his skills set at SI. I know I am not the only person who thought that. Lots of other posters have said the same. Good for SD and G-town. Makes you wonder how that happens, so fast. But Bravo Domingo. TV games still make him look thin – maybe it is his young age. I was worried he might get some injuries at his former SI weight. Of course I also thought that taking the G-town offer instead of finishing HS was a good idea for his parents since if he gets injured at SI he might not get the offer from G-town/others but if he gets injured playing Bball his way – at his weight – at G-town, he gets to keep the 4 years of free education.
          But if he can do that remodeling – there are hopes for others to do it too – with the right routine and supplements maybe etc.

          • Why don’t you follow your role model on Instagram? He has pics on there which shows muscle definition. Muscle weighs more than fat.

            • Frank Lucas | December 9, 2012 at 4:19 PM |

              Stalker alert……..Domingo needs to sleep with one eye open, ha ha.

            • Just some facts | December 10, 2012 at 2:10 PM |

              For those who questioned why SD left one year early to go to G-town, may I remind the crowd – what I wrote before…

              “Of course I also thought that taking the G-town offer instead of finishing HS was a good idea for his parents since if he gets injured at SI he might not get the offer from G-town/others but if he gets injured playing Bball his way – at his weight – at G-town, he gets to keep the 4 years of free education”.

              Even if he had played and SI had another losing season like last year – he had to calculate whether or not there would be another Aaron Gordon who would have popped up that next year – or that he might not look so good to G-town – after another year like last year or he might be pushed to play more defense or in the paint and then he might get an injury too soon.

              He never had SI as a factor in his decision. He held no loyalty to his “boys” as he called them – (interesting use of that term in a quote online) – his teammates. He is a goal-orientated person – and that goal had little to nothing to do with SI. Fascinating to watch the development of SD into a media phenom – the PR etc., the people involved and companies involved. I am just fascinated to see it in an almost first-hand view- like you see in movies about this – or in books about the “making” of a Bball pro from a junior high kid.. Fascinating to see those persons who were so surprised by his well-kept secret and were so easily misled by his behavior at SI. This is what draws me to this story – celebrity in a 17 year old kid – promotion photos, professional trainers, no doubt a publicity agent early on – as a freshman or earlier in HS, etc. Hyperbole in articles written about him and even in his height and weights etc. It just surprises me how many posters don’t really know or recognize the markings of this….

              The real Bball player – the overall – good at everything player – not just a one tune shooter – the obvious NBA player in the SF Bay Area – is Aaron Gordon – who shows good form in his public presence and even a unusual evel of modesty considering his enormous talents. He will be staying with Mitty for graduation. I doubt SD fit in as well at SI as AG does at Mitty. There is little comparison – in character or in talent.

              • I would also add Jabari Bird who seems to be grounded young man as well and extremely loyal to his team. And what do Gordon and Bird have in common? State Championships ! Back to Back for Gordon and possibly a 3 peat – and a possible back to back this year for Bird. SD should not even be in the same conversation as these two. If SD stayed, both Caruso and Gordon would have been hands down better player/leaders than SD.

              • Jabari Bird transferred INTO Salesian so he can’t be that loyal to his team ……….and I agree those 2 are much better players than SD31.

              • If you transferred into a REAL school and stayed 3 years, thats ok with me. The FAKE schools are the Oak Hill Academys, Findlay Preps. Everyone knows those are just basketball schools masquerading as an academic institutions. The sell-outs that leave their schools just to go and play on these All-Star teams have no sense of loyalty. Its always going to be me-me-me.

              • SD31 transferred into a real school….as real as they get!

              • Just some facts | December 11, 2012 at 2:39 PM |

                Elliott Pitts (DLS) and Noah Allen (Palma) – there are two players who might make it into NBA after Div 1 schools – but they are not “big” now in high school (yeah they are not skipping senior year) – Elliott is about 6’4″ and maybe 185 lbs. He is going to Arizona. Not sure what Noah Allen’s hieght and weight are now – but he is not a “biggie” probably 6;5″ or more and maybe about 195 lbs. It doesn’t take “beefy” to play HS ball well.

              • Re: SD comments

                1. Program heights and weights in high school and college are fiction and not fact. My experience says every player is between 1-2 inches shorter than listed and 5-10 pounds lighter UNLESS said player worries about perception he is too thin. Then add 15-20 pounds. My point is don’t worry about the numbers, they are all made up anyway.

                2. Your premise is incorrect on the risk benefit analysis in choosing G-town over SI. : His scholarship to G-town is not good for 4 years even if he gets hurt. An athletic scholarships is a one year renewal grant in aid and must be renewed for each year. While G-town could decide to honor its obligation if SD got hurt, they also could not renew the scholarship in whole or in part. There has been litigation on this issue by student-athletes that have been dismissed out of hand in favor of the universities.

              • If the coaching was better (ie Galvin, Forslund), he would have stayed along with the two that transferred

  2. Agreed TM76 as of now its Mabry and Arenas taking care of business, Mabry with doubles in points and assist and Arenas with 15 pts and 10 rebounds. The crusaders will only get better with 3 kids coming to play when league starts. Riordan defeated St.Josephs tonight by 12 pts and what a solid effort by the whole team…Keep working hard kids and success is there for you. Lets do this city schools!!

  3. Make that five that will be eligible Jan 1.

  4. Just some facts | December 11, 2012 at 5:52 PM |

    Uncle Frank,
    #1. You are simply stating the point I was trying to make. That the PR regarding SD is way out there- hyperbole and has been out there since he was a freshman in HS or earlier – on the web etc. I am saying it is hard to believe some of the stuff written including his weight.

    #2. I believe it is bad form and bad publicity for a University and its athletic programs to not honor the commitment that they make to the athletes if they are injured in the course of practicing for or training for and playing for the University. That kind of bad treatment gets around among athletes and high school coaches as well.. It makes the school look bad. The athlete may warm the bench but I’d like to hear more about whom you know were let go by what University. This is different than the professional sports. After all the term student-athlete has student first and the school shouldn’t remove the scholarship if there is still need involved whether the student plays or not. A lot of these student-athletes have financial need as well as being good athletes (although SD is an exception in that I would guess he would have a much harder time proving financial need.). The Universities may be able to let go of an injured athlete – but it is very bad PR for their athletic departments to do so if the injury occurred in the setting ot their athletics.

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