Boys Basketball: Westmoor stuns St. Ignatius in overtime

St. Ignatius junior point guard Trevor Dunbar tries to hold off a Westmoor defender on Tuesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Sun)

By Jeremy Balan

Westmoor head boys basketball coach Herb Yaptinchay doesn’t know the last time the Rams defeated a West Catholic Athletic League opponent, because it may have never happened before.

If it has, it hasn’t happened in a very long time.

That all changed Tuesday night at St. Ignatius, when the Rams, only five years removed from a 1-20 season, orchestrated the first huge upset of the basketball season with a 75-74 overtime win over the Wildcats.

The last time the two teams met, in 2009, St. Ignatius won 61-20.

“They’re just looking for respect,” Yaptinchay said of his senior-laden group. “Everyone looks at us and looks at our lineup — we’re all a bunch of short Asian kids for the most part and we don’t have a guy over 6-foot — but they play with tremendous heart and that’s the big thing. It’s a huge win for them.”

St. Ignatius junior point guard Trevor Dunbar may be one of the top players in the City, but on Tuesday, the best player on the floor was Westmoor’s Wai Min, who had a game-high 24 points, 14 rebounds and four blocks.

No block was more important than his final rejection with 6 seconds remaining in overtime with St. Ignatius (1-1) trailing by a point. Two seconds later, Min missed the front end of a 1-and-1 free-throw opportunity and the Wildcats got Dunbar the ball. He heaved a last-gasp shot just as he crossed midcourt, but the ball bounced straight off the backboard and away from the rim.

Westmoor senior guard Wai Min skies for a contested layup against St. Ignatius on Tuesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Sun)

“He’s been a four-year starter for us and he’s been our team captain the last three years,” Yaptinchay said of Min. “Again, he’s underrated. They look at him and think he’s a 5-foot-10 Asian kid that can’t do anything, but he’s got tremendous competitiveness, jumps out of the gym and gets boards over everybody, and he’s playing center on defense. It’s all about heart.”

Min led a dominant Westmoor rebounding performance in the first half (the Rams outrebounded St. Ignatius 23-11 before the break), but the Wildcats flipped the script in the second. Riding 16 second-half points and nine rebounds from junior forward Julian Marcu, the Wildcats controlled the boards in the second half, but continued to struggle guarding the athletic, driving Westmoor guards.

“We tried to go with two bigs, which we usually don’t do, but as much as it was helping us in the offense, we just can’t guard them with two bigs, because they’re so fast and all play on the perimeter,” said St. Ignatius head coach Tim Reardon.

The loss does come with some context, however, for the Wildcats.

St. Ignatius was missing three starters (seniors Albert Waters and Andrew Vollert, who are still playing football, and senior Daniel MacLean-Vernic, who was out with a shoulder injury) and the only player on the floor with varsity experience prior to this season was Dunbar, who finished with 17 points.

Dunbar kept the Wildcats afloat in the first half with 13 points before the break, but the Rams (4-0) still controlled play and led 32-26 at halftime.

“If Trevor didn’t play that well in the first half, we would have been down by 20,” Reardon said.

Westmoor’s biggest lead was a 44-35 advantage midway through the third quarter, but even with the roster limitations, the Wildcats were in a position to win at the end of regulation and in overtime.

On the final play of the fourth quarter, St. Ignatius ran what appeared to be a perfect play. With 1.8 seconds left and an inbound pass upcoming under Westmoor’s basket, the Wildcats packed the paint, then broke every player to the perimeter, except for one. The Westmoor defense rushed to cover the streaking players, but left 6-foot-8 center Troy Rike all alone under the net. The junior jumped to take in a high pass and put up a shot without coming down with the ball, but the attempt rattled in and out of the rim, sending the game to overtime.

“It was a great play that was executed perfectly, but it just didn’t go for us,” Reardon said.

Pike played a large part in the St. Ignatius comeback too, with 10 points, six rebounds and two blocks off the bench.

The Wildcats also jumped out to a 74-69 lead midway through the 4-minute overtime period, behind two clutch jump shots from junior guard Jaren Yang, but the Rams ended the extra frame on a 6-0 run.

“They played with more heart than us,” Reardon said. “We showed a little bit coming back, but it shouldn’t have come to that.”

Scoring Leaders

Wai Min – 24
Errol Fernandez – 21
Eric Liang – 14
John Mayuga – 14
Alton Chen – 2

St. Ignatius
Julian Marcu – 18
Trevor Dunbar – 17
Jaren Yang – 16
Tristan Wentworth – 13
Troy Rike – 10

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75 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Westmoor stuns St. Ignatius in overtime"

  1. Does anyone like SI’s new jerseys BTW? For me, I thought they were quite interesting.

    • they look like they are just plain NIKE jerseys…….smh, nothing special about them, unless your brain goes bananas off of Nike DriFit or something haha

      Doesn’t look like they kept AMDG on them either??
      does any know if that is true?

  2. It seemed like SI played better when the 2 big men (Rike & Marcu) were playing at the same time. They dominated on the boards and altered many shots in the 2nd half. That’s when SI came back from a 9pt deficit, only to lose in OT. SI also got complacent when they had a 5 point lead in overtime. Can’t really tell whether this will be a winning season for SI yet, but they have time to gel. Riordan definitely deserves to be ranked #1.

    • Had the chance to catch the game last night and have the following observations and questions:

      1. Westmoor broke down every SI player, off the dribble drive especially the 1-4’s on the outside. Why didn’t SI go into a zone, pack in the middle to stop the drives and force outside shots as the majority of 1st half points were off drives and offensive rebounds? Even a box in one on Min would have been better as SI had fouls to give in both the 1st and 2nd half

      2. Since the 2 big’s worked well, why didn’t SI use an inside/out and high/low rotation to draw more fouls on Min and Fernandez. Only 2 inside passes all night to either big, one resulted in three point play and other in two. High School players have to be taught how to make inside passes that put the big’s in scoring position (lost art in today’s game). Back side cuts off this scheme would also be an interesting addition to the current offensive sets. This set also increases positioning for offensive rebounds which was horrible in first half, but much better in second half.

      3. The two big’s rotation used in second half actually reduced the slashing/driving/offensive rebounding and Westmoor only scored two-three baskets inside the paint on drives in second half( I did not chart the game, but this is close to correct). Primary issue was the SI man to man defense continued to be broken down on ball reversal in second half and 1,2,3’s did not stay honest in their man to man (cheating to inside to prevent the type drives that beat them in first half and they got burned by leaving their man uncontested for 15-20 ft shots).

      Adapting the defensive scheme’s in the game to deal with the offense is on the coach. If the other team is more athletic and breaking down the man to man, adapt, pack it in and force them to beat you with outside shooting.

      4. SI play call on last play of regulation was good coaching, too bad the ball did not bounce their way…heart breaking.

      5. SI should watch the game video closely and break down the trends of the game with the different rotation’s. Hard to always see the reality in the midst of the game, but not sure the comment that

      “We tried to go with two bigs, which we usually don’t do, but as much as it was helping us in the offense, we just can’t guard them with two bigs, because they’re so fast and all play on the perimeter,”

      is accurate per point 3 above as the majority of 2nd half scoring was against the 1-3’s not the 4-5 positions and a zone or box in one would have mitigated this issue.

      • “Since the 2 big’s worked well, why didn’t SI use an inside/out and high/low rotation to draw more fouls on Min and Fernandez. Only 2 inside passes all night to either big, one resulted in three point play and other in two”.

        To those in the know, the rule is one inside out action per offensive series. The fact that they only did it twice highlights the problem. If you don’t know the game, it’s hard to coach it.

  3. Kezar for Keeps | December 5, 2012 at 12:28 AM |

    Here’s how you can judge this terrible loss SI fans… Westmoor only beat Galileo 53-49 this year. University led Galileo 26-5 after the first quarter… Hahaha

    • That’s a valid argument, but if Galileo didn’t scout University at all (I don’t know if they did or did not) they wouldn’t have known what their offense was. Drive and kick. So by the end of the first quarter realizing that they can’t play help defense, it’s no surprise they were down 21 after the first quarter.

      • Likewise, Galileo couldn’t have scouted Westmoor as it was their first game of the year.

        Westmoor does also have a solid win over Aragon, though. Friday will help give everyone a clearer indication of just how good they are.

        • Matthew Snyder | December 5, 2012 at 9:06 AM |

          TTerritory is right. After University jumped out to a 5-0 lead through the game’s first 32 seconds, Galileo coach Jeremy Lee called timeout and had the Lions switch to a 2-3 zone for their next defensive possession. They pinched the middle of the key to prevent Uni F Will Carroll from popping up as a passing option as well as denying Uni’s guards from driving into the lane after taking dribble handoffs on the perimeter. Gal did a good job closing down backdoor passing angles, as well.

          Both Besselo and Medoff spoke of that defensive adjustment in their interviews, and said that it prompted them to begin looking to beat them from the perimeter with their drives and kicks.

          • The only way to beat them is match their athleticism 1 on 1. One case where team defense will not prevail if their 3 pointers are dropping.

    • Cool story man…

    • Now powerhouse Gateway beat Galileo… Maybe VC will climb out of the cellar this season.

  4. If there is anything good to get out of this loss for SI. Look at the boxscore. All juniors. Assuming No one transfers out again, this team will be tough to contend with next year, and still has great potential to be great this year. Still early in the season, good to lose now than in February or March.

    • JJ, I agree, SI does have some quality Juniors in Dunbar, Yang, wentworth and Rike. How do they compare to the Riordan Juniors of Arenas, the 2 Ugbaja’s, Ferrari and Masoli? I also believe one transfer is a junior and the 6’9 kid is a sophomore. I would like to hear your opinion. It appears SHC also has some talent in Juniors Otis and O’Reilly and Parsons as a soph. Who do you think will be better over the next few years?

      • Eric Vrana is another transfer that is a Junior. Played for the U-16 national Hungarian team averaging 9.4 ppg in the Euro Championships. Just for some clarity.

        • Vrana is listed at 6-4 and position is Center per MaxPreps. Riordan’s site has him as a Forward and his position was guard for Hungary. He logged the second most minutes on his team and had the second highest scoring avg on his team. You gotta love Google!

      • Until Riordan plays SI on January 2 or 3, I can’t really assess who will be better for the next few years, although Riordan looks more promising with all their transfers and the development of Arenas, etc. It’s all about chemistry. SI could’ve had a good season last year, but their chemistry was not that good. After SI’s 1st loss, it looks like SI is still trying to figure things out, but I believe they have enough talent to contend for D3 CCS championship.

        • Riordan plays at Westmoor this Friday so we’ll see how get an early season barometer at how these two rank at least compared against the same opponent. Can’t imagine that little, gritty Westmoor pulls out another win over a WCAL team.

          Go Crusaders don’t disappoint!

          A portion of this comment has been edited.

    • Already looking ahead to next year JJ? Is this a fruitless season? Its too small of a sample size but we can assume Westmoor is a good team this year and SI nearly beat them.

      The most promising thing you can take away from yesterday if youre an SI fan is the balance of scoring on offense and they scored in the 70s. Last year the offense was tailored to run the clock down and get a particular player a shot from 25 feet away. This year you’ll see more meaningful passing and scoring coming from everywhere. Might not translate to more wins but definitely more enjoyable to watch.

      I dont know Rike’s skillset, but at 6’8 and 1.8 seconds which is enough time to set yourself and shoot, Im guessing hes a clumsy 6’8? How do you know catch it and dunk it at that range?? Theres no one on the other team taller than 6’0!

      • Although 1.8 seconds is a long time in basketball, I’m not entirely sure he would have been able to come all the way down with the ball and back up in that time.

        Rather than risking the clock running out by coming down, I think he probably made the right decision to put it right up. It was a clean look, just a bit of bad luck.

        • Oh JBalan, since theres no replay, Im sure if he got the shot up a tad late, the refs wouldve given SI the benefit of the doubt. It is a HOME game.

          Last night’s loss is sure indication of the direction SI hoops is going. Losing to a PAL team can happen, but in the past 2-3 years, they’ve lost to Mills, El Camino, and now Westmoor. That should not happen period. SHC has kept been near dominating and Riordan this year is loaded. I like the sound of this order: SHC, Riordan, SI. I LOVE IT!!!!!

          • Ari, I can get used to that sound. Your right, it sounds great.

            • If SI has trouble with, as Westmoor’s coach puts it “short 5’10 Asian kid(s)”, I can’t wait to see Miller and Biggins will do to them. Dunbar may be considered the best point guard, but the tandem of Miller/Biggins or Mabrey/Jiday or James/Otis is going to be fun to watch all season.

              • Riordan brings guards Mabrey/Jiday/Ferrari when WCAL play starts in January. Don’t forget the solid guard play @ Mitty. Should be a good season for WCAL hoops!

              • Oh no I did not forget Mr Conor Peterson. Its too bad he didnt play as many minutes last year as Mitty was very senior-laden at guard. Peterson is absolutely a D1 player. 6’2 PG with all the skills.

              • I don’t think the Westmoor coach should’ve made the short, asian comment. He’s just adding fuel to the stereotype. Dunbar is half asian and his backcourt mate last night is also asian. Westmoor won because they had better chemistry, probably due to the fact that they have alot of seniors who played with each other for a long time.

          • Just some facts | December 8, 2012 at 10:51 AM |

            So i assume you are making this prediction based on present players without transfers because you cannot obviously make a prediction on SH’s play so far this season – there is none, right?
            I think it probably isn’t too wise to predict until January 1st when all the transfers begin to factor in – ARHS has quite a lot of talent in those transfers and in Masoli when he gets off injury list.

          • But it will be Riordan then flip a coin.

      • Ari, or ICstars, or Jbalan who is SHC transfer? Did SHC get one too, and if so how come no one mentions him?

        • When I talked to Darrell Barbour for the preseason Top 10, he said there were three transfers, but only one would be in contention to start. He didn’t give me any names.

        • Chris, I was speaking to an SH parent who said they have a player from the Mexican junior team at SHC but there appears to be some eligibility issues. I believe he’s a 2-3 position and is friends with the 6’7 kid from Stuart Hall. Not sure if he will be eligible on January 1 but he will certainly help if he is.

        • Chris, SHC’s success this year will rely on three factors. One, the steady, clutch play and leadership from Herman Pratt and Khalil James. Two, Deandre Otis and Liam O’Reilly’s progressive development from role players to starters. And three, getting solid production from Yanoj Jackson who was out all last year.

          The bench also needs to contribute as there is no Fox or Johns walking through that door this year.

          • Ari, I agree regarding your analysis regarding this year. I was looking at what “projects” they were developing for next years’ team as well. The fact that M Air J said they had 3 transfers and only one ready to contribute right off the bat will tell me what kind of coach and program we have going for the future. I want to see steady progress and improvement and it is always nice to be able to say “this kid is going to be good.”

        • I haven’t seen them play yet. There’s not even a roster on the school’s site or on Max Preps. I’ll have to email them one myself.

          • IC stars, Im glad you do that. Even with all the noise with the new SH website etc, I was looking forward to getting more timely rosters and info on teams. It is just as bad as the old site. There is no excuse for not having a freshman roster for football??? Max preps had one, is that because of your hard work?? There is still no rosters for basketball on any level. Isn’t Scott Bergen the sports communications guy??

            • Yeah, Scott Bergen is the Sports Info Director. I keep an eye on MaxPreps all the time. Sometimes they get the wrong team on the schedule (like Valley Christian of Cerritos instead of San Jose). I do send them rosters too.

  5. I made the same mistake as I did Saturday, assuming SI would win based on what I saw during warmups. I’ve learned my lesson. While missing three starters definitley hurt SI, they were simply out-hustled by Westmoor. SI will be much better when their FB players return, but it may not be enough to compete in the WCAL.

    On a positive note, the SI frosh A won convincingly.

    • Albert Waters would be the only player that would effectively impact the game with his defense and rebounding. He’s not really a scoring threat. Bull would also be an energy guy to be physical with the other team’s best forward. Vollert is a football player. Not a basketball player.

      A portion of this comment has been edited.

      • I believe Bull will not be playing hoops this year.

        • You’re probably right. He’s not on the roster, while the other football players are. Doesn’t mean he still won’t play, but I’d say that’s a pretty good sign.

        • I think Bull would make a very good free safety in college if he catches on somewhere. I dont know how fast he is, but he has a nose for the ball, a sound tackler, and can lower the blow.

          Any news on Waters getting recruited by any D1 to play DB?

  6. Is Roberts Jr. still on the SI team or did he graduate

  7. George Nguyen | December 5, 2012 at 1:47 PM |

    No excuses with the could’ve, should’ve, would’ve blah blah blah one team was better then the other. Take the win or loss and get better from it (hopefully)

  8. JJ, I doubt you’ll have as many transfers in the future, but with Riordan’s program coming on, the basketball kids are going to apply to Riordan and SHC and bypass SI. It’s too bad because SI could be as dominant in basketball as they currently are in football and baseball.

    • It’s all about the varsity head coach and his philosphy. See Riordan football.

      • Colormepurple | December 6, 2012 at 10:50 AM |

        wcalsf: You are so right. How refreshing for these kids to have a Coach and assistants that really work together as a team. That teaches, mentors and nurtures their players, versus the Anti- Coach – who degrades, demoralizes and basically plays mental games with his players. Lord help us that the ARHS Administration will listen to the parents, alumni and most importantly their own student athletes, many of whom will not play next year if he’s there. Can’t wait to watch WCAL Bball this year, looks to be a very promising run for Riordan.

    • Do you really feel bad for SI?

    • I would be a little more discrete when using the word dominant SA. In this situation, dominant can get confused with a great run by a class. The Stinn, Vollert, Waters, Krook, Bull, etc, class have really achieved alot together. If the next class (2 years of varsity), is just as successful, I think dominant would be the right word. Best SHC example is the women’s basketball team from 2000-2010. That was dominating.

      • Ari you nailed it! Let’s see them maintain for more than 2 years. The last WCAL football title was co-champs 2006 with you know who.(By the way that co-championship year they were beaten by the other champ by over 2 td’s. Just thought I throw that in.)Great run though. Repeat CCC champions (2011 1-5-1 in league,2012 beaten by 26 points by un-named opponent in league). Prior to 2011 a string of mediocre teams with a sprinkling of modest success. Hardly Dynasty or dominate for that matter.

        • That unnamed opponent is at home this evening. They had 2 chances to beat the bells and couldn’t. SI also had 2 chances and got the job done when it mattered.

          • That unnamed opponent is at home along with the other WCAL teams and CCS open DIV teams licking their wounds, begrudgingly giving the Cats their due.Realizing that every dog( or should that be Cat) has their day.Using the 2012 season as inspiration for future seasons knowing that winning a CCS Open title is not limited only to the Bells, SF, & VC’s of the world.Also that unnamed opponent knows that when they meet again on the gridiron they should once again be able to continue the domination of the Cats like they have 9 of the last 11 years averaging 450 yards a game. It is only hoped that the unnamed team gets that 450 yards plus with a little passing so as to be able to beat that other unnamed team in the WCAL that has owned them their last 7 meetings(League & CCS).

  9. It will be interesting to see what Riordan will do vs Westmoor after watching SI let them do what ever they wanted. Riordan should be alot more physical and push the ball up every time. Riordan needs to get the ball inside in the half court set, Arenas and Hernandez to strong for the westmoor players. Number 33 for SI dominated the paint and SI didn’t get him the ball enough. WCAL team should not lose to a small team like westmoor, and WCAL teams are much more physical too. Mabry should be able to penetrate anytime he wants to open the offense up for 3’s or post play. Good luck to Riordan on friday…Play like champions every game!!

  10. Riordan definitely needs to continue what has made them successful so far, and that is continuing to play tough, aggressive and physical defense and an uptempo – push it up the floor, penetrate and kick out to open shooter offense.
    The fact that St. Joes played a zone defense throughout and did not have any fast break points (at least what I can recall) tells you how quick this Crusader team is.

  11. JJ,

    Not sure if you’re Asian or not, but understand the context (at least from my perspective as I am Asian). Asians don’t exactly get respect on the court (just ask Jeremy Lin). Even though there are Jeremy Lin’s and Yao Ming’s, there are thought of as the “exception” rather than the rule. So when Westmoor (or any school) walks in with a team with a lot of Asian kids, some teams (not saying SI did) think they have easy pickings. After all, besides Jeremy Lin, what other Asian basketball player is out there in the public eye?

    I’m not surprised the Westmoor coach made the statement. Asian coaches (and by extension their teams) always fight for respect. Add that you’re playing a WCAL school that had players that predominantly non-Asian, you play even harder.

    A side note about Asian players. Most of the bigger AAA schools in the city have a ton of Asian ball players (both boys and girls). But I think a ton of the Asian talent also go to the catholic and private schools. If the Asian kids go to the University’s, Urban’s, etc they’ll likely get a chance to play. But at the SI, SH and Riordan’s, the competition is pretty fierce and sometimes the Asian kids never make varsity (they’ll play Frosh / JV). I only say this as some of the CIty public schools have had a talent drop off in terms of their Asian players.

    • manifest Destiny | December 6, 2012 at 2:05 AM |

      I am not a basketball fan. I have observed that Asian players are a factor in CYO. Look at Conerstone or West Portal Lutheran. Not traditional CYO schools but they are in and generally do pretty well. Not a huge presence of quality Asian players in the WCAL.

      The comments by the Westmoor coach were ridiculous and uncalled for. You beat SI. Give your team credit for the victory. Let them enjoy it. The fact that they are mostly Asian does not matter.

      The fact that they gave up football and let SH practice on their field is another story!

      • I agree 100% It seems the Westmoor coach got caught up in the moment and said something unfortunate. That win and that night didn’t have to be about them being “short Asians.” Imagine if a white coach said that about his white players or a black coach about his black players.

        Huge win for Westmoor. Stupid comment. Baaad loss for SI.

        The PAL owns SI!! lol
        They’ve lost to Burlingame, El Camino, Mills, AND Westmoor over the last few years. Wooow…

        Riordan will beat Westmoor by 15-20. SI better use this as a serious wake-up call or they are in for a very long season.

  12. I think Colin Wan was a pretty good point guard for Archbishop Mitty in 2010. SH and SI have some Asian kids who don’t start but they are on the team I notice. I think you just have to really think about being on a team first more than anything else. It doesn’t matter of you are black, white, or asian.

    • There are many good Asian basketball players in the AAA, Asian players make up some of the top players on the elite basketball teams in the AAA. Lincoln and Marshall, have had Asians players for as long as I can remember. The schools mentioned in the above sentence, have always felt Asian players are equals with talent and skills of any other basketball player in the AAA, WCAL and BCL moreover, Asian players have more than enough ability to be top players in any high school league in the bay area.

      • BBALL FANATIC | December 6, 2012 at 12:59 PM |

        I think you all are not so much shocked at what the Westmoor Coach said, but just the fact that he said it. Most folks think this stereotype, as well as talk about it in small circles all the time, he just “sounded off” NO LAWS BROKEN…The asian “basketball” population is wide spread throughout these local leagues…not only is T. Dunbar mixed with asian, but so is his “6’8” center Ryke…I bet you can’t use him in a “small” asian reference!

        • It may be normal to talk this way amongst your friends or in the locker room, but if you are the head coach, you shouldn’t play the race card, as a head coach represents the school. He should’ve just said we’re a bunch of short kids, why did he he have to add “short, asian kids”? A white head coach would never say that we’re a bunch of slow, white guys, haha.

  13. Also, there was a guy by a name of Quin Butler, what ever happened to him?

  14. I believe Quin Butler transferred to a boarding school somewhere in the East Coast.

  15. Jeff Blevinz | December 11, 2012 at 1:57 AM |

    Westmoor coach stated that Westmoor had never beaten a WCAL team. I remember Westmoor winning the San Dunes twice and beating SI a few years back.

    • @jeff That was the girls team that beat SI and won the Sand Dune, those teams were coached by Corey Cafferata, who is now the Mission College head coach.

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