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Game of the Day – St. Ignatius vs. Granite Bay football: Not only is a state championship appearance on the line tonight at Sacramento State, but with a victory, the Wildcats would also set a school record for wins in a season. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

Northern California Division I football championship
Granite Bay 45, St. Ignatius 17

Non-league basketball tournaments
Cupertino 45, Mission 43 @ Fukushima Invitational at Independence (San Jose)
Urban 71, Bay 37 @ Cardinal Classic (Lowell)
Stuart Hall 62, Lincoln 52 @ Island Classic at St. Joseph Notre Dame (Alameda)
Technology (Rohnert Park) 53, Drew 33 @ Gene Duffy Tournament (Calistoga)
Half Moon Bay 57, Lick-Wilmerding 35 @ Cardinal Classic (Lowell)
Carlmont (Belmont) 42, Lowell 23 @ Cardinal Classic (Lowell)
Piedmont Hills (San Jose) 84, Washington 46 @ Friborg/Miailovich Invitational at Piedmont Hills (San Jose)
University 71, Rodriguez (Fairfield) 60 @ Island Classic at St. Joseph Notre Dame (Alameda)
Leadership 73, Leadership (Hayward) 48 @ Owls Invitational at Athenian (Danville)
Sacred Heart Cathedral 63, San Ramon Valley (Danville) 50 at John May Invitational at San Ramon Valley (Danville)
Balboa 48, Jefferson (Daly City) 45 @ Cardinal Classic (Lowell)
Clear Lake (Lakeport) 71, Waldorf 39 @ John McMillan Holiday Invitational (Cloverdale)

Non-league boys basketball
Riordan 64, Westmoor (Daly City) 48
Galileo 43, Leigh (San Jose) 42

Non-league girls basketball tournaments
Moreau Catholic (Hayward) 58, Washington 37 @ Terra Nova Tiger Tournament (Pacifica)
Balboa 60, Mission 37 @ Lick-Wilmerding Tournament
Lick-Wilmerding 42, Drew 23 @ Lick-Wilmerding Tournament
Mercy 51, San Domenico (San Anselmo) 39 @ Lick-Wilmerding Tournament
International 70, Lincoln 42 @ Lick-Wilmerding Tournament

Non-league girls basketball
ICA 64, Wallenberg 34
Valley Christian (Dublin) 60, Gateway 20
University 53, Bay 44
Galileo 53, Urban 37

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  1. I hate to make predictions very early but I’m going to predict that the Lowell boys hoops team will once again choke in their own tournament.

  2. Can any SI enthusiasts provide a objective or subjective scouting report on 6’8 junior Troy Rike and also 6’7 Freshman Arash Poorsina (on JV)? Was Rike a 6’8 freshman or did he grow in the last 3 years? I know that height can be mistaken for talent. But Im guessing if it took Rike his junior year to be on varsity then he must not walk and chew gum at the same time well. One of SI’s weaknesses from last year and likely this year is rebounding. I dont see why they wouldnt be able to use another 6’7 guy on varsity unless hes not very good or just not ready.

    This is no surprise but SI’s JV and frosh teams are loaded with much taller players than any of the SH JV and frosh teams. But Im confident that Coach Barbour will have the players he needs at the start of every season even if that means getting kids to transfer in.

    • Have not seen the SI freshman team play so no insights on Poorsina. Have seen Rike play a few times, including against DeLaSalle his freshman year, couple games in his disappointing JV season and then at SI/Westmoor. Heard he was having a great freshman year (@ 6’3) until he broke a foot against Riordan and then came back too early which lead to some knee problems. His injuries appeared to impact his performance throughout his entire sophomore year.

      Scouting report says high basketball IQ, great passer, strong back to basket moves/foot work and good shooter for a big man (including 80%+ FT). Plays more like Pau Gasol than a traditional high school bang bodies “5”, Primary area for improvement is that he is not an assertive or aggressive player, and will not always look for his shot in deference to team mates. Strong defensive presence in the middle with his wide wing-span and court awareness but his average lateral quickness makes him a better fit in a zone defense than in a pressure, man-man. If his knee(s) stay healthy and he gains more varsity level experience through playing time, his confidence will grow and he could be a real difference maker for SI…especially against teams with length such as Serra, Mitty, Bellarmine.

      6’8″ seems to be based upon growth over past 12-18 months and maybe even a little generous

      • That’s a relief! That’s for the scouting report Hoosier. Even better to know tiny Westmoor wasn’t scared of his 6’8 presence.

  3. Good luck Cats the D will have to stop the run tonight for any chance. A little concerned this will be the best running O they faced and I know they were really hammered earlier by Serra who smoked SI by 26 getting almost 500 total yards. If not mistaken SI gave up close to 900 yards rushing in 2 years to Serra & Granite Bay is more explosive than Serra.

    • Well as of right now, it’s 14-0 GB midway through the 1st.

    • Charles. From your lips. Quite prophetic in the Cat’s inability to stop Smash Mouth offensives that line up and run the ball down their throats.Now if only that unnamed team can learn to pass a little they can possibly get over that Bell hurdle. Oh SI you ask. Not to worry Charles. We have them figured out. ie. 9-2 last 11 years. Over 900 total yards of offense last 2 years with over 3 TD point spread.

  4. First minute of the game Granite scores. running ball right at the Cats. Similar to earlier unnamed opponent.

  5. Three and out Cats punt coming up.

  6. Looks like Granite coaches checked out the SI v Serra game film and how Padres ran the ball down Cats throats.

  7. Repeat of 27-0 at the half? Will have to wait and see.

  8. good luck si represent sf

  9. At least not 27-0 at half Cats get FG

  10. At least SI isn’t embarassing themselves, after they marched down the field and got a FG before the 1st quarter ended. But they got to stop GB’s run game or it will be a long drive home back to San Francisco.

  11. Tough> 15 yard penalty Cat cheap shot.

  12. Ah geez 1st & goal Granite. TD Granite. Hold on folks this is going to be a bumpy ride.

  13. Almost end of 1st half Cats in defeat formation.

  14. Hey Walsh. Get it.You can run and pass the ball. Don’t try to out Bell the Bells. Don’t get me wrong keep getting the 500 yards rushing a game against the Cats, but sprinkle in a pass or two.

  15. Bringing on the heart ache.

  16. Get that running clock ready!

  17. Lousy camera work, but every time I look a Granite back is going for 10.

  18. If you think I’m bad, you should check out the Granite live chat. Wow.

  19. Boy this formula on how to beat the Cats looks sooooooooooooo familar. and in the holiday spirit. ” Yes Virginia, the SI fairy tale season of the last 50 years is finally over.”

  20. Nail in the coffin! I’m telling you check out the Granite Bay Live Chat. They are being brutal to our Cats.

    • These in the boonie schools in Northern California I’m not a big fan of. Whenever SH would host a NorCal game vs Enterprise, their players and fans are super racists, cheap shot artists. You would not believe the things their fans say. Their players swing elbows like its going out of style. So no surprise on the stuff they say on their boards or live chats.

      • As they said in Goodfellas”And that’s that.” I don’t follow hoops or baseball but will look forward to 2013 WCAL football season. Watch out for Valley to break the Bells WCAL title streak. The most prestigious high school league football title in the Bay or possibly NORCAL.Don’t be fooled by the SI shellacking. WCAL top to bottom best league,

        • Look forward to trading posts with you Lance next season. Let’s hope the Crusaders get a competent coach next season.

          • I think the Crusader’s will show noticeable improvement next year. Don’t underestimate the positive influence the Poti’s are having on the ARHS program. If Sweeney remains he should more fully utilize the abilities of the Poti’s.

          • Not that it would have mattered, but SI had alot of dropped balls in this game. Also, Stinn missed a couple wide open receivers by over-throwing over their head. The defense couldn’t stop anything all day,but all of GB’s O-line had to be at least 250 lbs and above. The bright spots were the running game led by Elijah Dale. I think he will be the next Johnny Cooley. Great seaon by the Cats. LB Poly vs GB should be an interesting game since Poly gave up only a TD to Clovis, while GB scored almost at will.

  21. Touchdooooooooooooooooooooooown Cats. Ok SI BB coach get up to Sac Town and pull you BB players.

  22. Johnny Cooley of Granite is a great back. Any relation to Mel Cooley of the Dick Van Dyke show?

  23. Alright let’s get that clock running, bus gassed up, and get the heck out of here.

  24. Please if you get a chance check out the live chat. I think Ari Gold would be impressed.

  25. Pleasa,please,please,please,please, please someone stop this.

  26. The announcers are horrible. The only worst I’ve heard was the Serra student web caster. Under 2 minutes left down by 36 points the color announcer ask” Do you think they can come back? Play by guy responds it may take a minor miracle.”I’m not makin this up!

    • I believe I meet the Serra student’s Father at Taco Bell. He was very proud. The student gets paid to work girls volleyball too. Sounds like a good gig to me.

  27. Is that how KNBR’s Bob Fitzgerald got his start?

    • Fitzgerald Serra Grad. Can’t stand him. I’ll take the 2 amateurs doing the game tonight.

      • Agreed! It only takes a minute during any of his shows to tell you he’s an ND Irish grad and a Chicago sorts fan. The way the Warriors replaced Greg Papa years ago with Fitzgerald didn’t really sit right with a lot of people including myself.

  28. Cat in the Hat | December 7, 2012 at 11:04 PM |

    Lance. Did you get it all out? During your giant conversation with yourself tonight here on SFP I hope you were able to come to grips with the fact your Padres have never been able to win the open division but now SI has one. Does that sting? It sure seems that way as you continually bash a group of young men that gave it all they had and played their hearts out against a really really good team.

    Congratulations for showing the class and respect that Serra fans are so well known for.

    On another note. Congratulations to the SI Wildcats for an amazing 2 year run of hard work and championships for the city of SF. Most of us are proud of you and getting beat by a great D1 opponent is nothing to hang your head about.

    • Yeah. I think it was cathartic. The sting is still kind of raw,but is soothed by the continued ownage of the Cats. Meow baby.

  29. And oh yeah Dr. Seuss, sorry if I offended your delicate sensibilities.

  30. Cat in the Hat | December 7, 2012 at 11:30 PM |

    You didn’t offend me as I care very little about you making a fool out of yourself. I care more about the young men putting it all on the line only to be sniped at by petty Internet tough guys who’s entire school appears to be obsessed with SI.

    You do not dig them so you say. Clownish posts in every way. Hahaha. I’m channeling one of your finest supporters TOPCAT tonight I guess…

    • Obviously offended or you would not have responded in the first place. Now look at that. You made me out as the Grinch.

    • Garfield have to give you props for the limerick. It was rather clever.

      • manifest Destiny | December 8, 2012 at 1:14 AM |

        Alright Lance come clean. You only talk about Totos to throw us off. You have to be a Sacred Heart grad. They are entitled to hate SI as much as your comments reflect. They are our bitter cross town rival in every way.

        Serra is not an SI rivalry. Playing at the jungle was an annoyance not a rivalry. True Serra football players are tough working class kids from San Mateo County. They play tough and do not run off at the mouth. They will knock you down and come at you. Once a year they would come up and vandalize the Sunset campus with spray paint , broken windows and sliced tires but it is far from the rivalry of Sacred Heart or Riordan. By the way SH and Riordan never annually trashed the SI campus. Probably because of a mutual respect handed down by true San Franciscans.

        Does Serra have a cross town rivalry with Hillsdale or Carlmont or San Mateo High? Maybe with Hayward for the cross 92 crowd? See you next season. Until then stay across the County line.

        • This is the nicest way you can put someone in check! Funnything is, what you said is true too!

    • Cat in the Hat | December 8, 2012 at 8:50 AM |

      OK Lance, let me spell things out for you since we all know Serra is known for its athletic program only. You are not offending me. Annoying? Yes indeed. Snarky and churlish (you’ll probably have to look that one up)? Yes indeed. Deriving joy out of the pain of young kids trying their best to succeed? Yes indeed. My compulsion (too big of a word?) to post has more of a “oh snap who is THIS clown” motivation rather than a personally offended motivation.

      Let me put it into words you can understand. I’m laughing at you and not with you. Please continue posting though as mentally throttling you is “cathartic.” By the way, assuming you didn’t get hurt falling out of the stands in the Jungle last year when we came down there and owned you, feel free to stop by 2001 37th ave to see what an Open Division trophy looks like.

      • Looks like someone got a thesaurus for their birthday. Hey, if that’s an invite I would love to check it out Cat. I’m sure you would show me all kinds of hospitality. See you in 2013 I think the Cat’s and Padres will be pertty even with both schools having heavy graduation.

  31. Who saw the Crusaders beat Westmoor? I would like to hear some details.

    • BBALL FANATIC | December 8, 2012 at 6:59 AM |

      After witnessing Coach Buckner video the SI-Westmoor game last wednesday, i figured he would have an answer for Wai Min…..and he did. Every Crusader was a madman on friday night, in a packed, hostile west moor gym…I actually didn’t recognize Min because Riordan nullified his game, and even though Arenas was in foul trouble, he was once again a factor in the paint. i gotta believe with the way their playing right now, the (all-star)transfers can only slow them down and make them beat-a-ble,lol.

    • Physical and aggressive in your face man-to-man defense along with picking up the Westmoor guards full court and often times deploying a half court trap was the difference in the game. I dont think Westmoor expected the Crusader team to be as fast, if not faster, overall as themselves and Riordan had a successful rotation of Hernandez, Fernandez and Hameed when Arenas ran into early foul trouble. Some questionable calls from the refs got coach Buck livid, but Crusaders had too much to win comfotably walking away. This Crusader team will be able to play a four guard offense, big, and traditional once everyone becomes eligible. Good win

    • I was there. Good crowd to watch an entertaining game. Westmoor runs like 4 guards and a quick strong post player. Really good shooters with quickness and a lot of heart. They spread the floor to penetrate then dish to the open shooters. But Riordan was bigger, faster and more athletic. Riordan lead pretty much the whole game and scored a lot in the paint with a lot of offensive put backs. They would pull away only to have Westmoor hit 3’s to come back. Westmoor zoned all game trying to make Riordan shoot from the outside. Riordans guards are very good and no one was able to stay in front of them so they did almost anything they wanted offensively.

  32. Mission boys basketball team plays 3 games a week, and already 0-6. Ouch. Wonder if Armani McFarland is on the team, cause he wasn’t in the lineup vs Riordan. 0-6, time to drop them from the top 10

  33. Great win to Galileo, Leigh was a very tough challenge for them and they came through after two disappointing losses by university and gateway. Keep it up.

  34. In girls non-league hoops tonight, Galileo & University won but unfortunately, the final scores R unavailable @ this time.

  35. In the John May Classic, Khalil James was Tournament MVP while Deondre Otis and Herman Pratt were All-Tournament players.

    SRV had no free-throws in the game but hit 8 three-pointers. Irish were 7-10 from the line. SHC is 3-0.

  36. From Fri. 12/7:

    Non-league boys hoops
    Oakwood (Morgan Hill) 66, SF Christian 52

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