Prep Wrapup: Riordan boys basketball hands Westmoor first loss

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Boys Basketball: Riordan 64, Westmoor 48

After stunning St. Ignatius earlier in the week, the Rams (4-1) were handed their first loss of the season by the Crusaders (4-0) on Friday night at Westmoor.

Three Riordan players scored in double figures, with junior forward Bobby Arenas leading the way with a team-high 15 points (Geru Mabrey added 13 points and Graham Gilleran scored 10). Arenas also took down eight rebounds and had four steals. Junior guard Jiday Ugbaja also had four steals to go along with nine points.

Westmoor’s Errol Fernandez was the only Rams player to score more than 10 points, with a game-high 18 on 4-of-7 shooting from three-point range.

Girls Basketball: Mercy 51, San Domenico (San Anselmo) 39

The Skippers (4-1) rode the hot hand of guard Christina Haight against the Panthers (2-4) to punch their ticket to the Lick-Wilmerding Tournament championship game, where they will take on International.

The senior had a team-high 20 points on 9-of-12 shooting from the floor, and had a near triple-double with nine steals and eight rebounds. She also had five blocks and five assists.

Sophomore guard Gabby Jajeh was the only other Mercy player to score in double figures with 13 points on 4-of-7 shooting from three-point range.

Boys Basketball: Stuart Hall 62, Lincoln 52

In a inter-City matchup across the Bay at the Island Classic in Alameda, sophomore forward Armani Collins poured in 22 points to lead the Knights (5-2) to victory over the Mustangs (0-4) in the tournament’s consolation-bracket semifinals.

Stuart Hall sophomore forward Pavlos Peritos added 12 points and five rebounds, and fellow underclassman Malik Hale (a freshman) scored nine points.

Lincoln led 17-15 after the first quarter and only trailed 37-35 after the third frame, but the Knights outscored the Mustangs 25-17 in the fourth.

Boys Basketball: Cupertino 45, Mission 43

The Bears’ (0-6) precipitous slide continued in the final game of the Fukushima Invitational in San Jose.

Eight Mission players scored, but senior guard Antoine Porter was the only one that scored more than seven points. Porter scored 16 and senior guard Anthony Bonds took in a team-high seven rebounds.

The Bears led 8-2 after the first quarter, but got outscored 16-8 in the second, then played even with the Pioneers (1-4) after the halftime break.

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30 Comments on "Prep Wrapup: Riordan boys basketball hands Westmoor first loss"

  1. This was a good game for both teams, Westmoor played as hard as they could and played well till the 4th where they tired out and Riordan’s power of Arenas and Hernandez on the boards took over. With the game at a 6 point lead Arenas gets 3 straight offensive rebounds and scores them to build Riordan’s lead to 12 pts and Mabry got 2 steals to finish Westmoor off. Mabry had 7 rebounds with Arenas grabbing 11 boards. Westmoor plays hard and never quits, this will be a good team in PAL. The Wcal team was stronger and Ugbaja had a good defensive game by shutting down Westmoor’s perimeter players. Good luck to both teams in the near future!!

  2. As you can see, Arenas and Gilleran had nice games in the paint (according to their point totals). SI, unfortunately, did not go inside enough when they faced Westmoor. The SI junior, Marcu, had his way with Westmoor in the paint, along with Rike. Riordan had the luxury to scout Westmoor before playing them. Not to take anything away from Westmoor’s win from SI, but if Riordan played Westmoor 1st, and SI played them 2nd, maybe the outcome would’ve came out differently. Obviously, Coach Buckner knew that stopping Wai Min was crucial; based on SI’s play, I don’t think SI knew this. From the comments, it sounded like Riordan coasted to an easy victory, but the above comment confirms that the final score was somewhat misleading, that it was a tight game. Tough loss for SI, but good thing they have a game tonight against Mountain View, so they can go back to their winning ways.

    • Purple hammer | December 8, 2012 at 1:20 PM |

      I dont think the si game had everything to do with it, riordan played them last year and they know wat they are capeable of, i think coah buc likes playing there to stimulate a high intensity hostile gym, because they get laud at westmore, its u good place to play to teach ur players how to handle huge atmospheres, i just think riordan doesnt take games for granted, its usually the case for a team comming out the bottom of the league and a team deined the play offs last year. I just think they are want more than si because they have been more succes deprived than si over the last few years

      • Not positive, but I think the CCS is implementing a rule that only teams with winning records make the playoffs. I think it’s for football, not sure about basketball. If it includes basketball, SI wouldn’t have made the playoffs last year. For football, VC and Riordan wouldn’t have made the playoffs as they didn’t have winning records.

        • I don’t think it’s a rule yet. It’s just up for a vote.

        • Purple hammer | December 8, 2012 at 1:55 PM |

          wow that rule change sounds like it would work but then i think it would create a situation like college football and bosie state, teams with winning records but the competition is not that great. riordan although with a losing record would of went deep in to the ccs because they were better than teams in the bracket. most of those teams deal with a Gordon a fox nor a johns as often as the crusaders did, same can be said a bout si, didn’t they crush aptos last year even tho aptos had a winning record

          • Like Mr. Balan said, it’s up for vote, so it might not pass. I think the CCS is just “tired” of the private schools always winning the CCS championships. It’s kinda weird that in the Bay Area, the private schools always win the sectional championships, but in the Sacramento area, the public schools dominate. (i.e. SI and Granite Bay & De La Salle and Folsom)

        • If this is true it is step in the right direction.

    • It doesn’t take a genius to figure out Westmoor’s game strategy. Any avid bball fan much less coach could have taken a timeout and switch up personnel/defense to counter Westmoor’s scheme. Pick up the guards full court so they don’t settle into their offense, crash the boards and exploit their height disadvantage. SI’s problem could be lack of talent with the exception of Dunbar to execute this strategy. There’s plenty of preseason left for SI to hopefully figure it out.

      • SI doesn’t have problems scoring, as their 72 points per game average indicates. I think it’s their defense that needs some work. SI started to make changes like the things you mentioned, after down by 9, little too late. As long as SI keeps improving, I think they will snap Riordan’s winning streak on January 2 or 3.

        • Should be a great opener! I have a feeling that Crusader Nation will outnumber the Wildcat fans & SI’s house! Jan 2nd is the opener, correct?

        • Just some facts | December 10, 2012 at 1:49 PM |

          Apparently Mr. Balan doesn’t agree with you on the Riordan vs. SI upcoming game – and I think he might have seen some of the transfers play – or practice. He does rank ARHS as #1 for SF.
          I would say that a lot of persons would not agree with you – but I, like others, haven’t seen your whole team together and there are a few weeks left to form a team. But surely the SI vs Westmoor game showed how spunky Westmoor is – very impressive play by many especially Min. But it did not demonstrate great coaching or team-work by SI, it seems. Still things can change by January 2nd.
          Still when you put out on court players like Mabry and/or Ferrari and Jiday Ugbaja and Bobby Arenas and Gilleran and Hernandez and the others you have not been able to see yet- well they are proven as a team and as individual players. Very impressive athletes overall.

          • The new transfers ready to play on Jan 2 for Riordan will ruin the chemistry for the Crusaders, which will be advantageous to SI.

            • JJ, you do not know anything about this team do you? This team started working out together (on their own!) before the school year even started. Karim and Eric Vrana are enrolled in the boarding school and Chiefy is Jiday’s cousin. They have also played together on various club teams this past summer. Also, Ferrari could have easily gone to Serra since one of his best friend’s is Caruso. Frankie’s brother is a freshman and playing for the Crusader Frosh A.
              All of the transfers and the injured Masoli walk out with the team at all the games to show their support. They are also the cheering section as demonstrated last Friday at Westmoor. BTW – a great turn out for the Crusader Nation last Friday. Coach Buck has these young men fully buying in to his philosophy of aggressive physical defense and a uptempo offense.

      • It’s the same old problem gang. SI needs to go outside the tent and bring in a quality coach. The fact that they brought back DeBenedetti to coach the freshman after he was let go as the varsity coach a few years back should give you an indication of the problem. If not for the Olympic Club’s strong AAU training program, these kids wouldn’t get any coaching.

    • Just some facts | December 9, 2012 at 1:00 PM |

      Are you saying that SI did not scout Westmoor? They were at the ARHS vs Westmoor game on Friday night – filming.
      Let’s not be a sore loser now – after all, SI lost to Westmoor only in OT by only one basket at the hands of Westmoor. You would think that Reardon could have figured out how to play them somewhere in the end of the first quarter or at least by the beginning of the second half – even with or without scouting films of Westmoor.

      ARHS won by 16 but almost all the bench played – aside from the 5 transfers – 4 of which will be playing in January – and Masoli will likely be well enough to play then too.

      So then will also SI have 1 or 2 additional players from football? How many? Game on….

      • I’m pretty sure SI was at that game because there is a big game on January 2nd vs Riordan. You scout a team before you play them, not after. Besides, I said Westmoor and SI were about even.

        • Game film may be obsolete once league play starts on the 2nd. I’m sure Coach Buck has run different offensive and defensive schemes that include the 5 that will be eligible.

          • Film or no film, SI will continue to dominate Riordan in basketball and on January 2nd, SI will extend their winning streak over the Crusaders to 6 straight.

        • Just some facts | December 10, 2012 at 6:14 AM |

          Wait – you think that Riordan scouted Westmoor – and yet you are saying that SI didn’t bother to do so and now you are whining that Westmoor won over SI? I wasn’t saying that SI was scouting Westmoor at the Westmoor game with ARHS – Did I go to quick for your comprehension – Here it is again: are you trying to tell us that SI didn’t bother to scout Westomoor before its game with them – but you think Riordan did do it and that is why they won with 16 points and SI lost in OT? If Westmoor and SI are about even = how can you conclude that SI will beat ARHS then? I miss your logic totally with that. Again – listen please
          Riordan beat Westmoor by S-I-X-T-E-E-N POINTS and SI lost in OT. Riordan used all of its players not just its top 7 or so – and there are 5 more good players that will be ready on January 2nd. What can you tell us about the players for SI that will eb starting play in January?

          • The Miami Heat lost to the Washington Wizards, so that’s my explanation why SI lost to Westmoor. Upsets happen in sports and on January 2nd, the trend of SI beating Riordan in basketball will continue.

            • Just some facts | December 11, 2012 at 2:26 PM |

              Based on no facts – Gotta love your (il)logic. Gotta love blind loyalty too,

            • Won’t happen! Riotdan will crush SI come Jan 2nd.

            • Just some facts | December 11, 2012 at 4:45 PM |

              That was last year – the rest of us are talking about this year – this year’s teams – Your SI team has really changed – so has SH. So has Riordan and Serra – but not as much as SI or SH.
              So talking about what happened last year doesn’t really predict this year, does it?
              I understand you are showing loyalty – that is good. It is exciting to look forward to the opening league game. But lets be sure of a few things – the teams have changed so the fates of those teams – although a rare upset can and does happen – but if one was to be a betting person – I think so far in pre-season I have to agree with J Balan’s rankings based on what has happened so far and on what the incoming transfers look like for the Holy Trinity

  3. Nice that Riordan put gritty little Westmoor and the PAL in their rightful place :-)

    I am looking forward to seeing Riordan in January when they get their full complement of transfers eligible and Masoli healthy. They’ll be pretty quick, fast and athletic although not very long. It’ll be fun to watch them play this year. I think the WCAL is a little down this year after Mitty / Serra with third place being closely contested.

    • Definitely think that ARHS could finish in third in the WCAL. “Bring that beat back” Crusaders!

  4. I believe 4 riordan players scored double figures

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