Boys Basketball: Marshall can’t stop hot-shooting Fremont in home opener

Marshall junior guard Jason Smith tries to get past a Fremont defender on Wednesday at Marshall High School. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

Marshall junior guard Jason Smith tries to get past a Fremont defender on Wednesday at Marshall High School. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

By Matthew Snyder

The Marshall boys basketball team kept up with visiting Fremont of Oakland for a half on Tuesday night, but the Phoenix simply couldn’t rein in sweet-shooting Tigers guards Tyrone Gains and Donnell Wheat.

The two juniors combined for 30 first-half points on 10-of-11 shooting – including eight three-pointers – and laid the groundwork for a 92-75 Fremont victory.

“[Fremont] came out, and they shot the three very, very well,” said Marshall head coach Dezebee Miles. “I felt that we defended to the best of our ability.”

Marshall junior point guard Mizell Parker releases a jump shot against Fremont on Wednesday at Marshall High School. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

Marshall junior point guard Mizell Parker releases a jump shot against Fremont on Wednesday at Marshall High School. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

The Phoenix (1-2) shifted between zone defenses against the undersized Tigers to start the game, but Fremont (5-4) head coach Scot Alexander quickly tinkered his offensive sets to take advantage of Marshall’s aggressive schemes.

The Phoenix cut the Fremont lead to 25-21 with a 7-2 run early in the second quarter, but then Gains took over.

The junior guard poured in 10 points during the second quarter, frequently using screens to slip his defender, and didn’t miss a shot in the first half.

The Phoenix weathered Gains’ onslaught with balanced scoring. Four different players combined for Marshall’s 20 points in that second quarter and junior shooting guard Mizell Parker cut the lead to 48-35 with a fadeaway jump shot at the halftime buzzer.

But a timing mishap during the break canceled out that momentum.

Marshall was several minutes late coming out of the locker room for the beginning of the third quarter, which resulted in a surreal sequence.

Fremont’s five players took the court and the officials resumed play, which allowed the Tigers to score four quick points (there was a phantom 5-second inbound violation in between the baskets) before the Phoenix, who were alerted to the development, burst through the gym’s doors and raced back onto the floor.

The officials then called a resumption-of-play technical foul against Marshall, citing the team’s failure to return on time. Gevon Woodson-Wheeler’s free throw pushed Fremont’s lead to 53-35 and the Tigers blitzed the Phoenix through the rest of the quarter to blow the game open at 74-51.

“I’ve never seen that before . . . well, actually I’ve been on the court when it’s happened – where we took too long for a timeout – but I never saw that in a halftime situation,” Alexander said. “I thought that was a little bit strange, but I’m gonna take the points.”

Marshall’s 6-foot-5 forward Albert Collins finished with a game-high 28 points on 11-of-16 shooting and also added seven rebounds. The Phoenix shot just under 52 percent from the field, but committed 19 turnovers.

Scoring Leaders

Donnell Wheat – 24
Tyrone Gains – 20
Darnell Waters – 17
Malik Chandler – 10
Javonte Long – 9

Albert Collins – 28
Mizell Parker – 22
Jason Smith – 14
Aumen Holliday – 7
Two players tied with 2 points

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  1. JJ says:

    Hahaha. I wish I was at this game. I would’ve filmed right after halftime ended and posted the fiasco on youtube. I know it’s not the job of the refs, but at least knock on the locker room door as a courtesy. What if one of the players had a health issue such as a heart attack, or something of that nature? Marshall is the home team, not Fremont. Where’s the home-court advantage?

    • Don L. says:

      I’m curious to hear what happened from anyone at the game. As a ref, I can tell you that a few of us are having a discussion about this situation. I would like to hear from anyone if someone from marshall (assistant coach, staff) told the team that halftime was almost over.

      It is not a ref’s job to do it themselves, but they can direct someone to the locker room.

      • Matthew Snyder says:

        I sat directly across the gym from the two sets of double doors leading to the locker rooms, and those first minutes after the buzzer sounded to end the halftime period, all eyes were simply pointed to the doors. Nobody seemed to leave to inform the Marshall team.

        After play resumed and Fremont scored those first two buckets, a Marshall assistant coach/staffer sprinted from his seat on the bench out through the doors and told the team.

        • Don L. says:

          The officials said they asked people to inform Marshall that halftime was almost over. By all accounts, the officials seemed to do the proper things before the situation occurred and enforced the rules properly. Most regular fans won’t know that the rules specify this.

    • SF_Mikey says:

      This happened to my son’s 10U AAU team twice during the same game this year coming out of timeouts. They gave up five points by staying in the huddle on the sidelines too long. It cost them the game as they lost by four points!

  2. Drew says:

    Jbalan tht wasnt mizelle that shot at the half time buzzer that was aumen holliday he scored way more then 7 last night

  3. Drew says:

    His team mates told to inform you guys about that

  4. Sean E says:

    NFHS Rule 7.5.1

    When a team doesn’t make a thrower available after a time-out or the intermission between any quarter, the resumption of play procedure is used to prevent delay. The administering official will sound the whistle to indicate play will resume. In each situation:

    a. The ball shall be put in play if Team A is ready or it shall be placed on the floor
    b. The throw-in count shall begin and if a violation occurs, the procedure will be repeated for team B.
    c. Following violation by one team only, if that team continues to delay when authorized to make a throw-in, it is a technical foul.
    d. Following a violation by both teams, any further delay by either team is a technical foul.

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