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Non-league boys basketball
Stuart Hall 58, Crystal Springs Uplands (Hillsborough) 26
Oakland Tech 86, Washington 37
Emery (Emeryville) 77, Drew 28
St. Ignatius 53, Aragon (San Mateo) 49
Westmoor (Daly City) 68, Balboa 48
Urban 63, Oakland Military 39
Golden State Prep (Oakland) @ ISA, 6 p.m.

Non-league girls basketball tournaments
Branson (Ross) 41, Bay 27 @ Urban Holiday Shootout at Kezar Pavilion
St. Vincent de Paul (Petaluma) 60, Convent 51 @ Urban Holiday Shootout at Kezar Pavilion
Emery (Emeryville) 57, Drew 24 @ Urban Holiday Shootout at Kezar Pavilion
Wilcox (Santa Clara) 49, Lowell 40 @ Newark Memorial Hoopfest (Newark)
Urban 45, Mt. Shasta 32 @ Urban Holiday Shootout at Kezar Pavilion

Non-league girls basketball
Galileo 60, University 44
Oceana (Pacifica) 50, Mission 28
Redwood Christian (San Lorenzo) 33, Waldorf 20
Burton 54, Capuchino (San Bruno) 50
Marshall @ Oakland, 3:30 p.m.

Non-league girls soccer
Mercy 5, Jefferson (Daly City) 3

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  1. As I said on Twitter earlier, I have made the decision that the site will not to cover a game today. I know people might disagree and I understand that point of view.

  2. Didn’t the Marshall coach in football get flagged for wearing headphones in the huddle during a time out? The LB Poly coach did that in the SBG and no call. Hmmmm.

  3. OMG. Granite Bay just shocked Long Beach Poly. At least SI lost to 1 State Champ and could lose to 2 State Champs if Marin Catholic wins tomorrow. LB Poly has 7 D1 recruits, GB only 1 D1 recruit??

  4. Man, the SI basketball team almost lost to Aragon. I believe Aragon was winning by 1 with about 3 mins to go. But a clutch 3 by Trevor Dunbar and good defense in the waning minutes sealed the victory. SI had about a 10 pt lead for most of the game, but a big surge in the 3rd and 4th quarter gave Aragon a 1 point lead. Dunbar had a horrible 1st half, but a nice 2nd half. Tristan Wentworth had a bad game. Wentworth probably shot 1 for 8 from the field, coming off the bench. Marcu had a decent game, as well as the other starters and reserves. The big man Rike did not play at all, as Vollert got about 10 mins. I’m just guessing, but SI probably shot 33% from the field, but pretty much owned the glass. Lincoln tomorrow.

    • JJ, do U know who started tonight w/ Marcu & Dunbar for SI?

      • Waters started for sure, and I think the other 2 guys were MacLean-Vernic and Matt Brown? Jaren Yang, Vollert, and Wentworth all came off the bench. #14 also played, but maybe only 2-3 minutes on the floor.

    • SI approach to the Westmoor, Sacred Heart Prep and Aragon games have not fundamentally changed this year or from last year. Rotation is primary Dunbar/Yang plus 2’s-4’s who are primary the sames type players (5’11” – 6’1″) and are pretty much interchangeable. #33 is very aggressive, fairly athletic and has developed a nice inside game against smaller players, though his lack of size (6’1″) will be exposed against bigger and stronger teams in the WCAL. Most coaches who were not 4’s – 5’s themselves, or who did not play at higher levels where size is viewed as an advantage and leverage with specific big man coaching. Think SI coaches have ever attended a Pete Newell big man clinic or know how to maximize the availability of height? Think how Antonio Aguilar’s play diminished last year and Butler (6’4″) and Vollert (6’5″) saw limited playing time. Thus Butler transferred, Domingo left (though a different situation) and Vollert did not develop significantly.

      Same issue appears to be happening with Vollert and Rike this year. In fact, I heard (was not at game) Rike scored two quick baskets against SH Prep, blocked a shot and SI increased their lead from six to ten points and then was pulled after 2 minutes not to see the floor in a meaningful way afterwards.

      SI, develop a scheme around the available skills and players versus trying to force a system that does not maximize the potential of the players available. Or, be prepared for a very difficult WCAL season and the likely ramifications.

  5. Cat in the Hat | December 14, 2012 at 11:37 PM |

    Structure. Beats. Athleticism.

    Awesome win by Granite Bay. SI lost to a very good D1 state champ. No shame in that game. It was a fantastic ride to the Open Championship Saint Ignatius.

    As a fan of other city teams as well, it’s weird to put into perspective the Open vs. a Turkey Bowl game or a relatively significant SHC soccer win over mighty Bellarmine.

    I can only hope that my Cats and the other SF schools can continue to bring honor to the City.

  6. Cat-in-the hat, nice back-handed compliment. Let’s not kid ourselves – you can thank Coach Janda and 4 Bell players on their bad judgement for your ticket to Sacramento. You had a great season, but your arrogant comment is ridiculous. Time for hoops!

    • So true!

    • Cat in the Hat | December 16, 2012 at 1:10 PM |

      And thank the Bells for putting themselves at a disadvantage I did. But let’s not pretend the Cats didn’t win that game by stopping them at the goal line. We would have scored after the field goal anyway. Janda knew it too.

      As for arrogant backhanded compliments. You’re off base on that. Unlike IC Stars, I actually root for the other schools, and I wish the AAA could return to its heyday.

      Good luck to all of the SF schools and good luck to Lance getting San Mateo Preps up and running. Lol

      • Thanks Cat.

      • “IC Stars” roots for his own team and whoever plays SI.

      • To Cat in the Hat as of 12/18/12 I have not gotten the SanMatpreps off the ground. Until then, this Native San Franciscan will continue to follow the SF prep scene on Sanfranpreps. I look forward to checking in late summer 2013 to add my 2 cents on WCAL football. 2012 was a very intresting year with your Cats exceeding all predictions and going on to win the CCS Open. Again congrats. The Cat’s posted impressive wins on their way to the Open title. Losing to the WCAL champs Bells, DIV III state runner-up MC, and oh yes, being thoroughly pasted by Div I champ Granite Bay, and dismantled and de-clawed by their non-rival in that desolate location San Mateo 47-21.Cat,have a Merry Christmas and New Year and I we think will take this up again in the fall 2013

  7. Cat in the Hat | December 17, 2012 at 9:41 PM |

    You know what IC? IC your hands trembling with anger as our guys come over in January and pull the Bruce Mahoney out of your grasp and bring it back where it belongs on 37th Ave out by the Pacific Ocean.

    Make sure to buff it out really well with a clean towel. Don’t let the salt from your tears corrode the finish though. ;)

  8. The State title is singular (although making it to the finals twice was a great accomplishment in itself). As for titles, sounds like your counting the ladies too (cool, and dont forget the mythical National title). I believe that Cat boys went in 83 and lost to Long Beach Poly (only one division back then).

    Being that said, the Bruce-Mahoney means a lot more to alumni from both schools. Not many make (or would bother) going to Sacramento, but a game at Kezar in the fall, a sold-out USF in winter, and potentially a take-all-game at ATT in the spring is unique and special.

    The State Championships trophies are nice looking, however the the Bruce-Mahoney Trophy is hallowed.

    • Yes I’m very proud of the state titles in basketball accumulated by both the men’s and women’s. SHC is a coed school and traditions like the BM should evolve. I can’t look at it the same way I did when I attended because of the fact it appears now that females are more than 50% of the student populations for both schools. Also because the one-sidedness of this series needs a boost. SHC women would definately make this series more interesting.

      • I don’t think the Bruce Mahoney Trophy will ever involve women’s sports because Mr. Bruce and Mr. Mahoney are both males. Putting women’s volleyball in the equation would diminish the tradition and legacy of the trophy.

        • The series format is very clean right now; difficult to mess with. I too would love to see it evolve. Problem, with what sport do you leave out?

          Not that I wish there was a similar memorial trophy for the ladies (dont want to think of losing two service women for the sake of a trophy). But a separate trophy for women (volleyball, basketball, soccer), named after two women instrumental in making schools co-ed. Just a thought.

          • Its really easy. Best of 5 (football, 1st match womens volleyball, both the basketball matches, and baseball). When it gets too lobsided in SHC’s favor, SI can cry and lobby for lacrosse to be added.

            • I don’t think “Best of 5” will work because what if SI won the football game, the volleyball match, then the girls basketball game? So since SI already won the “Best of 5” and won the Trophy, might as well go home now and skip the boys basketball game since the game is meaningless now.

              • Oh my simple-minded JJ. Then you simply switch the mens game first and then play the womens game. …. There….. Was that so hard to fix?

              • The trophy also has a 3 guys playing football, basketball and baseball on it, so adding a woman spiking a volleyball and another lady shooting a basketball would make the trophy look comical. The trophy is in honor of 2 males, adding woman sports into the mix doesn’t make sense, because the trophy isn’t named after a woman.

              • Then JJ get Getty(SI grad & Billionare) to commission a new design on the trophy

        • Diminish for who? You? Its between the SCHOOLS. Last time I checked, there were women going to both schools. Its 2012 JJ, not 1942.

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