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Game of the Day – St. Ignatius vs. El Camino boys basketball: A rematch of the CCS Division III semifinals last season, which the Colts won at SI, will now be in a hostile environment on the road in South San Francisco. El Camino guard Michael Smith scored 20 points against the Wildcats in that playoff win and is currently the CCS’s leading scorer, averaging 23.7 points in six games this season. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

PSAL North boys basketball
Jewish Community 46, Mid-Peninsula (Menlo Park) 27

Non-league boys basketball tournaments
Washington 46, Petaluma 42 @ Brett Callan Tournament at Casa Grande (Petaluma)
Lincoln 54, Yuba City 52 @ Mel Goode Tournament (Yuba City)
Lowell 61, El Molino (Forestville) 56 @ Piedmont Holiday Invitational
Palma (Salinas) 91, Burton 42 @ Luis Scattini Tournament at Palma (Salinas)
Piedmont 56, Gateway 41 @ Piedmont Holiday Invitational
Reed (Sparks, Nev.) 66, Marshall 58 @ Rail City Classic (Reno, Nev.)

Non-league boys basketball
Lick-Wilmerding 58, Oakland Military 45
St. Ignatius 50, El Camino (South San Francisco) 46
Carlmont (Belmont) 50, Balboa 38
SFI @ Swett (Crockett), 3:30 p.m.
ISA @ International, 4 p.m.

PSAL girls basketball
Jewish Community 43, Mid-Peninsula (Menlo Park) 27

Non-league girls basketball
Galileo 56, Leadership 6
Pittsburg 62, Washington 44
Capuchino (San Bruno) 64, Wallenberg 29

Non-league girls soccer
Woodside 3, St. Ignatius 1

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  1. If a lot of people show up at El Camino it can get really loud in there. I’ve been there for a couple of their rivalry games vs. South City and that place can crank up the noise!

    • Even when it’s half-empty it can be quite loud. Enthusiastic fans and a roof that allows the noise to echo.

  2. First half saw same offensive and defensive schemes as first 6 games. El Camino has NO inside presence and SI stays with outside motion, and only two minutes with 21 and 33 in the game. Also the dribble drive is also leading to several easy baskets and weak side offensive rebounds. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (A. Einstein).

    Hopefully second half adjustments are made.

  3. Ultimate revenge baby for SI tonight.

  4. Have things gotten so bad in the Sunset that beating a PAL team is ultimate revenge? I hope not.

    • 6-1 must be a bad record.

      • It is a “bad” record when you barely beat El Camino, lose to powerhouse Westmoor by a point and squeak by big bad Aragon by 4 points. If SI doesn’t beat Burlingame by more than double-digits, then they’ll be battling Valley Christian to stay out of the cellar.

        • 11-16 is a bad record which was SI’s record last year with a big-time D1recruit. And it doesn’t matter if you win by 40 pts or 1 pt, a win is a win, you don’t get 2 wins if you win by 40. SI is a better team than last year. Why do you think we beat El Camino this year and lost twice last year? El Camino has essentially the same team.

          • I really liked Anthony Knight from last year’s team so I would think that El Camino isn’t nearly as good this year. That being said, Smith and White are a nice one-two punch but their talent level really drops off after those two.

            I doubt SI wins many WCAL games but I guess we’ll have to wait to “pile on” until they’ve gotten off to an 0-3 start in league play (getting steamrolled by ARHS, MItty, & SHC respectively). Possibly SI can eke out a win over SF or VC though……

          • Wrong. EC doesnt have Anthony Knight who was their best player last year and did whatever he wanted against a soft SI team last year. So no they arent ESSENTIALLY the same team.

            Duh, of course SI is better. 6-1 this year, and last year at this point 4-3. Yah the math says they are better. JJ your insight is astonishing today.

            • Wrong. Anthony Knight wasn’t the best player. If he was the best player, how come he didn’t win PAL player of the year? I guess E. White and M. Smith didn’t get better after a year? Anthony Knight wasn’t the reason El Camino won last year. Knight was the 3rd option.

              • BBALL FANATIC | December 21, 2012 at 4:07 PM |

                E. White and M. Smith did get better after last year. The thing is, them(former)SI kittens are WILDCATS now!!! They get after it at all costs, have bench players supporting the starters on the sideline, and most of all, can take a punch from opposing teams and go down fighting until the end….and although undersized, this team has GOOD players, an occasional “standout” but no SUPERSTARS…Riordan will shock the league, by beating Serra(and maybe splitting wit Mitty),,and SI will shock the league and go well above 500….

          • Just some facts | December 21, 2012 at 5:09 PM |

            Why is it that you think that the present SI team is better this year than last year’s team when it had is big-time D1 recruit. I am not disagreeing with you about that. But I would like to hear from you what factors do you think can be contributing to that. The Coach is the same. There may be some player changes but I don’t think that those new players are considered to be big-time D1 recruits. So what in your mind is making the difference. I feel you have insight on the SI team and since I don’t have it or very many years of history observing them, I would like to hear your opinion. I mean there was such a lot of players who either graduated or transferred out from that last year team – in particular the big-time player who was supposed to be SI’s answer to Mitty’s Aaron Gordon or Serra’s Caruso or SH’s dual-force etc.. So how could it be that the team seems better this year., in your opinion.

            Open to all other opinions of others as well.

            • Well, what others have mentioned, SI was “soft” last year. They looked pretty “soft” vs Westmoor, but I think they lost that game due to overconfidence and no energy. Perhaps Al Waters could’ve made a difference if he played with his energy on defense. The SI JV’s last yr finished in 2nd place in the WCAL and lost maybe 3 games, so that team is obviously helping. Also, Maybe #31 was overrated? I mean c’mon, when has a HS team finished below .500 with a top 50 D1 recruit? Never, until last yr??? This year the defense seems more aggressive, based on the El Camino game, but the D wasn’t that great vs Westmoor nor Aragon, so maybe the jury is still out on this team. But the addition of players like Yang, Marcu, Wentworth, Rike (even though he hardly plays now) has helped. Although Nick Johnson was a fairly good shooter last year, his D didn’t look as strong as Wentworth and Matt Brown this year. Also, Marcu is a big upgrade from Aguilar. Marcu is like an automatic double-double. And lastly, Dunbar should be better after a year of seasoning in the WCAL. He had a bad game vs El Camino, but he stepped up offensively when it counted and his defense was great. So overall, I would say they have a better defense this year and maybe more offensive weapons than last year, but the jury is still out until the WCAL starts. I’m not sure if Marcu will get 20-10 vs Aaron Gordon, for example, but against Riordan and SHC, it’s possible.

  5. Wait till WCAL games and those L’s will pile up!

  6. Chemistry is vague. Difference between this year and last (from only wathcing them twice) is better ball distribution. Last year, everything ran through SD. Teammates played off of him whether they wanted to or not). Is he getting enough (or too little) touches. Players now know they have(or feel they have) the opportunity to step up without looking over their shoulder. Dumbar from the point can run things and teammates can play off of him. There also seem to be more activity around the boards despite lack of size. Again, they will be sorely tested in league.

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