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Games of the Day – Galileo vs. Pinewood girls basketball: The Lions have dominated local competition since a two-point loss to International in their second game of the season and will kick off the Sand Dune Classic with the perennial CCS Division V power for the third season in a row. St. Ignatius vs. Burlingame boys basketball: The Wildcats start the Sand Dune with a pretty good measuring stick for what could be ahead in WCAL play. The Panthers have played four WCAL opponents this season. Bellarmine, Serra and Riordan have blown Burlingame out, but the Panthers beat Valley Christian. The result and margin could be telling for St. Ignatius. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

Non-league boys basketball tournaments
Eastlake (Sammamish, Wash.) 57, Galileo 52 @ South San Francisco Tournament
Riordan 75, Hercules 46 @ South San Francisco Tournament
Terra Linda (San Rafael) 64, Lincoln 42 @ Don Bambauer Holiday Classic at Marin Catholic (Kentfield)
Oakland Tech 72, Mission 61 @ Sand Dune Classic at St. Ignatius
Urban 62, Bay 45 @ Head-Royce Holiday Classic (Oakland)
Sacred Heart Cathedral 62, Perris 51 @ MaxPreps Holiday Classic (Palm Springs)
El Camino Real (Woodland Hills) 85, University 49 @ Modesto Christian Holiday Hoop Classic
Lick-Wilmerding 46, California School for the Deaf (Fremont) 43 @ Head-Royce Holiday Classic (Oakland)
Hillsdale (San Mateo) 60, Burton 42 @ Bulldog Chase Tournament at Sobrato (Morgan Hill)
St. Ignatius 59, Burlingame 54 @ Sand Dune Classic at St. Ignatius
Redwood Christian (Castro Valley) 57, ISA 25 @ Don & Martha Price Christmas Classic at Monte Vista Christian (Watsonville)
Balboa 57m San Mateo 38 @ South San Francisco Tournament

Non-league boys basketball
Wallenberg vs. Bret Harte (Angels Camp) @ Washington, 3 p.m.

Non-league girls basketball tournaments
Urban 49, Heritage Park (Mission, Canada) 18 @ SoCal Holiday Prep Classic (San Diego)
Oakland Military 36, Waldorf 34 @ West Coast Jamboree at Bentley (Lafayette)
International 47, West Campus (Sacramento) 30 @ West Coast Jamboree at Valley Christian (Dublin)
University 51, Cloverdale 37 @ West Coast Jamboree at Ygnacio Valley (Concord)
Pinewood (Los Altos Hills) 61, Galileo 29 @ Sand Dune Classic at St. Ignatius
Las Lomas (Walnut Creek) 62, Mission 49 @ West Coast Jamboree at Freedom (Oakley)
Lowell 54, University Prep (San Jose) 9 @ Sand Dune Classic at St. Ignatius
Washington 46, Petaluma 43 @ West Coast Jamboree at Bentley (Lafayette)
Urban 51, Valley Center 27 @ SoCal Holiday Prep Classic (San Diego)
Eastside Prep (East Palo Alto) 57, Convent 32 @ Coaches vs. Cancer Classic at Eastside Prep (East Palo Alto)
St. Ignatius 55, Skyline (Oakland) 21 @ Sand Dune Classic at St. Ignatius
Mercyhurst Prep (Erie, Penn.) 51, Mercy 44 @ Sisters of Mercy Tournament (Baltimore, Md.)
Bay 31, Rincon Valley Christian (Santa Rosa) 27 @ RVC Holiday Hoop Classic (Santa Rosa)
Lincoln 52, Garden Grove 21 @ Garden Grove Christmas Classic

Non-league girls basketball
McClymonds (Oakland) 55, Marshall 24
Harker (San Jose) 57, Wallenberg 32

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50 Comments on "Thursday Scoreboard"

  1. Cat in the Hat | December 27, 2012 at 12:32 PM |

    Wow. Is there a team from SF not playing today?!

  2. I can’t find the opponent that is playing the Lincoln girls hoops team as of right now.

  3. Non league boys hoop: Wallenberg Vs Bret Harte (Angels Camp) @ Washington HS, 3pm

  4. Does anyone know who South San Francisco plays in their tournament?

  5. South City has a bye, one team dropped very late.

  6. Terra Linda beat Lincoln, 62-42.

    Lincoln plays Mills at 9:30 am tomorrow.

  7. According to Hillsdale defeated Burton 60-42

  8. Caught the SI game tonight – it was my first chance to see them this year. TD10 and Marcu impressed and they have a lot of role players who are pretty good. It’ll be interesting to see how well they do in league play. Tonight’s performance against Burlingame (tied at 45-45 in fourth quarter) reinforced my opinion that Riordan has an excellent chance of beating them on Jan 2nd. It’ll be exciting watching Geru / Jiday / Ferrari match up vs TD10 / Waters (lots of quickness / athleticism).

    • Considering Burlingame lost to Riordan by 28 pts, and B’game lost to SI by only 5, Riordan beating SI on January 2nd is a LOCK. LOCK LOCK LOCK.

    • It’s also Shaquille Fisher, Chiefy Ugbaja and the Hungarian transfer. They have high expectations at Riordan.

      If Burlingame and SI face off again in the CCS playoffs, it should be a good one. Burlingame has 3 players out with injury, one of whom started for most of last year. Only one of the injured players was present tonight. I do hope they meet again. Should be a great atmosphere like it was two years ago.

      SI’s win is huge for CCS seeding. To get the top seed, they have to beat Santa Cruz and finish ahead of SHC. Finishing ahead of SHC will not be easy, and Santa Cruz should make for a decent game tomorrow.

      The top teams in the Division III playoffs should be SI, SHC, Santa Cruz, Aptos and Burlingame. Tonight and tomorrow’s games are huge for determining the seeding.

      • According to some people, if SI or SHC finishes in the top 4 of the WCAL standings, they would be in the Open CCS division, not in D3.

        • Oh, that’s right.

          If that’s true it will be tough to finish ahead of Mitty, Serra, Riordan and Bellarmine.

          • Bellarmine is good, but I think SI and SH isn’t that far behind. The Bells beat El Camino in overtime on their homecourt, while SI beat El Camino in regulation time (w/o OT) on the road.

            • SHC and Bellarmine have a common opponent in McClymonds. Bellarmine took them to OT before winning and SHC beat them by six in regulation.

  9. We’re still waiting 4 scores coming from the boys hoops teams from both Balboa & Wallenberg High.

    • Wallenberg lost to Brett Harte by a pretty big margin. Unfortunately, don’t know the score as I could not make the game. But I had a good source….had dinner with one of the officials who worked the game last night. :)

      • Yep Don L, I tried & to find it & I found absolutely nothing.

        • Well believe it or not, Wallenberg def. Bret Harte (Angels Camp) yesterday in non-league boys hoops 92-21. The info was found BTW on

          • Hmm – the official who worked the game was pretty adamant that Wallenberg lost. OTOH, I am in no position to dispute the score on maxpreps as I wasn’t at the game!

            • It’s alright Don L., we’ll just wait 4 to post the real results.

              • Paul – agreed! :) I mean, it’s great if Wallenberg won. I find the score odd as the official said the difference was about 20 to 30 points. Really, it doesn’t matter. The game was a bit of a “friendly” anyway (as one can get in high school ball)

                Wallenberg’s traveled up to Bret Harte for their tournament since Coach Mulligan’s early days as a coach. I think Bret Harte has recently returned the favor in the past few years by coming into SF.

              • Paul,

                I ran into former Wallenberg classmate Doug Greenwald (yes, son of former SF Giant’s announcer Hank Greenwald) at a 24 hour fitness tonight. He was at the Bret Harte game and confirmed that Wallenberg lost this game. Not sure WHO was posting the score on MaxPreps.

                Not to keep beating this thing up, it was just weird that someone would just post a random score up.

  10. Riordan suffers first loss to Eastlake, WA 63-62 in SSF Tourney. Game was tight throughout.

  11. Riordan played a good and smart team today in Eastlake from Seattle. Riordan missed too many easy shots and didn’t share the ball well this game. Eastlake’s point grd was solid and very smart and ran the team like a legit QB on the court. Eastlake zoned and played man to man defense which seemed to keep Riordan off balance, with 12 seconds left and Riordan down 1 pt Mabry tryed to go one on one and 3 guys cut off the driving lane and shut him down to end game. I would have liked to see a pick and roll or a double screen for Jiday who was beating his man all game long. This game was humble pie for Riordan today and good competition to prepare the crusaders for the WCAL. Team ball wins in the end, must play better team help defense to be a championship team!! Good luck kids from the city..

    • This certainly changes my view of the Crusaders close game experience I expressed in a JBalan deleted post due to my use of widely known nicknames for ARHS and SI students for us folks actually from the City.

      It’s good to be in some close games before league anyway.

      • In reality, Riordan lost to the “Westmoor” of Washington State. Look at their record. I thought Riordan was ranked top 20 in the State.

        • Riordan blew out Westmoor @ Westmoor and blew out Burlingame by 29 pts. SI lost at home to Westmoor and squeaked by Burlingame. Not much else to say until Wednesday night…

          • Riordan adds to its roster the CCS Soph of the year, the leading scorer/rebounder on his team last season, the #2 scorer on the U16 Hungarian team, a long slashing quick g/f and a promising 6-8 soph. That’s a great way to improve your team heading into WCAL!

            • The 6’8″ sophomore suffered a knee injury (ACL) and won’t play this year from what I’ve heard. I’ve also heard he is very good though and will be a force in years to come.

        • They are ranked #17 by Maxpreps – sure to drop into the 30-40 range after yesterday’s performance. It was a tough, close game throughout with Eastlake leading much of the first half then Riordan opening up a 6-8 point lead in third quarter. Eastlake clawed its way back into the lead at the end. They will need to play better against SI next Wednesday. Hopefully their transfers will provide them with an added spark.

          Not to make excuses but the gym floor was slick with players sliding around and the officiating was questionable at best.

  12. BasketballWizard | December 29, 2012 at 3:51 AM |

    I’d rather see Riordan lose now in a close game than get blown out before league! Its a good loss to take now andand get a reality check riding a winning record… You always have a target on your back when you’re undefeated… I feek sorry for the next team they plau because I know they will bounce back from this game!

  13. Just some facts | December 29, 2012 at 8:07 AM |

    Big difference, JJ, this team was tall, fast and smart. But biggest difference is that they are tall – much taller than Westmoor. Were you there? Could it be that they are in a league in Seattle much better than the PAL? – more like the WCAL?

    • Eastlake is ranked 3600-something in the nation on Maxpreps. Westmoor is ranked 1000. According to Maxpreps, Westmoor is the better team. Plus, Eastlake had to travel about 900 miles, while Riordan had to travel 3 miles?

      • SI still lost to Westmoor in SI’ s house!. Riordan smoked the Rams and Burlingame – 2 teams both have played. Serra and Bellarmine also blew out Burlingame. I think you’re grasping at straws JJ. As you stated earlier ,Riordan is a “lock” against the ‘Cats.

        • I would hope a top 20 team in California would beat the 3681st ranked team in the country. Better luck next time.

          • Just some facts | December 30, 2012 at 11:38 AM |

            What is SI in the Maxpreps ratings? I guess you put a lot of weight on those ratings – since you use them as your argument points.
            We all wished you guys better luck after your lost to Westmoor – and guess what? – it was an apparent wake-up call for your team and so it goes – I have to say I think that SI would have lost by more than one point to that Washington State team on any given day – they were sharp and fast and obviously had studied Riordan – so as Coach Buck’s actions show – it is always good to scout and as I said in a prior post regarding your remarks about scouting of Westmoor by Riordan- it seems that maybe SI didn’t scout Westmoor and I asked you if that was what you meant in your remarks then and you did not answer. Coach Buck is a coach who does his homework and teaches his players well to know your opponent. BTW I saw that Serra had someone filming at the games Riordan played at SSF – gotta guess that SI and a few others did also. However, most of yesterday’s game was played by Riordan reserves and as well they did not see the transfers.

        • Just some facts | December 30, 2012 at 11:29 AM |

          Agreed and some would say Riordan got Burlingame’s best player, Frankie Ferrari (and his freshman brother who is the spitting image of him BTW).
          JJ, you surprise – one would think you would know that a good team (e.g. in your opinion, SI) can lose to a lesser team (eg. Westmoor) on any given day by a basket. Those things happen. But as another poster points out Riordan has some very promising players for 1/2/2013.

          • The Ferrari’s chose to attend Riordan, even though Frankie’s best friend is Caruso from Serra and his dad went there. That should tell you about the hoops program at Riordan.

  14. Cat in the Hat | December 29, 2012 at 9:38 AM |

    Rankings mean very little until all the tournament dust settles and league play starts. Balan had Marshall ranked ahead of SI. :o

  15. Okay Don L., U win. It was 64-34 Bret Harte (Angels Camp) in non-league boys hoops.

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