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Games of the Day – Lowell vs. St. Ignatius girls basketball: Less than two miles separate the west-side schools, but they rarely face off in non-league play. Now, they will play with the Sand Dune tournament title on the line. St. Ignatius vs. Jesuit boys basketball: The Wildcats will look to avenge a 19-point loss to the Marauders in last year’s Sand Dune title game. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

Non-league boys basketball tournaments
Lincoln 78, Berean Christian (Walnut Creek) 43 @ Don Bambauer Holiday Classic at Marin Catholic (Kentfield)
Mission 56, Branson (Ross) 50 @ Sand Dune Classic at St. Ignatius
Riordan 63, Balboa 39 @ South San Francisco Tournament
University 81, Sylmar 68 @ Modesto Christian Holiday Hoop Classic
St. Ignatius 77, Jesuit (Carmichael) 58 @ Sand Dune Classic at St. Ignatius
Urban 57, Lick-Wilmerding 44 @ Head-Royce Holiday Classic (Oakland)
California School for the Deaf (Fremont) 50, Bay 35 @ Head-Royce Holiday Classic (Oakland)
Burton 59, Yerba Buena (San Jose) 49 @ Bulldog Chase Tournament at Sobrato (Morgan Hill)
JW North (Riverside) 63, Sacred Heart Cathedral 57 @ MaxPreps Holiday Classic (Palm Springs)
Milpitas 51, Washington 32 @ Cain Classic (Milpitas)
ISA vs. ??? @ Don and Martha Price Christmas Classic at Monte Vista Christian (Watsonville)

Non-league boys basketball
Stuart Hall 71, Wallenberg 31

Non-league girls basketball tournaments
Waldorf 52, Delta Charter (Tracy) 17 @ West Coast Jamboree at Bentley (Lafayette)
Dinuba 52, Mission 28 @ West Coast Jamboree at Freedom (Oakley)
Sunny Hills (Fullerton) 47, Lincoln 41 @ Garden Grove Christmas Classic
Urban 67, Metairie Park (Metairie, La.) 50 @ SoCal Holiday Prep Classic (San Diego)
San Domenico (San Anselmo) 48, University 29 @ West Coast Jamboree at Ygnacio Valley (Concord)
St. Ignatius 52, Lowell 48 @ Sand Dune Classic at St. Ignatius
Bay 59, South Fork 44 @ RVC Holiday Hoop Classic (Santa Rosa)
Washington 59, Acalanes (Lafayette) 54 @ West Coast Jamboree at Bentley (Lafayette)
Mother of Mercy (Cincinnati, Ohio) 58, Mercy 49 @ Sisters of Mercy Tournament (Baltimore, Md.)
Lynbrook (San Jose) 62, Convent 24 @ Coaches vs. Cancer Classic at Eastside Prep (East Palo Alto)
Galileo 43, Skyline (Oakland) 28 @ Sand Dune Classic at St. Ignatius
Valley Christian (Dublin) 63, International 59 @ West Coast Jamboree at Valley Christian (Dublin)

Non-league girls basketball
ICA 55, Oceana (Pacifica) 45
Lick-Wilmerding 61, San Rafael 40

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  1. 4:10pm: Championship Gear to the Max Division (JW North vs Sacred Heart,

    SH playing for championship of their 8 team division after beating Perris High School and El Toro (after their one point opening loss to Green Valley) and finishing 2-1 in their 4 team bracket tied with El Toro.

  2. Just finished watching SI beat Lowell girls in Sand Dune finals. SI won by single digits.

    Let me just tell you that Lowell is going to SMASH the AAA this year.

    SI is no joke. For the Cardinals to keep it so close all game is huge for them. They actually could have won this game. A lot of missed second half shots and great rebounding by Lowell. Both teams will compete for their leagues. Can’t remember the last time I saw a AAA girls team look so good.

    GREAT game! Off to the boys final: SI vs. Jesuit (Sac.)

    • Good for Lowell. I wanted to watch the game but had a get together with friends. Don’t discount the other teams though. Lowell may be the #1 team but the battle for 2nd will be pretty interesting.

    • I agree. I was really impressed with Lowell’s ball movement and team defense. I honestly didn’t expect the score to be that close throughout the entire game.

  3. Irish dropped their game with JW North 63-57. JW is 14-2 with a 6’8″ center and three 6’6″ players to back him up. At least the Irish will be battle-tested going into league play…

    • Don’t ask me how they gave up 30 in the fourth to blow a 14 point lead.

      • Irishiitalian | December 29, 2012 at 9:03 PM |

        Probably a little bit of JW North players sleeping in their own beds every night during the the tournament and the SH players sleeping in a hotel. It looks like the Irish “ran out of gas” at the end of four games in four days.

        • Those quad towers may have had something to do with it. They can brag about playing well against good competition instead of going on about wins over Balboa, Westmoor and Mission.

          • Patience ICStars, WCAL is now here and we shall see how this plays out. Should be a great season!

            • I still haven’t seen these guys play since the Alumni game but that’s really a scrimmage. They must be playing some good defense to beat teams with a clear height advantage.

  4. Cat in the Hat | December 29, 2012 at 9:05 PM |

    WOW! Just watched my Cats crush Jesuit by 20. I hope everyone keeps picking us to finish last. See you in league.

    • They certainly looked good tonight.

      I see 5th or 6th as a reasonable finish for them, right around SHC. I still see Mitty, Bellarmine, Serra and Riordan as the top four but SI or SHC could squeak their way in there.

      VC has been struggling mightily while St Francis just finished last in their own tournament.

      • The only “SH” they’ll beat is (was) SH Prep.

        • You sound like sour grapes

        • Cat in the Hat | December 30, 2012 at 6:25 AM |

          I wonder if you’re C-ing stars from taking giant Cat paws to the head over and over in just about every (boys AND girls) sport over the last century or so.

          I do enjoy your spirit though. It harkens to days of rah rah yesteryear except for the fact we beat you then as well. I believe the Bruce-Mahoney standings are 45-20 just in case you forgot. Maybe your nickname should be “IC Cats in my Nightmares.”

          • Sacred Heart first came up with the inter-school trophy idea. It was only later that they decided to make it a WWII memorial. As far as I can see SHC will keep winning in basketball and they’ll have to improve in baseball if they want to keep winning the trophy.

            EN, how could there be sour grapes? I have no connection with Prep. See you guys in 9 days.

  5. Riordan head basketball coach Rich Buckner was @ SI tonight to watch the tournament final.

    • BBALL FANATIC | December 30, 2012 at 4:19 AM |

      Ive seen Coach Buckner(and his trusty camera) @ at least 4 SI games this preseason.,,and on one hand i commend him for scouting the competition “himself” and not getting feedback from assistants, but on the other hand I’m trying to figure out why this much scouting is needed when you have a team as talented and DEEP as the crusaders are….C’mon they’re picked to be 3rd and maybe surprisingly 2nd in league play, there should be no concern with a team destined to place 6th or 7th, right?,lol…

      • Coach Buckner’s due diligence is one of the traits that makes him a very good coach no matter if he has a talented roster or not. He learned this preparation from Coach Forslund. He was at previous SI games to also scout Westmoor as well as scout SI’s current team as the roster is now complete with the football

        • …Players on board. Coach Buck takes every team as legitimate. There’s a reason why so many players want to play for him.

    • Cat in the Hat | December 30, 2012 at 6:29 AM |

      Buckner is a fantastic coach. Wednesday night will be electric. I imagine McCullough Gymnasium will be packed. Can’t wait to see this game. I’m sure Riordan is favored to win and if they do I’ll tip my hat to them, but Dem Cats will go down swingin’.

      • This will be a great WCAL opener. Not sure how crowded it will be with both school’s still on Winter Break.

        • Yep, Jeremy Balan might be cover that game if he wants to.

        • Riordan will beat them by plenty.

          • Guard play will be the key factors in the SF WCAL matchups. Riordan’s depth, team speed and versatility should prove to be the advantage.

            • Im not convinced that Riordan will prevail. Both teams are much better this year than last. SI has played a lot more closer games to date. Riordan hasnt had too many close games. Throw in the FIRST game that the transfers would be allowed to play… this will be a hard fougt game at SI.

              I really think most of the City teams will nuetralize themselves in the back-court. The keys will be down below. Wednesday match-up between Arenas and Marcu will be the key.

              As for SHC, who knows??? Was any coach able to get any game film on them. There closet game was at Mack. There whole back-court is back (and did well v. R and SI last year), but little is known about the post game. A much tougher pre-season than most, but league is a whole other animal.

              An entertaining year of City WCAL basketball awaits!

              • Me neither after seeing Riordan struggle against Eastlake last week and seeing how SI swept through their tournament last weekend. After a slow start, SI is starting to come on. Additionally, I think that SI matches up well against Riordan with TD10 and Waters providing the requisite quickness to offset the relentless ball pressure that Riordan is sure to provide especially now that that their transfers are eligible.

                The biggest unknown is how Coach Buckner will utilize all his new toys who’ll be eligible for the first time. My hope is that Riordan’s depth and athleticism will wear down SI, enabling Riordan to eek out a close win at McCullough Gym.

              • Cat in the Hat | December 31, 2012 at 1:15 PM |

                Oh no no, haven’t you read all the expert posts?! SI doesn’t stand a chance against Riordan and their armada of dozens of transfers. We will be lucky to stay within 20 of the mighty transfer machine. ;)

              • It’s more the results of SI’s preseason that is bearing what people are predicting for the ‘Cats this season. The large amount of transfers this season is definitely suprising, but also shows how the hoops program is viewed. Can’t say that with 3 students no longer at SI. But let’s be honest, how did your transfer, E. Dale, work for you this season in football? Is it Wednesday, yet?!?

              • Cat in the Hat | December 31, 2012 at 4:31 PM |

                Hahahaaa… Dale has been with us since he was a freshman. Sorry to bury you in an avalanche of facts. Lol

              • My bad Cat. I thought there was mention in the season preview that Dale was a transfer. He is a very good player. He should be playing hoops too. With Riordan now a boarding school and the growing demand of more incoming students, it appears transfers will be a regular occurrence. Should be a great game Wednesday night. Happy New Year!

              • Why would E. Dale be playing hoops? Is he even good at basketball? That’s like saying Frank Gore should be in the NBA.

  6. Great job Pumas! Y’all did great yesterday. Just remember what I told y’all after the game yesterday. We got ALL of the pieces of the puzzle to make great things happen for us in league this year. Now let’s PLAY SMART and go get what’s ours!!!!! I’m proud of all of you!

  7. Isnt it time the SI boys go and play in more challenging out of town/out of state tournaments? Playing AAA, mid-tier PAL teams in the Sand DUD invitational doesnt really prepare them for WCAL season.

    • True SHC has played some great preseason competition this year. But let’s not kid ourselves, your preseason was based entirely on the past seasons success along with some good returning players . Can’t speak about SI, but a previous post mentioned next season’s preseason for Riordan will be much more challenging with invites to some prestigious tournaments and probably a better matchup at next year’s Catholic Winter Classic that Moreau hosted. Riordan was one of the first schools in SF to go to national tournaments ( Arkansas, LA, Hawaii) back in the 80’s because of their six year reign in hoops and during Riordan’s success with the Kately/Tofi and Jones/Camacho/Cannon teams a few years back.

      • What I’d really like to see is the Irish re-start their own tournament and play a few pre-season home games instead of being on the road for a month.

        • I agree ic stars, SHC should have their own tournament with some good competition and they can use it as a fund raiser for uniforms or team shoe’s etc…WCAL starts in 2 days and it will be a tough fight 1st week for city schools facing eachother, good luck kids and SHC should be the highest ranked till they are not the city kings…

          • It won’t be easy starting at Serra. SHC did have its own tournament years ago. I thought starting it up again would be easy with the new gymnasium.

  8. bballobserver | December 30, 2012 at 3:20 PM |

    ….can’t let Saturday Scoreboard go by without noting that Urban won the Head Royce Tournament defeating Lick in the Championship game (a really skilled, strong Lick team that is beautiful to watch)……Nate Cohen was Tournament MVP and Matt Monges was All Tournament Team……This is wonderful, classic Joe Skiffer basketball…..relentless offense, relentless defense…..all team….everyone plays. And they will as the season goes forward get a little better every week. Whatever the outcomes, this team leaves it all on the court (could name all these players….but then who would ask who are those guys?)… basketball.

    • Just some facts | January 2, 2013 at 8:56 AM |

      Agreed. When Nate Cohen turns on his “turbo” motor, he is virtually unstoppable. Congrats to Nate and to all the Urban players as well.

  9. Johnny Drama | January 1, 2013 at 5:04 PM |

    Fellas, it will be a two team race for the top spot in league. Mitty and Serra are the favorites. I think Serra with their strong backcourt and Caruso will be hard to beat. IMO, Mitty is not as good as last year and Serra is primed to win league. As far as the city schools, Riordan will either be third or they may be like the Lakers and start out sluggish which may lead them to a 4 or 5th place finish in league. They should be top four. Although IC Cheers is talking about SHC’s schedule, they haven’t beat anyone good and have lost to the only decent opponents they have played. Just because a team has a 6’8 center doesn’t mean they can play. Valley Christian had a 6’9 center last year. Riordan beating SJ with a true 6’8 dominant center was the most impressive win any city school had. The Cats’ are a better team without SD31 and they play scrappy. SHC lost 90% of their scoring and all their senior leadership. It’s alot easier to be a guard when you have 2 D1 players in the middle. We will see how good Pratt and James really are this year. On paper Riordan is clearly the best city school, but that is why they play the games.

    Can I get an Amen @Ari Gold and @JJ.

    • I agree that Riordan could be like the Lakers, but SI will be like the Warriors, surprise alot of people. SD31 leaving is like Monta Ellis leaving, which opens up diverse scoring from other players. TD is like Curry, Marcu is like DLee, Matt Bown is like Klay Thompson, and Vollert is like Festus, with Rike being Biedrins.

      • That being said, the Lakers beat the Warriors last time, but it was a hard-fought battle, and I see the same thing happening tonight on Drucker Court, a hard-nosed struggle for both teams. May the best team win.

      • JJ,

        Have not been around during the holidays, and did not catch any WCAL games, but had to comment on the Warriors analogies. Curry is drop dead three point shooter which frees up his drives (Dunbar is all about the dribble, drive, dish and good looking pull up from 12-15 with an inconsistent outside shot (> 18 ft), Lee can consistently hit 12-20 footers from the elbow and baseline and has great basketball IQ (Marcu has not shown to be an offensive threat outside 3- 5 feet), Klay Thompson another strong perimeter player with good outside shot (Brown is more of a “4” with strong rebounding and hustle but not a consistent outside threat), Vollert is high energy and athletic but prone to silly mistakes/turnovers and Rike appears to be more Gasol playing in a D’antonio system which limits his impact (Biedrins has low basketball IQ and cannot effectively pass).

        If Riordan clogs the middle on defense and forces SI to settle for a lot of three’s and/or applies intense, full court pressure throughout the game they will expose SI. If SI tries to combat speed with speed and aggressiveness with aggressiveness they will most likely end up short. Coaching is about game planning to expose a competitors weakness/vulnerabilities and negating their strengths…let’s see who does the better job of preparing their team tonight

    • Mitty is not as good as last year. They have a pip-squeak faced point guard that is not a threat on the court but he will look good like anyone one throwing it up for Gordon to catch and score.

      Serra’s backcourt is lethal with Biggins and Miller. Supposedly the freshman Stansberry is very good, but I havent seen him yet.

      SI will come back to earth now that they face real competition.

      SHC will surprise alot of you. Big believer in great coaching. And we got the best in the league.

      Riordan will be exciting. Love their backcourt but not so much frontcourt. Arenas is gritty, but GG just isnt going to scare many teams.

      VC, SF, Bell will be tough as usual but likely will finish in the bottom 3-4.

      • Just some facts | January 2, 2013 at 4:16 PM |

        GG will have finally get some help in the front as of today – you haven’t seen Shaquille Cooper and Eric Vrano play yet. Hope you will be there to see. Bobby Arenas is also a big rebounder besides a 3 pt shooter. GG draws a lot of the defense from the others, and he blocks and boxes and defends for others. There will be a bigger mix-up and the targets will be harder to identify for the opposing defenders. Months of playing together – since summer AAU for most of them – will be obvious tonight.

        • Chiefy Ugbaja is a long and athletic 6-3 forward who led Oceana last year in scoring and rebounding as a sophomore. He’s a high-motor above the rim type player that attacks the rim all the time…

          • Just some facts | January 2, 2013 at 5:02 PM |

            I haven’t seen him play but I heard the same about him and really look forward to seeing it in realtime.

      • Just some facts | January 2, 2013 at 4:31 PM |

        According to Max Preps you are underestimating the Bells.

  10. Just some facts | January 2, 2013 at 12:29 PM |

    Mitch Stephens (Maxpreps) put out the Chronicla Metro Area best 20 Mens Basketball yesterday. I assume many already know his picks but in brief as it pertains to WCAL:
    2. Mitty
    6. Serra
    7. Riordan
    8 Bellarmine
    11 St Ignatius
    20 Sacred Heart

    PS 1. Salesian 3. O-Dowd 4. De La Salle
    5. De La Salle (there was a typo in the article – numbers were put down as 3,4,”3″,6).

    See Sports (Preps).

    PPS Other typo in very informative accompanying article regarding local teams and players said that Riordan has 6 transfers – not so, ARHS has 5 transfers and one of the 5 is on injury list. But Mitch made that mistake before in an earlier article about Riordan – or else he knows something that the rest of us don’t know. If he was referring to Masoli or Arenas – then wrong also. Arenas was a transfer last year and Masoli has been a player since a Frosh.

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