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Games of the Day – Marshall vs. University boys basketball: The Red Devils have played plenty in the last week, and against elite competition, but the Phoenix are coming into this game fresh. Marshall hasn’t played in nearly two weeks. Riordan vs. St. Ignatius boys basketball: The buildup for this WCAL opener started well before the non-league season even started. Both teams have impressive non-league records, but they’re also capable of slip-ups. Just ask Eastlake and Westmoor. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

WCAL boys basketball
St. Ignatius 54, Riordan 49
Sacred Heart Cathedral 58, Serra (San Mateo) 52

Non-league boys basketball
University 67, Marshall 50
Mission 66, Capuchino (San Bruno) 61
Lowell 54, Terra Nova (Pacifica) 50
St. Joseph Notre Dame (Alameda) 61, Urban 33
Leadership @ Burton, 6 p.m.

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  1. Just some facts | January 2, 2013 at 3:49 PM |

    SHC at Serra
    Urban at St Joseph ND
    +++ two more interesting pairings tonight.
    These games may inpact your ratings above.

    Maxpreps BTW shows presently the following Calif/ National ratings for the WCAL teams:

    Serra 16/117
    Bellarmine 20/140
    Mitty 21/146
    Riordan 37/277

    SI 64/528
    SHC 70/575

    *** Serra-Bellarmine- Mitty-Riordan in that order – then a big stretch in ratings before SI and SHC

    St JosND 99/993
    Urban 284/3393 (Good luck to SF’s Urban-how the City team wins).

    So much for the computer generated MaxPreps ratings. Good luck to all the players tonight.

  2. SHC Beat Serra 58-52.

    • Go Irish..Way to prove the skeptics wrong. Shock and Awe love it baby! Serra is ranked # 6 in the SF Chronicle, and SHC # 20. Time to reevaluate your rankings Mitch!!!

      • It was playing all those good teams in pre-season that prepared them. I didn’t see any Missions, Balboas or Westmoors on their schedule.

        • SHC played Hillsdale, by the way. And Westmoor is a good CCS team, although they lack size. A 9-1 record signifies that you are a good team, no matter how you look at it.

  3. SI shocks Riordan 9.5 intensity props to SI varsity!!

  4. Cat in the Hat | January 2, 2013 at 9:43 PM |

    What a game!! Riordan is gooood, but…

    So is SI.

    Can’t believe how much fun this was to watch. I had no idea who anybody was on ARHS! lol
    Dunbar and Mabry made this one hell of a game. Amazing.

    AND SHC beat the madres in the “jungle.” I hope no one fell out of the stands.


  5. Si-Riordan. Good game. SI is undersized but scrappy and pretty quick. First league game- lot of turnovers for both teams.

    Dunbar clearly best player on floor tonite.

    SHC wins on road.
    SI beats Riordan.
    Mitty wins by 2 over Bells.

    Just another average nite in WCAL.

  6. Almost every WCAL preseason prediction has been doubted tonight.

    Those top 6 or 7 teams will be extremely close. Should be a lot of fun moving forward.

    • Just like in football, SI basketball was predicted to finish in 6th or 7th place by the naysayers. Like football, hopefully this will turn into another Open Division championship. Riordan beats Burlingame by 35 + SI beats B-game by 5 + Riordan beats Westmoor by 16 + SI loses to Westmoor by 1 = SI beats Riordan by 5. LOCK!

      • I could see SI finishing anywhere within the top 6.

        Standings and tournament seeding will most likely come down to the final day. Should be a lot of fun.

      • SI made the plays tonight to earn the win. Riordan couldn’t capitalize once they got the lead. Too many quick 3pt hoists when they could have moved the ball around. It may take a few games to get the right player combinations right. Great hs game atmoshpete tonight and a good job SI!

  7. A competitive game between to up-in-coming programs. SI came out strong and settled. Riordan could never take advantage of any momentum points. At least 5 times, Riordan guilty of 4-point swing errors. Not so much an SI victory as a squadered Riordan lost. Came down to which team made the least amount of errors. Dumber had a nice first half and Mabury was up to the task. Ferrari settled down and had a nice second half. Could see he was not used to speed of transition play (beat twice after taking a shot). Riordan 4 plays hard, but is ill-advised to handle ball in transition (at least in tonight’s game).

    Again, the WCAL takes no prisoners (ie Riordan). Entertaining night. Nice to hear Irish victorious at Serra-always a tough place to win a game.

  8. Brian Phillips | January 2, 2013 at 10:50 PM |

    Ari gold…. Where u at now… Love how you hate the cats!

  9. Cat in the Hat | January 3, 2013 at 12:04 AM |

    This could end up being one of the most entertaining years for WCAL hoops in a long time.
    SI was packed to the rafters. Hopefully each game between the SF “big three” will have the same turnout.
    I tip my hat to the Crusaders though, they are a load to handle with all the new players they’ve “acquired.”
    Anyone can beat anyone else in WCAL this year. Except poor VC. Lol

  10. The 3 city schools will make it fun this year cause they are even money right now, none of the teams seem to be a lock when they play eachother. Riordan was over hyped period, they have to find a way to play better and smarter as a team before they should get any credit for being good. All credit to SI cause they were the smart team and they played together on defense and that caused many easy shots by Riordan to be missed. Congrats to SHC for a big win at Serra last night and congrats to SI for beating Riordan. Good luck city schools and keep working hard kids!

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