Boys Basketball: St. Ignatius stuns fresh-faced Riordan in WCAL opener

St. Ignatius senior guard Albert Waters (right) and Riordan senior guard Geru Mabrey (center) battle for a loose ball on Wednesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Sun)
St. Ignatius senior guard Albert Waters (right) and Riordan senior guard Geru Mabrey (center) battle for a loose ball on Wednesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Sun)

St. Ignatius senior guard Albert Waters (right) and Riordan senior guard Geru Mabrey (center) battle for a loose ball on Wednesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Sun)

By John Baker

Most fans were going to throw out the book on the Riordan boys basketball team anyway, considering the Crusaders activated four key transfers before Wednesday night’s West Catholic Athletic League opener at St. Ignatius.

But after the Wildcats upset Riordan 54-49, one has to wonder just who is going to be writing the new one.

The St. Ignatius win, combined with Sacred Heart Cathedral’s 58-52 victory Wednesday at Serra, makes predicting the WCAL even more impossible than usual.

St. Ignatius junior point guard Trevor Dunbar sets for an offensive possession while Riordan head coach Rich Buckner directs the Crusaders' defense on Wednesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Sun)

St. Ignatius junior point guard Trevor Dunbar sets for an offensive possession while Riordan head coach Rich Buckner directs the Crusaders’ defense on Wednesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Sun)

In any case, the packed house that crowded the Wildcats’ gym Wednesday, at one point resulting in a 20-minute line to buy tickets, saw a self-assured St. Ignatius squad that has now won four games in seven days on its home court.

“They’re very confident right now, because they played so well in the Sand Dune tournament,” said St. Ignatius head coach Tim Reardon. “When they think it’s going to go in, there’s a better chance that it is going to go in.”

Riordan (9-2, 0-1) came in with a strong reputation even before the four transfers (Shaquille Cooper, Frankie Ferrari, Chiefy Ugbaja and Eric Vrana) — two of whom were all-Peninsula Athletic League selections last season and Vrana played for Hungary’s under-16 national team team — were put into the mix on Wednesday.

“Actually, we were a little intimidated, but we used that intimidation,” said St. Ignatius junior point guard Trevor Dunbar. “Sometimes fear can bring the best out of you and that’s what it did tonight. We played our best . . . [but] at no point did we feel comfortable.”

The Crusaders out-shot the Wildcats from the field (Riordan made 46.4 percent of its attempts, while St. Ignatius made 33.3 percent), out-rebounded them 39-34, and had more steals, but Riordan also had more turnovers (19-15) and St. Ignatius took advantage.

The most critical turnover came with about 6 minutes remaining in the game, shortly after St. Ignatius senior guard Albert Waters gave his team a 42-41 lead on a three-point play. On the ensuing Riordan possession, Dunbar stole the ball from a Riordan guard at mid-court, then beat the Crusaders to the basket for a layup.

Dunbar was a thorn in Riordan’s side throughout and finished with a game-high 19 points.

“Trevor Dunbar is such a good ball-handler. He’s a one-man press-breaker,” said Riordan head coach Rich Buckner. “We send two guys at him and he just dribbles right around them.”

Riordan junior guard Frankie Ferrari goes up for a contested layup against St. Ignatius on Wednesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Sun)

Riordan senior guard Frankie Ferrari goes up for a contested layup against St. Ignatius on Wednesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Sun)

St. Ignatius (10-1, 1-0) jumped out to a 7-0 lead to start the game and led by double digits after a quarter. Buckner admitted he had a bit of trouble getting his new players to mix with the established group and used frequent rotations in the first half, once substituting all five players at once to test matchups.

“It’s going to take some time meshing those new guys in, even though they’ve been practicing with us since the start of the school year,” Buckner said. “Everyone knows practice is different than the games.”

But the Crusaders settled down and got back into the game. A Bobby Arenas three-pointer gave Riordan its first and only lead of the game at 38-36 with 2:40 left in the third quarter. But just over 3 minutes later, that lead was gone when Waters went up for a layup, sank the basket while being fouled and made the free throw to give the Wildcats a lead they would not relinquish.

“It was hard for us, because we had no scouting on any of Riordan’s new players,” Reardon said. “We watched them play three times and they come out with a completely different lineup on the floor, but it’s got to be hard for Buckner too, because figuring out a way to rotate those guys in is probably a nightmare for him right now.”

Scoring Leaders

St. Ignatius
Trevor Dunbar – 19
Albert Waters – 12
Matt Brown – 8
Daniel MacLean-Vernic – 6
Julian Marcu – 5

Bobby Arenas – 14
Geru Mabrey – 11
Frankie Ferrari – 6
Chiefy Ugbaja – 6
Graham Gilleran – 4

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68 Comments on "Boys Basketball: St. Ignatius stuns fresh-faced Riordan in WCAL opener"

  1. SI beat a very talented, deep, fast, athletic Riordan team but cant beat a Westmoor team with no one over 6 ft??? Maybe ARHS was overhyped or like I said too many players and not enough basketballs / minutes. Oh i wish SD31 was still here! This SI team unity translating to team wins is making me throw up.

  2. Let’s see how the three City schools square up against Mitty. If SI continues to play like this, they might just have a chance at beating them. SHC came close last year to beating them. This should be an interesting season in the WCAL.

  3. SI is a solid team and well coached and has the best floor general of all 3 city schools in Dunbar. Saying that Riordan seemed to play terrible in all aspects of the game, help Defense was non existent, did not run the ball well on fast breaks, missed too many free throws and the guards got to get their teammates involved better. I think Buckner should have stayed with the kids who got him to 9 wins much more often but he insisted on playing the transfers alot of minutes and it showed there was no chemistry at all. The Hernandes kid who has played well all year in rebounding and scoring, a double double kid barely played(2 minutes). If it isn’t broken don’t try to fix it Riordan. As i’ve said before when the city schools play its gonna be a good fight out there. And SHC beat Serra at Serra last night, WCAL is gonna be a fun dog fight and anyone can be beat’en on anyday. Mitty beat the Bells 65 to 63. Good luck to the 3 city schools!

    • Last night’s performance by the Crusaders deserves the criticism so far noted…but let’s not bury them yet. For all intents and purposes the pre-season Crusader rotation would have most likely posted a win…As noted above, defense was lacking. Other things that were glaring were the shot selection, impatience, and lack of continuity and chemistry.
      This team will be Coach Buckner’s biggest challenge. Finding the right combinations will be key, but this team’s personnel is extremely talented, versatile and deep. Looking forward to a wild ride in the WCAL!

      • The pre-season Crusader rotation wouldn’t have gotten those monster blocks on SI players. Chiefy Ugbaja had 2 spectacular NBA-type blocks on Dunbar and Waters on driving layups. The Hungarian assassin got only about 1 minute of playing time. Shaq Cooper made 1 3-pt shot, but after that, not really a factor. Ferrari looked like a Ford Pinto in the 1st half, but he had an excellent 3rd quarter, and a so-so 4th quarter as all his 3 point shots went in and out in that span. Chiefy will be a factor in the defensive end, while Ferrari should win alot of games for Riordan in the future.

        • Yes. But the preseason rotation would have played better defense and better team offense with a good flow. Too many new moving parts last night for Coach Buck to manage at the same trying to battle a very motivated and determined SI squad.

      • Wcalsf you are correct, coach Buckner has to figure a way to play the transfers with out killing the team chemistry, But it will be tough for coach. But it will be tough to keep all those kids happy and prepared to compete in this tough league but I know Riordan will bounce back with fire and heart!!

  4. All I read was how Riordan was a “lock, lock, lock” v. SI…how did that turn out?

    Dunbar was by far, the best player on floor last night.

    SI will surprise a few teams this year.

  5. Over-hyped? Just a bit; a lot of experts on this board : )

    Again both of these teams are promising. Riordan does have a decent team and will get better. A lot of pressure put on Crusaders this year to find success. SI will carry that underdog label all year (warranted or not). That bodes well for them. Cats should be nice and relaxed as nobody is given much chance; that is a good MO to carry. I do like Dumbar-as good as he is (individually), he seems to attempt to incorporate his teammates into the game.

  6. First of all, what a great HS basketball game and environment. They gym was packed and SI played great. Riordan had no chemistry initially and they began to play better team basketball as the game moved along. I believe the lack of chemistry hurt them tremendously in a close game. SI was executing while Riordan struggled in the closing moments. Although Riordan was the bigger team, they lack toughness inside. C. Ugbaja is very athletic and will help once he is acclimated. Gilleran plays alot smaller than his height. Marcu is an animal on the boards for SI. As I said in my preseason comment, Dunbar is the best guard I have seen in quite some time. He dominated in the win. Ferrari came on strong in the second half and you can see he was rusty. He made a couple of threes and will only get better. The role players for SI did a great job as well. I believe the turning point was in the 3rd quarter. Riordan made a run and retook the lead. Ferrari had just made a 3 and Riordan stole the ball on the defensive end. Ferrari was wide open on the wing and J Ugbaja tried to get a bit too fancy, IMO, and instead of making the correct basketball play, he turned it over while trying to make an “And 1” move. Later he was called for an offensive foul on another break as he was out of control. Riordan also missed some wide open shots in the post in the second half. The season looks very promising for SI and Riordan will have to find a lineup that works.

    And major kudos to SHC winning in the jungle. That win should propel them to the number one spot in next weeks poll.

    • Very, very tough task, but if SI happens to beat Mitty on Friday, they will be #1 in next week’s poll. However, if they don’t, I agree with SHC being #1. Anyways, it’s too bad Rike doesn’t play anymore. Perhaps he will play vs Mitty, since he’s the same size as Aaron Gordon? If only he had made that buzzer-beater against Westmoor, he might’ve received more PT, but I know historically, SI loves to give their seniors alot of time on the floor. Mitty seems down this year, so SI has a legit chance to take down the juggernaut, I would think.

    • I agree, the turning point of the game was when ferrari hit the three, riordan forcing a turnover having ferrari spotting up in transition. Not only did riordan turn the ball over but SI after the turnover got a layup and the foul, converted a three point play. If i am recalling correctly after the free throw didnt SI force a turnover on the inbound and score. Instead of riordan going up 5-6 pts had ferrari got the ball on the break and hit the three, they are down 2 pts. Big sequnce in the game at that point

    • I agree wholeheartedly with M Air J’s assessment of the game and agree with his sentiment re: turning point of the game as SI was on its heels ready for the taking! As a Crusader fan – hats off to Coach Reardon and SI for a well played game.

      Riordan limited TD10’s effectiveness in the second half (four points) through the defensive efforts of Jiday (quickness/physicality) and Shaquille (length) so I would expect to see those match ups from the start next time when they meet at Riordan.

      It’ll be interesting to see how Riordan responds as they have Murders’ Row (Serra, Mitty, Bellarmine and SHC) after beating down VC tomorrow night .

      p.s. – I give SI zero chance to beat Mitty tomorrow night as I don’t believe they have anyone remotely big or skilled enough to contain Aaron Gordon…… Then again what do I KNOW as I thought Riordan was going to beat those gritty, pesky little ‘Cats!

      • Yeah, having seen Bellarmine in person and Mitty on TV I can understand how the Bells would pose a challenge to them but I just can’t see SI doing that considering the type of team they are.

        Not saying anything about how SI will match up with Bellarmine down the road.

  7. Jiday Ugbaya did not play well last night. He was trying to do too much
    turned the ball over several times, I dOn’t think he even made a basket!!
    That Ferrari kid did not play as expected, SI’s Dunbar was phenomenal
    as well as Waters but definitely Dunbar was the best player all around last

  8. Cat in the Hat | January 3, 2013 at 11:28 AM |

    Riordan has almost too much talent. I agree this will be Buckner’s toughest coaching job thus far in his young career. How will he keep his “I’ve been here since 9th grade” guys happy when the transfers are in the game? If you look at personnel at the end of the game it tells you a lot about who coaches think are the best players on your team. Kids will say all the right stuff and be team players but nobody likes to ride the pine. I wish them the best of luck when not playing us. I can see them making it deep in D4 Norcals this year.

    My Cats? Keep doubting us. There’s just no way we can beat Mitty…

  9. I also found out that Marcu is either in a scoring or shooting slump lately because he’s had his scoring only in single digits for the last few games.

    • You found out PaulB? Julian himself told you he’s in a slump? That’s inside info we need on a daily basis! Great job PaulB!!!

      • Well Ari to be perfectly honest w/ U, I’m not a student @ SI so I really don’t talk to the students @ SI @ all. The person from SI that I speak to is the athletic director John Mulkerrins.

      • I don’t know if I agree Marcu is in a slump. While his point totals are down over the past few days, he was SI’s leading scorer as recently as a week ago today. Moreover, he has been out rebounding taller opponents and has been thorougy covered by the opposition’s tallest players because of his potential, leaving teammates open. Not much of a factor last night due to foul trouble (before fouling out with a couple minutes left).

        • Matthew Snyder | January 3, 2013 at 7:51 PM |

          Yeah, it was foul trouble that limited his minutes and points (four) in the game I covered against Santa Cruz last Friday. He’ll have more big games this season, but I think that it speaks volumes about St. Ignatius that they’ve continued this impressive streak without him scoring at the same clip he did in previous games. Lots of different ways they can beat you.

          • Just some facts | January 4, 2013 at 9:34 AM |

            Of course you understand that the oppositon players can force a player like JM into a foul situation – as a plan. Better players can do that. Players that are not out for the show – and the ppg. Inside players. But understand that neutralizing is a way to win too.

        • SI athleticism approach working well so far, though lack of size starting to show. Marcu had very good start against teams with weaker inside games and minimal height. Since the El Camino game who had NO inside presence, SI opponents have had more height and were more prepared for Marcu’s game. Result over past four games has been about 40 percent shooting from 3 ft or less including 0-5 against Riordan, 13 turnovers, 13 personal fouls (26 turnovers and/or fouls), 13 offensive rebounds and 10 defensive rebounds and 2 assists. His energy level and offensive rebounding are great strengths, especially against less athletic teams with no real height. SI coach appears to be riding marcu for too many minutes per game regardless of game situation, and height + defensive adjustments have reduced his impact. Think Dennis Rodman, who had highest impact when playing alongside a Luc Longley or Laimbeer and Salley, not as an under sized 5. Witness # of weak side offensive rebounds which out number non free throw defensive rebounds.

          True Big’s become used to double teams and packed in defenses. Marcu will hopefully adapt and develop offensive moves beyond current repetoire of a jump hook and drop step, counter, elbow hook to jump hook or bunny shot.

          • Just some facts | January 4, 2013 at 9:23 AM |

            (@M Air J)
            I agree Marcu has the elbow going for him. Riordan saw lots of that and the refs apparently didn’t. Marcu is not doing as well as initially this season because he has players like Gilleran guarding him. Riordan studied his moves and Gilleran and others learned how to control him even when he shoves and elbows, uncalled. Not to mention the questionable call on the key when many thought it appeared a Riordan player was pushed into the key before the shot getting another foul shot for SI. There is a lot more to basketball than getting the points; and neutralizing Marcu was what mostly Gilleran (and other Riordan players) was tasked to do for his/their team and apparently did well as GG has done in other games. It is not all about the double-doubles or points per game. What doesn’t happen also is very important but apparently less visible to some. Marcu is a junior and this is his first year at Varsity.

          • Just some facts highlights an important point that many fans and even coaches forget. Some players can dramatically impact a game without the individual stats or “wow” moments in a game. In fact, if you chart the games, including scoring swings during certain players on court time, points (for and against) in the paint and player efficiency you will find some lower profile players materially impact a game without the fanfare because they play their role well.

            Other players work hard to fill their stats, and look good on the court but do not make their team better. Today’s ESPN culture wants us to celebrate the “spectacular” moments, but often their is a player without the stats that is a critical part of their overall success, or a player who could make a big impact who sees less playing time because they do not fit the “image or profile” the coach prefers or whose system is not able to integrate and fully utilize.

            • Just some facts | January 4, 2013 at 2:21 PM |

              Thanks. for your articulate observations. Riordan’s Gilleran made only 4 points — BUT that was while keeping Marcu to only 5 points and helping Marcu foul out – (while many of us thought he benefited from more uncalled fouls).. Some posters think that all tall player should be like SD was for SI. But as has been noticed lately, SI’s team is playing better this year. This forum rarely has posters that “get” the whole mechanics of what occurs on the court,; you are an exception, Hoosier. You,in fact, somewhat explained the last year’s SI situation by your statements. I believe that Coach Buck (and several other good coaches who do not build their team on one or two shooting DIVAs) – does understand much better than some coaches how to use his players. Those players who respect his coaching and do not aim to showboat but play “team”ball, learn a lot about the whole game and strategies from Buck. As one poster wrote, there are many ways to win (or influence) a game. Being given an important role (like neutralizing a shooter) and doing it without regard to your stats or this forum’s criticisms – that is recognized by the good coaches and it shows a purposeful humility that can become uncommon at times on the court and that is a good player- a good team player, whatever your size.

  10. Any team whose has Laker colors are overhyped. Coach Buckner should not make any promises. Players are not entitled to minutes just because they transferred. There’s no handshake deal that says he will play you. He needs to go with 8, no more than 9 in his rotation. Any more and guys just won’t know how to play with all those different pieces. There’s not enough time or games to work on that.

    • Agree that Riordan had perhaps too much to choose from. Riordan had 17 players in uniform last night and 11 played.

      • Just some facts | January 4, 2013 at 2:40 PM |

        How many players were suited up for SI – and how many played? Did you take a count on that?

        • 14 players suited up for SI, but only 8 played: Dunbar, Maclean-Vernic, Brown, Waters, Vollert, Wentworth, Yang, and Marcu.

          • Why carry 14 if you only go 8 deep. Morale and confidence of bench players will suffer, transfers out like last year may happen, not to mention many people I speak to who have seen one of the SI bench players play quite a bit in other venues and say he is probably a 10pts/10 rebounds/4 assist/2 blocks at least per game type player. Problem is SI scheme and coaching does not know how to leverage.

    • who says any of the players are entitled minutes to play because they are a transfer? every player on the team knew what they were committing to and the prospect of reduced minutes or no playing time at all. based on the performances (good and bad) from last night, this should give Coach Buck a better idea of how we wants to make the rotations/combinations.

      • Just some facts | January 3, 2013 at 4:29 PM |

        Coach Buck doesn’t guarantee any player any number of minutes. He plays the persons who deserve the time based on their performances and abilities and the needs of the team at the time. He is very verbal about what he uses to decide who plays. All the players know what he is looking for and he tells players and parents alike his system and plays it our fairly.

  11. Lost in all this SI-Riordan hype is SHC’s win over a higher ranked, more polished Serra team. Lets see. Serra with 2 stud backcourt mates in Biggins and Miller, to go with highly touted freshman Stansberry, to go with bonafide 20 point 6’7 Ivy League signee Caruso, against the “oh, we lost the twin towers. oh they wont be any good anymore cuz they have no height” SHC team.

    As I stated before, I love Coach Barbour. Sometimes its not just who you have on your roster, but who is leading them. We have the best coach in the WCAL. You take away that pipeline that Mitty has for their boys + girls programs and SHC has more hardware than it already has.

    • So is SI or SHC favored in the Bruce Mahoney game on January 8th? If SHC is favored, that usually means SI will win, although that was not the case last year.

      • SHC looked good last night. Great defense. I never seen Serra turn the ball over like last night.

      • Slight edge to Irish. The guards are veterans of big games for past two years. Will neutralize Dumbar and Waters or at least slow them a bit. Key will be Macu’s ability to maintain space and stay out of foul trouble.

    • take away the girls program and Riordan has the most hardware of any wcal hoops program.

      • So don’t take away the girls program. It’s hard to ignore a national championship.

        JJ, I think the trophy game will come down to baseball.

        • Here’s hoping it doesn’t get rained-out again.

        • Unless SHC girls played the #2 team in the country, I don’t consider it a true national championship. A real (not mythical) national championship involves the #2 vs the #1 ranked team in the country. 95% of SHC’s games were against California teams. I’m sure there was a team in Texas or the East Coast that was better, especially since SHC only beat St Mary’s stockton by 1 that year.

          • This is just sour grapes JJ. Why dont you tell USA Today who crowned them as National Champions that their publication is a load of crap?

            • I don’t think they are true national champs because there are some other undefeated teams in the USA Today top 25 that year. The #2 team was undefeated as well as another top 10 team. Honestly, i think they were picked #1 due to “politics”, but if a fake national championship makes you happy, Go for it.

              • Thats a dumb statement JJ.. SHC beat LB Poly who was number 1 in the country at the time and had one of the toughest SOS in the nation, also that SMS team was number 1 in the country the next year.. Don’t try to minimize the amazing accomplishments of those women when you don’t have all the facts. I am so sorry that USA today didn’t take your opinion into question though.

              • The rankings are an opinion. If you are truly the best team, beat the other undefeated teams. Why do you think Boise State football supporters complain when they go undefeated in the past and end up ranked #5. You can spin it anyway you want, but you can’t really be #1 if there are other undefeated teams at the end of the season.

              • Poor poor JJ…. Whats the matter? No national championship in your little trophy case scattered with lacrosse souvenirs?

              • I apologize I have been responding to wrong thread but my responses are obviously towards you.

            • They beat LB Poly which was ranked #1 at the time and when Poly beat the next #1 ranked team, SHC attained the #1 ranking. They were not only undefeated, they beat two defending state champions (from Oregon and Colorado) and every team that won California state titles in the other four divisions and finished the season undefeated. If that’s not enough I don’t know what is. The championship rings look like Super Bowl rings.

              • But SHC never beat the #2 ranked team in the country which was also undefeated. In my eyes, if there isn’t a national championship game, there is no REAL champion. If USA Today wants to have a true champion, then have a game between #1 vs #2. I feel bad for the kids at the school who got #2 even though they didn’t even get a shot at being #1.

      • Unfortunately for your argument, I dont discount the women’s accomplishments because we dont live in the “good ol’ boys club” era anymore. Also having a daughter doesnt make me less proud of her accomplishments than if I had a son.

        I admit when Riordan was king of the hill in the 70s and 80s, it was nice knowing the city had the best hoops program. Cant see that return to glory coming again because people want to move out of the city, taking with them the talent.

        • JJ that’s unrealistic for their to be one undefeated team in the entire country. It is disrespectful to call it imaginary when there is a giant banner that says National Champs, that team was the best in the state and had the best argument of being number one in the country. But please tell me more about them being picked number 1 due to politics? And I pray you do not say they were picked because of the death of a players father as a reason for a better story as that’d be unbelievably disrespectful.

        • Do you understand that what we are trying to get across to you? They were already a top 25 team in the nation and then beat LB who was never 1. They then were moved into top 10 in the nation and after LB beat the new number 1 team SHC moved to first place. It’s the transitive property JJ. They also beat SIX state champions on the way to an undefeated season. If you feel so bad for number 2 why don’t you look at who they played and compare the resumes of both? I am almost sure now that you’re trolling when you ignore all this info. Btw you never explained the politics?

          • USA Today should name DLS football national champions every year, but they don’t because of politics. In the end, DLS was ranked #4 in the nation. The national champions (the #1 team) was a team from Louisiana, I’m 100% positive they would beat DLS, since they were crowned #1 because USA Today said so. USA Today also has LB Poly ranked higher than Granite Bay, that must tell you something.

        • JJ = Jealous Jealous

    • Cat in the Hat | January 3, 2013 at 3:45 PM |

      Are we simultaneously taking away the SHC-SF Rebels pipeline as well? ;)

      • Just some facts | January 3, 2013 at 4:26 PM |

        Great reply..

        • Ahem…… When Harrigan left, where do you think those SF Rebels players went? Correct!!!!! They went to SI!

      • SHC’s state championship = legit, because there was an actual State championship GAME.

        SHC’s national championship = not legit, because there was NO national championship GAME. Just because someone (i.e. USA Today) says you are the best, doesn’t mean it’s true. The Mercury News, for instance, says SI is the 2nd best team in CCS, is it true? We don’t know yet. The only way to find out is to play each other. In short, there should be an asterisk on the banner, because to be the best, you have to beat the best, and unfortunately, SHC didn’t beat the best. Good luck to all the San Francisco schools, as they all strive to be the best in the City, section, and State, but as for the nation, it can’t be accomplished because there will always be lingering doubts.

        • Give it up already.

          • IC Stars. I am surprised you have’nt brought up S.I’s “mythical” No. 1 ranking in Nation if football in 1966. And that was based on purely playing AAA teams.

            Look the Irish women team that year was special (and a nice run for many years). If somebody had to be ranked No. 1 in the nation that year, they had to be in the conversation. BUT I do like winning championship games. And that goes for WCAL championships too. Winning league game “title” and not the championship game is bogus;. Co-titles are a joke, unless it is in soccer and youve played a gazillion OTs.

            • I don’t go back that far, but I do remember Mike Holmgren mentioning SI being ranked at #1 and Lincoln came close to beating them. He even had a black & white game film he showed us.

  12. I have a feeling Chiefy will turn out to be one of the best for Riordan. He’s one of the most athletic players I’ve seen out there and if he is able to use that ability properly he will be a major weapon.

    • Just some facts | January 3, 2013 at 4:25 PM |

      Agreed. Did you see his jumps for rebounds.

      • Its great to have a guy that can jump for rebounds but that really isnt the correct way to rebound since 90% of rebound are below the rim. Why do you think Kevin Love is top 5 in rebounding? Not because he jumps out of the gym.

    • He’s still pretty raw with a limited offensive repertoire and needs to bulk up and/or play with better leverage though as he was easily pushed aside a few times by SI’s big guys. He needs to adjust his game / mindset to the more physical WCAL style of play but I fully expect him to settle in and hopefully (at least for Riordan) provide them with a sorely needed inside presence especially on the defensive end. We noticed on one of his rebounds that he appeared to leap 12-18″ higher than anyone else – he definitely has mad hops!

      • I have no doubt that Coach Buckner will teach Chiefy the subtle details of post-play. He has helped coach Rob Jones, Jorge Camacho, & Ryan Jones to be quality forwards. You can also look at the solid play of Gilleran as he’s always in the right position to grab a rebound or to follow missed shots for putbacks. Buck himself was an undersized forward, and his teammate, Dwayne Fontana @ 6’4″, had tremendous hops and both were excellent rebounders during their playing days in the WCAL and in college.

  13. Just so you guys have it right!! Those girls came from the mission rec program!!Not the Sf Rebles!!! They all played for Oscar for years together!!

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