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Game of the Day – Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. Bellarmine boys basketball: Strangely enough, the Irish will play their first home game of the season tonight against the Bells, which gave defending WCAL champ Mitty all it could ask for in their league opener on Wednesday. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

WCAL boys basketball
Riordan 67, Valley Christian (San Jose) 28
Mitty (San Jose) 71, St. Ignatius 43
Sacred Heart Cathedral 46, Bellarmine (San Jose) 40

Non-league boys basketball
International 54, Stellar Prep (Hayward) 51
Stuart Hall 59, Oakland Military 52
Lincoln 57, Rodriguez (Fairfield) 51
Leadership 59, Chinese Christian (Alameda) 39
Lowell 40, Woodside 39
Westmoor (Daly City) 68, Burton 43
Bay vs. Wallenberg @ Letterman Gym, 5:30 p.m.
Waldorf @ Valley Christian (Dublin), 7:30 p.m.

Non-league girls basketball
International 60, Castlemont (Oakland) 47
Urban 46, Hillsdale (San Mateo) 26
ICA 32, Jefferson (Daly City) 24
Valley Christian (Dublin) 54, Waldorf 18
Salesian (Richmond) 70, Washington 20

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44 Comments on "Friday Scoreboard"

  1. Hope Cats will shock again tonight!!

  2. Crusader 88 | January 4, 2013 at 8:42 PM |

    Riordan 67, Valley Christian 26

  3. SI, ouch… Back to the drawing board????

    • Hate to pile on, but the humbling SI loss to Mitty was predictable and predicted based upon many previous observations and comments made here regarding the simplicity and inherent flaws in the SI offensive and defensive schemes. More concerning for SI fans should be that the coaching staff does not appear to understand (or refuses to accept which is even worse) how to adapt their approach either during the game or in their game plan based upon the competitors roster and previous game scouting reports. Some examples: 1) SI came out in their standard man to man with #24 on Gordon. 2) Strategy to quick double team on Gordon even when on high post lead to several EASY back side cut lay ups for Farrell and two quick fouls on #33. 3) Lack of inside out offense forced SI to take all outside shots in first quarter leading to the 20-2 Q1 score 3) Having two 6″1 guys trying to double team and guard Gordon made the inside passes from the elbow very easy. 4) This strategy also opened up the middle for several easy weak side offensive rebounds for Mitty as they were playing a SMART high/low two big scheme. 5) 6’7″ #52 did not see the floor at all in first half even though SI was down by almost 30 and height disadvantage was a clear issue.. 6) TD10 had a poor shooting game, and with no apparent alternative offensive options off set plays, aggressive perimeter pressure and a clogged middle by the two Mitty bigs, the SI offense was non existent. 7) Insertion of #21 as second big to #33 led to third straight game of more turnovers and missed shots than rebounds and made shots

      As not to just point out the issues, here are some ideas for SI to consider, as this poorly conceived approach will continue to be exposed against better teams 1) Start with adding more zone defense to force more outside shots versus getting beat by dribble/drive/dish and high/low sets 2) Experiment in practice more with a two big high/low offense that includes back side screens and quicker ball rotation reversals 3) accept that a three guard, two small forward rotation with a 6’1′ “5” with a limited game outside 5 feet may be a flawed concept against teams with talented height like Mitty, Serra, and Bellarmine and get #52 some quality minutes.

      The 9-1 start probably created a false sense of confidence that the SI schemes would continue to work against better talent, which to a casual fan is fine, but is unacceptable for paid professionals who are hired and paid to know better than to lead their young athletes into battle with a single dimensional approach to a complex game with multiple variables that change with each game.

      A portion of this comment has been edited.

      • Cat in the Hat | January 5, 2013 at 8:32 AM |

        Wooow… So it’s pretty obvious you’re the angry dad who pulls the coach aside after a loss to tell him how he “should” be doing his job. Inside-out against Gordon?!?! Yeeeeah riiiight. You lost a lot of the credibility you were starting to forge with that idea.

        Funny how you only pile on when they have a tough loss. Didn’t hear a peep from you when they beat a very talented Riordan team. It must really bother you when we win and you have to wait for another loss to bust out yet another snipey diatribe.

        Tough loss Cats. We have no answer for Gordon and that worries me about Caruso. However, I’m sure I will forget about it fast if we can knock off the first place Irish next week though.

        • Honestly, I think the person writing these analysis is a well-respected head coach (maybe even retired former head coach) in the Bay Area.

        • Aaron Gordon is a different animal.

          Caruso and the rest of the WCAL centers are good players but Gordon is something else.

      • Not a big fan of blogs due to the anoymous nature but will post once to ask everyone to let the coaches coach, players play and the fans to cheer on their respective teams.

        Anyone who has played the game respects the roles, and unless you are willing and capable to assist, cheer them on and leave the players and coaches to enjoy their love for the sport. Yes, I am a parent encouraging all fans to leave the players, including mine out of your blogs and allow them to play and speak for themselves.

        Good luck to SI the rest of the season and keep the faith

        • hurray for you. i am a parent wo watched my sons team get killed last night. Thankfully, noone was hurt, and we move on to another contest. Hoosier does sound like an unhappy parent trying to influence coaching to get his son more playing time, The point have some validity, but height alone does not make a player

        • Heard you comments and agree. As such this will be my last contribution regarding the SI approach overall or to specific utilization of players.

          Cat in Hat, I can assure you that I am not an “angry dad”, though your comments highlighted that my philosophy on schemes and the type of players required to execute can be viewed as player centric versus scheme centric. And as you said, height alone, as well as any other single attribute such as speed, strength or athleticism does not make a good player, though leveraging different approaches in different situations does hold some merit, don’t you agree?

          I still believe in offenses such as the John wooden high-low offense or T game triple post and even the horns offense and even like Bo Ryan’s four out depending on the personnel.

          Lastly, the comment on the fallacy of trying an inside-out displays why fan blogs are poor vehicles for real substantive debate on approaches, as the primary reason I recommended inside out was too counter the pressure perimeter defense as well as see if SI could draw some quick fouls on their two bigs ( what was the respective foul count after first quarter?) This could have also potentially opened up some better looks for mid range jumpers through ball rotation immediately following the “out” portion of the approach. Of course this is a theory afer the fact and anyone could debate if a different approach could have worked better.

      • Just some facts | January 5, 2013 at 2:19 PM |

        Love your analyses always.

  4. City Lights | January 4, 2013 at 9:12 PM |

    Big win for SHC!

    Nice bounceback for ARHS.

    Crushing beatdown for SI.

    Time for the Bruce-Mahoney game!

    • SHC quickly moving up as a top tier WCAL squad this season with some very impressive wins over Serra on the road and their home opener against the Bells. I can’t believe it was the Irish’s FIRST home game of the entire season?!?
      SI had it in tough as Mitty was out to prove any naysayers that they are the top dog in the WCAL this season. Was surprised, though, that the SI bigs were not used and that Watters and TD10 did not make a significant impact to keep it close.
      Good to see Riordan get the W, though it was against a VC squad that will struggle in league this season. Riordan executed more dribble drive penetration and patience in the offense rather than running down during a half court set and shooting a quick 3. Defense was also very good and Buckner’s use of the preseason players and peppering them in with the new players, except for Ferrari as he once again started and had his jumper falling. The transfers still look to get more in sync with the speed of the game but definitely improved from last Tues.
      There’s a long way to go in the WCAL and positioning won’t really be revealed until the end of the season. Next week has some great Tues matchups starting with the Bruce-Mahoney and Serra visiting the Crusader Forum. Next up, Mitty is in town on Thurs to battle the Crusaders.

  5. Great job.. Irish doing it with great coaching and true team play. It will be interesting to see the chronicle rankings next week by Mitch Stephens. SH should definitely be in the top ten!

    • SHC is playing some great basketball right now.

      • Im really happy for the Varsity at SHC, they are playing good ball now. However, can anyone tell me what is going on with the freshman A and B’s and for that matter the Jv’s, they are just getting pounded this year so far. Do they have players injured? Why did Jv’s have to forfeit some non league games?

        • I’d like to know that myself. Frosh A’s lost by 20 to Bellarmine. JV’s had a bad first half and a decent second half. Their best players are on the varsity.

    • I don’t think the Chronicle updates their rankings every week, at least for football, I think they didn’t.

  6. Check those “Rankings” SH 2 and 0 in WCAL after playing against much higher supposed ranked teams! Makes for an interesting matchup next week in the Mahoney game! Plus tonight was SH 1st home game of the season, nice team, playing solid D and unselfish ball, should have sent the Bells home in the 3rd if it wasn’t for poor shooting, this down year might not be as bad as some people predicted especially the Ranking Clowns!

    • You’re right about the shooting in the third quarter but at least the Irish were hitting their free-throws. They were 67% from the line.

      I like Khalil James, but he has to quit taking crazy shots out there, otherwise they did a good job containing the team that nearly beat Mitty.

      • SHC beat the team that nearly beat Mitty, while SI got shellacked by Mitty, so that means SHC will cakewalk on SI on Tuesday, right?

        • Sure, easy. SI is shell-shocked, stunned and dazed after the spankin’ from mity mitty. Back to the litter box for the kitties.

          • Cat in the Hat | January 5, 2013 at 8:35 AM |

            The good thing about our litter box is that it’s filled with Lucky Charms. Bruce Mahoney victories are thus magically delicious going in AND out.

        • The whole “Team A did better against Team B than Team C did against Team B” argument is usually a stupid one regardless of who you’re comparing, but it’s even more stupid when you’re comparing WCAL teams. That said, SH is definitely favored to win the Bruce Mahoney game.

          • I know it’s a stupid argument, that’s why I always bring it up. People were using this argument before the Riordan-SI game, so I’m just testing the sheep if they still believe it.

    • Just some facts | January 5, 2013 at 2:27 PM |

      Did the Mexican transfer play?

  7. Westmoor won 68-43.

    They still just have one loss, and that was against Riordan.

  8. Man, I can’t believe the Washington girls hoops team got goosed egged in scoring in the final period 22-0.

  9. Westmore beat Burton 68-43 according to Maxpreps.

    Preseason is over now Pumas. It’s time to focus on league. Don’t focus on what occured in the preseason. Focus on what’s ahead of you and what you’re playing for. I’m proud of y’all.

    Lady Pumas: Y’all have a great team this year and I look forward to watching you go deep into the playoffs. Coach B is doing a GREAT job….as always!

  10. Bay def. Wallenberg this past Fri. 1/4 in non-league boys hoops 65-48.

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