Girls Basketball Top 10: No movement for top teams heading into league play

The Wildcats and St. Ignatius senior guard Crystal Sun (right) are still on top, but won't be there for long if they are upset by Sacred Heart Cathedral on Tuesday. (Photo by Eric sun)
The Wildcats and St. Ignatius senior guard Crystal Sun (right) are still on top, but won't be there for long if they are upset by Sacred Heart Cathedral on Tuesday. (Photo by Eric sun)

The Wildcats and St. Ignatius senior guard Crystal Sun (right) are still on top, but won’t be there for long if they are upset by Sacred Heart Cathedral on Tuesday. (Photo by Eric sun)

Every week, we will be publishing our take on the top ten boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section.

1. St. Ignatius (10-2, last week’s ranking: 1)

The Wildcats may not be at the top of the West Catholic Athletic standings like No. 2 Sacred Heart Cathedral, but they’re still the top team in San Francisco after a week where they trounced Terra Nova (2-7) and lost at home to defending Division II state champion Mitty (9-3) in their WCAL opener.

2. Sacred Heart Cathedral (10-2, last week’s ranking: 2)

The Irish are tied for first place in the WCAL with Mitty and St. Francis, but haven’t exactly played the league’s best. Their road win over Presentation (6-8) on Saturday is nothing to sneeze at, but their blowout win over a very down Notre Dame (4-7) didn’t tell us a lot. All that being said, the top spot is certainly within reach for the Irish if they can upset top-ranked St. Ignatius tomorrow night at USF.

3. Lowell (10-4, last week’s ranking: 3)

The Cardinals didn’t play a game last week and stay at No. 3 with a relatively-tough matchup with Balboa, a likely playoff team, upcoming in their Academic Athletic Association opener on Wednesday.

4. International (12-2, last week’s ranking: 4)

The Jaguars are still a contender for the North Coast Section Division V championship and got a taste of what might be ahead in a potential state-tournament matchup last week. International headed south to take on perennial Central Coast Section Division V power Pinewood (10-3) last week and made the trip back to San Francisco with a single-digit loss. The loss widened the gap between the Jaguars and No. 3 Lowell, which beat Pinewood by 17 in the Sand Dune Classic. International also beat Castlemont (8-5) by 13 points last week.

5. Galileo (12-2, last week’s ranking: 5)

The Lions took last week off, but what could be a AAA championship preview looms on Friday. Galileo will host No. 3 Lowell on Friday in one of the few games the Cardinals will be challenged in AAA play this season.

6. Mercy (6-6, last week’s ranking: 6)

At .500 heading into league play, the Skippers are far from their undefeated early-season run last year, but will still be a contender in the West Bay Athletic League and in CCS Division IV. Mercy also affirmed its No. 6 spot with a close win over No. 7 Lincoln in its only game last week.

7. Lincoln (6-9, last week’s ranking: 7)

The Mustangs are on a three-game slide heading into AAA play, including losses to Skyline (10-6) and No. 6 Mercy last week, but previous wins over No. 8 Urban and No. 10 Lick-Wilmerding still keep them locked into the seventh spot.

8. Urban (11-2, last week’s ranking: 8)

The Blues enter Bay Counties League West play on a nine-game winning streak, including a 20-point win over Hillsdale (2-9) last week. Those wins haven’t been against the stiffest competition, though, and Urban will still have a lot to prove before being considered as a threat to BCL West favorite International.

9. Convent (8-5, last week’s ranking: 9)

No games for the Cubs last week and they will get a good gauge of their BCL West prospects in their league opener against No. 4 International on Tuesday.

10. Lick-Wilmerding (9-4, last week’s ranking: 10)

The Tigers dropped their final non-league tune-up to Berean Christian (7-9) last week and kick off the BCL West season against No. 8 Urban on Tuesday.

Best of the Rest: Balboa (6-7), Washington (5-9), University (7-7)

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21 Comments on "Girls Basketball Top 10: No movement for top teams heading into league play"

  1. SI is number one until someone from the city beats them. Btw JB do you have any idea if the Bruce Mahoney will be streamed online?

  2. You know how ESPN and the AP Top 25 are labeled as biased (east coast biased, Yankees, Red Sox, cant stay awake for west coast games)? Jeremy Balan would 1000% fit right in as an ESPN personality.

    • I personally think the ranking should have waited until Wednesday morning to avoid a weeks worth of I told you so’s or excuses. Tomorrow night only true gauge of top tier. True, until game is played SI still No. 1. As good as this SI team is, they are much different without the injured center and graduated McDonald. Should be a nice game. Slight edge to Cats due to post play.

    • Kezar for Keeps | January 7, 2013 at 3:10 PM |

      I think it’s funny that the most biased guy on here is calling someone else biased.

      • Kezar we are all biased in one way or another. Lets not kid ourselves with the society we live in.

        Its a real simple fix for Balan to do. Rank SHC #1 this week, they lose to SI, SI regains top spot next week. Where have you seen in ANY poll when the top team loses, still remain #1??? Please tell me when that’s happened.

        • Kezar for Keeps | January 7, 2013 at 4:16 PM |

          Has any SF team beaten anyone close to the two teams SI has lost to (Mitty and St. Mary’s)?

          • Lowell lost to a FAR SUPERIOR SI team by 4 points AT SI. Whats that tell you? 1) SI is not that good? 2) SI played down to the competition? 3) Lowell probably played their best game of the year.

            • Kezar for Keeps | January 7, 2013 at 4:33 PM |

              Maybe you need to read my question again because you didn’t answer it at all.

              • Answer your own stupid question if you want a pat on your own back.

                As long as this site exists, any poll that comes out will always have the top 2-3 teams as private schools.

              • Kezar for Keeps | January 7, 2013 at 4:41 PM |

                What is it like to live in your world, where you choose to ignore facts that don’t agree with your arguments and your overwhelming hate for SI?

              • Funny, I live in the same world as you where life goes on regardless of high school sports scores and allegedly objective polls.

              • Just so we’re clear, this isn’t a poll. I make the rankings. No one is polled.

                That being said, both polls and human rankings are inherently subjective. Saying polls or human rankings are objective is missing the point entirely. Polls and human rankings reflect people’s opinions. If you want “objective” rankings, I would suggest looking at the MaxPreps computer rankings, which often clash with ours.

        • Wouldn’t it mean more for SHC to beat the #1 team, than being ranked #1 for 1 day? At any rate, SHC doesn’t deserve #1 status after beating 2 teams with losing records last week. I haven’t seen SHC play yet, but I think they won’t have enough firepower to beat the Cats, although SI definitely misses Miss Little, as she is BIG on rebounds. Raggio seems to avoid contact, while Little seeks it, which unfortunately led to a concussion.

  3. Ari Gold…Funny you are one of the guys on this site every day. And it not a big deal to you? This blog is your life man….

    • Kezar for Keeps | January 7, 2013 at 5:00 PM |

      He’s a walking contradiction that wears blinders whenever the facts don’t support his agenda.

    • i love you guys! agree, disagree, celebrate or bicker. all good. gives the site a more traffic.

  4. nextstophoopville | January 7, 2013 at 7:16 PM |

    Good luck to the Lick-Wilmerding Lady Tigers tomorrow against The Lady Blues of Urban

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