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Games of the Day – Bruce-Mahoney basketball games: The girls matchup between Sacred Heart Cathedral and St. Ignatius isn’t technically a “Bruce-Mahoney” game, but the whole experience at USF tonight is arguably one of the best high school sports atmospheres in the nation. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/SanFranPreps.

AAA boys basketball
Lowell 67, SFI 25

BCL Central boys basketball
Waldorf 65, Drew 21
Bay 64, Leadership 45

BCL West boys basketball
Marin Academy (San Rafael) 56, University 55 (OT)
Urban 40, Lick-Wilmerding 37
Stuart Hall 53, International 23

PSAL North boys basketball
Jewish Community 70, San Francisco Christian 38

WCAL boys basketball
Serra (San Mateo) 59, Riordan48
St. Ignatius 56, Sacred Heart Cathedral 46

BCL Central girls basketball
Bay 60, Leadership 12
Waldorf 47, Drew 45
San Domenico (San Anselmo) 66, Gateway 6

BCL West girls basketball
Urban 73, Lick-Wilmerding 33
International 59, Convent 49
University 64, Marin Academy (San Rafael) 53

WBAL Foothill girls basketball
Mercy 55, Castilleja (Palo Alto) 39

WBAL Skyline girls basketball
Notre Dame (San Jose) 54, ICA 17

WCAL girls basketball
Sacred Heart Cathedral 46, St. Ignatius 41

WCAL boys soccer
St. Ignatius 2, Serra (San Mateo) 0
Sacred Heart Cathedral 2, Riordan 0

WBAL Skyline girls soccer
Mercy 8, ICA 1

WCAL girls soccer
Notre Dame (Belmont) 1, St. Ignatius 0

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31 Comments on "Tuesday Scoreboard"

  1. SI lose again!! I knew it Coach Russel is a good coach! Accdg to one commenter
    SI has superior players but lose. How is that?

    • SI girls are like the Lakers and SHC girls are like the Warriors, get it? 2013 SI girls are also “softer” than the 2012 version. No Little, no McDonald, no Crawley, that’s alot of WCAL 1st and 2nd team right there. I congratulate SHC for beating a very inexperienced, but very good team, tho.

    • Relax. Only the second league game…let;s see where they all end up at end of year.

    • Josh Weinstein | January 8, 2013 at 11:50 PM |

      Agreed, JJ. SI was running with 3-5 sophomores all game on the court at once. Talented but the inexperience showed at times against SH’s defense and Summers-Luaulu. SI missed Josie Little in the middle against the Irish’s taller front court also. Great effort by both sides but a lot of turnovers. Both these teams need to grow throughout the WCAL season to even pose a threat to Mitty or go far in the CCS playoffs. Long season Wildcats and Irish. You can do it.

  2. Great win by the women! The doubters always brought up too much SI height and too much SI talent. That meant nothing. LyRyan has these women playing with heart and hustle. Real Bruce Mahoney series is now 2-1 SHC.

  3. Crusader 88 | January 8, 2013 at 9:23 PM |

    It appears that SHC will be the #1 girls team next week.

    • I’m w/ U on that one Crusader 88.

    • Under Balans ranking formula, it appears now SHC’s womens team cannot lose their #1 ranking until SI beats them. SI lost while #1 but still was #1 the following week’s ranking. Apparently you cannot drop in the rankings even if you lose.

  4. Irish needed that redemption everyone thought they couldn’t pull this win off thanks to summers,smith,and Coleman they shut SI down.Coleman was their initial rebounder,blocker,and scored around 6 points. Summers and smith cut into gaps creating the body contact to draw the fouls. Coleman is only a sophmore we have something to look forward to in future she is tall and can run the floor with the guards.

  5. Cat in the Hat | January 8, 2013 at 10:08 PM |

    You could hear a pin drop in Ari Gold and IC Stars’ world right now. Lol. I love women’s sports. I’m glad it gives you solace. How about the business of men though? Have you thoroughly waxed and buffed out the trophy for us?!?! Geeeeet ooooooff meeeeee hahahahaaaa…

    I guess I’ll go retire to my lucky charms lined litter box for a nice ol scratch and a number two. YES!!!

    • I feel bad for the Dante Benedetti Classic, since they won’t sell that many tickets anymore now that SI nailed the coffin shut on SHC, but they would greatly appreciate IC Stars and Ari’s attendance. As long as it’s a nice, sunny day, I’ll be there.

  6. Riordan still struggling to get back the team chemistry.. Ugly game with Crusadet defense keeping them in the game. Poor free throw shooting also impacted outcome. Chiefy Ugbaja was a beast down low that included a dunk over Caruso. Too bad he couldn’t hit key free throws…

    • Missed free throws were key to this game.

      • Riordan offense in crunch time was too much dribbling by Mabrey with the others just standing around looking for the kick out. No motion or cuts to the hoop made it easier for the Padres to defend. Serra was the better “team” last night.

  7. SH definitely out worked and out muscled SI and deserved to win. SH definitely benefited from some of the worst officiating I can remember in a girls game. SI really missed Josie Little and Mann & Raggio didn’t have good games at all. SI really struggled against the press. Turnovers killed SI late. At least the boys looked good, they play much better without Domingo although SH is sure down from last year.

  8. I just realized University just lost in OT. SHC could be ranked #2 now.

  9. One girls player from Gateway scored all of their six points. How in the world did that happen for Gateway today?

  10. Josh Weinstein | January 9, 2013 at 12:01 AM |

    Wow. That’s a lot of red on this chart. Add another column in red after tonight. So Ari Gold, that’s a blowout win over SH in football and a CCS Open Division Championship this school year. And now a 11-2 record in basketball for SI and a Bruce Mahoney clinching win over the Irish. When you more than double your rivals in wins over the history of the Bruce Mahoney and have win streaks of 12 years from 1973-1985 and 10 years from 1998-2011, how is it really a rivalry? More like domination.


  11. Don’t worry about it Irish. Still lots of basketball left. Don’t forget u SI clowns. SH smoked u guys last year in both games even with the wonder boy SD31. Congrats to SI tonight but game 2 will be different!

  12. I know the BCL Central isn’t a very strong league (for girls at least), but Bay and San Domenico’s lopsided wins over Leadership (48 points) and Gateway (60 points) is a bit surprising. Does anyone know how the league alignment in the BAC works?

  13. Congrates to SI boys and coaching staff. Can someone answer a question for me… How can a team lose a 6’7 high major divison 1 recruit in domingo and be tougher and play better? Not even close to same team with domingo last year. Say what you want about Si they play their butts off on defense. Great job coach Reardon….keep it up!

    • Cat in the Hat | January 9, 2013 at 7:51 AM |

      We wish the best to SD31. I hope he finds success at the next level. That being said, we lost a 6’7″ high major division 1 potential three point shooter. Last years star SD31 needed the ball fed to him, this years star TD10, feeds the ball to everyone else. Addition by subtraction. Good luck SD31.

      Oh yeah. Where are the SI coaching haters at?! I’m talking to you Hoosier, @SA, HS, and all the other blog snipers. Where you at???

      • First, congrats to the SI players, fans and coaches for a great win, nice job.

        Cat in the Hat, I am here but as I said on my last post, I am not going to provide any additional comment that could be viewed as player centric promotion versus scheme centric insights and ideas.

        Also, per WCAL alum comments on jbalen lead article earlier today, #24 had a great night as measured by three point shooting percentage (100%?), #22 had another typical strong all around game including two big three pointers and #10 had another great floor general game for the most part eliminating the impact of the SHC half court pressure and traps.

        Let’s look at three interesting data points versus subjective dribble (double entendre just for you Cat):

        1. SH had a very poor shooting game, hitting only 2-16 on outside three’s while SI was 7-13 (54%) from three point land which by any measurement is very good and not sustainable. See SI coaches own quote
        “That’s why it’s ridiculous that we made seven threes. The line is
        back a little bit farther and this backdrop makes it really difficult . .
        . If we didn’t shoot like that, they’re going to beat us.”

        2. Coach Barbour said his team played without discipline or poise
        which was on him. Very refreshing to hear this type of self
        awareness and personal responsibility from a coach.

        3. Another key was that in the 1st half, Liam O’Reilly had eight points
        using an “inside-out” approach. Based upon some foul
        trouble and questionable rotation decisionsO’Reilly saw limited
        time at the post in 2nd half and SHC seemed to go away from an
        aspect of their game which was working early in the 1st half and
        started to play primarily an outside game after their first two 2nd
        half possessions resulting in continued poor shooting

        My insights and thoughts regarding the areas of the SI schemes that concern me, will be more apparent when they play teams with both height and strong pressure defense. I have mentioned several times this will be most problematic with Serra (#30,42,44 are all 6’5 and above), Bellarmine (32/34/35/42 are all 6’4″ – 6″6″) and of course Mitty.

        Let’s not forget that the lessons learned from losing are often more insightful than the ones from winning, Example is that SI will probably not draw up an offensive plan that counts on 54% three point shooting, even thought that was a major contributor to the win against SHC, wouldn’t you agree?

        Now, let’s allow all of the SI players, families, fans and coaches to enjoy the big win against the biggest city rival.

        • I love your analysis Hoosier more the way you articulate player numbers instead of their names like this was an EA Sports NCAA game where only numbers of players are used, not names.

          Yes it was surprising during timeouts that Barbour did not reinforce the message to get the ball inside and not settle for outside shots. And a great coach will put that error on himself and not deflect like the football coach.

          SHC will bounce back as always and SI I hope continues to win because this gives more credibility to the fact that they are better this year without an ESPN top 100 player running the show like last year.

        • City Lights | January 9, 2013 at 10:50 PM |

          Good (and lengthy) post. Harumph on all the entendres you want. SI is getting it done. Great game last night. Fun to watch. Looking forward to ARHS getting on track at the Forum soon as well. SHC vs. ARHS will be a great game.

        • Cat in the Hat | January 10, 2013 at 7:50 AM |

          Thanks for the insightful breakdown Hoosier. Out of curiosity, did you attend one of the “big three?” It should be pretty obvious Cat is the Hat I proudly wear.

          Ok time to go eat more lucky charms out of my replica trophy/cereal bowl. Lol

    • As has been pointed out before, without Domingo, SI team able to distribute ball better and not worry that SD getting enough touches. WCAL ball did not fit Domingo’s game and SI team play was affected.

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