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Game of the Day – Lincoln vs. Mission boys basketball: It was a rough non-league season for the Academic Athletic Association and the Bears and Mustangs were not exceptions. Both teams have 11 losses apiece, but will still be contenders for the San Francisco Section championship. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA boys basketball
Lincoln 69, Mission 55
Washington 69, O’Connell 23
Galileo 60, Wallenberg 29
Marshall 105, Jordan 25
Burton 62, ISA 31

BCL Central boys basketball
Gateway 56, Waldorf 38
Leadership vs. Pescadero @ SOTA, 6:30 p.m.

PSAL North boys basketball
East Palo Alto (Menlo Park) 46, Jewish Community 35

Non-league boys basketball
International 69, Drew 20

AAA girls basketball
Lincoln 62, Mission 42
Lowell 57, Balboa 18
Galileo 65, Wallenberg 33
Burton 46, Marshall 34

BCL Central girls basketball
Leadership 49, Pescadero 8
Gateway vs. Waldorf @ Annunciation Cathedral, 4 p.m.

PSAL girls basketball
East Palo Alto (Menlo Park) 24, Jewish Community 20

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17 Comments on "Wednesday Scoreboard"

  1. The Marshall boys hops team better chill down on their scoring because that was so hurtful to Jordan playing in their very first game of the season.

    • That’s sad. That was Jordan’s first game of the season. I wonder what happend with the scheduling.

      • I still think Jordan is a playoff contender

      • I’m pretty sure last year’s Marshall -JJ game had a similar score. Remember, JJ had a girl playing for the boys basketball team last year.

      • Same thing for the O’Connell boys & I was also so sick to my stomach when the O’Connell JV girls hoops team had to cancel their season because they couldn’t field a team in time. That was so sad in my opinion.

    • Im pretty sure that they had a game like that last year as well as years past. I know balboa scored 100 points vs. june jordan on the last game of the season.

      The marshall coach needs to show some mercy, as someone commented on the Marshall/University game: “The best dressed coach in San Francisco has alot of class. I think Marshall will go places in the AAA”

      Team wise they can go places, but class wise don’t think so. What do you get out of beating a team by 80? I guess the coach as well as others need to be reminded:

      -128.3.N: Running up the score shall be considered poor sportsmanship.

  2. @ Lincoln High today, they finally got new scoreboards & shot clocks along w/ the Mission lady bears getting new uniforms.

  3. Great Job Pumas. Keep up the great work!

  4. The disparity in the AAA girls league seems to have gotten to the boys teams now too. 3 teams score 20+ points in a VARSITY league and the fourth (ISA) barely gets over 30 (31 points). Five games and basically five blowouts. Throw in the Lowell / SFI game and that’s six blowouts (didn’t SFI only score 20+ too? It’s on the other scoreboard).

    At least you see the separation between the championship contenders, playoff contenders and everyone else. I agree with Paul B. on the Marshall score. You can still teach your team something and not run up the score.

    On the girls side, I was surprised that Marshall formed a girls varsity team. They hadn’t had one in a year or two.

    • @Don L….I believe Marshall has been able to field a varsity girls basketball team for at least the past two seasons if not more. They have not however had a jv team…..There is also a sizable disparity on the boys’ side as well. In general, the league is lacking in size, talent, quality players and quality teams this year. More so than in past years which is very alarming.

      • airball,

        You are correct. I double checked the CIF-SF site.

        Yeah, the boys side of the AAA seems to be quite down. It’s not just the bottom teams but across the entire league. Mission has some good players but the team is just a fraction of the AAA title team. Wallenberg’s just few players graduated last year from the AAA runner up team.

        Not sure what happened to the league. Perhaps a lot of kids are going to the Catholic / Private Schools and families moving out of SF. I’ve seen the league go down and come back up. I’m not sure the AAA will ever reach the heights in the old days. I do hope that some talent comes back in and at least be competitive at the “higher levels”.

  5. I think that it is important the Marshall formed a girls basketball team. They need to start somewhere and it will take time to develop a program. People seem to forget that not all schools have feeder programs. They will go through cycles where a strong group of athletes graduate and then they need to build again. Not all JV and Frosh/Soph programs are strong. Reality is these young student athletes are playing ball and making effort. A lot of people on this site take this to seriously. There kids.

    • MJD – I agree and not just for Marshall. I think all schools need to have teams (as many as possible). Some kids are not great students and sports keeps them in school. It sucks when there is interested players but NOT enough to form a full team.

      The question about above by Ari is interesting. Is it worth it to form a team to get blasted? It’s a tough one to answer. The AAA has a lot of disparity as the larger schools dominate much of the sports.

  6. On Wed. 1/9, Gateway lost to Waldorf in BCL Central girls hoops 49-29.

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