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Games of the Day – International vs. Urban girls basketball: The Jaguars are still the favorite in the BCL West, but the Blues sent a shot across the bow with a 40-point win over Lick-Wilmerding in their league opener. Riordan vs. Mitty boys basketball: The Aaron Gordon Show makes its final trip to Crusader Forum tonight, with Riordan desperately in need of a WCAL win. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

WCAL boys basketball
Mitty (San Jose) 57, Riordan 52
St. Francis (Mountain View) 52, St. Ignatius 48
Sacred Heart Cathedral 54, Valley Christian (San Jose) 33

BCL West girls basketball
International 72, Urban 61

WBAL Skyline girls basketball
Harker (San Jose) 52, ICA 32

WCAL boys soccer
St. Ignatius 3, Riordan 2
Sacred Heart Cathedral 0, Serra (San Mateo) 0

WCAL girls soccer
Sacred Heart Cathedral 2, Notre Dame (Belmont) 1

WBAL Skyline girls soccer
Summit Prep (Redwood City) 5, Mercy 1

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  1. Balan, if you can go outside the SF box and get a good piece on Gordon tonight I promise I will less Ari from now on. In my opinion, he is the best prep player in the bay area we’ve had since Jason Kidd. We may not see anyone with that type of national hype and also live up to that hype for another 15-20 years.

    In regards to the AAA disparity, as one of the AAA coaches said in a previous article, “some games are like scrimmages”. Whether its lack of talent, coaching, athleticism, or bodies, its discouraging to see because its not fun and definitely not in the spirit of competition. There will always be that question after demolitions like yesterday of Jordan whether or not having a team is in the best interest of the kids or the school. Can those funds be better used on more PE classes, intramurals, or just other education courses that can benefit more than 10 kids, but maybe 200 kids?

  2. Looking forward to seeing Gordon playing tonight. Good luck Crusaders – hope you guys can keep it interesting or even better – get an upset.

  3. SHC: Nice comeback win after tough loss.
    SI: Letdown after win on emotional high.

  4. Sweet Jesus! Aaron Gordon finishes the game with a windmill jam.

    • Great game tonight at the Crusader Forum – Riordan was in the lead through three quarters but much Aaron Gordon and bad officiating down the stretch in the fourth quarter did them in. Hopefully this will give Riordan some confidence going on the road against Bellarmine and SHC.

      Pretty electric atmosphere tonight – it was a great time on Phelan Ave.!

    • Man great game. Mitty’s defense locked down at the end, if AG would have hit his free throws they would have won by 15. Loud crowd and Chiefy brought the house down with a nice two hander with a defender on him.

      • AG never got called for charging. He mowed down Graham Gilleran on a drive, next thing you know, he’s shooting 2 free throws. I filmed it on tape and it was a definite charge. Many other “suspicious” calls. To me, he looks like a 55% FT shooter. Great athleticsm, yet really not sure how he will do at the next level against guys taller than him.

        • The refs never called Riordan players elbowing Brandon Abajelo to the ground either.

        • JJ you ever think about the dozens of times each game the referees let whoever is guarding Gordon get away with holding him because theres no way they are stopping him every time he touches the ball down on the block? So would you say when given the JUDGEMENT call of charging, they would call a blocking foul on the defender in these instances because Gordon is getting hacked ever single play?

          Ferrari shot them in and shot them out. That 30 foot 3 pointer was just dumb in such a close game. Cohesion is not there anymore. You dont even get contribution from Jiday or Hernandez or even Arenas anymore. Seems that Buckner has fallen in love with Chiefy and Ferrari.

          • Well, there seemed to be star treatment to AG because every time he touched the ball, a foul was called. It seemed like most of his points came from the free throw line. When he’s double-teamed or going up for a shot, the refs kept blowing their whistle. From the stands, it looked like one of the refs had a hot temper and took it out on Riordan by calling more fouls.

            • From what I could see througout the game was Gordan was pulled grab and pushed while off ball. He kept his composure throughout. The fouls came when he finally got the ball. He went to the basket a lot more in the fourth, hence the fouls. The block foul on Gillian probably could have been a no call, but if anything he needs a place to finish his shot.

              A great atmosphere. A nice game plan. Riordan should be proud of itself and this will work out for them in long-run.

          • One of my favorite moments of the game occurred when FF5 went on his 3 point tear. Immediately after FF5 made his latest three (late first half I believe) when AG32 was dribbling the ball back up court he SHOUTED over to Coach Kennedy “I GOT HIM!”. True enough AG32 switched over to guard FF5 and helped shut him down. The point being is that AG32 is not only extremely gifted athletically he is also like a coach on the floor.

            Also I would imagine it is hard to referee an AG32 game. As Ari points out AG32 is hacked almost every time he touches the ball. This goes both ways in that AG32 initiates contact so unless you want to get posterized and have Spalding permanently tattooed on your forehead you have to push him back HARD as he’s a BEAST!

            • Just some facts | January 11, 2013 at 12:26 PM |

              When I watch high school basketball like last night’s games it makes me think about how in wrestling and boxing the matches are set up to be on weight/size for good reasons. In Basketball the physical play is clearly not by size. When AG32 is the player who is out to stop FF5 – instead one of their own guards who couldn’t stop him – there is a big advantage for AG in height and weight – and that goes for blocking, guarding or holding AG back too. I’d say that the Crusaders did very well last night. Better than other teams have done lately against AG and his team.

          • Just some facts | January 11, 2013 at 12:20 PM |

            Looks like a good combination to me – after all Riordan was ahead for 3 quarters – what more do you want against Mitty – it turned to a 5 point loss – maybe because there were some players in foul problem including Gilleran fouled on with a questionable call. Those guys double teaming AG must have been doing something right.

            • good to see coach buck using his bench players he used in the preseason as they may not be tall, but they are muscular and athletic players that play physically and have good basketball instincts. everytime masoli and/or hernandez enter the game, they are very productive.

  5. jeremy will you be out there in oakland at oracle tomorrow for the annual lick-uni rivalry game?

  6. Any details on the Saint Ignatius vs Riordan soccer game? Who scored in for both teams? Anyone?

  7. Just some facts | January 11, 2013 at 9:44 AM |

    No mention that SI lost to St F from the SI boosters? No info on why? No one at the game? Is it that St. F is quietly formidable?
    How about the fact that SI lost to AG’s team (AKA Mitty) by what? 28 points? ARHS led for three quarters and loses by only 5.

    • SI basketball isn’t a good road team, that’s what has been established so far this early in the season.

      • Looking forward to the SI rematch at the Crusader Forum in the next few weeks. ‘Cats caught the Crusaders at the perfect time. Team rotations/substitutions should be solved by then with the support of the Riordan faithful.

    • SI is no good. That’s why SF beat them. That game at USF throws people off because no matter how good SHC is, they just let any team with red uniforms and “wildcats” across the front do anything they want.

      • The second game against Si will be much better it always seems to be. It sure seems that way but hey last year, SH really destroyed them especially the second game..,,lol.

        • BBALL FANATIC | January 12, 2013 at 8:50 PM |

          The 1st SI-SH game was a potential 20pt beatdown…You can thank the SI coaching staff for letting SH get out of the War Memorial arena with an ounce of dignity…The Irish are going to also let any team with Laker colors, who call themselves Crusaders do what they want as well!!!

          • Yeah ok, fanatic, the SI coach, said it himself. SI had an unbelievable night shooting 3’s. They make those 3’s and SI loses the game. In keeping up with current events, SH just beat St Francis, which SI lost to. This is the wcal buddy.

            • BBALL FANATIC | January 12, 2013 at 10:32 PM |

              Of course he said they shot it well. He’s as modest as they come…and since we’re back to the irrelevant comparisons,,,,,We’ll reconvene next week, when Riordan(who SI beat)dog walks SH…nobody, and i mean nobody is safe in the WCAL!

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