Boys Basketball: St. Ignatius’ road woes continue in loss to Riordan

Riordan junior guard Jiday Ugbaja splits a pair of St. Ignatius defenders on Wednesday at Archbishop Riordan High School. (Photo by Matt Zheng)
Riordan junior guard Jiday Ugbaja splits a pair of St. Ignatius defenders on Wednesday at Archbishop Riordan High School. (Photo by Matt Zheng)

Riordan junior guard Jiday Ugbaja splits a pair of St. Ignatius defenders on Wednesday at Archbishop Riordan High School. (Photo by Matt Zheng)

By Jeremy Balan

It’s only a 4-mile drive from the Sunset to Phelan Avenue, but the St. Ignatius boys basketball team’s matchup with Riordan on Wednesday night was still a road game in the West Catholic Athletic League – and the Wildcats have been far from road warriors this season.

St. Ignatius struggled offensively all night at Crusader Forum, had a season-low point total and dropped to 0-4 on the road in league play after a 42-33 Riordan win.

A lot of St. Ignatius’ struggles had to do with Riordan’s tight perimeter defense, which limited the Wildcats (13-5, 4-4) to 30 percent shooting overall and just 14 shots from the floor in the second half. In the fourth quarter, needing to cut into the Riordan lead, the Wildcats didn’t attempt a shot until there was 4:15 remaining.

“That’s crazy – just [14] shots. You should have that many in a quarter,” said St. Ignatius head coach Tim Reardon. “I don’t feel like we had more than 10 turnovers in the second half, but we just didn’t get any second-chance shots in the whole game.”

Riordan senior point guard Geru Mabrey drives past a St. Ignatius defender on Wednesday at Archbishop Riordan High School. (Photo by Matt Zheng)

Riordan senior point guard Geru Mabrey drives past a St. Ignatius defender on Wednesday at Archbishop Riordan High School. (Photo by Matt Zheng)

The Wildcats did have only two offensive rebounds, but many of their offensive issues stemmed from the Crusaders’ (12-6, 3-5) standout defensive effort on St. Ignatius point guard Trevor Dunbar. Riordan junior guard Jiday Ugbaja was tasked with guarding Dunbar for most of the game (other than the third quarter, when Geru Mabrey took over when Ugbaja was in foul trouble) and held Dunbar to just three points.

“The plan was to lock Dunbar down, but that’s way easier said than done,” said Riordan head coach Rich Buckner. “You don’t lock down Trevor, but we really concentrated on keeping him in front of us. You have to maintain your stance and stay in front of him, because once you reach, he’s gone.”

Dunbar wasn’t the only guard that struggled to penetrate against the Crusaders, and other than two driving layups from senior Albert Waters, the Wildcats were scoreless in the paint. After St. Ignatius hit three three-pointers to jump out to a 11-6 advantage midway through the first quarter, Riordan took back the lead in the second and led 21-17 at the half, then steadily pulled away after the break.

The St. Ignatius offense came almost exclusively from its shooting guards. Waters, Matt Brown and Tristan Wentworth all had eight points apiece.

“We did a terrible job of getting it into our post guys and sometimes doing that opens up our perimeter guys,” Reardon said.

The Crusaders weren’t much better offensively and didn’t have a player score in double figures, but the chemistry issues that plagued Riordan in the first round of WCAL play seemed to be limited. The Crusaders have appeared to settle into defined roles and most in the Riordan rotation had moments of good basketball, but none sustained it individually.

Along with Jiday’s defense against Dunbar, the junior also shared the game’s scoring lead with nine points, and his cousin, Chiefy Ugbaja, largely kept the Crusaders afloat in the first half, with all of his eight points and seven rebounds coming before halftime.

In the second half, it was also a pair of Riordan juniors that did most of the scoring. In the third quarter, it was Bobby Arenas, who scored seven of the Crusaders’ nine points in the frame. In the fourth quarter, it was shooting guard Frankie Ferrari, who scored six points in the final eight minutes after being held scoreless in the first three.

Throw in solid defensive performances from senior center Graham Gilleran and junior forward Zach Masoli – who scored just two points, but had three assists and three offensive rebounds – and the Crusaders played a complete game without a standout individual.

“In these past two games, our guys are starting to understand the roles we think they are best in,” Buckner said. “It’s not a bunch of individual guys right now. We’re coming together as a team and everyone is seeing that – hey, I might not get my points, but I can always rebound, I can always defend, I can always box out.”

Scoring Leaders

Bobby Arenas – 9
Jiday Ugbaja – 9
Chiefy Ugbaja – 8
Frankie Ferrari – 6
Geru Mabrey – 6

St. Ignatius
Matt Brown – 8
Albert Waters – 8
Tristan Wentworth – 8
Trevor Dunbar – 3
Jason Quanico – 3

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75 Comments on "Boys Basketball: St. Ignatius’ road woes continue in loss to Riordan"

  1. Just some facts | January 24, 2013 at 6:29 AM |

    What a great team effort. Quite a better result. JB,you didn’t mention those impressive shot blocks by Chiefy.

    • Just some facts | January 24, 2013 at 8:20 AM |

      And two more great blocks by Gilleran.

      • The Chiefy block sure was a Riordan crowd pleaser…. Clap Clap Clap

        • The ref should’ve called a “T” on Chiefy for taunting. This is high school basketball, not the NBA.

          • I didn’t see any taunt at all.

            • The ref kinda gave him a warning because he was staring Mr. Yang down and sorta flexed his muscles like the Governator.

            • Didn’t see any taunting either and I was sitting right in front.

              • I saw the block online, it looked like he was playing volleyball. Well done!

              • Well done like that Toto’s. Right Nicholas.

              • Me neither – I was sitting about ten feet away from the block and don’t recall any taunting other than from the Riordan student section. Frankly, I could of blocked that shot (5’11” old white guy) but i guess what was most impressive about it was that CU23 was up so high that he could of blocked it with his elbow or armpit. CU23 seems to defy the law of gravity.

          • These are big boys, they can definitely handle some taunting. Let’s save the Ts for taunting at CYO games.

            • There was no taunting by Chiefy at all, I was sitting right in front and saw the play. Chiefy is a good and respectful kid…

  2. COncerned Citizen | January 24, 2013 at 7:15 AM |

    Riordan with the sweep yesterday.

  3. Overall sloppy, ugly game but the Crusaders tough defense pulled them through in the second half. TD10 spent a lot of time sitting next to the coach on the bench especially in the second half so I would guess that he wasn’t feeling well. Riordan really struggled offensively as the ‘Cats defense was solid and didn’t give up many easy looks. Nice to see JU04 have a nice game offensively – CU23 missed quite a few inside shots but SI swarmed to the ball nicely and there was a lot of contact.

    SI had zero post presence again last night and if they aren’t hitting their 3s (a la SHC game) and/or TD10 and AW22 hitting jumpers or driving to the hoop they are TOAST! Coach Reardon has them playing extremely hard but they just don’t have the size to hang against taller, more athletic post players.

    • SI has a 6-8 post sitting on the bench, who never plays. I remember Bishop O’dowd hardly played their 6-8 freshman post against SHC in the NorCal playoffs last year. What were they thinking? Isn’t he like top 5 in his class??? I think Dunbar was sitting on the bench because he was having a bad game, not cause he felt sick. I give credit to Riordan as they were the better team last night, though. Riordan’s new starting lineup seems taller and more physical.

      • 6’8 mean little if you cant muscle up. Marccu is only forward that can match up underneath physically. Others post are relatively soft. Cats will live (SHC) or die ( all their losses) with perimeter play. Great atmosphere last night (at least on Riordan side). Packed but quiet on SI side.

        Food is definately the best at The Forum.

        • Marcu had trouble passing over Riordan’s big men. A 6-8 guy won’t have trouble passing when he’s holding the ball over his head. It’s hard to say he’s soft when he’s sitting on the bench the whole WCAL season. He was the starting center for the JV team that went something like 20-3 last year. At any rate, the main reason why SI lost was because their point guard had one of the worst games of his high school career, but the big man would’ve helped in getting some rebounds which looked like Riordan dominated in. I guess “Hoosier” would’ve addressed SI’s shortcomings, but SI backers didn’t like his input.

          • I think after blowing that layup vs Westmoor, Rike became a permanent resident in Reardon’s doghouse. Height doesnt translate that you are going to be a good player. Gilleran, 6’7 is very limited offensively but he is slightly above average defender. And he tries very hard on defense which you cant teach. Rike, not sure why he’s not finding time on the court. Perhaps he doesnt fit the SI speed lineup.

            • Just some facts | January 24, 2013 at 3:40 PM |

              I prefer to get my info from persons who know the game:

              I overheard after the ARHS-Mitty game the Mitty Coach Tim Kennedy saying that Gilleran guarded Gordon better than anyone he has ever seen guard AG in the WCAL and ARHS stats said that no one at ARHS has blocked an AG shot as GG did at that game. But – go ahead and ask Coach Kennedy yourself. Also the ARHS trio of Gilleran, Masoli and Chiefy Ugbaja held Mitty to 57 points and ARHS lost to Mitty by only 5 points, SHC lost to them by 12 points and SI by 28 points.

              Mitch Stephens of Maxpreps and SF Chronical Sports:
              “Gordon had just one bucket heading into the fourth quarter as Riordan’s trio of 6-7 Graham Gilleran, 6-3 Chiefy Ugbaja and 6-foot Zach Masoli did a superb job denying the nation’s No. 5 recruit the ball.

              Read more:

          • Let’s add some “Facts and Data” to the conversation. I apologize for the simplicity of the data and the fact that it sounds like a “told you so” , rather than predictions based upon insights shared initially during the LaRocca Sand Dune tournament, and then vilified incorrectly as an upset parent after the Mitty game, for which I committed to not provide any additional commentary which could be viewed as “player centric” support. Thus no vocal support for the obvious, as deaf ears cannot and will not hear loud voices.

            I still believe that you need to have alternative approaches designed and applied in practice earlier in the season or you will NEVER be able to adjust real time in conference play which seems to be the situation for SI. You cannot expect an inside-out game IF you do not consistently teach and reinforce to the 1-3’s how to make “EFFECTIVE” passes inside, or have the interior sets to make it work,


            ARHS Game 2: 28 points in the paint by ARHS, 4 for SI
            (5 with 1 FT added)
            Rebounds: 25 ARHS, 15 SI
            5 Rebounds by #33 and #21 combined for SI
            1 Point by #33 and #21
            4 Fouls and 4 TO’s by #33 and #21
            4/11 Three Point Shooting by
            -3/3 First Quarter, 1/8 2nd- 4th quarters
            4 touches for entire game in paint by the “5” position

            For the SI coach to say the ball never went inside against ARHS is a BOLD statement of FACT, that could be said about most SI games against teams with length and with aggressive perimeter defense (Serra, Mitty, ARHS, Jesuit). This is like saying that President Obama is supporting economic policy that redistributes income…what a shock!

            This is the consistent reality of the de facto SI offensive scheme and unless they are hitting three’s (SHC and Jesuit) and/or the defense is not boxing out on offensive rebounds (#33 primary strength) they are a bottom half WCAL team.

            Defensive approach against SI is pretty simple:
            1) Pack in the middle (2-3 works well for that)
            2) Half court pressure defense on 1-3’s but keep the middle
            clogged to prevent #10 from dribble drive which is the primary
            offense creator for SI (Hint: Do not full court press SI without
            aggressive sideline traps as TD10 will break most 1-2-1-1 press
            if traps are not established quick enough with sideline
            3) Let them shoot the three’s and ONLY if they hit a few do you
            change your defensive approach (think St. Francis from my
            sources versus SHC which was an exception not the rule)
            4) Box out on #33 every time as that is the primary source of
            inside scoring for SI (El Camino)

            Offensive approach against SI:

            1) Play inside-out and/or high/low against SI and force early foul
            trouble or easy points in the paint if you have length (Serra, Mitty
            and ARHS #2)
            2) Spread the offense and allow guard(s) to dribble drive which
            creates open lanes or easy dishes when SI 4’s/5’s over commit
            3) If you have good 3 point shooters, set high screens and watch
            for how SI has been coached that week (hedge or not, go under
            or over screen) and adjust offensive counter as appropriate
            including high post safety with weak side, back-cut options

            Notice, I did not suggest what rotations SI might try, as that would be positioned as having a hidden agenda. Yes, I am an SI supporter, but cannot just be blinded by the painfully obvious need to try something a little different on both the offensive and defensive side of the court?

            – “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across
            the waters to create many ripples.” – Famous Change Agent

      • 6′-8″ is likely a stretch, but I’m sure he’d grab a few boards. Marccu didn’t score and didn’t have more than a board or 2. Gilleran went into the game and immediately grabbed 4 boards in +- 1.5 minutes because of his +-6″ height advantage. I say give the kid a chance to rebound and play a little D. I assume he’s fighting against SI politics as the 3rd big to be subbed.
        Loved Riordan’s offense and not sure what SI was running other than watching Trevor over-dribble and then penetrate too deep and not able to make a pass. Favorite player for SI is Waters…lighting quick yet not allowed to run, but can shoot the 3. For Riordan, it was Chiefly…kid is raw with serious hops and plays with passion.

    • Just some facts | January 24, 2013 at 1:20 PM |

      The reason why the score was low – SI’s was season low (33) – maybe a record low for them – but also Riordan’s was low (42) – was the great defense played on both sides. I think some posters just like dramatic shooting – and miss totally the dramatic defense that results in awkward moments of struggle for the ball. That is not a sloppy game IMO – it is a real game between good foes who play defense and not just shooting.

      Also SI did make a basket or so in the end of the last quarter when the reserves went out at the last 2 minutes or so against SI usual players. Or the SI score might have been 31 or less. Low scores are a sign of good defense when the opposing teams are balanced foes.

      • I thought it would be a historically low score for SI too, but I only had to go back one year to find one lower. SI scored 30 in a game against St. Francis last season.

        • Just some facts | January 24, 2013 at 3:02 PM |

          Oooohhhh wow – wasn’t expecting that.

        • Just some facts | January 24, 2013 at 3:41 PM |

          Then that was with SD30 ?

          • If you mean Stephen Domingo, then yes.

            • Just some facts | January 24, 2013 at 4:06 PM |

              Oh wow – double ooohhh. With the “shooter” playing? What happened? Do you remember? Must have been DEFENSE!

              Did I get SD’s number wrong? I have forgotten it already. Is he getting any time at GT? 0- any points?

              • SD started out playing quite a bit at GTown off the bench before the Big East season started (8-10 minutes a game). However, he has not played in the last three Big East games.

                He is 2-14 from 3 point range, so about the same as at SI. One of my critiques of SD is that he is a one-trick pony who looks more like a shooter than his actual 3 point percentage would support.

                Who knows how it will play out in the long run? He’s a skinny freshmen who should still be in high school trying to play in the rugged Big East.

          • SD31 – a tribute to his fave player Reggie Miller……

    • SF-Mikey you’re correct about SI having no inside presence at all and that hurt them…

  4. Colormepurple | January 24, 2013 at 9:36 AM |

    Great work JB!

  5. Another great HS hoops atmosphere at the Crusader Forum last night as the place had a near packed house, band was awesome ( that drum solo during warmups – wow!), and the student section was raucous with some good cheers. Physical/defensive game led to some “sloppiness” and many players on both squads were under the weather with the flu.
    Is there any other HS gym in the area where you can actually enjoy a tri-tip sandwich and a coke in the stands? Best HS gym in the Bay Area to view a game! Should be a great 2nd half of WCAL play!

    • I would have to agree with you wcalsf. Band was awesome, the Riordan students were great – some kids painted thier torsos and the crowd was loud and a win is a win. Where are the SI students – oh where oh where can they be????

  6. What a good high school atmosphere for the kids. Riordan had some kids with the flu like symptons, Masoli and Arenas were sick and SI had 2 kids sick too. Vitamin C time kids to stay healthy, Riordan played very good defense and that made SI uncomfortable running their offense but none the less good game. Keep working hard kids and success will come. Good luck city kids!!

  7. SI Sports Radio | January 24, 2013 at 1:56 PM |

    Next up for the Wildcats, Mitty visits SI this Saturday, Jan 26. Watch in person in McCullough Gym or listen live on SI Sports Radio at 720pm. Click to listen

    Promo video:

  8. Did anyone watch the Riordan-SI webcast? How was the quality? I know St. Francis webcasts their football games – but not hoops. Any other schools webcast their events?

  9. Jiday’s defense was key to this game. He did a fine job on Dunbar as did the whole team actually. Gilleran and Chiefy did a nice job of protecting the rim whenever Dunbar got in the lane. They each had some nice help side blocks. The fact that Jiday was also aggressive offensively also added to Dunbar’s woes. He was completely taken out of his game by Riordan.

    I added a post on the Top 10 board as to why I believe Riordan will be #1 next week.

  10. Just some facts | January 24, 2013 at 3:27 PM |

    Refresher Summary on SF WCAL games:
    (with a look at the points spreads)

    SI plays 7 WCAL games
    Riordan 54-49 win by ——– 5 win point win (home)
    Mitty 43-71 loss ————– -28 L point loss (away)
    SHC 56-46 ——————— 10 win point win (away)
    St. Francis 48-52 ————- 4 L point loss (away)
    Valley Christian 60-51 —— 9 win point win (home)
    SI loss to Serra 59-66—— 7 L point loss (away)
    SI win over Bells 60-52 —– 8 win point win (home)
    Riordan loss 33-42 ———- 9 point loss (away)

    SHC plays 7 WCAL games:
    Serra 58-52 ———————- 6 win point win (away)
    Bellarmine 46-40 ————– 6 win point win (home)
    SI 46-56 ———————– 10 L point loss (away) (USF gym)
    VC 54-33 ———————- 21 win point win (away)
    St. F 61-49 ———————- 12 win point win (home)
    Mitty 57-69 ——————– 12 L point loss (home)
    ARHS 55-54 ——————– 1 win point win (home)
    Serra loss 44-60 ————- 16 point loss (home)

    ARHS plays 7 WCAL games
    SI 49-54 ———————————– 5 point loss (away)
    VC 67-28 ————————— ——39 w point win (home)
    Serra 48-59 ——————————11 point loss (home)
    Mitty 52-57 ——————————– 5 point loss (home)
    Bellarmine 55-56 ———————- 1 point loss (away)
    St. Francis 53-45 ———————- 8 w point win (away)
    SHC loss 54-55 ———————– 1 point loss (away)
    SI win 42-33 —————————- 9 point win

    PS Mitty over Bellarmine 73 -67 (2 OT) after their trip to Utah and loss 46-81

    As of 1/27/2013:

    1. Mitty 8-0 WCAL (Season 14-4)
    2. Serra WCAL 6-2 (Season15-3)
    3. SHC WCAL 5-3 (Season13-5)
    4. SI WCAL 4-4 (Season 13-5)
    5. { Bellarmine 3-5 (Season 13-5
    5. .{ ARHS WCAL 3-5 (Season12-6)
    5. { St Francis WCAL 3-5 (Season 8-10
    7. Valley Christian WCAL 0-8 (Season 5-13)

    ARHS lost to Bellarmine by only one point
    ARHS lost to SHC by only one point
    ARHS lost to MItty by only 5 points
    ARHS lost to SI by only 5 points and then beat them by 9 points.

    If SI loses on Saturday against Serra and assuming ARHS wins against Valley Christian….. there will eb a shuffle at the top…

    • SI faces Mitty Saturday. Serra hosts St. Francis.

      • Just some facts | January 24, 2013 at 4:01 PM |

        Oops, SI versus Mitty, not Serra.
        Also date on the WCAL stats is rong – obviously it is 1/24/2013 today..
        Still I think it is likely that SI will have trouble with Mitty (who doesn’t except maybe the Utah team and 3 or 4 other teams – but none in the WCAL presently although the Bells gave it quite a go (2 overtimes !) and Serra could surprise Mitty on a good day) — and if ARHS wins over VC – then there will be some shuffle in the order. … Obviously the 3rd and 4th places are being coveted by 4-5 teams and IMHO the #1 and #2 places are stable although I’d enjoy seeing the contest. with Serra and Mitty…

    • Personally, I still feel that SHC clearly is # 1 while SI and Riordan will be tied at 4-5 in league play but SI has one more quality win (Bellarmine) than Riordan (two wins vs VC). So I’d rank them in that order but no doubt that Riordan is coming on while SHC and SI are slipping a bit.

      • Riordan’s WCAL wins are SI, St. Francis and Valley.

        • Just some facts | January 25, 2013 at 12:32 PM |

          Riordan’s WCAL wins mow include SI _ I assume you both missed that one win which this story is about.

          Prior to SI it was StF and VC. Next ….

        • Congratualtions J. Balen. You have bloggers fighting over who is No. 1 in San Fran Prep poll rather than the ultimate goal: a WCAL title.

          • They’re arguing about that because the WCAL regular-season title is pretty much decided, barring a Mitty collapse. Serra is really the only team that still has a shot and they would need to beat Mitty head-to-head, then hope another team beats them. Even then, that would be a split title.

          • I dont care about the SFP poll. Its means nothing. Its another avenue for SI/SH students/alums to say which school is better.

            @Alum, no, the ultimate goal is state. Your goals are too narrow.

            • Best to finish in fifth place or lower to avoid the Open Division and an early exit if State is the goal. As you’ve stated Riordan is the best example as they’d be the prohibitive favors in NorCal D4 unless they happen to sneak into the top 4 would place them in the Open Division with the big boys (Salesian, Mitty, BOD, Deer Valley).

              • Being this is the first year of Open, it is going to be a Royal Rumble to get to state. With those 4 you mentioned, dont forget DLS (good luck scoring 40 points on them), Sheldon, Sacramento, Newark Memorial and Bullard (Fresno). I dont know if this round is 8 teams or more, but you can bet this playoff is not for the weak.

              • Archbishop Riordan will not be playing in the Open Division in the NorCal Playoffs.

                Riordan has not met any of the NorCal Open Division Criteria.

                A school must have won two consecutive section basketball championships; or a school must have qualified for the regional championships for three of the past four years.
                A school qualifies for the second straight year after competing in the state or regional final the previous year.
                A school qualifying for their regional playoffs may request to be placed in the open division.
                A school was ranked in the Top Ten of Cal Hi Basketball, Cal Preps and/or MaxPreps Rankings (early March) the past two years (current year and previous year).

                If Riordan won the C.C.S. Open Division, Archbishop Riordan could request to be placed in the Open Division, otherwise Riordan will play Division 4 in the NorCal Playoffs.

                Riordan wants to get into the C.C.S. Open Division, so that they can play in the NorCal Playoffs in Division 4.

                Riordan will have already played 3 of the C.C.S. Open Division teams twice (Other W.C.A.L. teams). Archbishop Mitty and Junipero Serra and whoever the third team is.

              • coachforslund | January 25, 2013 at 5:53 PM |

                SF MIkey,

                You are confusing 2 different Open divisions. CCS for the first time this season has an Open division. In order to qualify for that AR will have to finish in the top 4 of the WCAL, still possible, but they have to win all their remaining home games, Bell, SHC and St. F and win @ VC. If they can upset either Mitty or Serra on the road that would get to 8 wins which should be enough for 4th place, possible tie for 3rd. IIf they go 7-7, they still ave a good chance to tie or finish in 4th place. The top 4 teams from the WCAL and ONLY 4 will most likely be placed in the CCS Open division (by CCS rules). I like Palo Alto chances, the winner of the MHAL, possible PAL winner and maybe San Benito to be the other Open teams. If El Camino wins the PAL they may not be selected as they are Div. 2 this season and I think Mitty, Serra and Paly would all go before them and only 3 teams from the same division can be selected. Whoever wins the CCS Open division and the possible runner-up could then move on to the Norcal OPEN division , with Salesian and Co. If AR makes CCS Open division they are guaranrteed to move on to NORCALS, most likely in Div. 4 and be a real threat to get to State. Cardinal Newman is very good in Div.4 and will also have a great chance to advance.
                If AR goes to CCS Div.4 I don’t see anyone capable of matching their talent, coaching and athleticism, nor have the advantage of playing all those terric WCAL teams to get them better and better prepped. It would be IMHO a huge upset for them not to take home the crown.

      • SHC is not clearly #1. Bellarmine will be favored to win when they face off against the Irish this weekend. If SHC wins that game, yea, maybe #1, but Bellarmine is a tough team at home. Obviously, if SI wins their next game, they will stay at the top, but if they show that they are competitive and lose by less than double digits, I feel they should stay on top, assuming SHC loses. If SI gets blown out of the water and SHC loses, then Riordan will be #1.

  11. Riordan started all juniors last night – Jiday, Ferrari, Arenas, Masoli and Chiefy. This season and next season look bright for the Crusaders as Vrana returns and 6-8 Karim will make his comeback from injury as a junior.

    • just some facts | January 25, 2013 at 12:44 PM |

      As well as the juniors you mentioned above there are is a big (football) and quite tall guy in Rob Valencia and Karim is a sophomore this year so he’ll be around for two more seasons.

      Also on the JV team there are a lot of players 6 feet and taller.

      And who knows what the boarding school will bring next year.

  12. Just some facts | January 25, 2013 at 12:34 PM |


    There are those who think differently than you:

    “Throw in solid defensive performances from senior center Graham Gilleran and junior forward Zach Masoli – who scored just two points, but had three assists and three offensive rebounds – and the Crusaders played a complete game without a standout individual”.

    From Jeremy Balan SanFranPreps

    • Facts, wheres this coming from? Did I not praise Gilleran for being an above average defender and can really help Riordan off the bench with some key minutes to spell Chiefy? I mean are you seeing something offensively from him that Im not seeing? Masoli’s play is a key ingredient on any team. He does alot of things you dont see in the stat sheet. He’s basically Riordan’s Herman Pratt. Facts, Ive already crowned Riordan CCS D4 champs. Theres no one thats going to come close to beating them and I expect them to make a deep run in NorCals also.

      • Don’t take it personal Mr. Gold. Mr. Facts perceives anyone who says anything he perceives as derogatory about Gilleran to be attacking him and thus you are not a knowledgeable basketball blogger and know absolutely nothing about the game. Apparently in his mind, he is the ultimate authority on the game Dr. Naismith founded. Oh, and Hoosier as well. He is obviously Gilleran’s biggest supporter, therefore only he has the right to express his opinions, notice I didn’t say facts, about him. As I stated before, his opinions are no more, or less, valid than anyone else’s.

        And for what it is worth, it is my opinion that you do know about the game.

        • M Air J,

          I do not think I know more than most passionate basketball fans, but do have some perspectives based upon my own unique experiences, which may be wrong, or incorrect in context to the situation. After all, they are just one person’s opinion. However, I would appreciate hearing your opinion on those areas of insights that you think are seriously flawed or wrong?

          I try to share the data (versus emotion) behind my opinions, and encourage anyone to comment on the validity or stupidity of the insights. The great aspect of blogs are they allow people with a common passion to shared different perspectives and a great aspect on how the internet has made public opinion a spectator sport for the masses with shared interests.

          Thus, per my comments above, where do you think my comments above are off base?

          • @hoosier, you took my comments out of context, but I see how that is possible. What I was saying was that “just some facts” believes that anyone who says anything negative about Riordan and Gilleran in particular, knows absolutely nothing about the game of hoops. I then said that in his small minded thinking, only people who say positive things about Riordan are experts and knowledgeable about the game and you sir, are included on that list of knowledgeable folks. If you look at his last diatribe, he again considers you an expert. I surmise this is mostly because you are offering constructive criticism towards SI, and not saying anything that his small mined thinking considers bashing towards Riordan. I did not say that you feel you are more knowledgeable than others, as I do not believe you think that. It is apparent that you have been around the game for quite some time and you make some good points and observations. I just find it amusing to read some of the rants that certain “bloggers” post on here and the hypocrisy in calling out others for doing the same thing he is doing, offering opinions.

      • just some facts | January 26, 2013 at 3:28 PM |

        Riordan’s defense is more than just “above average”. Take a harder look at it through the eyes of unbiased observers like Jeremy Balan and Mitch Stephens and from the eyes of the Coach of the # 5 recruit in the nation – time to give the defense work more respect. Half the winning of a game goes to defense or more — when teams are close in their abilities, defense is more than half then, IMHO. Read what Hoosier writes intently and you’ll see how important defense is too. It is half – or more – of the winning yet the posts here still have so much to do with the shooting and 3 pointers. Personally I watch the struggles and the blocks and the posting and the boxing and the steals and interceptions etc. Much of that can’t be taught and are not part of any learned “play” but instinctive and spontaneous and shows the real athlete and to me is the thrill of the game. That is what for me makes an exciting game and a good team.
        You wrote that Gilleran was only “slightly above average”. Now in this posting you are mitigating that remark, leaving the “slightly” out. It is not good form to not quote your own self accurately. I dispute that appraisal based not on my own opinions but based on more authority such as the statement of the Mitty Coach Kennedy who said that GG had guarded/defended against his own player Aaron Gordon who is known to be the #5 recruit in the nation better than any other player in the WCAL. But also Mitch Stephens pointed out how the trio of Gilleran, Masoli and Chiefy U held this soon to be top D1 player to only 2 points in 3 quarters. Now I haven’t seen any other team in the WCAL this year hold him down to that. AG is the gold standard for whether or not someone guards a player well – way above “average” – especially since he is 6/’8″ 220 lbs strong shooter/player in my opinion and I would guess that Mitch and Jeremy (who also praises GG and ZM in his article above) would also agree with me. I am defending all the ARHS players from put-downs by persons who too hastily spew opinions. Gilleran and Masoli are great at defense and in the course of doing that to the hilt their points are not high. But between Gilleran and Chiefy 4 good shots by SI players were blocked and therefore the score for SI was held back by at least 8 points. I am sure I don ‘t have all the other good blocks and steals and interceptions etc that that trio and other players did. Chiefy has more to learn about defense and other parts of the whole game but he has undeniable abilities and amazing athleticism coming out of his pores obvious to all. But there are other similar players on the team including of course Bobby Arenas (hugely athletic and always plays a good game no matter against whom and he is always a good team player), and also without hesitation very good athletes and players are Jiday, Geru, Frankie. And of course Masoli whose performance is like Gilleran – that is they both will give to the team all that they have, doing whatever is needed for the win, whatever the coach tells them to do, without concerns for their own stats. And if doing whatever is good for the team and whatever they are tasked to do is doing 80% of their minutes on defense then they will do that – because in that team they are ones that do it the best and so they are the ones doing it. Masoli is a natural athlete I totally agree. It is obvious in any venue. When Chiefy gets more of the good coaching he can get with Coach Buck and the other ARHS Varsity coaches he will be formidable in HS and College and who knows….

        But my gripe is when posters (who are not likely nor probably ever have been as athletic as these players) decides that they can “assess” negatively a player. So I thought we might try to arrange a scrimmage with some on the very critical posters and some of the WCAL players that they diss, ,so the players can write some posts too. I think that the remarks on this website should be about the teams as a whole – about the coaching or the offensive or defensive approaches etc. If you want to write about a player – I think it should be positive or positive constructive feedback, not putting a player down.

        But keep in mind – a $3 (senior rates may apply) or $5 entrance fee to watch a HS game (together with an Internet connection) doesn’t make you an expert. The coaches know their players strengths and weaknesses – don’t you think. Loyalty to an alma mater is understandable. But slams for slam sakes are not INHO. Slams because it is an opposing team’s player is not. Posting on a website like this unfortunately gives some posters the impression that they are professional sports evaluators because it is the internet – the WorldWideWeb. But remember that what you write on the internet is as eternal as life can be in this age of technology. Unlike Hoosier (who knows what he is talking about and has the facts and stats to back them up – much less an obvious experience in the sport for sure) – I do not think that all posts here are expert or based on facts in their analysis but mostly I don’t think that the posters earn any right to slam the athletes. Sometimes the opinions are not well-based and some are mean spirited and to competitive.(sportmanship). Leave the critiquing and positive reinforcement to the coaches. They get paid to so it. I seriously doubt that many of the posts (Hoosier and a few other being the exception) are at all useful to the coaches or the players.

        These athletes are amateurs – and they don’t owe you anything for your $3/$5 entrance admission. They don’t get paid for your entertainment like the pros do -( or like some D1 players do – so to speak). Those athletes get big compensations packages to be in the public eye and take the public criticism. It is part of their job and compensation to allow the public to remark on their performances. These high school students do not get any compensation – and especially not from your small admission fee. This is what I would like: appreciate what they are doing well and knock off the criticism. Example: How do you think the kids on a losing WCAL team feel about suiting up and trying to put in an effort against some of the rest of the WCAL schools? How do they manage to do it? Don’t you wonder? Why do they not quit or call in sick? Do you have a son or daughter? If so did he/she play a sport? Basketball? Did you?
        Before you write anything negative on a player, try this filter: would you go right up to the player and say it to his face in your words here. If not re-consider. I know that the ARHS athletes would show more public grace than some posters here and would smile and say thank-you and walk off. Those athletes have class,

        • Please tell me that was not the abbreviated post!

        • How long did it take you to write this? Seriously! Read what I said. I said GILLERAN is an above average defender. I never discounted the whole team as a poor defensive team.

        • Get a grip.

          “Above average” or even “slightly above average” is a compliment.

          “Below average” and “slightly below average” could be viewed as a negative assessment, but hardly a slam.

          To somehow misconstrue Ari’s statement as a “slam” because, in your opinion, it wasn’t effusive enough a compliment leads me to believe you are too close to the situation, or the player, to be rational.

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