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Game of the Day – St. Ignatius vs. Mitty boys basketball: As bad as the Wildcats have been on the road, they have been unbeatable at home in WCAL play, but Mitty will be their toughest task at McCullough Gym this season. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

WCAL boys basketball
Riordan 74, Valley Christian (San Jose) 49
Mitty (San Jose) 57, St. Ignatius 44
Bellarmine (San Jose) 74, Sacred Heart Cathedral 43

Non-league boys basketball
Oakland Military 60, Bay 40
Urban 57, Emery (Emeryville) 43
Lick-Wilmerding 61, Valley Christian (Dublin) 45
Stuart Hall 75, St. Helena 34
Head-Royce (Oakland) 53, Gateway 46
Redwood Christian (San Lorenzo) 67, Drew 22
College Prep (Oakland) @ International, 4 p.m.
Leadership @ Crystal Springs Uplands (Hillsborough), 4:30 p.m.

WBAL Skyline girls basketball
Mercy (Burlingame) 26, ICA 25

Non-league girls basketball
Urban 62, Athenian (Danville) 33
Head-Royce (Oakland) 46, University 38
Convent 62, Bay 49
St. Francis (Sacramento) 46, Sacred Heart Cathedral 38
International 45, San Domenico (San Anselmo) 40
Florin (Sacramento) 46, Washington 44
Notre Dame (San Jose) 51, Mercy 39
Leadership @ Crystal Springs Uplands (Hillsborough), 3 p.m.

WCAL boys soccer
Mitty (San Jose) 2, Sacred Heart Cathedral 0
St. Francis (Mountain View) 3, St. Ignatius 1
Bellarmine (San Jose) 4, Riordan 0

WBAL Skyline girls soccer
ICA vs. Mercy @ Crocker Amazon, 9 a.m.

WCAL girls soccer
St. Francis (Mountain View) 1, St. Ignatius 0

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25 Comments on "Saturday Scoreboard"

  1. SI Sports Radio | January 26, 2013 at 2:07 PM |

    SI Sports Radio next game: TONIGHT Sat 1/26 720pm. SI vs. Mitty boys varsity basketball. Listen live with your computer, smartphone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Click here or type in your browser.

    • Crusader 88 | January 26, 2013 at 9:47 PM |

      Bellarmine twitter feed has Bells winning 74-43, which is correct? If Bellarmine feed is correct that really starts to bunch up the 3rd place thru 6th place teams.

      • Since SHC got pounded, they will drop to #3 in the SanFranPreps rankings. #1 will be a toss-up between SI and Riordan, but since
        Riordan won the last game, slight edge to the purple team.

        • COncerned Citizen | January 27, 2013 at 8:14 PM |

          No toss up at all The Crusaders beat the #1 team and the top two teams both went 0-2 this past week. They are a clear #1.

          • SHC has a better WCAL record, though, while Riordan beat the worst team in the WCAL twice, while SI and the Irish only plsyed them once. Not a clear #1, but I wouldn’t cry foul if they are #1

            • SHC had a better WCAL record than SI, yet SI won the head to head and they were #1. Riordan went 2-0, beating the #1 team last week, while SI and SHC went 0-2 and lost by significanr margins in both games. I would say they are a clear #1.

              I would then say that their reign at #1 may be short lived as they play a tough schedule this week, Serra, Mitty and Bellarmine.

  2. Crusader 88 | January 26, 2013 at 9:53 PM |

    WCAL Standings
    Mitty 9-0
    Serra 7-2 (odds are pretty good they will finish round robin 1st and 2nd)
    Here comes the fun…
    Sacred Heart 5-4
    Bellarmine 4-5
    St. Ignatius 4-5
    Riordan 4-5
    St. Francis 3-6
    Valley Christian 0-9
    Only 2 game difference separates 3rd from 7th. That’s a competitive league.

  3. Aaron Gordon is AMAZING!!!! His 3rd quarter dunk where he kept going up and up and up with the defender on his hip… OMG! Poor Trevor got his layup try volleyball spiked by Gordon. Can’t get enough of this guy. Enjoy it while we still can bay area fans.

    • U know Ari, I wish I was there to see the game but tonight, I came down w/ a cold so I had to listen to tonight’s game on internet radio back @ home.

      • You missed the SI student body taking a group picture with Aaron Gordon after the post-game handshake. Then, AG signed about 30 autographs and took more and more pictures with fans, I guess to post on instagram or facebook? His Dad and head coach had to pull him out of the crowd to go into the locker room.

        • He was mobbed after the game – it seemed like there were 100+ people vying for his attention. My eleven year old basketball junkie son had him sign his iPod Touch cover. He was very excited afterwards!

  4. There was also a ICA vs Mercy (Burlingame) WBAL game tonight. it was a reschedule from the previous week due to a mixup. Game was low scoring (27-26 or something like that) with Mercy hitting two free throws with three seconds to pull out the win.

  5. Was Yanoj Jackson hurt? Didn’t see his name in the box score.

  6. George Nguyen | January 26, 2013 at 11:57 PM |

    Crazy how two years ago there was barely anybody at the mitty SI game, time flies

    • Kezar for Keeps | January 27, 2013 at 12:14 AM |

      Crazier how there weren’t many people at any games until SF Preps came around. More publicity, bigger crowds, better play.

  7. SJ Mercury shows Y Jackson scored 2 pts.

  8. It would be appreciated if the officials don’t comment on the game they just covered. Not a good message to send.

  9. Can someone please explain to me why SH wins tough games and lets the small games slip through their fingers?

  10. From Sat. 1/26:

    Non-league boys hoops
    College Prep (Oakland) 43, International 35

    WBAL Skyline girls soccer
    Mercy 1, ICA 0

    • Also from Sat. 1/26:

      Non-league boys hoops
      CSU (Hillsborough) 77, Leadership 44

      Non-league girls hoops
      CSU (Hillsborough) 48, Leadership 20

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