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Game of the Day – Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. St. Ignatius boys basketball: The Wildcats clinched the Bruce-Mahoney trophy with a win over the Irish on Jan. 8, but the implications of this game are greater in the scope of the basketball season. With five teams vying for the third and fourth place spots in the WCAL standings, every game from now on is crucial. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

WCAL boys basketball
Sacred Heart Cathedral 59, St. Ignatius 51
Serra (San Mateo) 64, Riordan 56

BCL West girls basketball
International 44, Urban 38

WCAL boys soccer
Sacred Heart Cathedral 2, Riordan 0
Serra (San Mateo) 2, St. Ignatius 0

WCAL girls soccer
St. Ignatius 2, Notre Dame (Belmont) 1

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  1. Officiating at the Riordan-Serra game was atrocious for both sides. Very inconsistent w/ some no calls after players getting hacked and then calling ticky tack fouls…and I’m being nice.

    • Saw in the Mercury News that Riordan made 13 FTs and Serra made 28. Does this reflect Riordan attempting to put the clamps on Serra bigs?

      • Just some facts | January 31, 2013 at 9:26 AM |

        Whatever was Caruso’s total points, more than half i bet came from free throws.

        I think that Wcalsf was clearly very nice in his comments above about the officiating – very very nice. .

        Halftime score was 27-23 searra ahead. Halfway into 3rd qtr score was 32-29 Serra ahead.. With 3 min 25 sec they were tied at 32. At end of 3rd it was 43-36 Serra ahead. I don’t have the stats but maybe ARHS Stats can better say how many free throws Caruso had and made and the other Padres versus the Crusadors and what parts of the game. But it seemed to be that the game was lost on free throws.
        Chiefy played well the first half. But several players contributed to the score, Maybe ARHS Stats can lay that out as well. Hard-played game and the Crusaders really gave the Padres a hard fight. Closing the game is still something the Crusaders need to get done.

        • Just some facts | January 31, 2013 at 4:13 PM |

          Eight players contributed to the Riordan score:
          Ferrari at 14 with 4 3pt shots, Chiefy with 13 (one by free throw (FT no 3 pointer but one dunk), Mabrey 7 points (with 5 by FT), Gilleran and Masoli both with 6pts (each had 2 pts by FT), Vrana 4 pts, and Jiday and Arenas both with 3 points. That is 13 points by FT for ARHS,

          Five players on Serra for their 64 pts.
          Caruso 22 (11 by free throws) and one dunk and 1 three pointer, Biggins 12 (5 FT and one 3 pointer) and Watkins 12 (with 4 FT and 2 3pointers), Miller 10 pts (with 8 FT), Jajeh 8 pts (with 3 FT).

          I think it can be seen how important free throws (made) counted toward the Serra win. I count 31 FT points for Serra.

          • Just some facts | January 31, 2013 at 4:23 PM |

            Addendum: FF got two FT (and 4 -3 pointers)
            Jiday got 1 FT as did Chiefy. GM 5FT, GG and ZM 2 FT each.
            I didn’t record the number of missed FT’s for either team…..

            • there must have been AT LEAST 10 missed FTs as many of these were bonus 1 and 1 misses. that’s game! Crusaders need to work on their FTs after practice! noticed Buckner came out again w all jr lineup. Jiday, Ferrari, Arenas, Masoli and Chiefy. Geru, Gilleran, Vrana, Hernandez and cooper off the bench.

      • Just some facts | January 31, 2013 at 9:30 AM |

        Perhaps something to do with inexperienced and —— officiating contributed to that as well.

    • Was it at Serra? Because that is the hardest place to play for visitors due to the “home cooking”.

      • Game was @ Serra. Missed free throws, some poor decision-making and shot selection ruined any chance to overcome a senior-led Padre team. Good to see Eric Vrana make a solid contribution last night.

        • Agree that Riordan’s shot selection was suspect at times. Early on they missed a few easy shots and never were able to get over the hump and Serra stretched the lead to 8 – 10 points but Riordan didn’t fold or give up. I thought the officiating was a bit uneven with the home team getting more calls.

          Serra is a tough, solid team with good guard play and Caruso is a heck of a player. I would like to see the Crusaders pound it inside to CU23 more often as their outside shooting isn’t very consistent.

      • Now now

        • Just some facts | January 31, 2013 at 1:48 PM |

          I would suggest that if someone has a film of that game that it be given to the Supervisor of Officials at WCAL to use for education of officials. Several coaches – some with decades of experience — in the audience saw many uncalled or poorly called or wrongly called incidents. There were at least 2 such calls that resulted in loud protests from the audience and others with sounds of “awe” at some of the calls. Just my own and others’ personal opinions but it might be a good idea to have the Officials Supervisor review.

    • There was a lot of fouls, made the game seem very long and tiring to watch. I think the kids looked tired too. I am still impressed both teams were able to score a lot of points and both played tough defense.

      • Sounds like missed easy shots, missed free throws, poor shot selection (due to Serra’s defense?) coupled with a very good Serra team @ Serra all did Riordan in.
        Sounds like the kids battled though. Mitty on Friday – shock the world!

        • Poor shot selection was a result of both.. and there were quite a few unforced turnovers. The positive takewaway is the Crusaders were in it til the end with Ferrari hitting some amazing 3 pt shots in a span of under a minute. This team should be primed to make a very good WCAL Playoff Tourney run.

      • Nicholas S with the possible demise of Sanfranpreps this Sunday, let me just say call Toto’s now and book that Pizza Party for the fall 2013 game vs. the Cats. It should be # 11 for Walsh against the Cats. Go “Madres” continue the domination of the “Cats on the gridiron.

        And to all a good night.

  2. Any score for Urban at International girls tonight?

    • NC Hawk, the score form last night’s Urban-International girls hoops game is posted now.

      • NorCal Hawk | January 31, 2013 at 2:37 PM |

        Thanks Paul. International looks to be moving forward in spite of the adversity that has been coming their way with injuries!

  3. George Nguyen | January 30, 2013 at 11:22 PM |

    I heard Dunbar didn’t start tonight for SI, would that have made a difference? And why didn’t he start?

    • I don’t know why he didn’t start. He didn’t have a very good game anyway. Liam O’Reilly didn’t start for SHC either.

      • BBALL FANATIC | January 31, 2013 at 1:31 PM |

        If i was ALL-WCAL 1st team and normally the best player on the floor, and my coach made me sit out most of the opening quarter, i wouldnt of had a good game either…i think Coach Reardon owed Barbour a favor or something, because Dunbar and M. Brown smacked SHC in the mouth in the 1st qtr of the BM game….(THE ONE THAT REALLY COUNTED)and neither one of them got their normal minutes…

    • I was wondering myself why he didn’t start. It could be anything from showing up late to practice, in-house disagreement, or things of that nature. Liam O’Reilly coming off the bench gave SHC a spark, while when Dunbar came off the bench, SI was down by 4 or 6 pts, I believe. Shooting-wise, he didn’t have a great game, but I thought he distributed the ball pretty well.

      • Actually, Dunbar came out of the locker room for the pre-game warm-ups late, so maybe he arrived late for the game?

  4. Riordan better learn how to play smarter and together or this season will end in failure. Too many bad shots and terrible fundamentals on boxing out for rebounds and on offense they set soft screens so they don’t get people open for good shots. I think they should press and run more to get easy scores and they use up to 10 players a game so they should run and press all game, just my opinion…Ref’s gave Serra alot of soft calls and Riordan got No soft calls, Riordan must attack more and play inside out and not the outside in…Good luck kids…

  5. Just some facts | January 31, 2013 at 3:57 PM |

    Using the stats from the Mercury News;

    Caruso got 11 of his 22 points by free throw and Serra got 31 of 64 points by free throws

    Whereas Riordan got 13 of 56 points by free throws.

    Just thinking about how that happens.

    Gotta hope that changes for Riordan. Foul less, foul the right persons and make more of your own free throws. Pretty basic thoughts. I know.

    • Yes – the disparity between the two schools’ free throws made/attempts is ghastly.

      Looking at the other WCAL box scores from Wed., AM made 9 FTs, BCP made 10, VC-6 and SF-4

      • Just some facts | January 31, 2013 at 5:57 PM |

        Yeah ARHS’s 13 points by FT fits into the WCAL games mix but Serra’s 31 of its 65 points by free throws? Sure makes you wonder about the officiating especially in a game with a spread of only 8 points (64-56).
        I don’t have the attempts data – just the made data. Do you have the attempts versus the made FT data? Thanks.

    • Well you have to judge playing styles. Serra pounds the ball inside where as Riordan is perimeter oriented. Caruso is a big physical player and is guaranteed to get to the line more than anyone else if there is a size advantage. I do not doubt there were questionable calls but it wasn’t as biased as you may think by looking at the ft disparity.

      • Just some facts | February 1, 2013 at 8:56 AM |

        Caruso is a big player? He is an aggressive player and sometimes physical but he had plenty of matches out on the court. with Crusaders his size and more. He likely will be a D1 guard. He is listed on Maxpreps as 6’4″ and 185 lbs. Matt Jajeh is a big physical player for Serra and always has been. Riordan’s Chiefy is 6’3′ and 190 lbs. Eric Vrana is 6’4″ and 200 lbs. Graham Gilleran is 6’7″ and 190 lbs and Rob Valencia who is a Junior (football player as well) is 6’6″ and 230 lbs.
        Next year with Chiefy, Eric and Rob there will also be Karim at 6′ 8″ and 210, a solid big physical player.

        • Just some facts | February 1, 2013 at 9:22 AM |

          I thought Caruso is known for 3 pointers – but more than half of the Serra points are from from the top by FT or from 4 3pts – making 43 or 64 points.
          Caruso got one 3pt and 4 – 2 pointers and 11 FT’s (Total only five shots other than FT’s)
          Biggins got 1 3p and 4- 2pointers and 5 FT (five shots other than FT)
          Watkins got 2-3pt, 1-2pts and 4 FT (3 buckets other than FT but 2 being 3 pointers)
          Jajeh 3 FT and two 2-pointers (2 shots)
          Miller got almost all points from his 8 FT and had only 1 bucket , 2 pt

          So total is 17 baskets, 4 being 3 pointers (12 points) and 31 FT. points. So 43 of the 64 points from the line or 3 pointers. Not so inside to me.

  6. “………. We all have one. They all stink.”

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