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Game of the Day – Riordan vs. Bellarmine boys basketball: A night after being throttled on the road against Mitty, the Crusaders will host the Bells, who won 56-55 in their first meeting in San Jose. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

WCAL boys basketball
Riordan 47, Bellarmine (San Jose) 44
St. Ignatius 64, Valley Christian (San Jose) 40
Sacred Heart Cathedral 62, St. Francis (Mountain View) 48

WCAL girls basketball
Sacred Heart Cathedral 46, St. Francis (Mountain View) 40
St. Ignatius 56, Valley Christian (San Jose) 33

Non-league girls basketball
Urban 58, Capital Christian (Sacramento) 56
Castilleja (Palo Alto) 68, International 43

WCAL boys soccer
Valley Christian (San Jose) 4, Riordan 1
Sacred Heart Cathedral 3, St. Francis (Mountain View) 1
St. Ignatius 1, Mitty (San Jose) 1

WCAL girls soccer
St. Francis (Mountain View) 6, Sacred Heart Cathedral 0
Mitty (San Jose) 2, St. Ignatius 0

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25 Comments on "Saturday Scoreboard"

  1. SHC vs. St. Francis video is streaming live at this link:

    SHC women beat St. Francis 46-40.

  2. Lance will be happy to know Serra beat Mitty 65-59.

  3. SHC Beat St. Francis 62-48.

  4. Ok . Now it makes sense. Padres score 50 from the charity strip.

    • I thought this would be the year when Aaron Gordon goes undefeated in WCAL league play. I guessed wrong. 50 free throws, though? Someone needs to do some background checks on these refs.

      • Mercury News says Serra made 25 while Mitty made 7. Not 50 but that’s still way out of hand.

        • I just saw the last minute of the Serra-Mitty game on Youtube. Mitty was down by 1 with 30 secs to go and Aaron Gordon drove to the basket, missed the shot, Serra got the rebound and a foul was called (pushing in the back). I assumed a ref from San Mateo made the call? I saw the tall, bald guy who does alot of SI games and he was right there, but didn’t call anything. I watched the play closely and it wasn’t even a push in the back, the Serra kid jumped for the rebound and lost his balance which should have been traveling, giving Mitty the ball. That’s pretty good evidence the game was biased.

          • Just some facts | February 3, 2013 at 5:44 PM |

            25 FT points for Serra’s 65 point total and for Caruso 20 points, 9 were by FT – which means maybe Mitty figured this methodology out a bit better than most. The other teams should pay attention to this.

    • Uncle Frank | February 3, 2013 at 2:06 AM |

      Has been happening at Serra forever.

      1975: Si goes to Serra with a 23-0 record for last game of WCAL round robin play. Serra wins by 1 or 2. Four of SI’s starters are fouled out of the game in the 4th Q and Serra spends the whole 4th Quarter at the stripe. SI eventually avenges defeat by winning WCAL title game.

      My memory could be fuzzy on the exact details, but I was sitting court side that night and still can’t believe had one-sided a contest those refs called. Worst I’ve ever seen and that was almost 38 years ago.

      • It always seems like the worst called game when your on the losing end. Remember the 49er playoff loss against the Redskins and the phantom PI calls.What were the names of the two stud players from SI that year?

        • Mike Bowie and Juan Mitchell, I believe. Along with Tony Passanisi, Dan Buick, and Bill O’Neill,

          Don’t forget the ’76 team which ran the WCAL table.

      • Well UF, my memory of horrible officiating in those days is vivid. Especially vs. SI. In 1975, we played them at Kezar and the refs routinely missed fouls, missed players stepping out of bounds, called blocks on obvious charges and refusing to call a T on SI’s bench when the entire bench, players and coaches included were jumping up and down and screeching at the refs. It was no coincidence which team missed the playoffs.

      • Uncle frank I was there as well. The first jungle game…

        • I was not at the first jungle game but I tagged along my older brothers to watch the championship game at USF where SI go their revenge.

  5. I guess I took it for granted when Riordan went undefeated in WCAL during my 4 years there.

    • Crusader 88 | February 3, 2013 at 7:25 AM |

      Riordan went undefeated in league for three straight seasons.
      I believe it was 85, 86, 87. Then won the league the next three years, culminating with the Division 1 State title game loss to Mater Dei.

      • Crusader 88 | February 3, 2013 at 7:25 AM |

        The state game was in 90!

        • Just some facts | February 3, 2013 at 5:14 PM |

          Which were the years starring Rob Jones for Riordan – and how well did they do in Football as well as Basketball when Rob Jones and Ryan Jones were playing football (Ryan now at San Jose on full ride)

          • Riordan was bad in football for the past decade or so except in 2000 and 2007 and the years before 2000. I don’t think Rob Jones played football in 2007 when they were good (Darius Bell at QB); I think he played in ’05 and didn’t play football his senior year (2006), but he made 1st team WCAL, all conference, etc.

          • Rob Jones played Varsity hoops ‘ 05-’07…he played football in 07 w/ kid bro Ryan.

            • Just some facts | February 4, 2013 at 6:29 AM |

              And Rob got full athletic scholarship offers in both sports and Ryan got it in football.

          • Also, the Minnesota Vikings invited him to a tryout for a TE position, but he turned it down since he wants to try professional hoops first. Also, the 49ers invited him last offseason as Harbaugh was the HC at USD when Rob was there as a frosh.

      • Ah! Thanks for the correction. I do know we took the WCAL outright every year . Class of ’88!

  6. Just some facts | February 3, 2013 at 5:10 PM |

    Who got the most fouls called on him and the free throws for Serra?
    See, here’s my question: is a 6’3″ or 6’4″ 185 lb player going to be able to get those many fouls in D! play since at that height and weight he might likely be a guard and do the D1 officials call that many fouls in the favor of the same player. I just can’t believe that a player can do well in D1 when he is relying for at least 1/2 of his playing repertoire/points is just drawing fouls. I think it might make it in high school> Gotta think someone will notice this in the in the D1 and well – not make it happen so easily.

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